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  1. Thanks:)
  2. Thank You:) Krys
  3. "Baby Claudia the Cloud" - 8" in diam. I made that little pillow/toy for my daughters dog Frank. Their toys always need to have a name LOL. Here are some pictures of Claudia-pillow/toy in making. I always sew separate inserts to hold that stuffing. Frank LOVES crochet toys & blankets made with Bernat Blanket Yarn. That yarn feels so soft, fluffy and is thick. Feels like thick Chenille. While ago I made for him a Smiley Face Pillow/toy. Frank really loves that & carry that around with him. Or he will lie down and use that as a pillow under his snout (face). Krys
  4. That blanket is beautiful! Krys
  5. Very cute! Krys
  6. WOW!! sooo many of them.. All looking great!. I love that Sock Monkey:). Krys
  7. My daughter just sent me that. Subject line was: "I wish my animals could do that!" Krys
  8. Just asking..Because that yarn is not looking "normal" LOL.
  9. Hi:) I have a question about a yarn I never used before, but i would like to buy that. Did any of you used that yarn?, was there any problems..?? Bernat Bundle Brights Yarn Thank You, Krys
  10. THANKS:) Krys
  11. Brenda, yes that takes little time to set-up everything...:(. I posted that here because one of the members who crochets clothes for dolls donations were asking for blankets for those dolls. IF many of blankets are needed.. the time to set-up everything once would "pay off" I think LOL. Crocheting takes a lot of time & work. I think that was someone else not you. Do you crochet a lot clothes for dolls for donations?. Same member was asking for bags to put those dolls & clothes in it. I remember those needed bags were not small. Sewing all of them would take care of that a lot faster and easier . I just looked at that video again. This one dos not need rotary cutter and mat. All is needed: masking tape & scissors. And yes, measuring tape or yard stick LOL. Krys
  12. Very nice crosses I have a question about those frames you using for your pictures. Is there a site/program to get that? Thanks, Krys
  13. CROCHET with ANYTHING...:) This no-sew baby blanket is so EASY to make and such a… Someone here was needing doll blankets for donations. I think that is a good idea. It is a LOT faster than crochet. You probably could make MANY of them in one day :). Happy crocheting Krys
  14. You are welcome:) I am glad those hair rollers working out for you When I first seen that video, I LOVED that part that you can unroll more yarn with ONE hand. Only one hand is needed to open & close that hair roller. And that saves time if you do not need to put down your work each time you need more yarn. And is so fast & easy to open & close that I thought that might be a "Winner"!! LOL. Krys