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  1. Apak

    Treasure Boxes

    They are so delicate and beautiful! well done!
  2. Apak

    Snowman and reindeer

    They are sooo cute!
  3. Apak

    Thank You FGM

    Thank you, MA FGM, for a lovely Christmas card! And thank you, MO FGM, for also lovely card and thread bells! With bells you also sent me something priceless: inspiration! I'm going to try to make such bells, because they are really so pretty!
  4. Apak


    I enjoyed making them. The best part is they don't need starching 😁 First I couldn't decide on ribbons. Those dreamcatcher here are about 15cm in diameter and I made them for the Christmas fair at my kids' school. But before I made bigger ones and I didn't add ribbons. The biggest dreamcatcher I made is 40cm in diameter and it hangs on my window and looks like a huge snowflake ornament (but I have no pic of it yet).
  5. Apak


    Thank you!
  6. Apak


    Finally I managed not only to make a few new angels, but also take pics of them before they fly away. The newest ones are those with arms. I was inspired by an angel I bought at the Christmas fair - but the wings and dresses are different in mine.
  7. Apak

    My "Red Candy Cane" :)

    Not crochet, but still craft! it's pretty and I'm glad your computer cooperates with you 😀
  8. Apak

    My first Deco Mesh "SANTA WREATH" :)

    The wreath is great!
  9. And last but not least - the dreamcatchers. Also for the fair. More pics here: https://forum.crochetville.com/topic/160916-dreamcatchers/
  10. Apak

    From Afghan to Mandala

    It's beautiful and I love the colors!
  11. And felted gnomes I made for my son's school Christmas fair. Their base is either wooden peg or styrofoam cone or... a sock filled with rice 😃
  12. I finally managed to take some pics of my crochet gifts to give away. Here are the angels: More pictures are here: https://forum.crochetville.com/topic/160915-angels/
  13. The blanket is super cute! It's really a challenge, but you've done perfectly!
  14. Apak

    Red, White & SILVER Candy Cane :)

    Beautiful ornament!
  15. It's good to see your works. I admire and relax 😎 I've just finished packing all the stuff for my son to take to the school Christmas fair. There are felted gnomes and reindeer, Holiday totes and crochet dream catcher. I hope someone will buy it I have few crochet Christmas balls ready to give to my friends at work. And I'm working on thread angels.
  16. Apak

    Thank You FGM

    Thank you FL FGM for lovely Christmas package! I was gifted with 2 sweater ornaments (no, they are not ugly, they are really beautiful!) - one for me and one for my daughter, who was very happy! I also got a card and there was an extra gift attached to a cute owl ornament - an INSPIRATION for me to make such ornament myself. every crocheter needs it, especially when motivation is down. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! 😍
  17. Apak

    Christmas wreaths

    Cute and original - I like them both!
  18. Apak

    Fall/Halloween wreaths

    They're cute and detailed - great!
  19. Apak

    Christmas Table 2018

    it's always a pleasure to see your tables
  20. Apak

    Christmas Bauble Ornaments

    You tree is lovely and the ornament is great too!
  21. Apak

    Mini Sweaters 2

    Of course we have new meaning of word UGLY here :))))) they are all so pretty!
  22. Apak

    Christmas Mouse Chef

    Oh wow, he' absolutely the cutest chef! Wonderful!
  23. Apak

    Halloween Buddies

    Oh they are super cute!!!!