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  1. wow! I can't wait to see those colors! the lilac will be gorgeous!!
  2. it looks fantastic so far! what a great idea to show the progress on your blog! I will be checking back to see how it grows!
  3. I just finished my first strip of red and white. I have had to delay working on this several times because of prayer shawls, baby showers and other things that seem to just pop up unplanned! I am back on track. Lindar, I am looking for a picture of your turquioise and green color combo!
  4. Oh that is horrible! I am also an iced tea drinker and spilled it on a large plastic canvas bear baby sign that was almost finished...it took me a while to even cut the thing out...I was so disgusted that I have never made that pattern again! So I feel your pain, but am so glad that you weren't too far along with it!
  5. those colors are going to look great together! can't wait to see it finished!
  6. I recently sent my nephew a spiderghan. since he is still a baby I was also able to find some spiderman booties...this is a great time to be shopping for spidey gear!! I'm sure your nephew will love it!
  7. this is beatiful! I love how you used the varigated yarn as a highlight...it really brings out the other color shades!
  8. OK, I just can't stand it! I NEED to make this afghan, I am taking a break from the other WIPs and buying some red and white yarn. I want to do it in cornhusker colors so that it can be carried to the football games! I keep checking in here and seeing what everyone is making and I have caught the fever...there is no resisting it!
  9. I love the colors! I never ceased to be surprised at all of the beutiful color combnations people think of for this afghan!! can't wait to see it finished! I have one at about the same stage and need to buckle down and get it done!!
  10. Stebekah...I think it looks great! So bright and cheerful! I am joining this cal as soon as I get my first round ripple under my belt. At least that is what I keep telling myself, but I don't know if I can resist making a start...I love this pattern!
  11. It is beautiful...I love the color combination!!
  12. all of your round ripples are beautiful:cheer . The different color choices people make always amaze me. I have finally made a start...here is my baby http://i176.photobucket.com/albums/w190/crochet_hen/S4300042.jpg
  13. I have been anxious to join in here. I finally got my yarn in the mail this afternoon and have just started! I really need to go to bed, but I can't put it down!
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