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  1. Just a bit of advice: either find out if the person has a sensitivity to scents or use non-scented laundry soap. I made the mistake of washing an afghan for someone before gifting it, only to find out after that there was a fragrance sensitivity. Not a huge deal, but it meant another washing before he could use it.
  2. Just something to keep in mind: consider that Dad will sometimes use the diaper bag, so keep his likes in mind (color, shape). I really appreciate handcrafted gifts, but to be honest, I really liked my Lands End diaper bag. It zipped closed, had an easy to wipe lining, and opened (and stayed open) like a doctor's bag. It is now my yarn/project bag. For me, it was important to have a bag that could be closed up, so the contents wouldn't spill out. But that's just me! I'm sure a handcrafted bag would be most appreciated by a new mom because whenever she uses it, she'll think of the thoughtful person who made it!
  3. The only way I can tolerate using Homespun is by using it with another yarn. I made several cowls last winter with Homespun and Vanna's (the regular kind). I really like how thick and soft they turned out. Good luck!
  4. I have the starter set for fleece and LOVE this product. I've made ten fleece blankets since January. I make some that are only a single layer, and I've also made double layer blankets. Be aware that you must also make a piercing board for using with the template and awl. (You'll be given these instructions, but the board is not part of the kit.) I bought my pink insulation board from a home improvement store that wouldn't cut the board to size for me. Please wear glasses if you cut an insulation board yourself. I ended up at urgent care, the day after cutting the board, due to a fleck of insulation getting into my eye. Oh the incredible pain! So be more sensible than I was, and then you'll be able to get to work on your project right away! Enjoy!
  5. TonkaMama

    Shannon's Afghan

    WOW! I love what you made. Shannon is one lucky lady!
  6. Thanks for making me smile twice. First, your little guys are so cute. Well done! I also had to smile over the name you gave them. My dad used to ask me about "Pete and Repeat" when I kid. I thought it was so funny that he kept repeating the riddle over and over.
  7. Your purse is beautiful. I LOVE the flower addition. Great work!
  8. Very elegant. What a wonderful gift for your friend to have on her special day!
  9. Great work on all the bags. I especially like the second one. Using a contrasting color to join the squares really makes the design "pop."
  10. Very fun. Your turtle-lovin' friend is going to love this!
  11. I no longer live in Wisconsin, but my heart will always be with Bucky! What an awesome gift. You did a great job!
  12. Thank you for sharing your pattern. I LOVE this bag and look forward to making it soon!
  13. Fun bag; I like the embellishments.
  14. Perfect for a 12 year old. Well done!
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