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  1. So we are fast approaching Thanksgiving and allowing for mailing time that leaves just a few weeks to finish up those gifts! My tally is: 2 kitchen sets (drying mat, scrubbies, wash cloths, dirty/clean dishwasher sign) 3 embroidered make up pouches 1 Stanley Cup pillow Thats it for this year for Christmas gifts. Purchased gifts for the guys this year. Also made myself a shawl.
  2. The stanley cup will be a Christmas gift so he has not seen it yet
  3. Stanley cup pillow for my hockey fan son.
  4. Started work last night on the Stanley Cup pillow for my son. No pattern just a photo of the trophy and my imagination. It doesnt look like much now but hopefully soon.
  5. ratdog

    cupcake purse-next generation

    So cute! Nice when you can make it exactly as they want.
  6. ratdog

    Snuggles the Bear

    So cute. Reminds me a little of yogi bears friend boo boo
  7. ratdog

    Drawstring Project Bag

    Love it. The bright yellow stripes are so cheerful.
  8. ratdog

    Giveaway-- 2 Betty Hechtman crochet mystery hardback books

    Congrats! Enjoy your books!
  9. ratdog

    Giveaway-- 2 Betty Hechtman crochet mystery hardback books

    Please add me to the drawing. Thank you
  10. Im going to try and make a 2D version of the cup big enough for a pillow. I dont know how to do charts/ graphghan work. I'll figure it out, i like the challenge. Most of what I do is off the cuff with no pattern
  11. So, my son has discovered ice hockey this year. He follows the tampa lightning. I now need to come up with a Stanley Cup shaped pillow for his bed. Add one pillow to my gift list.
  12. ratdog

    C’Ville Tote #142 Once Again

    Not sure how true the computer colors are to real life but it reminds me of Blueberry picking.
  13. Working on some corner bookmarks for DAR Fall forum sale. The woman running the table as a fundraiser wants it all to be red white and blue. We are raising money to buy braille flags for our local society for the blind.
  14. ratdog

    Latin Flair

    So pretty. Love the stitch pattern. Colors are great for summer