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  1. I thought that was funny! NOT my picture.
  2. I think Joann stores are doing those senior discounts on Wednesdays. NOT on all Wednesdays. Not Michael's.
  3. Yes, this days almost everything is made poorly because they are not made in US. Nothing last long, break's easy even before you get to use that. My house alarm siren was replaced a 1-year ago and about a month ago I had to get a new one again (couple hundred dollars down the drain). That first one was working perfect for over 25 years because was made in US. Right now I am trying to buy new furniture for my family room (sofa, love seat & chair- set). I am really very disappointed what I am finding in stores. I really do not thing that a real furniture upholstery exist any longer. Those fabric's what they are using now are fabrics that clothes are made of. Thin & junky. And the way those furniture are made...just terrible. So far I been to about 5 stores and everything I see is just bad. Even those "better" stores do not carry anything good any longer. Krys
  4. Hello and Welcome! Krys
  5. Reni Thank You very much:) It is very hard to loose your pet:(. Since Cesar death I am trying not to spend much time in my house. Because it is just too painful. Most of my time I am spending at my friend house, that helps a little. I know that picture above is bad, was never meant to be posted here. I took that to send to my daughter to show her that I am working on that and she will get that bunny candy jar. She want that since last year LOL. Krys
  6. Ms

    Hello and Welcome! Krys
  7. Hello and Welcome! Krys
  8. THANK YOU:) Krys
  9. If you want to have a brim, the size of that brim it would be up to you. 3 or 4 extra rows, whatever you like better. You make that fold where you would like. I did not read that pattern I only looked at that picture. I do not think there would be anything to whip stitch. Krys
  10. Hello Everyone:) I do not have those "Easter Bunny's Candy Jars" ready yet. I just crocheted all those parts and put that away in zip-lock to have that ready to put together before Easter. I am posting that to give you guys an idea for easy & fun to make an Easter gift. As long as you know how to crochet sc stitch straight (from side to side) & crochet in rounds, you are ready to go!. That long piece will be sewn together in a back. I made those ears double. One in pink-front & another in white-back and crochet those two pieces together around with white yarn. I probably will put inside each ear a pipe cleaner before I will attach them to that round top. And yes, I will make a big pom-poms for tails. I will use hot glue to glue that round top to that lid and maybe couple drops around of that glue on that body part, so will not be sliding up or down. Long time ago I got picture of that from internet, no pattern. Who knows maybe there is a pattern for that?. As you can see that is very easy to make that as long as you got a glass jar in front of you. So you can measure & try on to make sure that fits. I am making 3 of them. Two of them are smaller (for my two little neighbors). For my daughter & GD only one (bigger size). After that candy will be gone she will put inside a candle operated by battery. That will look great too. She done that with one of the snowman/globe I made for her couple years ago. Yes I know, I will need to put my relish to a different container/jar LOL. Krys PS: I was not able to crochet much lately. My little dog- Cesar died on Jan-13 this year. His cancer got much worse about 2 or 3 weeks before he died. Nothing was helping him any longer, not even steroids shots. I miss him sooo much! :(. I did bought over 2 dozen balls of that Bernat Baby Blanket yarn from Joann. I bought that to make many blankets for animal shelter in Cesar's Memory. Maybe crocheting all those blankets for those poor animals will make me feel little better?. I know from my daughter those animals are crazy about those round blankets made out of that fluffy yarn. I made couple of them for her before. One of them I posted picture here under the name of: "Target". This time I did not bought those "Stripes", that yarn was bad. I bought most of that yarn in "Brights". Those are very bright & nice colors. I get about one round blanket (24" in diam.) out of one ball of that yarn.
  11. Yes, for one reason or another.. we got abandoned here. But, I just do not think that is very smart to criticize those owners that way.. After all they do have that power to pull the plug on this site in instance!. And I do not think any of us would be happy if that would happen. It always pays to be nice to others. Specially to the "hand that feed you"! LOL. The way I am seeing that: "They are not interested any longer to run this place". And I do not think they owe us anything. After all we were not paying them anything for their services & their time. And they did took a lot of BS from some people here. Maybe we should be grateful that place is still running??. Krys
  12. Hello and Welcome! About that fur loss. It could be something in his diet what is causing that. Many years ago I had a cat with the same problem. That poor cat was looking so bad because he had a many bold spots. I took him to few Vet's looking for help.. None of them were able to help. Long time after my cat was gone I find out what was the problem. I came a cross a book on that subject. He was eating too much fish. Too much fish in cat's diet will cause fur loss. He loved those cans with fish, so I was buying that for him :(. Krys PS: I did spend a small "fortune" on all those special shampoos & creams prescribed by those Vet's.. for nothing!.
  13. Everything looks great! . Happy Valentine to Everyone! Krys
  14. Hello and Welcome! Krys
  15. Hello Peter! What do you like to crochet? Krys