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  1. Brenda Thank You very much! OMG! I never seen cookie like that. I LOVE the way that looks. I think I would like a piece of that right now :). Krys
  2. I just posted Rose painting I painted for one of my granddaughters. Would you like to give me a nice compliment?? LOL Krys
  3. My granddaughter wanted me to paint her a flower for her bedroom. It is a small painting on canvas. I used acrylic paint. I scanned that and those colors did not came out right . Those colors looking a lot more muted than they really are. Now I just need to frame that. Krys
  4. Did you ever made a smaller piece like a table runner using crochet thread?. If you did you must know how time consuming that kind of work is. You might be working on that table cloth for couple months... I did seen a picture of round table cloth made out of RHSS yarn in white,red & green. To say at least that tablecloth was shocking, not nice at all. I would never crochet or like to have any table covering made with yarn specially made with Worsted weight yarn. That yarn is good for coasters or trivets. Krys
  5. You could try plastic pipes. I would probably just go with about 0,5- o,75"" diam. wooden dowels. That all depends how big that Cat House would be...?. They are not that expensive. Those dowels supporting walls I probably would "thread" them from the bottom up (going thru that floor) for easy removal. About that roof I would need to think how I would handle that..?. There probably would be two ways with those dowels going: inside? or outside?. I could make very "fancy" sleeves on that roof outside, that would look like a "fancy" part of that roof and no one would know the reason for it LOL. If I would ever wanted to make that "Cat House" I would need to put more thought how to do that and take care of all those problems... . I been always a pretty good "problem solver" LOL. I think that might run in a family. My grandfather was a builder, mechanic. He could build and fix anything...When he was about 13 years old his neighbor (Farmer) big piece of machinery broke. Other mechanics could not fix that and they left. My grandfather was just standing there in a back and observing all of that. Than he said to that farmer that he will fix that. That neighbor-farmer thought that was VERY FUNNY! and he started laughing. After few minutes he came back to my grandfather (still laughing) and told him to go ahead and try. My grandfather fix that machinery! :). That day that farmer ask my grandfather to dinner in his house. He sit him next to him by that big table and a lot of other workers around. He even give him a glass of vodka!, Well.. he should not have done that! LOL After that he came to US on his own at 17 years old. He was fixing trains here. He saved all his money. After about 13 or 15 years went back to Poland. He bought a big farm there. He build a big shop for himself. He was the mechanic for that whole village & neighboring villages. Was making a lot of money there too :). I never thought that I would be writing here about my grandfather life LOL. Krys
  6. Yes there must be extra support. If I would be making that ..my first thought was to make narrow "sleeves" (inside) on each corner and stick there wooden dowels. I would do same think with that roof. Those wooden dowels would be removable for washing. Yes, I do have another very different idea... Krys
  7. Brenda that is a lot of snow. You might need a snow mobile LOL. Maybe a pair of skies? Krys
  8. I think any older person specially on wheel chair would love to get a shawl or a lapghan. Just to keep them warm. And I think that is silly excuse to say: "she thought one group was making them quilts". Look from that she is not even sure. And WHAT would be wrong if some people would get quilt & some crochet Laghan or even BOTH! :). You guys should be able to crochet whatever you want! . You might like to talk to other people from that group. One person dos not count much LOL If not, you can start on your own those Laghans I am sure the others will join you when they would see those older people are happy to get that :). Krys
  9. Few years ago I seen that "Cat Pink Cave". Couple other people tried using the same thick T-Shirt yarn and that roof was not standing up. Was going down. I have a picture I saved few years ago. There was no pattern. I think I would be able to make that with no pattern. That is if I would want to..? LOL Here is that picture with that pointed roof that I like Krys
  10. WHAT ROOF? I really thought when she used that "roof & house" expression it was just like a metaphor in comparison by her. And I was going to say:"What roof ??, you need flat foundation & straight wall around". I just did not wanted to bother with that. In the original post she is talking about a Cat bed, noting about any roof. Only how to fix the sides to stand-up. If that thing is having a roof would be more like a "Cat Cave" or a "Cat House" :). If we are talking about something with a roof. That yarn must be thick, something like a thick T-Shirt yarn would work. Or maybe double or triple strand worsted weight yarn. And that needs to be crochet VERY TIGHT. Good pattern is very important to get good results. That is not very easy to make, that would work. Roof can NOT be flat. It needs to go up to the point, like a TP. Granny Square maybe you can help here. I know I need to give up. Krys.
  11. It would help a lot a better picture of that bed. All I can see from that picture above that there might be some "ruffles" on that bottom-circle and that side looks "ruffled" too. That is what is showing on that picture. If you could put that bed flat on a floor and take that picture (from the top). It would help see what is "going on" with that bed ...? Krys
  12. Your yarn looks thick enough. Almost any weight yarn would work. No, I would not recommend something like fingering weight yarn for that bed LOL. If YouTubes and patterns do not work for you..All I can tell you to fallow those few points and it will work. 1) Do not crochet too loose or very tight. If is very tight that fabric becomes stiff & feels like a cardboard. 2) That bottom circle must be flat. IF is not flat it will not work. 3) Once you get to the right size STOP increasing stitches. Just make rounds in the same amount of stitches as that last round in your bottom-circle. Make twice as tall as you want those sides to be. Do not make that too tall. Flip half of that side inside and stitch that to that bottom-circle. And you are done. I think that is very simple and it will work. =============== This is little more "complicated". 4) IF you want to make those sides like a stuffed "roll" -puffy. You would need to increase some amount of stitches about half way up on those sides. How many? I can not tell you off hand. Because I do not know how "puffy" you want those sides to be?. You can try increase 6 or 8 stitches around maybe 10?. On that last round you would need to decrease to get to the size of that circle to be able to sew that to that bottom (to look flat). Before you sew that, you need to stuff that. That polyester stuffing-bedding is washable. Good Luck! Krys
  13. First of all you need to make sure that bottom-circle is FLAT. Is that bottom (circle) flat?. I can not tell from that picture. Once you get that bottom to the size you want, you need to stop increasing the stitches. If needed you might stuff that a little. You know kind a like a puffy roll around. You might consider making double bottom so you can put some "stuffing" or a pillow inside for that cat to be comfortable in that bed. I can not write down everything here. I think the best thing for you is to look at YouTube. YouTube on how to crochet a Pet Bed: Krys
  14. Brenda I do know what you mean when you just need a little of different color yarn to be able to finish that project. And you do not have that in your stash :(. Right now I need a very small amount of DK Gray color yarn for applique. And I do not have it :(. That whole Baby blanket will need to wait.... That is why I find out today about that Sale on PaintBox yarns. So I bought 70 Bucks of that DK yarn. Do I need all of that..??, I only needed 1 skein of gray!. Hmm??. I guess that is how it goes with those Sales and Free shipping (60 bucks or over). BUT, all those colors are sooo beautiful! LOL Krys
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