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    Broomstick Lace Triangle Shawl

    It's beautiful! I still haven't attempted broomstick lace, but I think it's gorgeous. However, when I first looked at it, the shawl looked like your bed was wearing a thong.
  2. bnhall

    My First HD!! (kitchen rug)

    You did a great job! You should be proud of your first finish!
  3. bnhall

    Ripple CAL anyone???

    I'm in! I'm working on one right now but don't have very much done. I need some motivation.
  4. bnhall

    Mizzou-rah scarf

    This is my dog Rupert modeling my scarf. I used the ScarfTrio - Two Tone Scarf pattern from Crochet Pattern Central
  5. bnhall

    Lets Do A Round Ripple Together

    I've started a Round Ripple for Project Linus. The purple is much richer in real life. I love this pattern! Everyone here inspired me to start this. I love seeing the color choices you guys have made!
  6. Mannequin heads creep me out. I hate opening pictures with them modeling things. I love seeing the product on real people. <Shrug>. Just my preference.
  7. bnhall

    Supposed to be shawl, now cape

    I think it's beautiful! I love the pattern.
  8. bnhall

    Ewa Crochet no. 14

    Does anyone know where I can buy a copy of the French magazine Ewa Crochet, issue 14? There is a long vest (pattern 29) that I would love to make in that issue.
  9. bnhall

    Ewa Crochet no. 14

    I would like to add that I had no luck finding it on ebay.
  10. It is stunning! I would love to make it someday!
  11. bnhall

    Sage Mary Afghan

    Your afghan is gorgeous. What a nice way to remember someone you loved.
  12. bnhall

    Christmas Elf Bathroom Roll Cover

    That is so cute!
  13. bnhall

    Seraphina in Homespun

    This is my first Seraphina. I used Homespun Quartz. It's for my grandmother-in-law for Christmas. It was so much fun to make that I see what it is so popular!
  14. bnhall

    Drops Purse

    I made this purse for my mom for her birthday. The lining says, "Meow." The pattern is from the Drops (www.garnstudio.com) site
  15. bnhall

    Rustic Ripple

    This is the Rustic Ripple from Afgans for All Seasons Book 1. I used ILTY. The pattern uses two strands of yarn and a P hook. It only took about a week to do! It is for my grandpa for Christmas. My cat Mo thinks it is for him. He loves it! The whole time I was working on it, he would sit in my lap and love on it. I'm going to make a small one for him when I'm done with Christmas presents!
  16. bnhall


    Along with the purse, I also made my mom some slippers. These are from a Drops pattern at www.garnstudio.com. I used Caron Simply Soft.
  17. bnhall

    Astronaut Farmer

    I am so glad you mentioned this movie because my friend (Michael Brown) did the sound effects for it!
  18. bnhall

    Runnign with Scissors

    The book is really good. He had led a very odd life.
  19. bnhall

    Drops Purse

    It took a little more time than I expected it to because of all of the popcorn stitches. If I would have worked on only it, probably a few days? I need to start keeping track of hours.
  20. bnhall

    Seraphina in Homespun

    I followed the pictures instead of the written pattern until I got the hang of it. I had started one previously, but messed it all up so it's never going to get finished. The homespun was a bit of a pain to work with at first, but it's so soft and cozy that I like it.
  21. bnhall

    4th Lace and Bobble afghan

    Wow, that is gorgeous!
  22. bnhall

    Pressured to Crochet Gifts

    My problem is my family. I'm super close to my mom, my grandma and my great aunt. If I make something for one of them, I have to have one for all of them or someone gets their feelings hurt. Now that I'm married, I have the in-laws, too. My MIL, grandma-in-law and stepmom-in-law. Hence the making of six 8-pocket totes for Christmas, plus three afghans. I'm straight obligation crocheting until Dec. 26...then I'm making a ton of stuff for me!
  23. bnhall

    What's the Worst Yarn you've ever used?

    I got some boucle on clearance and I can't make anything with it. It's going to sit in my stash drawer forever. LOL.
  24. bnhall


    Using sheets is such a great idea! It looks awesome.
  25. bnhall

    Creme/gold and rose/gold round ripple

    It is absolutely gorgeous!