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  1. There are many good things for us and they are closed right now. Like Gyms. I paid for the whole year Membership to my Gym. It is closed now. Not sure if I will get my money back?. I do agree with Gov. I guess fitness is not that important compering to death. Because of that Virus many unfortunate people with back pain and other serious health issues right now can not get their surgery. Those surgery are called: "Elective surgery". Many people are suffering with tremendous pain and can NOT get those surgery's. The reason for that is: "Doctors , nurses, hospital beds & medical supply can NOT be used up for surgery that can be postponed for later..!!". Try to tell that to someone in big pain :(. My friend father is one of those unfortunate people. And there is many of them, just waiting and waiting.. Krys
  2. That is part of it! Anyway some people need couple drinks to keep their sanity at this times!. I do not drink alcohol. I might change my mind very soon! LOL. Can not take any longer that good News every day...!! :(. I am worry a LOT about my children and my granddaughters Krys
  3. I do not smoke weed I never did. But maybe weed & alcohol are more important to people than Hobby stores LOL. Maybe Gov. just do not want to create more problems dealing with "black market" and all those complications with weed mixed with other stuff being sold on streets and than having more people coming to ER?. That is my opinion only. As for alcohol, people probably would start making "Moonshine". That would not be good either LOL. Krys
  4. I CAN understand why they closing Hobby Lobby and keeping open Home depot and other stores like that. Hobby Lobby it is a "Hobby" store. It is not essential for people to survive. No one will get hurt if they do not get more yarn, silk flowers or stickers and on.. LOL. Just a place with bunch of people inside looking around and infecting each other with that deadly virus. Stores like Home Depot & others like that are very important to our existence. Our homes & appliances need constant repairs or replacements. Some can wait and others can not. Usually repair guys are going to Home Depot to buy parts & more...before they can fix anything. For instance: It would not be very funny if a window would break and we could not buy a piece of plywood to put on temporary until that window can be fix. Or to buy a sump pump for flooded basements and on and on... Krys
  5. USpolishgirl


    Great looking hats Krys
  6. Lea I do not have pattern for any of that, I just made them. Those are just plain balls about 1,5" in diam. I started with 6sc in magic circle, keep on increasing 6sc in each row until you get to about 1,5" in diam. Than crochet couple rows even. After that start decreasing the same way you were increasing. Teach your dogie to stay away from Kitty toys! LOL I am sure your kitty would love that. I bought for my daughter spray catnip and that works great :). Krys
  7. USpolishgirl


    Hello and Welcome! Krys
  8. Lea maybe your Kitty is trying to place an order for few crochet Kitty Balls? LOL Krys
  9. I hope everything went well as you planned and you had a great time with your company! LOL Krys
  10. I think many of us are that way. Few weeks ago I just needed 3 balls of sport weight yarn (different color each) for an appliques. So after looking at all those different colors there I started picking more & more..Than there was an offer on FREE shipping so I added more of that yarn to my cart. On the end instead of just buying what I really needed, that would amount to with shipping about 12 Bucks. I bought big box of that yarn for a total = 98 Bucks! LOL. I for sure do NOT need more yarn in my house! Specially now, I do not crochet much, I lost interest in it LOL. I prefer to make wreaths...:). I guess I still like to buy yarn... Anyone here see anything wrong with my behavior??? Krys
  11. When it comes to yarn, I think I am good at least for 10 more years!, maybe 20? LOL Krys
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