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    thread crochet + yarn: baby dresses & blankets
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    2002, but I learnt about 1987

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  1. They will look pretty as decoration!
  2. Reni, they say - and I can confirm it - crochet is like theraphy, like healing. So I hope it will help you to go through all the hard moment you experienced. I 'm sure your Christmas gifts Will be amazing!
  3. Oh wow! She's great! I can see her in the classroom, showing kids when it's time to learn (pumpkin) or to play (doll)... Off to check the melting snowman pattern you mentioned
  4. Apak

    3 Pumpkins

    They look great together and each one is pretty!
  5. Maybe he's sad , because he misses some companion 😁 But that's great decoration!
  6. Wow, really cute! I can't imagine knitting so tiny toys, but there are not only angels among US, but also Professional Knitters 🏆
  7. Apak

    Dinosaurs didn't read

    Thank you everyone! There is also a baby T-Rex waiting for its parts to be sewn 😁 Krys, she is about 20cm high.
  8. Apak

    Dinosaurs didn't read

    You know the story... Dinosaurs didn't read. Now they are extinct. Coincidence? Don't risk! Read! I made that Dino for school library to encourage Kids to Reading. The pattern is "ROSY the T-rex and her baby Boys" by Lia Arjono. (I'm working on the baby boy no. 1 😉)
  9. Every month I wait to see your new table 🎃 They are great and I like to see all the details.
  10. Bailey4, all the doll things you made are cute and will surely have fun! Farm afghan is amazing!
  11. They are absolutely amazing! Each piece is art. Stunning work, I'm really impressed!
  12. Lucky niece to get so many pretty items! They are cute!
  13. O Mary Jo, gnomes? Penguins? You're really into winter/Christmas Mode 😁 The gnomes are funny and cute and you can always add some colorful scarf if the grey one is too gray for you 🎄
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