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    Amigurumi is my latest "love". I can crochet almost anything
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  1. Hello and Welcome! Sorry I can not give you advice on writing patterns. Because I would not like to write them. Krys
  2. I am not doing much of anything! LOL I guess I am waiting..& waiting....for that Corona-Vaccine!!. Once I will get that I probably will be going everywhere and that includes trip to Las Vegas again :). I love those shows and good food there :). I am not much of a "Gambler". Each time I will loose 20 Bucks I am out for that whole vacation there!, That is my limit LOL. . My friend like to gamble. Krys
  3. IF it is a present and/or surprise. The best way to handle that it is to give her an option to get what she REALLY LIKES is MONEY!, to be able to buy that :). Gifts card, check, cash...:) Forgot to add above. You need to take under considerations couple other things when thinking of buying yarn or a Kit for someone else to work with that. That is: a) Many crocheters have a preference what kind of yarns they like to work with & what they do not like. b) Buying a Kit: Same thing goes. Some DESIGNS/patterns they would like to work with and some they would NOT! You are talking about Queen size afghan/blanket. That is a LOT of work. Probably many weeks or even months. You probably would not want or like to give a crocheter a "Gift" that they do not like it for one reason or another.. Krys
  4. You need to pick that pattern first. Different designs will need different amount of yarn. In that pattern they will tell you how much yarn is needed. You probably can find many of patterns on PINTEREST or Google or Etsy. IF I were you I would not be buying that yarn without her (crocheter) opinion. Krys
  5. YES, make more chains!. I always do. Unless is small amount about 10 or less that I do not need to add any extra LOL Krys
  6. Very nice blanket! :). is there a link to that pattern? Thanks Krys
  7. That is a good idea & quick :). Just add a "long skirt" in this case it is a " big Bib" added right at a neck line to a toy and you got a Lovey!. Not everyone can make Amigurumi and those who can that takes a lot of time....!. Hopefully that store bought toy can withstand constant washing & drying..... Krys
  8. Very nice I tried graph once ( I made a Set) and I find out I do NOT like doing that. I can change colors with no problem. BUT what was driving me nuts it was that constant tangling of all those colors of yarns that I was working with. I spend a lot more time on-tangling those yarns than crocheting LOL. Krys
  9. I love that sweater. Will look great with Bear hat. Colors are perfect for Bear hat Krys
  10. Reni you are right it will be 4 years ago by the end of Nov.-2016. Yes i remember that story I made up... Candy Corn Mom & Dad wore expecting ...couple or few days later Triplets arrived!. They were born on that Halloween Tree LOL. After I was finished working on those two big Candy Corn I got that idea to make those Triplets :). That was why the first pictures I posted, there were only of Mom & Dad. Than I started working on those smaller Candy Corns.. About that Upright Walker I understand. Not everyone needs or likes the same thing to help them because of pain. Take care, Krys
  11. Thank You Mary Jo Yes I would assume that cane is a lot handy-er & easy-er to use than walkers, they are a lot smaller :). I never used any of them. My Mom used before she got her knee replaced & for a short while after that surgery. Later she was going to have her other knee replaced BUT she died before that. She really suffered for a long time because of that pain. Now I see advertised on TV those "Upright Walkers" If only they would had them when my Mom was a life. That kind walker would helped her a LOT. Now they came up with a lighter smaller version of those "Upright Walkers". I guess it is easier to put them in a car or where ever.... They are not cheap, from what I heard the is cost about 400 to 500 Bucks. You can even put your Dogie on that and take him for a ride :). There is a "basket" for shopping & other stuff.. People can walk upright not slouch down like with other walkers ( walking slouch down must be bad for back) I know my Mom would liked that Upright Walker.. Krys
  12. Hello and Welcome! I have no idea what kind of yarn that long fringe was made..?. Maybe that fringe was not made out of yarn? Krys
  13. I like your idea- same color on sides. About my idea I was thinking about different color for those sides and maybe different color (third color in that blanket) for edging (that would be third color) BUY that depends for who is that blanket made. If is for a woman or a girl that maybe like flowers??. I would crochet applique flower/ flowers (in a corner) in those two different colors. Like Pink & green or Blue & green maybe even Red & green? ( green for leaves) If that blanket is for a guy or someone dos not care for appliques your idea (same color on sides) would be a lot better LOL.. Krys
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