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  1. Darski you're awesome you know that? Loving the patterns.
  2. I yours much better then mine b/c you have extra pieces to yours and even the color is different. We were thinking the same but came up with totally different designs but I must say your design is better.
  3. Darski your Sailor outfit is too cute. I love it and the hat is darling. I could never make a hat like that on my own. Your patterns are so beautiful, I love looking at the things you make for Dora. I can only make a few things for Dora, but you're the Queen.
  4. Thank you and yes she isa wearing a halter top pattern I got to test for crochetbycharlene called the 'Dream Ripple Halter' she also has on a crocheted crown.
  5. Crocrazy your rr's are beautiful and yes that color is called 'Ocean' I have a lot of that color it's so pretty lol. Here is one I just did for my god daughter Lucy for her 5th b-day. I used scraps of purple yarns I had in my stash. She is in front of it to show the size of it:
  6. Okay here is the scrap pinks and yellows 9 pointer I just finished. It measures 57" and it is 37 rows. It was puckered in the middle until I washed it then it laid straight. I went through my stash and found the pink and yellow yarns that I had and made a ripple out of it. I did have other pinks and yellows scraps but they wouldn't look right with this. and here it is with my youngest god daughter's doll in the middle. That doll is about a size 3-6 mos. at least that's the size clothes I make for her.
  7. Ooh Micky that is so pretty I love the colors and I know the mother who will is going to love it.
  8. Oh priszm that is pretty I love it and the colors are beautiful. The little bunny is cute too.
  9. Here is what I have so far but mine is a 9 point rr: mine is called a scrap rr b/c I found all the pinks and yellows in my stash well not all the pinks and yellows but most of them and I am making a friends 18 mo. old daughter a blanket out of it. Great way to use up stash I say. This pattern is Aggie May's 9 point ripple pattern. I am only on row 19 so far.
  10. I like the rainbow one but the black with the rainbow lines and points is AWESOME! You make some awesome round ripples and blankets.
  11. I just did a round blanket called a "Baby Burrito Blanket" in SS brites in the Rainbow Colors but in reverse here is a pic of it:
  12. I didn't use SS Brites but I did use SS in dark purple light purple and white and I didn't use all of the skiens but it was also for a baby blanket so if you are making it for an adult you may use the whole skien. The skiens I had were 7oz skeins.
  13. Ahw those are so cute at first glance for me the red and gold reminded me of Harry Potters' house colors Gryffindor. You did great on them. Isn't it the 49ers that are red and gold? I may be wrong though seeing as I was a Dallas Cowboys fan.
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