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    Poznan, Poland
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    crocheting, reading, cross stitch
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    thread crochet + yarn: baby dresses & blankets
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    2002, but I learnt about 1987

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  1. They are very cute! I'm in Christmas mood, too - it's never too early for Mrs and Mr Claus. Ho ho ho!
  2. Do you have self-crocheting hook??? Wow, the ghan is huge and you made it so quickly! It would take me ages to finish something this size!
  3. Beautiful and delicate! What a precious decoration!
  4. Apak

    Treasure Box Toys

    Great gifts!
  5. The llama set is amazing! I love it! 🦙
  6. Great! He will love them! I would add some anti slip, too. When I crocheted slippers for my daughter, I had some anti slippery fluid to use like paint.
  7. Apak

    My shawls

    Thank you! At the moment I'm working on two more... 😁
  8. Apak

    My shawls

    Oh yes, you should try!
  9. Apak

    My shawls

    Thank you! I edited the link, it should work now.
  10. Apak

    My shawls

    Looks like I can't get enough of them... One of my favourite: Klaziena shawl Free pattern: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/klaziena-shawl Geometrica - a shawl for my brother 's wife. Pattern: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/geometrica-shawl Kalinda shawl (another one for me). Free pattern: https://mycrochetory.com/kalinda-shawl-free-crochet-pattern/ And the biggest one - also for me. Transkokonkinental shawl. Amazing pattern by 6 designers. Not the easy one. I made it during free CAL. The name is combination of words: transcontinental and Kokonki - the name of company that produces yarns. Free pattern: https://kokonki.pl/pl/i/TransKOKONKInental-Shawl/30 For all these shawls I used my own choice of color, blend of cotton and acrylic, from Kokonki.
  11. Thank you, everyone! Judianne, knitted dolls are really easy, you should definitely try! I found the pattern for lavender knitted dolls and they were my first knitted dolls (I started last Sunday) . They are my "Summer 2020 project" and I admit I'm quite surprised that I'm so in knitting this week, because I'm definitely a crocheter 🧶 The dolls will be gifts for my friends - with lavender from my own garden 😊 https://ravel.me/lavender-sachet-dolls
  12. The basket full of crocheted and knitted toys, made by my aunt and me - for selling during charity action of raising money for a friend, who fights with cancer.
  13. I made those little whales for my class. I asked my students: If you had a whale, what color would it be? So they told me their choices - my favourite answer was "indigo" 😁 But they didn't know what kind of whales I was talking about (and why whales???). I gave them the whales (added key chains) and the whale-shaped cards with some wishes from me. We met only for very short time on the last day of school year to give students their diplomas. You know, sometimes people are like whales. You can only see that little fountain above the water. You have to be patient and wait for a long time to see more. But it's worth to wait.
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