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    trying to decide what to be when I grow up
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    Prayer Shawls
  1. If the pattern is free then it is fan art . If the pattern is for sale itnis copyright violation. Same for the finished afghan. If it is a gift it is ok. If you plan on selling it it is a copyright violation.
  2. You make such sweet and thoughtful gifts
  3. Adorable!
  4. Im trying to get my sister to send me rocks from her beach vacation. I sent her photos of the ones I have made and promised to make one for her if she comes through. Trying to bribe her.
  5. Another rock. Finally found a use for those buttons !
  6. Crocheting over rocks. The first was just winging it getting the feel of it. I think it looks like a dream catcher. The second was a bit more deliberate. It is supposed to be an angel.
  7. Love the colors. Beautiful gift.
  8. Pillow is done. Used joann coupons and got a pillow insert for $5. I also found buttons that are compasses fornthe back closure.
  9. Started the pillow for my nephew. It is a maritime flag meaning "dragging anchor". It was a bit small so I added a border. Now it is about 12x12 inches.. I am still working on the back in solid black. Hope to have it done tonight.
  10. Thank you both for your help.
  11. Ok. Doilies are blocking. I decided to make pillows for my 3 nephews and the first one will be a nautical flag. So, 3 gifts down and definite plans for 2 more. Now to decide on pillows for the other 2 nephews.
  12. Can anyone recommend a good starting point to learn how to do graphghans? I am thinking of making pillows/ pillow covers for my nephews. Start small right?
  13. Second doily done. Now going to get out the blocking board and pins.
  14. Its about 5 1/2 inches and needs to be blocked. No pattern i just made it up as i went alomg
  15. Finished another lapghan for the veteran's home last night. I think i will work on some doilies for my nieces next. Should be a quick simple project (famous last words)