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  1. Waayy too cute!!!! Your model is sooooo adorable!!!!!
  2. I'm glad you liked them and Thank you for letting me test for you Carol
  3. here they are: What do you think???
  4. I finished the booties, but I didn't double the yarn. I thought it was too thick. Did you use 2 strands to make both soles as well? Did you want to see them? I'll make another pair in the 2 strands. Carol
  5. I would love to test for you. Carol
  6. Love it!!!!!! Great Job!!!!! Carol:hook
  7. I totally agree. The first time I saw it, I didn't like it either. I liked it the way it was. Carol:hook
  8. Too Too Cute Baby set and the Angel. Great Job!!!!!!!! Carol
  9. Thank you for letting me know. Carol:hook
  10. Very Cute!!!!!!!!! I've been debating about buying the pattern. Do you know if those stay on and don't slip off? Carol:hook
  11. Waaayyy too darn cute!!!!!! Carol:hook
  12. Welcome to The Group!!!!!! I'm from NW Indiana Also. What city do you live? Carol
  13. Yours turned out really cute!!!!!! I made them before, did you use the size 7 steel hook they suggested? Carol
  14. http://cakesbykristin.blogspot.com/2011/12/crochet-santa-face.html
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