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  1. Good Afternoon! All is well here. Waiting on a visit from our son and his friend ( our other 'son' who walks in the door shouting "hi mom hi dad!" ). Probably having a Disney+ Hamilton watch party when they get here.
  2. Good morning! Another day of nothing planned. Working on a second plarn project. Its very slow working with that stuff. But at least the plastic bags taking over the kitchen closet are greatly reduced!
  3. Made a plarn basket. I used rings made from wire hangers to give it stability. I am going to put it next to my bed before the next allergy flare or cold hits. Also good news. My sons covid test came back negative.
  4. Looks like how to fold a flag or those paper "footballs" the kids folded in school.
  5. Well, i just finished turning about 80 or so plastic bags into plarn. (Had to keep some plastic grocery bags to line the bathroom trash cans but, the kitchen closet is much cleaner now. Actually Im surprised it was only about 80 or so bags it seemed like so many more stuffed into the closet Not sure what I am going to make with the plarn yet. Maybe some baskets.
  6. I did a quick google "doll face crochet pot holder" http://allcraftsblogs.com/crochet_home_patterns/doll_face_pot_holder/doll_face_pot_holder.html Also lots on pinterest if you have that app
  7. Good morning. Up early here too. Nice visit yesterday. Started with my friend and I having coffee ended up with husbands joining us and dinner from the Thai restaurant. The most socialization Ive had in 3 months! Started making plarn yesterday. Not sure why, just so bored I needed a project, any project, that didnt cost money.
  8. Going to see a friend for back porch coffee visit this afternoon. The restaurant my son works at has shut down becaise 2 employees tested positive. Hopefully they will reopen soon.
  9. HEY TAMPA DOLL (sorry to shout) Saw a My Pillow commercial today. (Mypillow.com) Promo code 800 if you need it.
  10. We have the My Pillow. Honestly they are not that great (although being able to wash them is a plus) the nature of the filling makes them a bit lumpy. We will be replacing them when this pandemic is over and I get back to work.
  11. Good Morning, Sunshine this morning. Had a Zoom meeting earlier with my DAR chapter (Daughters of the American Revolution). Church later this afternoon, so good to be back in Church. Streaming Mass is just not the same. Tomorrow one of my sons is coming home for the day. Havent seen him since January. Other son cant make it due to work/school deadlines.
  12. I had a friend make one of those clear insert masks. My friend was born deaf and 5 yrs ago got cochlear implants. I will wear the clear mask when I am with her so she can read my lips. If the pattern you have doesnt work I will send you the one my friend used.
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