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  1. Oh, you know what I never realized all these years? I thought the strips were worked from left to right changing colors; I never saw that it is worked X rows of 1 color and X rows of the next color. I think all along I've been mistaking THIS pattern for another where you work with 2 or 3 colors across and drop a color, which makes the "plaid" or perhaps "gingham" effect. My bad.
  2. Alternate Joining Method For those of you who just cannot stand the thought of whipstitching this together busy-bee-lmt posted a picture TUT on how to attach the strips as you go. It's image intensive and clearly detailed. You'll need to decide before you begin your 2nd strip if you want to use this joining method. Post 1835 http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showpost.php?p=2015994&postcount=1835
  3. The link for this join method is dead. Can someone point me to this join method instead of whip stitching strips together? Thank you in advance.
  4. This is very topical; we (4 of the gals I work with and taught to crochet) are thinking of making this very pattern -- one of them found a free tear-off from the late 1990s and we all liked it. It is also similar to an aran throw that one of them is currently in the process of making as an Xmas gift. I haven't given the pattern much attention, but seeing this post, I'm going to look it over tomorrow with the gals and make sure there isn't much confusion.
  5. my stepsister's mom, who made absolutely lovely items--she was an incredible crocheter...she taught me when I was 17; I had one lesson and I went on my own from there
  6. I've still got some yarn from when I was 17; I'll be 49 next month!
  7. ...as always, lots of fun and made me smile....super collection
  8. 17 y.o. from my step sis's mom. She was a fabulous crocheter, very talented. I'm 48 now.
  9. ALso, in Annies Favorite Dolls crochet book, there's a pattern for a similar to CPK doll itself, and some clothes. The book is a few years old by now.
  10. I love the layers and the colors...it reminds me of a coffee sundae!!! Yum.
  11. Darski, you are an inspiration. I look forward to your doll designs and they brighten my day. Donna C
  12. Am right handed; crochet right handed....but can knit either way.
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