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  1. I prefer Downloads. I get my pattern in a matter of minutes, no need to wait :). I can print that out, no problem. After I make that item I usually will throw out that print out, I do not like clutters...I only keep that if I know that I will make more of that later. In any case I always have that pattern saved in my computer. I think they usually charge for shipping those patterns Krys
  2. You should told that person, she/he should had called you earlier and place an order for ORGANIC food! LOL. I think that is just rude!. Maybe she should have bring her organic food with her!! LOL Krys
  3. Everything looks great!. Your Mammy looks beautiful :). I love that movie "Gone with the Wind". We might not be able to see that movie any longer. Because it is called a "Racist movie"!!. What a CRAP!!!. Some people just going crazy!. Everything is RACIST!!!. Our Flag is Racist, Monuments are Racist, many names of our streets & bridges are Racist!!. Now they want to stop teaching History in schools. Can you believe that???. That is a start of Communism, that is exactly how it starts. I know all of that I been raised in Communist country. Believe me that is a very bad place to have to live in it!!. Even those who want those changes now pretty soon will find out they made a very BIG mistake! And there will be no way back :(. Like: USSR, Venezuela, North Korea, Cuba. Poland was under Russian Communism for about 40 years. To build something beautiful & free like this country- USA. That took a very long time. To destroy ALL of that can be done very fast. Probably about a year, maybe two but no longer. I will be able to watch "Gone with the Wind" at any time. I bought that movie :). I got everything on my disks. Krys
  4. Katy WHERE do you get ALL those small balls of yarn?. It seems that you have never ending supply of that LOL I wanted to ask you something for a very long time. WHAT means the word "dunno"??. You are using that word very often. Krys
  5. I have very light complexion ( my skin is white & I do mean WHITE!) I always burn very badly :(. That is why I need to be very careful when it comes to sun. I do not get brown tan, I get very red skin & big "bobbles" full of liquid on my skin. On my first time visit to the beach in US I got burned so bad I almost died. Was in a hospital for over a week because of that. My grandkids went back home to Wisconsin yesterday. They needed to go home, they will start school next week. I am very sad :(. I was going to drive them back home but my daughter came to pick them up. Her car is bigger, so all their stuff could fit there. We bought a lot of stuff for them :). And they needed to have a space for their dog in a cage. They told me IF their school will get closed again they are coming back here! :). My friend in Arizona got his package yesterday. He is very happy, likes everything he got :). Those Face Masks I sew for him fit him perfectly. Lenght of elastic's (over the ears just right, not too long & not too short.). He sent me his pictures wearing those Face Masks, they look great. They were 100% cotton on both sides (they had white color linings on inside). I did sew inside those masks the wires to be shaped around the nose. Those wires are very important for those people who are wearing eye glasses, so they do not get "foggy" He even loves that tiny Basket for his paper clips! :). He dos not see that as a "bird nest" LOL. Everyone on East Coast please take care of your self's!. That is just so bad!, because of that Virus and on top all of that STORM :(. I seen many people lost their homes, electricity and.....:( I am praying for all of you! Krys
  6. Thank You Reni Yes, that brown paper bag on his head, I could not believed that either!! LOL I forgot you live in Arizona too. Do you live in Phoenix?. My friend lives there. I really admire you guys to be able to stay a life in that kind a heat. I know I would just drop death, I am not kidding!. I am not saying that I like winters because I do not. Winters here can be very bad where I live (N-W of Chicago). I really would LOVE to live in Hawaii! :). I been there few times on vacation. Weather is perfect there! and all that beautiful scenery are just breath taking. I could just look at everything around for ever.... Unfortunately it is not possible for me to move there. Way to far from my kids & grandkids. The other problem would be, living there is way to expensive :(. Take care! Krys
  7. The best part about all those fringes, you do not need to weave the ends! LOL I always did that with scarfs for my granddaughters when they were little. Krys
  8. For a beginner might little to hard to crochet a dress. Usually we all need to take "baby steps..." Good Luck Krys
  9. OMG!! How cute is that! . I love that blanket and that Liama. You did a LOT of work on that blanket...I probably would go nuts half way thru :(. Krys
  10. LOOK at that fabric!. CUTE! :). I just bought some for kids face masks. My daughter likes that too. She want a mask out of that fabric :). Hand Prints Krys
  11. Thank You very much :). Bird nest ha? LOL That green mask it was the only fabric I have at home that would work for guy. Nothing special but plain enough and that color is not bad for a guy. It will match that grass color where he is playing golf LOL. Could not make him a mask with flowers or Christmas designs on it. Krys
  12. Thank You Kathy for a very nice compliments on my "Care package" for my friend :). Going back to Lyn's point of view. That is funny! :). But, if you think about that.....any nest it is just a basket/container to hold little items, sometimes just a bunch of little baby birds :). Or bigger items in a bigger basket/container. In my case that was never planned to be a basket. I used that old crochet part because it saved me time, most of crocheting was done already. I was not planning to make any baskets for him at least not this time. On the other hand turned out very well. That basket is plain & simple. With guys we need to be very careful when it comes to design, even when it comes to colors, NO "frilies" of any kind! LOL. Believe me no one will ever see that as a bird nest siting on a desk full of paper clips :). And no one will see that as a pumpkin either as it was going to be according to a last year plans... I made a big blanket for him few years ago in the same colors as that basket. That is just pure coincident! LOL. I will need to make a lot more of those face masks after my granddaughters will go back home. More for my friends, many for my granddaughters & my daughter. Right now I do not have much of spare time taking care of them and their DOG! LOL. We been shopping a lot on Line for everything and anything they will need to go back to school. Monday we place an order on their new school uniforms. They are going to a private Catholic school. I think I will need to order a lot more of those disposable face masks for them too. Kids are kids, they probably will loose some or many of those masks that I will sew for them. I think we bought almost everything they will need to go back to school. From clothes, books and on.... We did not bought new winter booths. I think little later they will have more choices in stores and it is better if they will try them on at the store. Buying shoes on Line is little "complicated"... Krys
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