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  1. My Mom when she got older and could not do that her self, she always have her toe nails done by getting a Pedicure. I would never thought that a person can make appointment to a Doctor just to have their nails trim and Insurance would pay for that. Krys
  2. Make a Swatch and wash & dry. That way you will know if you like it or not. Krys
  3. After you wash & dry it will be soft enough. Krys
  4. That little boy is making those Bow Ties to help shelter animals to get adopted :). They do look beautiful with those Bow Ties!
  5. Yes, cost of shipping is going up & up.... I think is was about 8 years ago I made an afghan for our friend in Arizona. It was little bigger than "normal" size, he is tall. At that time I was VERY surprised when Post Office charged me 37 Bucks to ship that blanket. It was NOT any "speedy" delivery not even Priority. Since that time shipping prices went way up....!. I just wonder how much they would charge now?. All I know it would be a LOT more. Just to ship a wreath in a box 24"x24" x6" high, it is close to 50 Bucks. IF that box would be little bigger than 6" high it would cost a LOT more. They do NOT like boxes bigger than 24"x 24"x 6"high! LOL I know it was long time ago (8 years) since I sent that blanket. BUT, I do remember that 37 Bucks they charged me!. Because at that time it seemed way too much money just to pay for a blanket to ship. That is why I remember that price LOL. Besides that I do have a very good memory according to my children. My son once told me: "I wish I would have a memory like you do!" :). Krys
  6. Hi Everyone! I am back home. My daughter is doing fine. Her surgery went Ok. Krys
  7. You can use Acrylic paint mixed with Fabric Medium. I used that from PLAID company. 100% Cotton will take that paint a lot better. So if your Cat is made with 100% Cotton crochet thread you will be Ok. I painted many items with that way. Even some cotton T-shirts for my granddaughters, "edges" on pillow cases and more... Those items were washed many times, by now they outgrow those T-shirts, BUT that paint looks very good. You can even add Clorox to wash LOL. Krys
  8. Thank you, I will look that up. I did mentioned here something about that Vaccine & my State. That was what I seen on our local News channel. That was that person who is in charge of that Nursing Home & Assistant Living. Many people in that Assistant Living are very sick people with a very serious health conditions. What is very crazy that they were told they will need to WAIT 6 WEEKS from now! :(. That is why they called the Local News to tell everyone what is happening.. To me is very important that I will get that vaccine as soon as possible. I never mention that to anyone here BUT I have only 1 Lung, I lost the other one due to a Cancer over 6 years ago. I really do NOT think that I could ever beat that virus with ONE Lung only. Besides that I do have couple very serious issues with my heart. I just do not trust my State that they would be doing the right or reasonable think even with that vaccine. Way too many crooks here....And way to many different ways to make a lot of money on that... Too bad it is ALL up to them how to distribute that vaccine once is delivered to this State. Around Thanksgiving my daughter was diagnosed with Cancer. She is schedule for surgery later this week. Made a mistake. NOT later this week. It is NEXT WEEK.. I just came back from WI last Saturday and everything is getting "mixed-up". I guess way to much stress.. Krys
  9. I think you made the right decision about taking that Covid vaccine. That virus is very bad as bad as they can come. Killed so many people and is just getting worse.. So many people are dying, more & more per day.. :(. I would not be surprised if that virus was not "WEAPONIZED" in a Lab. Because this one dos not behave like any other... in MANY DIFFERENT WAYS. This one is attacking many different parts of human body and a LOT more is very different about that virus.... I think the sickest part about that is: That people who are not experiencing ANY symptoms what so ever of feeling sick can carry & spread that virus to others without knowing that they ever got that virus. Krys
  10. I was watching TV right now -News channel. We finally got some "PLAN"" here (in my State) for vaccines. People in Assistant Living Facility's will need to wait for about 6 WEEKS from now!. WHY is that?? :(. If that dos not sounds crazy & ridicules that 6 weeks here will probably turn to few months!. Every State is getting the proper amount of those vaccines each time. They are calculated on amount of people in nursing homes & others in each State. Other States they are already vaccinating those Facility's. Something "screwy" going on here...!. Like everything else. Krys
  11. You guys in Florida will be getting that vaccine soon. Because your State is run by "normal" people. Here in my State it is a whole different story about everything...!! . NO ONE here knows what is the PLAN..?? for those Vaccines. I am afraid that "Plan" might not be very good for most people here that is why they are keeping a "LID" on any info. about that. I been wondering for many years.... HOW on earth I end up in a State like that, full of crooks & crazies..??. They only know how to waist money & raise Taxes constantly...!. And they have no idea or care that can not work for "ever"!. People are moving out, businesses are moving out. Specially now. HAPPY NEW YEAR to EVERYONE! Krys
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