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  1. How lovely to see so many familiar "faces" here. I, too, have not posted in some time. Working on a Christmas garland, lap robes, and scarves this year. Sending you all best thoughts and wishes.
  2. Tiffany, thanks for starting the CAL. In November, I will finish the Christmas gifts and continue making scarves to donate. I always enjoy the beginning of colder weather, winding down from gardening, and taking up more crocheting. Hope you all are having a very nice week.
  3. I wear a shawl at home, and occasionally at a handwork meeting, but otherwise I wear coats.
  4. MwaM, you make the nicest things. Those are great! Anyone else making pot holders for gifts? I've decided to give Selune's thick, no-sew pot holder pattern a try.
  5. Thank you very much for posting this lovely pattern. It will be a fitting present this year.
  6. Gran

    A shawl pin

    Alice, you are very creative. That would go over with tremendous success among the spinners I know.
  7. Oh, those are exquisite. I have always so enjoyed looking at cutwork. Thank you so much for showing there. Yours are marvelous!
  8. Sandy, I'm sorry I missed your post. At this point, I only have ladies who crochet, knit, and do plastic canvas work. If that changes, I will send you a PM. Thanks very much for your kind offer.
  9. Anna, that is marvelous. It looks beautiful on the table. Thank you very much for showing the runner.
  10. Hi, CynCyn. If you would like to continue to crochet at the tension which you use, it is possible to add or subtract stitches to end up with the size piece you need. Here is an explanation of that regarding gauge: http://crochet-mania.blogspot.com/2008/08/blog-post_08.html I don't quite follow your descriptions. Are your stitches too tight or too loose?
  11. Bluemorpho, you do beautiful work. Those are very special gifts.
  12. MwaM, those are beautiful! You are so talented.
  13. What exquisite work you do. Thank you so much for showing the photos.
  14. Your ladies are beautiful! Thank you so much for showing the photos.
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