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  1. Still on a cross stitch kick. I couldnt bring my large project to Orlando so I started a smaller , more portable , project. Hamtaro is a childhood favorite of my kids. So I made this for my younger son. I put it on a box from Hobby Lobby that I spray painted black to try and make something that might be useful in a 23 year old's apartment.
  2. Hello friends, Out to Hobby Lobby for materials to finish a small gift for my son. Epoxy is drying/curing so I will post a picture later. Nobody around here is wearing masks anymore. From the general attitude in this area I seriously doubt all unmasked shoppers are vaccinated. It is distressing to see so many young kids out and about without masks.
  3. Mary Jo sounds like they are going to do an EMG on you. I have had them in the past. Not fun, but not painful and it doesnt require recovery time. Hope it goes well. Lea a card shuffler is a great idea with a 5yo. Another hit with my son was the coin sorting bank!
  4. Ive been working on organizing my craft supplies. I had 3 grocery bags of stuff to toss and a very very small box of things to give to the elementary school art teacher. I rolled all my partial skeins into balls and I bought some small plastic baskets to put them in on amazon that will be here Saturday. I repurposed a milk crate that was in the garage so , so far, the total bill for the reprganozing project is only $20. Now to get boxes labeled so I can find things when I need them.
  5. Tampa doll, yes. I have a wig that will be delivered friday (love Amazon!) and the boots and tights are in my bedroom closet. I havent used my sewing machine in so long I have forgotten how to thread it and wind the bobbins so the whole costume was hand sewn. One day soon i will get the machine out and spend a day relearning.
  6. Good afternoon friends! Ran some errands, including picking up tights for my costume. Im going to work on organizing craft/hobby supplies this afternoon. Then I can go purchase whatever bins/boxes I need later this week. I need to bring a few trash bags with me because there will be plenty of stuff to toss as I sort and organize.
  7. Costume is almost complete. Ordered a wig that will be here on Friday. Sword is done and the clear coat sealant is drying I will post a picture when its complete.
  8. Got back from Orlando this afternoon. Attended a Galaxycon Virtual Q&A event online with the voice actors from Beauty and the Beast. Then I worked on painting a foam sword for my cosplay outfit. Spent the weekend in the hotel room watching "flosstube" videos on youtube. Im such a nerd!
  9. Love the color! The chunky yarn can be challenging with keeping tension even, even for experienced crocheters! I look forward to seeing your next project!
  10. All is well, but very wet, here. No power outage so coffee maker was ready this morning. Hubbys office is closed for the day so he is home. Im working on a new cosplay outfit. Fabric is cheap bit the accessories (wig, boots, belt,) and new bodysuit to wear under it still need purchasing!
  11. Sometimes I swear teams deliberately throw a game to make the series longer. More $$$$ if they go to game 7! I know, cynical! We should get tropical storm conditions all day tomorrow. Such fun! Orlando is far enough East that it should be spared. So, I know my boys will be safe. Heading to Joanns later for some craft supplies so I can hunker down for a few days and keep busy.
  12. Rain Rain Go Away Come Again Another Day We Want To Go Out And Play
  13. I miss the Wish Book! My sister and I would circle, initial and make endless lists! Elsa is causing concern for florida! We should be ok where we are. By the time it gets this far north it will be mostly over.
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