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  1. Good morning. All is well here. Starting today DH has to wear a mask while seeing patients in the office. Had to go to an appointment today. Seems to be too much traffic on the road for a state under stay at home orders. Saw a few masks but still many without. Not sure what I am going to do today. Need to find something productive.
  2. Found this in the closet today. The artist, 4 at the time , just turned 22 last week.
  3. Good evening all! Spent today sewing 4 masks. Will take them to the post office tomprrow and send them overnight mail to my boys in Orlando. They are staying put so they will not be home for Easter. For the first time in over 2 decades they will not get Easter Baskets. What a strange time this is. No easter baskets, no sunrise mass together, no breakfast out on Sunday. Strange.
  4. With the masks I made maybe you could pin a coffee filter inside it against your face. But the two layers of fabric are sewn all the way around. They are machine washable. DH wore his out today to cvs. Sprayed it with lysol and hung it up when he got home. Will wash it in the next load of laundry. Getting ready to watch the mass live stream on facebook.
  5. Some joanns locations are still open with online order/curbside pick up so we can get yarn , thread, fabric, etc. I sewed two face masks. The first one fit me but was too small for dh so I sewed a larger one for him this morning. It may not do much to help but wearing it along with social distancing while at Publix will certainly not hurt anyone.
  6. My Ami version of Our Lady of Lourdes. With the world's tiniest Rosary! I hope to go to Lourdes someday. Been talking about it for two years but things keep getting in the way!
  7. Looks like my hours at the preschool next week will be cancelled. Working on my ami. Just a few details to finish up.
  8. Face it, even if it is more expensive, we need to bring essential manufacturing back to the USA. Permenantly!
  9. Home today, again. I doubt I will be working next week but will call later today and check in. Today is my younger sons birthday. 22! Where did all that time go? I plan on making an ami today. Got all the stuff together yesterday but then turned on the tv and got lazy. So I am posting it so I have to hold myself accountable! (In theory). Schools now closed until june 1.
  10. Good Morning! I have an appointment at 10:30 then home for the rest of the day. Getting ready to give up on the jigsaw puzzle amd switch back to crochet or get out my coloring books (have several but only have colored in one).
  11. Ahhh yes, the infamous bottle bill! We have been in floroda since 1997 so i was unaware of the 2011 change. Streamed Mass last night, it was done in ASL so that was a first for us. Not much planned today. Watching Scorpion reruns. Hating the R2D2 puzzle! Its hard!
  12. One thing i had to get used ro in florida was beer and wine at the grocery store. In massachusetts its a separate "package store" .
  13. Well, the group practice DH is part of decided to institute a 40% pay cut for partners. We will be ok because we have savings but the challenge will be to replace that savings when this is all over. My substitute hours got cut out last week. My next time Im scheduled to work is april 6, not sure what will be happening then. I will probably lose those hours too. I am missing my babies and all their hugs!
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