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  1. bnhall

    Broomstick Lace Triangle Shawl

    It's beautiful! I still haven't attempted broomstick lace, but I think it's gorgeous. However, when I first looked at it, the shawl looked like your bed was wearing a thong.
  2. bnhall

    My First HD!! (kitchen rug)

    You did a great job! You should be proud of your first finish!
  3. bnhall

    Ripple CAL anyone???

    I'm in! I'm working on one right now but don't have very much done. I need some motivation.
  4. bnhall

    Lets Do A Round Ripple Together

    I've started a Round Ripple for Project Linus. The purple is much richer in real life. I love this pattern! Everyone here inspired me to start this. I love seeing the color choices you guys have made!
  5. bnhall

    Mizzou-rah scarf

    This is my dog Rupert modeling my scarf. I used the ScarfTrio - Two Tone Scarf pattern from Crochet Pattern Central
  6. Mannequin heads creep me out. I hate opening pictures with them modeling things. I love seeing the product on real people. <Shrug>. Just my preference.
  7. bnhall

    Supposed to be shawl, now cape

    I think it's beautiful! I love the pattern.
  8. bnhall

    Ewa Crochet no. 14

    I would like to add that I had no luck finding it on ebay.
  9. bnhall

    Ewa Crochet no. 14

    Does anyone know where I can buy a copy of the French magazine Ewa Crochet, issue 14? There is a long vest (pattern 29) that I would love to make in that issue.
  10. It is stunning! I would love to make it someday!
  11. bnhall

    Sage Mary Afghan

    Your afghan is gorgeous. What a nice way to remember someone you loved.
  12. bnhall

    Christmas Elf Bathroom Roll Cover

    That is so cute!
  13. bnhall

    Astronaut Farmer

    I am so glad you mentioned this movie because my friend (Michael Brown) did the sound effects for it!
  14. bnhall

    Runnign with Scissors

    The book is really good. He had led a very odd life.
  15. bnhall

    Drops Purse

    It took a little more time than I expected it to because of all of the popcorn stitches. If I would have worked on only it, probably a few days? I need to start keeping track of hours.