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    Married mom of four kids oldest works the next has become a US Army soldier the next is in College in PA for special early education and the youngest is a Junior in High School and 1 dog
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    New Hampshire
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    reading crochet knitting computer games
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    stay at home dog mom
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    doilies, i have made simple designs for personalized gifts for the kids in my family
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    I learned in 6th grade about 1984 or 1985
  1. I could not resist the title!LOL! My daughter is in the Army at her first duty station and as i mom i worry about her. Well her direct supervisor and i have talked and he assured me he was looking out for her. As a thank you i made this little guy for SPC Foxe...i used the fox pattern from here and he is about 6 inches tall. He is in the box ready to be shipped to my daughter in a few days
  2. Ok i am a true rebel. I joined the crochet crowd's Cheerful afghan challenge...but true to my contrary nature I used thread. Size 10 Red Heart Classic thread in Delft and Cream...one full ball of each color was plenty to make the pattern. I used a 1.75mm steel hook. The finished size is 19.5 inches tall and 16.5 inches wide. I am giving it to my Mom as a birthday gift to be displayed on her kitchen table...the table belonged to my grandparents for as long as i can remember before my grandmother passed away two years ago and my grandfather wanted to get a smaller table so this is going to be pe
  3. My 2 year old grand daughter asked for a sweater. She picked out the yarn Red Heart Bon BOn Print i picked out the pattern
  4. I have already started filling up my tote again more bright colors, more fleece, more c2c going to finally get to earflap character hats but not until i finish my grand daughter's sweater and the scarves my mom needs for Easter. So probably May before i fill another box or 2. The colors are mostly the REd Heart Blacklight and Dayglow I love how bright they are and how the colors pool when crocheted.
  5. Darski I love you! You are so generous and talented! Thank you!
  6. i am going to try to finish the fleece i have cut and get he box out this week! Kathryn I think you are going to need a bigger tote!
  7. ok one more fleece to edge then i should have a full box! I will let you know as soon as i do. Though i don't have a washing machine and i do not want to take them to the nasty laundry mat where i have to do my laundry what is ok for me is not ok for babies.
  8. so another military outfit for 18" dolls this time my AG Kaya is a Marine in Red heart Super Saver colorway Platoon
  9. so I posted a picture to share on my military mom support page and i am overwhelmed...i have requests for 10 outfits! Hubby says to charge $15 each what do you think? i have a couple that want 2 so i thought 2 for $25
  10. I have two nieces and a grand daughter who have 18" dolls. They all three worship my daughter who is in the Army and my nieces Dad was also in the Army. A wonderful FGM gifted me this pattern I whipped it up for my niece's birthday. It is modeled by my Grand daughter's doll Faith I changed the shoe colors from the pattern to match the combat boots my daughter wears. The colors are Red Heart Super Saver camouflage and the shoes are RHSS Buff
  11. I willhave to see...I use the red heart one...though there is a knitted one also that is not hoey at all and still would not use a ton of yarn. I will see what I can manage. I don't want to commit just in case I get busy but will keep this in mind
  12. Do you think the corner to corner throw is too"holey" for the littlest ones. That pattern works up quickly and the small sizes would not use much yarn
  13. My daughter is newly enlisted in the Army and i sent her some mini Christmas Stockings for her Battle Buddies. They were a hit. So since i am a member of tons of military support groups i found one that is close to my heart Military Mama Network they send support to military personnel either deployed or at home or even just in training. I decided that next year every box that goes out from them needs a Christmas Stocking so i am using up stash yarn and making mini stockings. I figure one or two a day since they only take me a few minutes to make will give plenty for the units they support. I a
  14. Well i took a picture of it and texted it to my daughter she and a few other loved it. I did change the cuff to white and it makes it look more holiday. I love the pattern so much that i am going to be making many of them for a group i am a member of that sends boxes to deployed soldiers and some who are just far from home. I figure at the rate of one or two a day i will have hundreds for next year.
  15. Many of you know that my daughter joined the Army. Well she is currently at her Advanced Individual Training (AIT) and i am making min Christmas stockings for her class. I decided to experiment with some scraps of Blacklight yarn and i am not sure i it is Christmas enough. What do you think?
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