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Spiderpup, Spiderpup..*very img heavy*


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He does whatever spiderpup do lol. By day he's your ordinary hyperactive 5 month old Jack Russell Terrier by the name of Chewie:



but by night he becomes..Spiderpup:




and he flies off to save the day...well night lol:


here is his outfit with the mask that he refused to wear. He let me keep trying it on for size but after that he called it quits and would not let me try it on him:


It's all done in RH SS and the web and spider are black puff paint. The whole thing took me about a whole day to do. Not bad when it's not for a kid, baby, or yourself it get's done faster. Well what do ya think??

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That is grea. I am surprised you got him to even put on the footies. My 4 yr old chihuahua/terrier cross hates everything but her coats. She hates wet feet so I tried to put boots on her and all she did was cry and chew them off. You are lucky and the costume is perfect. Would you ever consider selling the pattern?

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Thank you everyone. The first pic was taken with my camera phone and I caught him by surprise with that one. The second pic was so easy b/c he was trying to get out of the plant pot lol. The first Spiderpup pic he was actually about to walk away and he shook the little cuffs/boots off that's why it's kind of lopsided. The second spider pic I did a sit command which he was rewarded with a treat for that. The third pic I held a treat in mymouth to get to look at me(YUCK I see why only dogs like them). The last one I did a self timer one and I picked him up like that right as it was about to take a pic or else he would've kept wiggling. My puppy likes water, and he likes to put his collar on but he hates his Gentle Leader. After I took all the pics he did began to chew on the ties of his cape and he shhok his cuffs/boots off.

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