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  1. gorgeous! can't wait to see the skirt that goes with it. that will be amazing, I'm sure. and, segue, I saw your Irish Crochet book in my Hobby Lobby just the other day. It was exciting to see it there and be able to say "I know her...well, kinda"
  2. generally, if you make something up out of your head, you've designed something original. It has been known to happen that two completely unrelated people have come up with extremely similar designs, even close to the same time. In some ways, there is a limit to the variations or designs. (A hat is a hat is a hat, and all that) But creativity is limitless, and I think it would be fair to say that you designed at least part of that hat. there are plenty of threads on here that discuss copyright, design, and so on, that may help you even more. As a rule of thumb, a stitch in and of itself
  3. I had to get it, if only for the pink pineapple pillowcase crinoline lady! (love the doily ones far more than the 3-d ones in this book, myself)
  4. oh my goodness! these darlings on sale?!! that's it, I need to make a trip to wallyworld's toy aisle. Thanks for the headsup!
  5. WOW those are amazing! so many cute designs!
  6. dolly is just darling! the whole ensemble is fun
  7. lovely bouquet! you did a good job. congrats to your friends
  8. I prefer the shape of the boye heads over the bates heads. that said, I primarily use my bamboo-clover-takumi hooks, or "steelies" (crocheting with thread). Coming from that, I can't say I've ever used an Addi hook, but if they're anything like the Addi knitting needles I've seen (and heard rave reviews over), I'm thinking an Addi-Jimbo crochet hook would be gorgeous. And then maybe I could get a Jimbo hook in "my size", lol
  9. Jimbo, you made me smile! and I agree...if this is a trick question, I think I failed.
  10. http://www.amazon.com/Tiger-Amigurumi-Pattern-Crochet-ebook/dp/B00AJB3M0A%3FSubscriptionId%3D1GVBN9WWNVXC5DBPE502%26tag%3Dkiq-free-20%26linkCode%3Dxm2%26camp%3D2025%26creative%3D165953%26creativeASIN%3DB00AJB3M0A most likely a one day freebie, but I know there are several ami lovers, and several kindle/kindle app owners...and some of you are both. so I thought I'd share the link...
  11. I wondered, sarisue, which is why I also added the "x" sketch at the bottom of how I would start with a base circle of nine, and the first round of increases. thanks for linking her other post. I should probably have also added, that in subsequent rounds, you would have one more sc between 2-sc-in-one-sc-of-the-previous-round. so, it would look something like this: round 1: x x x x x x x x x (9 sc) round 2: xx x xx xx x xx xx x xx (15 sc) round 3: xx x x xx x xx x x xx x xx x x xx x (21 sc) round 4: x x xx x x x xx x x xx x x x xx x x x xx x x xx (27 sc) you can see that I shi
  12. pretty! and such a sweet and amazing gift, knowing how much time yards of lace edging can take! <3
  13. What you could do, to get the 135, after working all those rounds of inc, would be to increase 9 times in the last round, spaced as evenly as possible. I think what the writer wanted, was 6 increases in round two, spaced as evenly as possible, but you're right, that doesn't work well. I take it, since you got to your final round count, that you made it work starting with 6 sc in the first round, and working your 6 increases each round, moving them each time so that they weren't directly over each other (which would give you a distinctly hexagon look), so I would say that to get the counts
  14. I would also suggest a knee high or old section of nylons/pantyhose. if you need to use a section of one, tie a knot in the end and turn it so the knot is on the inside...then you can poke the hose "bag" into the stopper with the back end of a hook (through the section of stopper you frogged, as per Snowbaby's suggestion) fill it, tie it closed, tuck the ends in, and re-st the stopper closed. If that makes sense for your door stoppers. HTH I hope you get it worked out!
  15. kudos to you for all you do for the ville! the .com looks great, the new pattern directory is off to a great start! and I'm sure you all will do a great job with this huge undertaking of forum updates. (thanks for the early headsup, too)
  16. brilliant! Amy and Donna! Love the thumbnails and how it looks already! created an account and started submitting patterns (from the net) already. Thank you for a lovely gift that will keep on giving! :bheart
  17. so pretty! I love the colors on the first one. and it's so clever how you stuffed the others with lavender and no broom! they're all cute. and I can imagine they smell wonderful
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