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    Poznan, Poland
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    crocheting, reading, cross stitch
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    2002, but I learnt about 1987
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    thread crochet + yarn: baby dresses & blankets
  1. The throw is beautiful, judianne! Gardener, the potholders will be well used, I'm sure I'm not into crocheting as much as I thought I would in the summer - renovating at home and at school makes me a bit tired of everything... But yesterday I started tiny thread purple butterflies for my brother's wedding. They want 250 of them to give as wedding favors. I already have 6 . But my aunt helps too and the wedding is in October, so we'll do. I hope.
  2. In the middle of the chaos made of: house renovating, going back from the trip (me) and packing and leaving for a summer camp (my kids and me) - some wonderful surprise appeared. A box full of items stright from crafter's heaven! Thank you, my MS FGM, for your amazing gifts! They let me stop for a moment in the rush - and enjoy such a great present!
  3. Great works everyone! I'm on a summer camp with kids and everyone got their new friends- little octopus. Kids were in 7th heaven 😍
  4. Wow, they are so cute! I can't imagine how it's possible to knit something so small with all those color changes and ornaments!
  5. Here is the octopus for 2 weeks old Lena, my friend's first child
  6. Graduation afghan is wonderful! The crazy colors are perfect! I've just finished the big octopus today - well, not so big, just for a newborn baby, but bigger than my key-ring octopi I wonder if it's an Octopi Year for me? I make other projects, but I've made many many many octopi.... Kids have fun
  7. It's cute! My mum told me there were popular poodle bottle covers (almost half a century ago, because I don't remember them ) like that - just instead of a ball for a head you make a tube to cover the bottle. I like your poodle too
  8. Probably it's a new kind of bird - a crocheter bird. She couldn't make a nest without a hook, so you could either make a nest for her or leave a small hook... Lucky her to have you!
  9. Beautiful! It's so delicate as the colors change!
  10. Beautiful! They will make great gifts!
  11. It's beautiful!
  12. They are beautiful and so great of you!