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    Married mom of four kids oldest works the next has become a US Army soldier the next is in College in PA for special early education and the youngest is a Junior in High School and 1 dog
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    New Hampshire
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    reading crochet knitting computer games
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    stay at home dog mom
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    doilies, i have made simple designs for personalized gifts for the kids in my family
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    I learned in 6th grade about 1984 or 1985
  1. I get bored easily so i tend to make small items that work up quickly but when i am working on something more involved i always have a second project to break up the monotony. I also knit and have more than one thing going at a time. I generally have a very intricate or involved item to work on at home and then simple items to take along when i am waiting for the kids or appointments.
  2. I crochet (duh:think), plastic canvas, counted cross stitch, counted bead embroidery..think counted cross stitch but with beads, simple sewing, and i just taught myself to knit in January...my advice if you want to learn to knit try continental, check out youtube for tutorials. This method of knitting holds the yarn in the same hand as crochet so it was the only way this 30 year veteran crocheter could work the needles.
  3. originally I learned in an after school crochet club run by one of the cafeteria workers when i was in middle school...7th grade i beleive..it was about 30 years ago. Then in the intervenening years when i put down the hook and picked it back up i learned from books.
  4. beautiful i have a box of shatterproof ornaments that i bought after christmas...so on sale. I am making them as gifts for my family This is perfect for my Stepmother who makes only pineapple doilies...never crochets anything else.
  5. I am making this for my niece for her birthday...she loves horses and loves to put things in stuff. I did notice an error or typo in the Neck instructions for round 5 the stitch count says 22 but if you follow the directions exactly it is 24 stiches. That is as far as i have done because i am taking it slow after arm surgery. It is adorable and if i had not been rehabbing i think i could have done it in a day.
  6. omg thank you so much for your hard work designing this set...i was stumped about what to make my niece for Christmas this year...last year she got her doll, the dress that the kit came with and your four seasons set...she loved it and i was trying to decide what to do this year now i know this set is going to be under the tree for Harlee and Girl(she named her doll that)
  7. Last night I got home from work and settled into my recliner for some quiet crochet time and did not feel like it. I had stayed up until 1am christmas eve and then up at 5am and crocheted until noon just to finish gifts. Now I have no desire to work on any of the projects that i put aside to have time for gifts. DOes anyone else get this way? what do you do to get out of the funk?
  8. So adorable. My daughter's best friend loves turtles it is a perfect way to teach her shaped projects thank you so much:hook
  9. I would guess that I am advanced, I can follow any pattern just may not be able to do all stiches, I can and do create my own designs when nothing else fits and can "fix' a broken pattern Chrissy
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