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Valentine monkeys for the brunch bunch

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post-40621-0-34541800-1423497539_thumb.jpgHi all, well as most of you know, I belong to a brunch bunch, and when I can think of something to make, i make enough for my girls, so, here is the valentines surpirse I plan on passing out at brunch next week, i need three more, but thought I would take a pic now, and show you.


I got the cute little monkeys at dollar tree, and the tablets, made the cozy, decorated the tablet, and put it all together, the ,monmkeys have long arms that wrap around the notepad, as if they were holding on tight to them... I will include a pretty pen with them, just have to go and get those, and these anyway, will be done!! Enjoy, I had fun making them, as always, as one does where there is special people in mind as you make them so..without further ado,,,I present


The Valentine Monkey for my friends at brunch..

post-40621-0-17227500-1423497364_thumb.jpg  here is the items used...




you almost have to click to enlarge the pic to see the details...thanks!

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Those are adorable! Such a cute gesture. Now....what time shall I be there to put in a app for membership?  :haha 

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