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  1. crochet_hen

    Autumn Purse/Tote Swap - MAIL BY OCT 2ND!!!!!!!

    I just got my partner info! Hi ickaboo! Can't wait to pick out yarn and get started!!
  2. crochet_hen

    Accessories Swap! ANGEL PKG NEEDED

    Even softer and it is incredibly warm...it is 101 degrees here today, but not in my house! Turned the air down to 60 so I can wear my stole and show it off. The family is wearing sweatshirts and complaining. They may be throwing me and my new stole onto the street soon! Adrienne did send the lables that were on the yarn so I could see what she used and the yarn is called madil. I love it!
  3. crochet_hen

    Accessories Swap! ANGEL PKG NEEDED

    I just received my package from Adri all the way from Italy! It was filled with so many beautiful things and my pictures do not do them justice!! She sent a gorgeous stole out of a dark burnt orange yarn that is the most amazing color, a golden scarf that is delicate and shimmers in the light, a pair of crochet earrings in silver and green, a three strand necklace out of bronze wire and beads in earth tones that is fabulous, a choker in a brilliant blue thread with sea green beads. She also sent a postcard of a beautiful cathedral, a puzzle, a vanilla sachet and a Knitting magazine that I will really enjoy!! Thank you so much Adrienne for all of your hard work and thoughtfulness. I have enjoyed getting to know you during this swap!!
  4. crochet_hen

    Accessories Swap! ANGEL PKG NEEDED

    Adrienne, I am so glad you received your package and like your goodies!! That was so quick considering it had to travel from Nebraska to Itay!! I just arrived home from a week on the road and found a slip from the post office that your package is here too!! I can't wait until Monday morning...I will be there when they open!:wooI will update here as soon as I get it!!
  5. crochet_hen

    Only Old Ladies Crochet

    They need to understand that they are giving advice, not commands and it is up to you what you choose to go with. I know when we were house shopping and saw the house we now have, the one thing that impressed me was how warm and welcoming it was. That included a beautiful afghan on the back of their couch and many other hand made items. You don't want clutter everywhere, but if I saw a basket of yarn and hooks next to a comfy chair, I could so see myself living in that house! As for the old lady comment...my daughter (14) was sitting on the bench in front of our house with two younger girls teaching them to crochet. The woman next door told me she thought they looked like a bunch of grannies on that bench, why was someone her age crocheting? I was proud that she was not only crocheting, but passing on that skill to some of her friends! Some people are just ignorant! Good luck seeling your house!
  6. crochet_hen

    my craft room

    you are doing such a beautiful job! I guess it just depends on what you like. I am someone who like lots on my walls so I would add a couple of small pictures like a spool, skein of yarn, etc. You can make your own stencils by getting card stock and printing a picture of what you want and then cutting it out and using outline to paint with. Let us see when you are all finished!
  7. crochet_hen

    Autumn Purse/Tote Swap - MAIL BY OCT 2ND!!!!!!!

    OK, I tried to resist this one, but I just can't do it!! I'm in!!
  8. crochet_hen

    Spiderpup, Spiderpup..*very img heavy*

    oh my goodness!! I love it! He is such a cutie and what a great outfit!!
  9. crochet_hen

    Dress and sandals have a look

    these are fabulous!!
  10. crochet_hen

    ** Testers FOUND** Kids Hats

    so cute! I would love to test these. I'll pm
  11. crochet_hen

    Accessories Swap! ANGEL PKG NEEDED

    Adrienne, I mailed out your package first thing this morning!! I can't wait for you to get it! This has been one of my favorite swaps and I have enjoyed picking out patterns and yarns! Hope you like your goodies!
  12. crochet_hen

    ^^^^Smoke Signals ^^^^^^^

    Laura, I love the colors you chose...it looks great! Doc, mighty fine work! I been ridin herd and got nuthin accomplished the last two days on my blanket. That outlaw husband of mine is home today and we are goin to town fer the duration. Tomorra I am going to buckle down on this here project. I love to see how everbody else is comin along...gives me a push to git er done! Krystal, come on out and go ropin with us!
  13. crochet_hen

    ^^^^Smoke Signals ^^^^^^^

    them are some mighty fine colors!:cowboy I am just gettin ready to start my 3rd color too. Looks like a storm is a brewin here so I'm a stayin close to home today. After scrubbin the bunkhouse, I aim to settle in an work on this here saddle blanket.
  14. crochet_hen

    ^^^^Smoke Signals ^^^^^^^

    Mornin all! Stayed up with the owls fer the finish of the auction last night and my coffee hasn't kicked in yet! Crawled out of the bedroll with a kink in my neck feelin like I slept on a rock! Welcome Winema!! Wild Bill: Would you consider puttin everbodys name/western name on the first page? My memory is not what it used to be and that would help me keep up with who is who and might help the new fellers pick their names too. Just a thought. thanks! hadn't gotten too fer with the blanket yet, but I am beginnin to get the hang of it...I think
  15. crochet_hen

    Hello from England!

    Welcome from Nebraska!!