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  1. love your patterns and i was looking for the perfect top today and I just found it. Thank you
  2. I made this to match my DGD's hockey team colors. i found a pattern for skates on Etsy and adjusted them to fit her doll. Thank you Darski for the wonderful pattern. My DGD put one of the socks on upside down.
  3. I am sad too, do not like the format of the new site, but everyone deserves to retire.
  4. those will make great gifts for the Women's Community Shelter, it will make them feel beautiful
  5. I just bought a pattern, tought I had one and didn't
  6. We have a brand new Hobby Lobby in Wausau, it opened TODAY:clap. The l Love this Cotton was on sale but not the I love this yarn. I still need to go back tomorrow when I ahve more time and look around, I used to drive 3 hours to Hobby Lobby when I visited my mom.
  7. I think it is cute and not crooked
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