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  1. I like that one a lot better . I think looks nicer. Krys
  2. Hello and Welcome! Those Chevrons are very nice :). But if you are new to crochet you probably should start working on something simple and practice that over & over again.. That is my opinion only Good Luck Krys
  3. Looks very nice. Perfect color, brown on brown you will not be able to see anything Krys
  4. Might be a good idea for you to write down some patterns. At least of those what are selling the most. You probably could make more money by selling those patterns :). You could try to sell both on Etsy. Krys
  5. That is the same yarn she is looking for! I always wonder how you do that..???. You are capable of finding EVERYTHING & ANYTHING!!. Even in UK Krys
  6. Christmas in April! LOL Few days ago I went shopping to "Chewy" on Line. To buy some stuff for my daughter animals. Right now she got 5 of them!. Gold fish died and they got a Hamster instead LOL. So now they got 2 dogs, 2 cats & 1 Hamster. I spent little over 200 Bucks on them..:(. I bought 18-items, all together it was 22 pieces (some treat's I bought 2 bags of the same). I think most of the stuff I bought for that New Hamster Well it started from when I find out that Hamster did not had a "TUNNEL"!. I asked them: "How is that Hamster supposed live with out the TUNNEL???"
  7. None of he people that know or I just talked to got any "sick feeling" after any of those shots. That arm might hurt a little like it dos after "flu shots". That is why I always get all my shots in the left arm. I am right handed. What I am finding out the guys are complaining the most! Some of them are scared even of that small needle LOL. They are always trying to make you believe how tough they are! LOL. Krys
  8. Hello and Welcome! I always kept my yarn "save" from my dogs or cats. I did not like their hair & other "stuff" on it! like a "doggie smell" :(. I used baskets or other containers, sometimes clear plastic bags to keep my yarn & my work very clean!. My animals were not allowed to walk on my yarn or my crochet work. Right now I do not have any animals. But I still protect my yarn from dust & any kind a dirt. As for me I always wash my hands before I start crocheting. I never eat or drink when I crochet with exception of water :).And I still put away my crochet work to my
  9. Welcome! I think they are triangle joined together. Looks that way to me. Krys
  10. Very nice. Those Bees always gives me that happy Summer feeling My favorite color is & always was: yellow color. Krys
  11. That is why it is always very important to crochet a "swatch" before starting crocheting that project. That is IF we want to end-up with the same size on the end. Because on the end it is impossible to "fix" that. Unless you start adding extra rows or borders. By doing any of that sometimes all that work might not look as was expected. Krys
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