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  1. Went out on the walking bike yesterday, covered about a mile. Was going to try again today but the skies are very threatening and 94% chance of rain so Im staying put. Finished my book about Sister Bernadette Moriau -she was healed of a serious disease which led to paralysis at the Grotto of Lourdes. So I habe accomplished something today!
  2. The gas situation is going to get worse before it gets better. But hopefully will be resolved in a week or so. First, i am home because of the virus, now vaccinated and i cant drive anywhere to conserve gas!
  3. I am very blessed. My husband is ok if things arent perfect. As long as he can get dressed, breakfast and out the door on time hes ok if the floor has a few crumbs (doesnt see them ).
  4. good evening! A perfect day in the theme parks as a family! Weather rwas beautiful. A bit warm but not until the afternoon. Fun on the rides, nice dinner. Now tucked in for the night (early but, oh well) with a glass of wine. Used the walking bike all day (a bit of a sore bottom but the leg is fine!) Couldn't ask for a more Blessed day!
  5. Good morning friends! Laundry first thing today. Then pack a bag for a weekend in Orlando to see my boys! Havent all been together since Christmas Day.
  6. Ok Lea. Your opinion on this dress for my nephew's high-school graduation in June?
  7. I remember the penny candy store we used to go to. Picknup the plastic beach pail and pick out your candy. With 25 cents you could get quite a bit but, count carefully because it was hard to decide what to put back if you were over. Last day of summer we got $1 for the candy store! BLISS!
  8. Out shopping today. I need shorts but cant find any that fit. Went to Ross, found some that might have been ok but the dressing rooms are closed so I couldnt try them on. Will hit Target and try again. Just tired of trying on stuff for today. I did get a dress for my nephew's graduation next month. Asked some total strangers in the dressing room for opinions because I was shopping alone and was still waiting for my sister to respond to my text! Verdict from all three ladies was get the dress!
  9. Ok we had a tear in the space time continuum. Welcom back!
  10. Good job! I like the way you used pony beads instead of safety eyes.
  11. Nice work!
  12. Those are so sweet! Great job!
  13. Gift for my husband's Easter basket. Doctor Who bear, 4th Doctor.
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