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  1. love your patterns and i was looking for the perfect top today and I just found it. Thank you
  2. I made this to match my DGD's hockey team colors. i found a pattern for skates on Etsy and adjusted them to fit her doll. Thank you Darski for the wonderful pattern. My DGD put one of the socks on upside down.
  3. I think it is adoreable and I will probably make it after Christmas as everything has fallen apart in my life right now and I have not time to myself.....welcome to family and the holidaysLOL
  4. love this, I am trying to make up some for Chrtistmas presents
  5. wow awesome, I really need to get busy crocheting for Christmas
  6. oh do I remember the curlers, I really really need to get busy
  7. love it, once a gain an awesome idea
  8. Darski, that is wonderful as everything you design. I wish I had 1% of your talent.
  9. It was easy that way too. I hope that some little boy loves it. I can't give it to my grandson as I haven't finidhed his sister's and I can't give one to one and not the other. I decided to take a name from the giving tree and gift it that way.
  10. I finally finished the afghan for my grandson with the varigated. I picked the colors out of the varigated to use in the solids and used two strands of varigated for the mixture. i used a J hook, hdc, and each square is 11" square
  11. I am in a quandry, I wish I had a brain before I bought yarn. I bought Earth and Sky varigated and chocolate brown. Now I realize that they might not work for the "varigated portion as the one is alreadhy varigated. Should I try something else or stick with these and see whare they go?
  12. Darski, another great pattern, every girl needs a new Christmas nightie. Love it.
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