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  1. USpolishgirl

    Boxing Day 2018 (any charity projects)

    Brenda, that pattern looks pretty good to me:). I made a mistake above when I was talking about that Hippo picture. That blue blankie is probably 12 points star. But for a Lovey that dos not matter much. 12 or 10 points it will be fine. I never made a star blanket before. That is why I would not even attempt to try that with no pattern! What color will you star blanket be? Your car looks very nice for Halloween! Krys PS: right now i got little busy making wreaths for Holidays, for family & friends. Was not crocheting anything for the past 3 months, maybe even longer. From the looks of things I might have some time to crochet that Hippo Lovey in Jan-2019 LOL
  2. USpolishgirl

    Boxing Day 2018 (any charity projects)

    Yes, that is how that work. When it comes to Lovey's there are usually 2 parts. a) little blanket (the size depends on how old is that child?). If is a newborn that needs to be very small b) Something for the top. Usually people crochet a top part of some animal. But, that could be anything even a flower or a ball or just about anything else... c) Sewing everything together and that is all. My "Hippo Lovey" will be bigger because that little girl is about 2,5 years old. In March of next years she will be 3 years old. I will probably need to crochet that little blanket about 24" across. And yes, that Hippo part it will be bigger than for a little baby. How old is that child you are planning to make that Lovey for? I will attach a picture here of my "Monkey Lovey". I made that about 2 years ago. I made that from a picture (no pattern). That pattern was for sale. But for me it is easy to make stuff like that with no patterns. That "Monkey Lovey" was for a boy over 2 years old. It was pretty big for a Lovey LOL. Now he is about 4 years old. He is still "dragging" that Monkey around with him. His mother told me that he always taking that monkey to a car with him LOL. That blankie was easy, it was just a square. Here is my Monkey Lovey picture. I hope it will show up here.
  3. USpolishgirl

    Boxing Day 2018 (any charity projects)

    Thank You:) Krys
  4. USpolishgirl

    Boxing Day 2018 (any charity projects)

    Darski Thank You for a very quick reply:) Maybe I did not explained that correctly. I do know how to make that Hippo on top (I am pretty good with making amigurumi LOL). And I do know how to make Lovey's. I made couple of them. I just do NOT know that pattern for that little blankie (that small star blanket). That is not a plain circle or square, that i would know how to do that LOL.. That is a "Star Blanket", only is very small. I was thinking of you that you probably will know something about that pattern or something similar to that. Because you wrote some Star Blanket patterns. I just need to find out (get a pattern) HOW to crochet that Star Blanket with those points. Or something similar to that. I would like to be a "Star Blanket" design. Do you have any star blanket pattern that you could share? Thanks for any help Krys
  5. USpolishgirl

    Boxing Day 2018 (any charity projects)

    Darski that is a very beautiful set!. I love yellow color:) I need your help. I been wanting to ask you about that for at least couple years, I just never got around :(. I have a picture of "Hippo Lovey". And I have no idea how to make that little Star Blankie. I think that got 8 points, I am not sure. I will try to attach a picture of that "Hippo Lovey" I hope I will get Lucky with that picture here. Couple weeks ago I was trying to post a picture here & did not worked. Hopefully will work now. This site got really messed up since that last "upgrade":(. Thank You, Krys
  6. USpolishgirl

    granny squares for those that need them jan 2018

    Hi everyone!, This site really got screw-up by that last so called "Upgrade". Today I find out about other problems here. Earlier today I was trying to reply to Darski post: "Groups being lost to us" Post by Darski on Oct.-13. I was trying to ask her a question about star blanket & attach a picture of that blanket. I was NOT able to attach that picture. I did try few times, I even moved that picture to different "folder" in my computer and that did not worked either!!. So I give up on attaching that picture and clicked to submit my reply. Guess WHAT?, that did not worked either!. I could NOT submit my reply! And that "sign in" is still the same. Each time and EVERY TIME, I need to sign in again even 5 minutes later (I was trying to see what is going on...?). And each time and EVERY TIME I am told my password is INVALID!. So there is no point of trying to sign in & typing all info. because it will not work. So it is faster to just click on "forgot password" and than I will use THE SAME password and is Ok for that one visit here. After that is allover again same thing: a) sign in! b) incorrect password! This site dos not work anymore! I hope I will be able to submit that. Krys PS: After that, I was trying to send Darski PM, I need to ask her something about star blanket. Dos anyone knows how to send PM now after those changes here?. Thanks:)
  7. USpolishgirl

    granny squares for those that need them jan 2018

    It seems this site still have many problems after that last "update". Since that day when I was able to get that new password & sign in here. EACH TIME I want to get here I need to to log in AGAIN and the same think happens: "Incorrect password'!!. And I need to come up with different password!. That is VERY annoying! :(. For the past couple days I tried that few times to find out IF that will happen each time?. Yes it dos!!. Who on earth want to go thru that (changing password) EACH TIME they want to get to C'ville?? Krys
  8. USpolishgirl

    granny squares for those that need them jan 2018

    It is not working as well as I thought. I was able to get new password and sign in today. About 1 hour later I was asked to sign in again and my password was incorrect again. The one what I just got hour ago or so and it WAS CORRECT!. So, I needed to apply again for a new password. I hope that will not be happening every time I want to "look up" something here. At least this time I was able to get new password again. For the past few weeks I was not able to get new password. Krys
  9. USpolishgirl

    Crochetville Tote #143

    Very nice tote!. I like that hot pad:) Krys PS: Yes I am back today!:)
  10. USpolishgirl

    granny squares for those that need them jan 2018

    I am back today! :). After ALL those weeks.. maybe months? LOL. I finally got a notice to be able to sign up here. Krys
  11. USpolishgirl

    cupcake purse-next generation

    Very cute!:) Krys
  12. USpolishgirl

    Final recipient of my Little Panda:)

    Thank You Very much:) That little girl is very cute!:). She loves that panda according to her grandpa. Krys
  13. USpolishgirl

    July Table Happy 4th

    Your 4th of July table looks great!:) Krys
  14. USpolishgirl

    Final recipient of my Little Panda:)

    The story about that Panda: I almost do not keep anything what I crochet, I give everything away. I did kept that Panda for my self:). I made that Panda while ago. Couple days ago one of the carpenters who is working in my basement fell in "Love" with that Panda and wanted to buy that from me for his little granddaughter. So I give that to him, I just could not say no. I was not planning to give that awey:(. Here are 2 pictures. 1) Picture from that carpenter he just sent to me. His granddaughter with my Panda. 2) Picture I took after I finished making that Panda Happy crocheting:) Krys