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  1. Inherit the Wind is a classic! Watch it if you get a chance
  2. Late to the party, what else is new, but The Shadow is available as downloadable files from oldradioworld dot com and a set of audio cds on Amazon.
  3. Full disclosure : DH is a doctor. I totally understand where you are coming from. Had a medical issue 2 years ago. Took several doctor visits, tests and Mayo Clinic and still no real help, just live with it amd adjust activity as needed. By the time I was back to my regular annual exams I was sick pf doctors and tests!
  4. Wow! You have been busy! Those projects are great, I especially like the monster book.
  5. I like both that hat and the scarf. The color is perfect.
  6. Good afternoon. I am working on adding simple edging to some handkerchiefs I bought about 4 years ago. Originally I did 4 of them and gave them away as gifts. Now I have 4 left so I am edging them for me. I habe one done and the second 3/4 done. I need to use what I have already bought before I buy any new project items
  7. Glad to hear you are safe Donna, but 13 hours with no power is no fun! My hurricane refugees (sons and friends) were back at school Thursday. Classes at UCF resumed today. My younger son, the theatre major, sent before and after pictures from his makeup techniques class. He had to shave! It was fun having my son ask me if he was light to medium fair skin or light to medium olive skin. (FYI i wear no make up and had no idea)
  8. Thw Gnomes are adorable. If you dont care for the grey as a Christmas gnome change the snowflake applique to a spider and it can be a halloween gnome
  9. The storm really did not touch us. A bit of intermittent rain yesterday. Breezy today. Schools were cancelled all week but now they reopen tomorrow. I am extremely grateful for our area bit have not forgotten those in the Bahamas. Since we are doing ok maybe more help will reach them sooner.
  10. The baby is smart! Getting mom to the hospital BEFORE weather conditions deteriorate. Now your daughter is exactly wwhere she needs to be.
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