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  1. We watch that yesterday, thank God everything is going fine so far :). That Rocket was very different than anything I seen before. All of us should be very proud that after about 8 looong years we do not need to ask Russia any longer to give a ride to our guys to get them to our station in Space. I think that for a big & very proud country like ours that was very embarrassing :(. Not to be able to have our own rockets and to be dependent on Russia for rides... for 8 years??. BIG Thanks to president Trump I LOVE those new suits they were wearing :). Very nice design. Krys
  2. Hello and Welcome! Beautiful shawl Krys
  3. We just bought another bike this morning I do have two bikes so my grandkids can go bike riding. They took out those bikes now and went for a ride. The problem is I can not go bike riding with them :(. That is why we need a third bike. We should be getting that next week. Lets just hope we will be able to put that together LOL. It is going to be OK. My friend husband can always help us and put that together. I should have taken one bike from their house when I was picking them up. It is not worthed to drive that far to just get a bike. I better go and start fixing our lunch Krys
  4. I am really sorry to hear that you can not get that Flu vaccine. I guess you do not have much choice when it comes to that :(. People who can not take that vaccine they should not be taking that. When I called that group of people who do not get that flu shot "Stupid" I NEVER meant people like you. I meant all those people who are not getting that Flu shot for NO good reason, just because.....they are lazy to get them, or they do not believe in those vaccines. Some they just believe that vaccine could harm them.... They just "cooked up" that idea in their heads with NO reason at all!. I guess just because they like it that way. I am VERY embarrassed to admit that one of those people is my daughter. I find out about 5 years ago that my daughter & my two granddaughters were not getting Flu shots! :(. On top of all of that my older granddaughter is not a very healthy child. I was very angry at my daughter for that! and I could not believe my self that she was doing that?? :(. On top of all of that when I asked her she did NOT give me a good reason why those kids & her not getting that flu shot. Her response was nothing but STUPID!. It was: " I do not believe in that!". From that time I am making sure my grandkids are getting that Flu shot every year. As for my daughter I am not sure what she is doing??. She might be just lying to me that now she is getting that shot. I am not sure because each ear I ask her, she is laughing & telling me YES. If not for her she should at least take that shot for her children!. She things she knows the best, because maybe she heard some "caca mani story" from another idiot!. Now as I am thinking about that something else came to my mind..I NEED to check their other type of vaccines. IF THEY GOT ALL OF THEM??. Those that they should. I will get to the bottom of that one way or another. Because I find out that I just can not trust her with those things!! :(. All those things that you mentioned about those young kids, beaches & Police. There is a problem even at this time specially in those "blue states" those Governors are thinking: "They are GODS"! :(. And they just LOVE doing that, making people life's much more miserable that they should be at this time. they do not care about people. They are living very comfortable in their big Mansion's with swiming pools big yards getting big fat pay checks.. even sending their family to Florida so they can have a fresh air, beaches & good time there. Another one from Michigan-Governor that is a real nut case!. Besides all other crazy things what she put in "her law" it was: a) people could not by seeds and plant them in their yards!, b) People could not buy paint at Home Depot to maybe be able paint there room or two in their houses since they have all that free time, they had to stay home!. c) Finally not to long ago she give her OK for boats they can be used on water, BUT ONLY 2 PEOPLE could be in each boat!!. So, IF that couple had a kid or two, they could not take them on that boat with them!. WHAT A WACO that woman is!!. There was many other very crazy Laws were issued by her on those resident. The problem is: WHEN PEOPLE WILL GIVE POWER TO CRAZIES. They will show them WHAT THEY CAN DO TO THEM at the right time!!. That Governor from NY (Como) should be behind bars for what he did to all those nursing homes and killed thousands of those poor old people! :(. NO ONE is that stupid not to know that people with that Killer-virus should NOT been sent from hospitals to nursing homes because they WILL GET INFECTED with that virus!!. Those people in charge of those nursing homes were bagging him & telling him that can not be done!. But Como did not give a dam!!. Who knows maybe he is on Drugs? and can not think straight? or just plain crazy?. For sure there is something very wrong with that person!. He should not be in charge of anything!!. Krys
  5. Many younger people do not understand, some do. At least when it comes to FLU everyone who want to protect them self's can get vaccine shot every year. For all older people and those in not such a good heath that vaccine is very important!. I just find out that only 40% people get that flu vaccine. Now that is stupid!!. Because not only old & sick are dyeing from Flu every year, even those young & healthy. Yes, there is much smaller percentage of those young people who die every year. I have a couple health issues. SO, I am waiting & praying for that new vaccine. I do hope they will be able to make that SOON!. It is been way too long already, my life changed complitely since March of this year. And I do not like my life right now, the way it is. I LOVE to go out places....!. I do hate that "staying home thing"!!!. In a way I feel like I am being LOCK_UP :(. Krys
  6. I seen scarfs made out of granny squares. You could donate scarfs to shelters
  7. I agree about those lists!. Way too many crooks out there!! Me & my granddaughters we watched for over 2 hours for that "Launch" for nothing (bad weather!). I think they reschedule another try for Saturday Krys
  8. You are talking about me!. Shoes, shoes & more shoes...! LOL And handbags.... Right now I have over 100 pairs of shoes. Most of them are high-heels. Two years ago I was cleaning my closets, I donated 48 pairs of shoes to Salvation Army. About 50% of them were brand new, I never wore them. And YES, I love nice clothes.....a lot of them! :). Since kids left the house I was able to fill up ALL closets in my house with my clothes. That includes two big walk-in closets. Sometimes I am thinking....HOW did I fit all my husband & children clothes before???. Right now they would not get one closet! LOL. Krys
  9. When it comes to me it is all of those above PLUS ribbons, LOTS of ribbons...! to make wreaths
  10. Maybe they will just use a Duck tape on you. I am just joking. I do not think you will need to wear a face mask at that time. That barber will need to wear a mask.
