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    Married mom of four kids oldest works the next has become a US Army soldier the next is in College in PA for special early education and the youngest is a Junior in High School and 1 dog
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    New Hampshire
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    reading crochet knitting computer games
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    stay at home dog mom
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    doilies, i have made simple designs for personalized gifts for the kids in my family
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    I learned in 6th grade about 1984 or 1985
  1. OK I am looking forward to a busy crafting summer so i am sure i can come up with a few things that will help Ravelry ID is Chrissyf This kind of hair clip any size I am making hair supplies for my nieces and grand daughter for Christmas and hope to have many for them FGM in FL gifted me a set some earring hooks like these any finish...again for presents for my little girls for Christmas FGM in FL sent some hooks this pattern my daughter wants me to make this for one of her coworkers who is expecting a baby gifted by a sweet FGM! this pattern set my nieces and grand daughter love getting new clothes for Belle, Emma and Faith sewing or tatting thread in any colors i use these to make earrings worsted weight cotton in any colors...i am hoping to make potholder and dishcloth set for my siblings for Christmas Lion Brand BonBon yarns I bought a few to try out and they are perfect for making the barrettes for the girls a set of thses arrived from FL today Buttons---i am newly addicted to buttons any would be welcome even your "orphans"
  2. I could not resist the title!LOL! My daughter is in the Army at her first duty station and as i mom i worry about her. Well her direct supervisor and i have talked and he assured me he was looking out for her. As a thank you i made this little guy for SPC Foxe...i used the fox pattern from here and he is about 6 inches tall. He is in the box ready to be shipped to my daughter in a few days
  3. Ok i am a true rebel. I joined the crochet crowd's Cheerful afghan challenge...but true to my contrary nature I used thread. Size 10 Red Heart Classic thread in Delft and Cream...one full ball of each color was plenty to make the pattern. I used a 1.75mm steel hook. The finished size is 19.5 inches tall and 16.5 inches wide. I am giving it to my Mom as a birthday gift to be displayed on her kitchen table...the table belonged to my grandparents for as long as i can remember before my grandmother passed away two years ago and my grandfather wanted to get a smaller table so this is going to be perfect for the table with or without the leaf added.oh and the pattern can be found here
  4. My 2 year old grand daughter asked for a sweater. She picked out the yarn Red Heart Bon BOn Print i picked out the pattern
  5. my package arrived from Jessicali! I love the bag beautiful! THe yarn is all types i have never used one is 100% wool which i can use for either helmet liners for deployed troops or hats for homeless veterans. The striped is wool/soy it feels lovely i think hats for homeless vets. the cotton is going to make new dishcloths. I should not lose anymore needles thanks to the tin magnetic box but just in case there are two more. and the red beads are a color i am almost out of for my bead embroidery!
  6. I am so glad everyone likes the goodies. I figured Teddy's shirt would be too big, I am glad the "girls" outfits fit I was a little worried because my chihuahua is a mix and wears small. i loved the smell of those candles too! the boxes were what i wanted to find to buy but could not find what i wanted., I think hooks will fit in the longer box. My grand daughter picked out the bucket of buttons for you!
  7. I have already started filling up my tote again more bright colors, more fleece, more c2c going to finally get to earflap character hats but not until i finish my grand daughter's sweater and the scarves my mom needs for Easter. So probably May before i fill another box or 2. The colors are mostly the REd Heart Blacklight and Dayglow I love how bright they are and how the colors pool when crocheted.
  8. wait with all that "extra" time you still forgot to take pictures? LOL I am impressed with how much you manage to do in a day all the crafting you do, family and kids .I struggle to just get out of bed many days and feed myself. You are my hero Tiff!
  9. pictures?! i forgot to take pictures the box is packed and sealed waiting for payday! Oh well I know Jessicali will take pictures when she gets it all!
  10. It screams Easter to me! Beautiful!
  11. I have to start staying out of the stores...I went to Joann's again today and bought more for this swap! But it is to finish off something i am making so. I picked up goodies for Jessicali's family as well I love to include something for kids and spouses as well. Ok off to get my hands busy...one round on one thing then finish something small and then my "added" project. I will be finished to mail on payday!
  12. Darski I love you! You are so generous and talented! Thank you!
  13. i am going to try to finish the fleece i have cut and get he box out this week! Kathryn I think you are going to need a bigger tote!
  14. I have received everything i ordered online for Jessicali! now to finish my insanity...opps i mean projects for her I have to be crazy to try this as busy as i have been! I just have a few more things to buy after the play closes this weekend...I just do not have time to go to the store until Monday because of my volunteer work and trying to still make sure my usual things are done without the store as well. Hopefully i can find what i have in mind if not i may have to dust off another craft and try to make it! then the tasty goodies need to be purchased as well! Phew still have a bit to do! I guess i better go and get some hooking done!
  15. ok some shopping done today...not too much in the stores that i wanted so thankfully i had surfed the internet for things and bookmarked them...just two orders online and i think major shopping is done...have to go to one more store to get a few more things...Hubby could only tolerate one craft store today. Taking a break from crafting to do a bit of volunteer work...typing cast bios for the high school play while watching Catching Fire then back to knitting!
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