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    thread crochet + yarn: baby dresses & blankets
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    2002, but I learnt about 1987

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  1. Apak

    Here's Tigger

    Another great toy! 🐯
  2. For me sewing the parts is the worst part of making amis. You were very smart 🐅 The Tiger is very cute!
  3. Apak

    Big cat

    Here is my big blue cat. Well, he is very big - almost 50cm tall. It will be donated to the auction to raise money for friend's brother's fight against cancer. The pattern is free from Amigurumi Today - it's called Large A i Cat crochet pattern.
  4. Oh wow, that's impressive! 🏆
  5. So the famous saying couldn't be more proper for the time now... I made two Star Wars characters. Yoda was for my on-line lesson because we talked a little about "Star wars" - my students decided it's definitely Baby Yoda. Well, in that case, he should have a little different clothes. But it doesn't matter for me Later I found a pattern for Jar Jar Binks - my favourite Star Wars character - and here he is. Both are from Lucy Collins' patterns.
  6. Apak

    Birthday baby whales

    Thank you everyone. Well, since yesterday all the school are closed because of the virus. The whales are all packed in the box and we have to wait for better time to celebrate 😥
  7. Apak

    Dragon lamp

    Amazing! Wonderful dragon!
  8. Ratdog, the bears are so cute! Little kids love such cuddly toys. Cindy, pretty socks. Although it's strange feeling for me to think "Christmas" this time of year 😉
  9. Green is the color of hope and hope is something we all need nowadays. Pretty table, Mary Jo, and I'm sure it makes everyone who sees it - smile 🍀
  10. Birthday candy-whale, anyone? 🐳🎂 Here are the baby whales I made for my daughter. Well, I made many more - I stopped at 80 - and very soon they will find their new homes. More pics here: https://forum.crochetville.com/topic/162464-birthday-baby-whales/
  11. Apak

    Birthday baby whales

    When my daughter saw the first baby whale I made, she asked for many more for her birthday. She wanted to pack the whales like candies and to give them to her classmates. And techers. And good friends from other classes. So I made 30 for her. And decided I could make some for my class and give them as Easter presents. And so on. It takes only half an hour to complete the whale, so one day I found I have 80 whale's swimming in the sea 🐳🐳🐳 The pattern is free from letscrochet. org My daughter's birthday is on Thursday and she will be 9. Unbelievable for me I hope the kids will have fun at school. 🐳🐓
  12. Bailey4, the cupcakes look yummy! And the bears are so cute. Not many kids can enjoy the St. Patrick's bears 😊 Judianne, pretty blanket! I'm still into baby whale with my daughter. I've already made over 50. Pictures soon 🐳
  13. You just feel feel love is in the air when you look at your decoration 😁
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