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  1. That rug and that doily looks beautiful! . You did great work on that. I really like that design and those colors. That dos look like a rug on that magazine- picture. Krys
  2. Thanks:) That is funny that you mentioned the other cacti I made (my first). This one is my second cacti. I could make 10 of them in the same amount of time than that previous one LOL. That first one was very time consuming to make and a lot of pieces & those little "baby's" to sew on....... I would not like to make that one again LOL. This one went very fast. As for me I think I like that first one better. But maybe is because I put sooo much work to that LOL. Krys
  3. Thank You:) That scrubby yarn is made by "Red Heart". Krys
  4. Thank You Ladies:). Krys PS: I got that heart made at Las Vegas.
  5. Yes she is ill :(. And if that would not be bad enough about couple weeks ago I find out that my little dog got a cancer :(. I will write to you. Krys
  6. Hello Everyone:) Here are some pictures of the cactus I made. That was made using scrubby yarn LOL. I do not buy scrubby yarn, I do not crochet dishcloths. Last time I was visiting my daughter I needed something from Hobby Lobby. When we went to that store I sew that yarn in that green color on shelf and in my mind I was just seeing CACTUS, CACTUS...!:) Happy crocheting:) Krys
  7. Thank You Ladies:) Yes Pandy loves her owl & all other crochet toys. But, she hides them from the other animals. We still do not know where??. Lately I been few times at my daughter house due to my granddaughter illness. BUT I never seen that owl there! LOL. Animals are sooo cute and funny! I am animal lover. I love ALL of them, even those I am scared of they might harm me. Krys
  8. Hello Everyone:) I just got those pictures from my daughter and I tough that is funny & I need to post that. It is about that Owl (cat toy) what I made for Pandy last year. That is what Pandy did to that owl ears. I think that looks cute!. I told my daughter:" I think that owl looks better now than before! LOL" Krys PS: I have NO idea WHY the first pictures showed up second (in the middle). I wanted that second picture to be first, the third to be second & the first to be the last. I did uploaded that wey, BUT this computer here got a differant idea.. I really miss that old way everything was working & set-up. That was before that new softweare got instaled. One of the problems is: pictures are showing up sooo HUGE!:(. And now I do not even get ANY "email" with reply's to any post here. Not even notification about PM I get here. And there are few more problems..... Before & after: That second picture is before Pandy got that Owl. Rest of are taken now. That first picture where you see Pandy's paw. She was trying to take away her owl from my daughter when she was taking pictures
  9. OMG! that is a lot!! My goodness you probably will cover the whole army by the end of the year. Now, I feel really embarrass :(. Krys
  10. Beautiful little stockings! And sooo many...... Brenda how many stockings did you made already this year?. Must be a lot! Krys
  11. That doll is very nice:) But, like Sharon mentioned above that dos not look as Mrs. Claus because of the colors. Krys
  12. Looks very nice. That border is just perfect! Krys
  13. Hello and Welcome! Krys
  14. Hello and Welcome! My younger granddaughter LOVES purple :). Krys
  15. Hello and Welcome! Krys