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    trying to decide what to be when I grow up
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    11 years
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    Prayer Shawls

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  1. ratdog

    Pattern Re-Creation Help

    This shawl on red heart site has a similar slanted pattern. Maybe it will help. https://www.redheart.com/free-patterns/romantic-lacy-shawl-0
  2. There is a free pattern I found via pinterest. I didnt follow it though, just looked at the picture and made up my own designs based on the original concept.
  3. These are pencil/pen holders I made for this years Fan Conventions I am going to. I plan to give them to Lynda Carter (Wonder Woman) Linda Larkin (voice of princess Jasmine) and of course Paige O'Hara, (voice of Belle) I have so far put 3 sharpies in each. May add some hard candies and a small hand sanitizer. I plan on making one for Jodi Benson (voice of Ariel, little mermaid) just bought the yarn for that one.
  4. What a beautiful pattern! Good job!
  5. ratdog

    First time Standard of Excellence for my motif work

    Your skill is amazing and you use it well. Congratulations!
  6. Two more buckets for the preschool. I made three but the buckets are as popular as the dinosaurs so I made two more. The kids like them as hats
  7. The blanket is so pretty. I am sure it will be treasured
  8. Bought some small dinosaurs for the daycare where I work. I made the buckets to hold them because 1) I dont want them lost on the toy shelves and 2) toddlers love to dump and fill. Soft buckets are good for this because they cant flip them over and stand on them.
  9. ratdog

    modéle HAPPY BUNNY

    She needs help with the instructions for the eyes.
  10. ratdog


  11. ratdog

    Hi / Intro

    Welcome Cindy! Fellow floridian here. Im sure you will get plenty of help, just let us know what you need.
  12. I made three blankets for project linus. I posted pics on the boxing day thread
  13. ratdog

    Hello, great to find you all

    Welcome to the ville
  14. ratdog

    High heel pattern

    You might be able to add a heel to a basic slipper pattern.
  15. Nothing wrong with my Belle obsession, except Paige Ohara (voice of belle/disney fine artist) will be at Disney. I have plans to go out to eat with her and dont want to be an embarrassment!