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  1. I have a 12 inch square never used edgerydoo i can send you. Still in original plastic. The reason i never used it is because i got a skip stitch rotary blade which i prefer. Send me a pm with your address if you want the one I have.
  2. ratdog


    My absolute favorite character from Star Wars!!!! It looks great!
  3. Pigs on the run! Ha ha! (Edit to add: i had to look this up online. The driver is ok, thank goodness).
  4. Lots of rain here. Not bad. My neighbor left all his christmas inflatatables out and they are all still there. Husbands office opening at noon today. Im staying in my pjs today and being lazy!
  5. ratdog

    Prayer Shawl

    As I understand it, and as I have made them, the idea is to pray for the recipient as you work on the shawl. Then the shawl is a tangible representation of the prayers said. They are not representing any particular denomination or belief, they are not tools for worship. They are meant to be comforting.
  6. Ok, I actually made a gift this year! A blanket for my son's girlfriend. I crocheted an edge on fleece. He told me she likes "pink, halloween colors and pokemon" Well, that fabric doesnt exist! So, pink and grey with a Paris theme. She studied art history and archetecture in college so I thought Paris was appropriate.
  7. Hello from Ocala! Welcome to the ville
  8. I have been avoiding the news as well MJ. I made a blanket for my son's girfriend this weekend. Crocheted an edge on fleece so a fairly quick project. Im ok with working on Christmas gifts but I am not ready to watch 24/7 Christmas Movies on Hallmark and Lifetime. They started before halloween! My neighbor had his christmas inflatables on the roof amd the lawn November 1st. Too soon!
  9. BGS , 10 stitches is correct. Valerie wrote she has 11 sc to start. So, the decrease leaves 10 stitches.
  10. If you are thinking of a large, two layer tree, maybe a sheet of plastic canvas between the layers would keep the shape and prevent stretching and sagging "branches".
  11. If you type your question directly into google "how do I transfer files from an ipad to a flash drive?" It may give you results that will help. Im not trying to be obvious but I have been surprised by how specific questions can be and get results.
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