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  1. They do not talk, but they are GREAT listeners......! LOL Krys
  2. Hi Reni I do understand why why your GD is hesitated about getting that Vaccine and giving that to her kids. After all those are new vaccines, we do not know what effect that might have in a long term..??. Young people and specially kids have a whole life in front of them. If something bed would start showing up because of that in the future that would be horrible for those young people. Yes, it is little scary to put something in your body that might harm you. Specially because there was NO study done on kids & that vaccine. They just want to vaccinate all of them with the same dos
  3. Very nice jacket :). But there is no way I would want to do all that work....!:(. That is my opinion LOL. Krys
  4. Hello Everyone I need to crochet two "mini' Christmas Tree Skirts for my granddaughters for "mini" Christmas Trees that I bought for them. I do love that skirt (picture below). But I can not find that pattern. I realized that pattern will be for "regular" size tree (big tree). I do know how to size that down so that would not be a problem. I would appreciate very much if anyone could help me find that pattern. Dos not matter if is paid or free Thank You Krys
  5. Yes, "click here & click there" that is usually not very helpful...LOL Link would been very useful. It is easy to get a Link just copy & paste. Krys
  6. Reni it is good to hear that you are doing better Looks that virus will be with us for much longer than we thought after getting that vaccine. Those vaccines are loosing "strenght" way too fast. Unfortunately those vaccines are not performing as good as we thought they would..:(. So far I do not think we are getting the whole story about those vaccines... What we are getting is a bunch of very different opinions.. I been looking for info. on that subject from Israel. They are coming up with more answers than we can get from here. Have a Great Day Krys
  7. Same here I have a "jelly jar" for those hooks I use the most and working with at the time. Because of that jar I never misplaced or lost any of my hooks :). Each time I need to walk away from crocheting I ALWAYS put my hook in that jar!. I did glued a piece of felt to that jar to be able to store my smaller things like: needles, pins and on... Here is a picture of my jar,. Not much to look it BUT it is very handy :). Would not want to be with out that LOL. Krys
  8. Cute :). Granny Square you could make some for every Holiday ..LOL Krys
  9. I would not advice making tutorial with other people designs even if they are old. Unless you would explain in that tutorial that isn't your design or your idea. Maybe you could ad info. where you got that from and if there is a name of that designer you should write that down for others to know. That happened to me on FB. I was not happy about that at all!. That person claim my design as hers on her FB page. Some people will do bad things just to claim someone else idea and work. I do make many items without patterns and I do not write patterns. I just make one of the kind for my family
  10. Hello Reni & Thank You I think Gnomes would be great made with socks... For the past few years I have seen many very beautiful Snowman made with socks on Facebook. Some of them I really liked. There was one part that I was not crazy about, it was: They were stuffed with RICE! LOL. That is probably not a very good idea if someone would like to store them for next year. Mouse would get to that very easy. BUT, those Snowman could be stuffed with "stuffing", some weight should be attached at the bottom so that Snowman would stand straight up! Not rolling around or tipping to sides LOL.
  11. Cute and very funny looking Broccoli I never seen crochet Broccoli before. Krys
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