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    trying to decide what to be when I grow up
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    Prayer Shawls
  1. Made a shark ice cream pint cozy. I am pairing it with an engraved spoon that says "my ice cream".
  2. Made these for Christmas gifts. The local ceramics studio did the slumping in their kiln. Joanns was the source for wire and beads (on sale of course) and the spreaders , also on sale, are from Tuesday Mornings.
  3. I hope you will post pictures of your dollhouse!
  4. I love you pilgrims. They are so swèet
  5. My coworker namer her son Killian after the Captain Hook character on Once Upon A Time. So, naturally I made him a Crocodile.
  6. Working on a lovey for a coworker whose son was born on Oct 9. Almost done. I plan to finish it tonight after work.
  7. Perfect!
  8. I am going to Universal Studios this weekend and to a fan convention in October at which Richard Dreyfuss will be in attendance. I made this backpack to carry a few essentials for those trips.
  9. So happy to see you back on the ville today Mary Jo
  10. We made it through the night. Lost power around 7 am and got it back about 1:30 pm. All in all we are very lucky. Prayers for Mary Jo and Tampa Guy!
  11. Tampa Doll, Depending on the path and the aftermath you and tampa guy are welcome at my house if needed.
  12. Getting ready to hunker down for Irma. Tomorrow should be OK for most of the day. Sunday will be the worst of it for us.
  13. Made this little walker bag for my coworker who fell and broke her kneecap. Right now she is confined to bed so i filled the bag with a crossword puzzle book, new pens and hershey kisses
  14. You did a nice job. Enjoy!