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  1. all of your totes have been beautiful, this is no exception
  2. love your patterns and i was looking for the perfect top today and I just found it. Thank you
  3. I made this to match my DGD's hockey team colors. i found a pattern for skates on Etsy and adjusted them to fit her doll. Thank you Darski for the wonderful pattern. My DGD put one of the socks on upside down.
  4. I told the PO that the package was fragile and I thought the bubble wrap would work...darn:angry Glad that you enjoyed the package and I hope you have a great holiday:hug
  5. I am sad too, do not like the format of the new site, but everyone deserves to retire.
  6. My package from beckyb arrived yesterday while I was out of town. i was able to open it this afternoon after returning home and I was amazed and thrilled with everything. It made me feel very special and definitely adds to the joy of the season This is what I was surprised by when I took over the top piece of tissue paper from my wonderful Christmas package. My favorite Christmas candy in flavors I have never seen, and five packages total…WOW!!! Next was a cute Santa towel, peppermint and apple cider tea. Next was an angel pin, angel shaped snips and a cute snowman ornament that is overlooking the baby Jesus in the manger. A crocheted snowflake that was wrapped around the ornament, three candles(Yankee Candle in the scent of Christmas cookie, a vanilla bean one in the scent of cinnamon an spiced apple cinnamon) a crocheted scrubby, an adorable snowman pin and tags to put on my crocheted items to complete them in just the right fashion. The small goodies were tucked inside the snowman holder that is sitting in the forefront of the first picture and on top of the box in the last one. I love his expression and he will have a cherished place on my stand Christmas Eve to be filled with candy for the grandchildren. Also shown in the first picture was three huge skeins of cotton that I look forward to using to make totes to sell to raise money for cancer research. Becky thank you so much for sharing your time and talents
  7. :cheer:c9:cheer:c9:cheer:c9:cheer:c9:cheer:c9:cheer:c9:cheer
  8. I came home late tonight to a package waiting for me from Christie aka kraftynkrazy. It had a beautiful crocheted snowman stocking, A talking snowman so cute and definitely made me smile. A snowman pen, looks fun to look at and to use. Two angel soft ornaments and a snowman head ornament Two plastic canvas kits, will have to try these out when I am visiting my mom in a few days. Two Lavendar and Lace cross stitch angel patterns, I absolutely love this company. A Santa notepad, four crystal- like ornaments(angel, slipper, snowman and reindeer) and four skeins of Sugar and Cream cotton. I know that Christie is a very busy lady and I hope she enjoys her package when it arrives as much as I enjoyed putting it together for her.
  9. not here yet hopefully today, will let you know:hug
  10. coolhockeymom will not be online for a couple days she has a daughter in the hospital that almost died. I know she received the package and will thank you as soon as she gets to her computer. My prayers are with her and her daughter.
  11. Stocking is ready, but I really need to check my Christmas stash yet as soon as I can get to it,m my faabric stash is in fromt of it along with my stationary bike and my treadmill. I know that just the right gift is awaiting my fingers, I know it is there and if I need to call the elves over I am going to find it tomorrow, crocheting for a gift that my mom is sending out this weekend.
  12. Relaxing time...not sure what that is :eekI am working on a couple last items that I hope to finish early next week when hubby is out of town and I crochet until I fall asleep without him asking a million questions. I ahve some cute things I found here that I bought last year that will go along with my plans. I can't fit it all in the stocking but I didn't spend a daime:hook
  13. I am so thrilled I found some items I bought after Christmas last year that are going to rock the stocking for my partner.
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