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  1. Hello friends! Well, after an embarrassingly long delay (due only to laziness and wanting to do fun things instead) I have resumed working on stripping wallpaper in the upstairs bathroom. I intend to prep and paint the walls, replace the light fixtures, and remove the one wall sized mirror and replace it with two smaller mirrors [its a long counter with two sinks]. So I hope to have a nicer looking bathroom without electrocuting myself or giving myself 7 years bad luck!
  2. Welcome to the 'Ville. There are threads for asking for help, dont be shy! There are lots of helpful people here.
  3. Spent the weekend in Orlando. Glad Fred stayed off to the west and we didnt have to cut our weekend short. We went to Comic Con. We are both vaccinated and masks were mandatory in the convention center. Plexiglass at the autograph tables and a plexiglass curtain between us and the celebs for photo ops. I told my husband, its history, we will tell the grand kids how we did cons during the pandemic!
  4. Oops! My bad. I went on auto pilot with how to make a sphere!. Ok round 3 2 dc in one stitch, 1 dc in next stitch around (18 stitches!) Round 4 same thing ! 2 dc in one stitch, 1 dc in next stitch (27 stitches) Then round five increases. And, i said single crochet (autopilot!) And your pattern says double crochet (is this uk terms?)
  5. You have a circle of 12 stitches at the end of round 2. You are going to increase. (Each round adds 6 sc stitches) ROUND 3 2 single crochet in first stitch , one sc in second stitch, 2 sc in 3rd stitch, 1 sc in 4th stitch 2 sc in 5th stitch, 1 sc in 6th stitch etc until you have a circle of 18 stitches. IN ROUND 4 2 SC in first stitch. 1 sc in second stitch, 1 sc in third stitch, 2 sc in 4th stitch, 1 sc in fifth and 6th stitch etc until you have 24 stitches Round 5 2 sc , followed by 1 sc in the next 3 stitches, etc until you have 30 stitches Co
  6. Rain came early today! I love The Librarians, great show very fun and creative. If this rain emds I may go to Michaels and Joanns later (fortunately where I live the two stores are practically across the street from eachother).
  7. It is Our Lady of Mount Carmel or Our Lady of the Scapular. When it is finished, both mother and child are holding the Brown Scapular.
  8. Working on cross stitch today. Started back in March (I think, maybe february). Here is my work so far on Our Lady of Mount Carmel custom design order by Stitching Jules Designs
  9. Great news about the book lea. You are right to be proud of finishing it! Made two scrubbies from tulle. I was lucky to pick it up on sale a while ago at Joanns.
  10. Finally getting to the thread today. Welcome J! Sounds like you are going to fit right in with this group. Still not crocheting much, cross stitch is my current project. But, I did put together a project bag of materials for crocheted tulle scrubbies. I need to make a few more as the lone surviving one in my sink is in need of replacement. I may make a few for when i visit my brother and his family for thanksgiving. They are good to have around after dinner is over and dishes need to be done!
  11. Good Morning ! One thing that os tough about the olymics is trying to avoid headlines and results before Ive had a chance to see the events! Quiet day today. Will watch gymnastics tonight. Maybe diving and swimming. Have a great day today!
  12. Still on a cross stitch kick. I couldnt bring my large project to Orlando so I started a smaller , more portable , project. Hamtaro is a childhood favorite of my kids. So I made this for my younger son. I put it on a box from Hobby Lobby that I spray painted black to try and make something that might be useful in a 23 year old's apartment.
  13. Hello friends, Out to Hobby Lobby for materials to finish a small gift for my son. Epoxy is drying/curing so I will post a picture later. Nobody around here is wearing masks anymore. From the general attitude in this area I seriously doubt all unmasked shoppers are vaccinated. It is distressing to see so many young kids out and about without masks.
  14. Mary Jo sounds like they are going to do an EMG on you. I have had them in the past. Not fun, but not painful and it doesnt require recovery time. Hope it goes well. Lea a card shuffler is a great idea with a 5yo. Another hit with my son was the coin sorting bank!
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