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  1. Apak

    Bunny & Bunny

    I'm getting all ready for Easter and spring. But winter still doesn't want to leave. So I thought maybe some bunnies will bring spring with them 🌷🌻 Pattern is free from Amigurumi Today.
  2. Apak

    Pig (If you give....)

    Some people ( my DD, my teacher friend) kept asking when the Pig from the book "If you give a pig a pancake" would be ready. To be honest - it took me quite a long time to start. But finally - there she is. I planned to leave her as you can see in the pic with the book. But my kids said she definitely needed some clothes, so I made her the skirt. I used the pattern "Little pig" by lilleliis.
  3. Apak

    DFC - Wall Hanging

    Wow! Your work is impressive!
  4. Apak

    June Table 2019

    Won't the brides fight for the groom? 😀 Great table! I really enjoy your stories.
  5. Apak

    Christening set

    Here is the christening set I made for a very young lady - she's 6 months. The booties were the most difficult as I couldn't check if the size was ok, but all fitted perfectly.
  6. Apak

    Christening set

    Thank you everybody!
  7. Apak

    Queen Bee-Hive Doll

    Wow! she's so cute! I think my DD would love this, so I guess I need to try one I can see there are more similar patterns on author's website, they're great ideas!
  8. Apak

    Happy May Table (Tree Added)

    Beautiful table with touching stories...
  9. Apak

    Floral Elegance

    Wow, it's stunning!
  10. https://forum.crochetville.com/topic/161317-christening-set/?tab=comments#comment-2758190 Here I posted pics of the christening set I made
  11. Apak

    Crazy Leif Carrot

    It's cute. Kids would love it!
  12. Apak

    Hello everyone!

    Welcome! Your amis are pretty and I'm sure many crafters will enjoy the patterns. You can show your works in "Show and tell" and more people will see them there.
  13. So many beautiful projects! About the cyclops bunnies... :)))) When I saw the pic, I wondered why do they have one eye.... But now I can see they have regular eyes! They are really super cute! I love the christening blanket - i'm much into this topis as I made the christening set - I finished yesterday
  14. Apak


    Skeeter in TX - that's right what bgs said. I buy the rings.
  15. Apak


    I enjoyed making them. The best part is they don't need starching 😁 First I couldn't decide on ribbons. Those dreamcatcher here are about 15cm in diameter and I made them for the Christmas fair at my kids' school. But before I made bigger ones and I didn't add ribbons. The biggest dreamcatcher I made is 40cm in diameter and it hangs on my window and looks like a huge snowflake ornament (but I have no pic of it yet).
  16. Apak


    You can be proud of yourself - the doily is pretty!
  17. Apak

    Child doll

    The outfits are beautiful! they make the dolls original and unique!
  18. Apak

    Happy April Table and Tree 2019(image large)

    Your table is like a beam of sun 🌞 The picture and your stories make it even more precious!
  19. The blanket is so cute! I love the baskets with dinosaurs!
  20. Apak

    Kitchen Curtain

    That's beautiful! a month is not that long :)))
  21. Apak

    Lazy Cow

    I'd like to lay in the grass and relax, too 😁 Toys you make are always original and special! I remember years ago I cross stitched such lazy cow, too
  22. Apak

    Bangkok Shawl

  23. Apak

    Hawaiian girl

    My friend's biggest dream is to visit Hawaii and she's crazy about everything Hawaiian. I wanted to make something for her and made that doll. I'm happy to say my friend loved it. Generally I followed the pattern for Audrey Doll by Jessica Doering but I used very wise trick to avoid floppy head - I found it in "Mina doll pattern" on A Yarnful Day blog. I made up the skirt and flowers on my own. The doll is about 20 cm tall. I used cotton Jeans yarn.
  24. Apak

    English Bull Dogs

    Looks quite complicated. It's great you keep looking for the pattern that you are satisfied with. The dog will be surely a consolation.
  25. Apak


    He's cute! Angel pets seems to be quite original idea Maybe he'll make friends with my new Pig