  11. I think for some people they are useful and others they do not care for it. I guess it all depends on type of elastic is used in their mask or maybe elastics are not long enough and is bothering their ears?. I guess even in cases when those elastics are little to big and that mask is way too loose that "ear protector" could help. There are many patterns on Internet for that. As for places to donate your work.. I will never forget what my daughter told me few years ago. That was a time when she was working for Police Station. A woman brought 2 or 3 huge boxes full of scarfs & hats (for winter) to that police station and asked them if they could give that away to homeless people who needs them. Those Policeman were very happy to take few of them to their police car each time when they were working :). When that woman was asked how long all of that took for her to make it?? (it was a LOT). She told them :" about a year" :). That probably would need to be taken to a Police station in a City. I do not think many homeless people are where you live. I would not advice to bother those Policeman with couple or few pieces. That probably would not work in Florida, it is too warm there LOL I do think that kind of donation would be very appreciated in any shelters. Those police guys they do know where those shelters are. I think they would deliver that there if ask. There are even special shelters for abuse woman with little children. Usually when they need to run out of their home they have only those clothes what they are wearing at that time. I do love Salvation Army and I believe in those people that they will do their best with every donation. I donate money every year to them. It is very important that people get to know that organization that they want to donate money or other stuff. Unfortunately n many cases "crooks" are running those places, even if they say" NONE for Profit". Sometimes those "None for profit" will pay them self's a very good salary, flying 1-class airplanes, expensive hotels, restaurants, remodeling their offices with expensive furniture (maybe those furniture are going to their homes?) and on...........On the end there is a VERY SMALL amount of money left for those that was intended! :(. I remember few years ago as I was watching TV. Probably everyone here have seen all those abused animals left in cages no food no water. I know everyone heart must be breaking seeing that. They always ask for monthly donations, I always prefer to donate more once or twice per year. At that time I did call them and donate 100 Bucks to help those poor animals. About one month later I find out from my daughter and News on TV. That organization is BAD!. Only about 13 or 15% out of all that donate money is going to help those animals. The rest of that is spend by that organization on a cost of running that "organization"!. CROOKS!!. Guys you need to remember: ANY organization who is spending more than 30%-35% to "run that place" is not good!. Do not give them your money, NONE PROFIT it means that no one is getting/making money on the end on that. And that is after: a) the cost of running that organization b) the amount of money given or spent on those poor animals or needy people or whatever else..?. After subtracting those two expenses in their accounting/books there is money made/left for someone who is in charge or owns that place/organization is getting rest of that money for him/her self. But those crooks want to play with peoples minds to call them self's "NONE PROFIT" they will STILL/RUB BEFORE gets to the end (each months or every 3 months) so there is nothing left on the end in their accounting/books. That is how they can call their organization "NONE PROFIT". BUT, they stolen all that money, they spent ONLY 15 CENTS out of EACH 1- DOLLAR on those poor animals! :(. Salvation Army is very different. About 85% of donated money and other stuff donate to their Thrift stores goes to help people in need. In many cases that person who is in charge of that Thrift store is not paid much money, very little. For that reason some of them live in a small room in a back of that Thrift Store. They are really helping as much as possible those people in need. That is why I like them. I been donating money to them for about 20 years. Yes, I give them my clothes and everything else that I do not plan to use anymore. Because I know once they will sell that they will use that money wisely , they will NOT spend on them self's. They are NOT CROOKS :). Krys
  12. Yes I know. Maybe you could convince her to send those squares to you LOL. i am just joking :). Anyway now you know there is someone very far away (in Africa), that LOVES making granny squares as much as you do :). I guess those GS are very popular. People are making them all over the whole world.... Krys
  13. Kathy here is someone that likes to crochet squares like you! Krys
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