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  1. The triceratops for my niece, who loves dinosaurs. Gift for her birthday The pattern is free https://www.thenicolechase.com/patterns/tanner-the-triceratops
  2. I wanted to share my fall decorations. The forest scene and knitted brown fox are made by my aunt. I bought woodpeckers on the craft fair. I made pumpkins and smiling toadstools. Happy Fall! 🦊 🍁 🍄🎃
  3. She looks like a strawberry sooo cute!
  4. Thank you, everyone!
  5. Bailey4, the outfits are great! Cindy, pretty hats!
  6. Owlvamp, I figured the clover out on my own. I have my note, I drew the chart and also written pattern.In English It's all hand written but if you want I can send you the picture of it.
  7. Thank you! It was quite easy pattern, although making almost only SC is not the most exciting activity I know I put two rubber balls inside. In the pattern there are some other suggestions how to weigh it down. All the things she keeps in her pockets (or bun) are from "here and there", not one particular place. You can buy just basic sewing kit and that will be enough.
  8. Need a helping hand? Pins? Needles? Hooks? Scissors? Here she comes 🙂 I made her for my crafty friend. More pictures here https://forum.crochetville.com/topic/165596-crafter-granny/
  9. Here she is - always ready to help you. Chances are she has everything you may need for your crocheting time 😀. I made her as a gift for my friend. The pattern is free https://ravel.me/crafter-granny
  10. Here is my latest shawl made by me - for me 😁. I love those colors... Last year I made one similar, but gifted it to my MIL. Now I have my own shawl and the color changes are a bit different. The pattern is SISLOVE https://ravel.me/sislove-shawl
  11. Bailey4, the outfit is soooo cute !
  12. So it's a double gift - because it helped you, too Beautiful afghan!
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