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  1. Waaayy too darn Cute!!!!!!! Thank You soooo much for sharing the pattern. I'd like to know what SW Yarn stands for? Carol:hook
  2. Waayy too cute!!!!!! Thanks for sharing the pattern. Carol:hook
  3. I totally agree 100%. I don't understand why they're charging that much just for 1 pattern. Carol:hook
  4. The little baseball cap is waaaaayyyyy tooo darn cute!!!!!!!!!! Thank you soooo much for sharing the pattern. I def. want to make it. Carol:hook
  5. Waayyy too cute!!!!!!!! Love the color. Thanks for sharing the pattern Carol:hook
  6. Waaayyy too darn cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Carol:hook
  7. Love it!!!!!!!!!! Thanx for sharing another one of your wonderful patterns. Carol:hook
  8. OMG!!!!!! Darski--- The doll set is waayy too darn cute!!!!!!! Thanx for sharing the pattern. Carol:hook
  9. Wow!!!!!! That's really great to get recognized. Carol:hook
  10. I wanted to make the hood bigger, but I didn't know how to. Carol:hook
  11. Brenda I posted a pic of it. Finished it yesterday. Carol:hook
  12. I've already started it. I'm on rnd 13. Carol:hook
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