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  1. Sorry I didn't post these yesterday, I was very tired. Here are my god daughter's and my step god daughter in their 4th of July outfits. I forgot to take the USA of their tops before I washed them and the letters got messed up so that's why they don't have the letters on them. My god son was being a butt and didn't want to take any pictures so that's why he isn't in them. The skirt is called Lacy Spiral Skirt by Annastasia Cruz who is on Ravelry. The top is a 12 inch square called the Star Overlay. I made this top a couple years ago but added the star then, this time I wanted the letters but t
  2. Here's my god daughters, god son and my step god daughter in their Easter outfits. I have more pics but they're on my phone and I don't know how to put them on here. The top is from Momma Shell's Luv2Crochet titled 'Lacy Shells Tank top' and the skirts are Lacy Spiral Skirts from My Treasured Heirlooms on Ravelry. They loved the skirts b/c they flare out when they spin. My step god daughter her outfit is from Christinas Sunshine Haven. It's two in one, the top is "Girl's Camo Short Sleeved Top' and the skirt is from the pattern called, "Cotton Candy Spring Outfit'. My god son is in his favorit
  3. Those are cute did you design them yourself or is there a pattern? My god daughter's would love them.
  4. Thank you everyone I loved making these dresses and my god daughters couldn't wait until I got them done lol. They love how soft the dresses are when they get them b/c I wash them of course but I told them next year I plan on mastering the sewing maching and sewing their dresses.
  5. Okay here is my god kids in their Easter outfits. The dresses I made this year is another Crochet Garden pattern called "Early Girl Dress". It was easier then the Juliet dresses I made last year for them. I used Bernat Baby Sport in Soft Yeallow and the straps and nect trim as well as the trim on the bottom of their dresses is Bernat Jaquards in Berries N Cream. The other little girl in the pic is my step god daughter Lailey who if I had known was going to be there I would've whipped up something for her too but I never know when she's there. My godsons' outfit I love the shorts b/c they are p
  6. Ahw thank guys for the compliments and that really put a smile on my face with your comment Titus2woman I'm glad to know you look forward to seeing what I make my god kids every year it gives me motivation to keep doing it...well that and my god kids asking me every year.
  7. Thank you everyone for the nice compliments. The shorts just1morestitch are crocheted as well. I usually do the top part of the shorts in hdc but this time I did dc's which is not cool for the top part of the shorts just the legs.
  8. Here are my god kid's in their 4th of July gear. I found the pattern for the square on CPC called a Star Overlay Crochet Square so I knew it was perfect for the 4th. I just turned it around to make a diamond and then just added straps around the neck and back. The bottoms are shorts with a huge granny square in front for a skirt so they're skorts lol. Well after making these outfits I realized my 10 yr old god daughter has grown a bit in the leg and butt area so i need to make her shorts bigger from now on.
  9. Ahw how cute isn't this pattern awesome? I made two of them for my god daughter's and I was worried about theirs fitting them and of course it fit them and it was past their knees which is what I wanted. I love your dress you made and I love the color of it
  10. Thanx everyone and yes they are getting big but b/c they are so petite I don't have to change the sizes too much which I don't get b/c they can eat more then we can lol
  11. These are the dresses I've been working on for Lucy and Sierra for Easter this year. The pattern is from Crochet Garden once again and it is called The Juliet Dress. I made Lucy who just tuned 8 yesterday a size 6 and Sierra whose 10 a size 8 b/c they are both very petite. The yarn uses was Bernat Softee Baby in Mint for the green and Funny Prints for the variegated. I als bougt my god son Bernie his Easter outfit he has on. I love the argyle design and will one day learn to crochet an argyle pattern. Well what do ya think?? I love how long they turned out too.
  12. Okay as promised here are the St. Patty's Day dolls. They are sisters. The big sister is named Midori(Me-door-re) which is how you say the color green in japanese and the little sister is named Jade which is a green colored jewel. Midori didn't want to dress exactly like her little sister so she jazzed up her outfit with green and light green striped socks. Well what do ya think? Oh and Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!!
  13. Ahw how cute. I hope you do write down the pattern, I would so buy it I love making baby things.
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