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    trying to decide what to be when I grow up
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    Prayer Shawls
  1. Already thinking of next year. I bought some cotton on sale for dish drying mats. Thinking of a kitchen set... drying mat, nylon scrubbies, grocery bag holder and possibly a clean/dirty hanger for the dishwasher. I also might try some embroidery.
  2. Lists? We dont need no stinkin lists! Actually i had a list in January and then as the year went on made liberal use of the edit feature.
  3. Now you need to make one for Lily
  4. Finished the heart yesterday. Wrapped the last of my husbands gifts. All boxes in the mail.... at least 2 already arrived. Now to address cards and enjoy the season.
  5. Working on the second woven heart for my coworker. Just need the handle and then stitch it all together. My boys got home from college yesterday happy happy day!
  6. Welcome. We all started with blankets and scarves. Both of which i still make and give as gifts. I look forward to seeing your progress.
  7. My smile for today! Thank you.
  8. My oldest informed me two years ago that putting up the tree was too much work and if he had his way he would put up his Charlie Brown tree and be done with it. So thats what we did last year and will do again this year. I, of course, will put up my little wall tree and decorate it myself. One gift left to make. But I am procrastinating.
  9. Very festive! Love it
  10. Wow! That is georgeous!
  11. Please post a new picture of amiville. Your characters are so adorable they make me smile
  12. Went to Hobby Lobby for boxes. (That is the problem with handmade they dont come with boxes) ready to start wrapping and mailing. I like to mail early it makes my sister nuts!
  13. Wow! That is a neat effect!
  14. I found the angel pattern online. A free pattern. I made it for a friend for Christmas. I just finished a pair of luggage tags (combination plastic canvas and crochet) for her husband, much harder to come up with gifts for men but I did not want to leave him out.