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  1. Thank You Lea About 2 hours ago I posted that picture on Facebook. Many people love that idea. Some even suggesting that would be great for little kids gifts to hospitals. Some others for kids overseas in Christmas packages and on.. As for me I was thinking that many people could make many animals very happy in Animals Shelters. I do think almost anyone got some single socks in their home LOL. It is so quick & easy to make and dos not cost anything with exception of some "stuffing". Krys.
  2. I know it is not crochet. But, I thought I should share that with you. Here is my idea what to do with ALL those hospital socks......??? and all those single one that do not have a pair any longer ..LOL. . In the past couple years my daughter manage to accumulate few pairs of those hospital socks and she did not knew what to do with that??. She was ready to trow them out. I got a idea to make toys out of that for her 4 pets (2 dogs & 2 cats). On that picture not only hospital socks. I used 1 tube sock & 1 small fuzzy sock. Those two red color socks were from hospital. I turn
  3. Velcro & yarn do not well together. Velcro might destroy your crochet piece. Krys
  4. That is a very nice blanket! Krys
  5. All those ideas above on selling your hand made products are great. You do NOT need patterns to be able to sell your crochet items. You only need patterns if you want to sell patterns. Those are two very different sales. There are two different groups of costumers. Some will want to buy pattern and make that item by them self and others will not want to bother crocheting any of that, they just want to buy ready/finished item. I design many items and I NEVER write any patterns. I just would not like to spend my time doing that LOL. I never sell my work. I only do that for my family a
  6. Unfortunately I do not know much about crochet thread. I do admire those people they can & like crochet with thread. For some unknown reason I hate to use thread & those tiny hooks. All I can do is to crochet very small pieces for my Amigurumi when needed. Like a nose for a Snowman and... LOL. Even crocheting that is always driving me "nuts"! :(. Many years ago (about 30 years) I bought a beautiful scarf or runner for my dining room table. I do not know what I should call that, it was covering the center of that table. I remember I paid for that piece 75 Bucks!. At that tim
  7. I came across a pattern for"Pet Couch Cover". I know I can make that without pattern with no problem. But I was just wondering what stitch was used on that cover??. That looks very textured, I like that. I am not agains paying for patterns. I bought many of them... BUT, 7 - Bucks for that pattern it is way too much according to me! LOL. I think my daughter dogs & cats would love that :). I probably would need to make more than one because it is 4 of them. IF I would crochet all 4 of them that would take up that whole couch and a chair. I guess My daughter & kids would need
  8. I LOVE your monkey :). Krys
  9. That is funny!. I seen many pigs on my grandmothers farm and I never seen any of them sweat LOL They LOVE to take mod baths when they can find some mod. That is why many of them looking very dirty :). Some of them are very smart. Krys
  10. W ktorym wojewodzwie lub miasto meszkasz w Polsce?. Ja mieszkalam w Plocku to jest wojewodztwo Warszawskie. Planujemy z cala rodzina odwiedzic Polske w przyszlym roku. Moje dzieci bardzo sie ciesza z tej wycieczki :). Napewno duze zmiany nastapily od czasu kiedy ja bylam w Polsce. Ja mieszkalam w Polsce za czasow Komunistycznych. To nie byly dobre czasy. Teraz mieszkam in US niedaleko od Chicago. Ja bardzo lubie robic Amigurumi :). Co ty lubisz robic na szydelku? Krys
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