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  1. Beautiful rug! I would never let anyone put their feet on it!😄
  2. Shawl number 2 for niece number 2 is ready For me it looks like a watermelon 🍉
  3. Bailey4, the Valentine toys are great! But your egg with another one inside is still my favourite!🥚🍳 I guess I could use that idea for Easter gift, maybe as a keychain?... 🐣
  4. Apak

    Forest friends

    For a new year my aunt gave me this beautiful forest decoration. Wood and cones are from her garden. First there were only an owl and a squirrel. My aunt told me there was also a deer in the pattern but she didn't made one. SO we had some talking... 😁 and now deer lives in my "forest" too 🦌
  5. Wow, what a great gift! The afghan is beautiful and I admire everone who can make something so big... It would take me a year to complete
  6. Is it only me who gets hungry reading Bailey4's posts? 😁
  7. Thank you. The next shawl changes from ruby to green. I like it that you can choose colors and compose them as you wish and they wind up a skein for you (I mean kokonki.pl, the company where I buy the yarn).
  8. The first shawl for my niece is ready, three more to be done. This one needs blocking, but I'll do it later. I used this pattern https://ravel.me/klaziena-shawl I have made three Klaziena shawls already, but for the next one I'll use this one (so I won't be bored) https://ravel.me/sislove-shawl
  9. They are beautiful. Age of your crocheting friend is amazing. Do you give the blankets to the church and then they are gifted to all christened children?
  10. Thank you ! ReniC, you definitely should work on the monster pillow, your GS will be happy even if he's a bit older now... 😁
  11. I was asked to make scarves for my 3 nieces and when I was choosing colors, OF COURSE my daughter chose for hers 🙂 because she wants one, too. I started working on the first scarf. I'm glad they are smaller than the adult ones. But while I was working on the scarf, I found a pattern for gingerbread dolls and I just HAD TO "bake" some gingerbread for Christmas 2021 The pattern is free (knitting) https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/mini-gingerbread-friends
  12. After giving the mice to my nieces, I got a picture from the yougest (5yo) 😀 🐭
  13. Apak


    Thank you! No, I didn't use the pattern. I was trying, checking, undoing, trying again... It was more difficult with the first figure, but then it's easy. Using the pattern is good if you have exactly the same peg dolls as stated in the pattern.
  14. Apak

    Reksio the dog

    Thank you! Make sure you watch the cartoon
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