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    I’m just your average crafty geek. I love crochet, glitter, mixed media art, vintage and video games. Any time I can combine all five, you know it’s been a good day. :P
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    Crochet, mixed media, Kdramas, Blythe dolls, ballet
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    Anything really, I am obsessed with crochet!
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  1. Wowowowowowow, HI EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can an old friend stop by??? lol I hope everyone is doing well, love seeing the new 'Ville AND especially loved seeing this thread still active. I wanted to show you that I FINALLY started joining my beautiful squares some of y'all made me into an afghan. Here is it after I joined all the squares, I'm currently working on a border so I'll post another picture when it's totally finished: As I was laying them out, I couldn't believe how easily they all went together, even though different people made them, y'all are awesome!
  2. Not crochet but I blogged about giving some crappy refrigerator magnets a mixed media makeover at my blog Just Add Glitter and Stir
  3. I made glitter crayons with Toot over at Just Add Glitter and Stir and made my mom a birthday cake from a vintage 1950s recipe on my vintage blog, Circle 7-2099
  4. New blog post about how I mangled a perfectly beautiful acorn bag pattern...craft FAIL! Just Add Glitter and Stir
  5. That is HORRIBLE! I am so sorry that happened!
  6. I finished the horrible cape that hated me! lol Huzzah!
  7. I so don't want to keep crocheting this thing: Hook, Line and Stinker
  8. I blogged about my trip to AC Moore to win some yarn http://bit.ly/q5nuxl
  9. Nothing hooker related but I'm at the beach and posted a couple of pics and video! Here it is
  10. Nothing crochet related but I updated yesterday with new pictures of my girls! Come on over if you like sugary cute baby pics. Say Cheese!
  11. A post about my first square from 101 Crochet Squares: here
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