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    trying to decide what to be when I grow up
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    Prayer Shawls
  1. Made this little walker bag for my coworker who fell and broke her kneecap. Right now she is confined to bed so i filled the bag with a crossword puzzle book, new pens and hershey kisses
  2. You did a nice job. Enjoy!
  3. South florida had a tropical storm go across the state. Any word ftom Tampa doll?
  4. The doughnuts look great. What a fun gift.
  5. Like leaves in yhe fall I would put it in a big pile and jump!
  6. My latest crochet covered rock. This one is Wonder Woman theme with her tiara, lasso, and red gold blue with stars costume. A gift for the voice actress who was my intro to Wonder Woman through the Justice League cartoons of the 70's.
  7. Thank you all for your responses. The yarn is red heart super saver 236 yards. Love the argyle pillows on red hearts site.
  8. My coworker gifted me several skeins of verigated yarn. She gave me one skein each of different color pathways Any ideas for one skein patterns that look good in verigated?
  9. Awwww. How cute. Isnt it nice when your work is so loved and appreciated?
  10. You did a great job. Three people have sent me pictures of the Belle version. Maybe someday I will get time to make one
  11. Lol! Love the pictures and i can relate! (We all can) There must be a 12 step program for us somewhere but i doubt any of us want Help!
  12. We lucked out. Only one really bad rain caught us. Rode both avatar rides Had breakfast and dinner at Be Our Guest restaurant in Beast's castle. It was a good time and after 20 years here yes, i can handle the heat.
  13. Just got back from a week at Disney. No crochet today but lots of laundry and unpacking. I also finished reading my vacation book. Probably will make the name doily for my sister and brother in law next.
  14. If the pattern is free then it is fan art . If the pattern is for sale itnis copyright violation. Same for the finished afghan. If it is a gift it is ok. If you plan on selling it it is a copyright violation.
  15. You make such sweet and thoughtful gifts