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  1. Working on some corner bookmarks for DAR Fall forum sale. The woman running the table as a fundraiser wants it all to be red white and blue. We are raising money to buy braille flags for our local society for the blind.
  2. So pretty. Love the stitch pattern. Colors are great for summer
  3. Remade the pencil holder in lighter colors. I am much happier with how it looks. Just need to figure out how to glue it into the flower pot so it stays together
  4. My neice and nephew are expecting their third child. Their friends are throwing a baby "sprinkle" to celebrate. I made this bunny lovey that I am pairing with a book as a gift.
  5. Congratulations. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Welcome back!
  7. Experimenting with a hook/pencil holder. I think I need to play with the petals a bit more. I also think lighter, maybe verigated colors. This one looks like a Christmas Pointsettia
  8. 2 of 9 done. Two more in progress. For a Veteran's home Christmas party
  9. Those mats are so pretty for summer! I havent been crocheting much lately. I got distracted by some embroidery projects. At my DAR meeting yesterday a member asked for Christmas stockings for a veterans home. She has sewn 20 so far. I will crochet a few for the project. Hers looked about 10 inches or so. It woll take more time than the mini ones people on the ville are making.
  10. That is so cool!
  11. They were labeled "froggy eyes". Glad to provide a laugh for you today.
  12. Hi peeps! Been a while since I posted but I have been lurking. Haven't been doing much crochet lately. But did get one gift done for DH for our upcoming anniversary. He has a demanding job which allows me to work part time. So I started calling him my "scrubbing bubble" because he works hard so I don't have to!
  13. My nephew wanted a Kirby pillow. Kirby is a little spherical character from a video game. I ended up crocheting two circles and making a cover for a round pillow form. Planets might be made the same way.
  14. Looking at the diagram it is a total of 30 inches. So, 7 inches of ribbing plus 23 inches of 'body' So 7 inches ribbing plus 12 inches of body then it looks like you start shaping for arm holes