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  1. I know that you are running out of people. That is why I suggested a different style/design bag. That way you could start sending them to the same people you already did. I guess anyone can use more than one bag as long as they look different (different design). Yes, you probably could use a break from all those totes:) Krys
  2. Thank You very much:) I used Red Heart SSWW yarn for that whole Santa Gong or Gronk. Only that white hat brim & his socks were done with a very thin (small loops) buckle yarn. I still to this time do not know what kind of yarn that is?. Couple years I found 1 skein of that yarn at Joann store and the label was missing. I would love to buy more of that yarn but I do not know how to find that with no label:(. That yarn gives a "furry" look. Oops I forgot. That hat was done with Red Heart Holiday yarn. Their is a little silver sparkle in that. Happy Thanksgiving to You too!:) Krys
  3. Since you mentioned missing making those totes. I just thought that maybe if you would change the design to a very different style bag and you could start over again..?. I know, you might not think that is a good idea LOL. Maybe is not, I do not know. There are many ways to bring new members here. I do have some idea how to go about that. BUT, to even attempt to try to do that at least one of those owners would have to be involved in that. One of the ideas what is my mind is to have a contest here of the best work ( Valentine items or Easter and....). That would need to be "advertised" on Facebook and in other crochet groups. Most of that we could do that by our self's. The problem is we can NOT by our self's set up that computer to count members votes & for all those new submitted pictures to be shown the right way (in one group). The prize for the winner could be handle many different ways, no problem. One of could be to charge a 1 dollar or so a fee for admitting each picture to that contest and get a Gift Card for that winner. At the same time we should schedule some other activity's in our calendar for the future months. So people would see that and get interested & join this group.Not all people are interested in the same things. Our calendar is EMPTY!. It is been that way since I joint this place. Some people like to do swaps, crochet "together" and other stuff... Krys PS: Sometime ago I wrote in a different thread that: " we are here on our own!". Because no one seems to be in charge here. I think that happened because of that "Sparkle Studio" new business that our owners got in to. It would be nice IF those owners would got someone to take care of things here before dumping us LOL. Maybe we should ask them: "WHAT their plans are for this group??". I know they are on a Facebook and replying there.
  4. Thank you Brenda, I am sorry to hear that you lost your kitty:(:(:( Krys
  5. Thank You Ladies very much for a very beautiful compliments:) Krys
  6. Thank You Ladies:) That is very easy to make. Krys
  7. My suggestions would not harm your crochet piece. That was only another option to try before you would have to do something more expensive. It was just a question if that would work or not. The only thing what you would loose by trying that is your time if would not worked. Your fringes might not be saved no matter what you will do. Some of that that tread in those is unplying. So that all depends how many of them are unplying? and how far up that goes..?. Even untangling them & triming might not be the solution. You might end up with a very short fringes ( not a very nice look). Krys
  8. "SANTA GONG" EARLY CHRISTMAS LOL - 2017 Hello Everyone:) Here are some pictures of Santa Gong sitting on my fireplace. I just finish crocheting him couple days ago. I made one of them before for my daughter. This one I had to make for my sons girlfriend, she want one. She will get him when she gets here for Christmas. I know what you must be thinking.."It is way to early for Christmas home decor!". And I do agree with you!:). But this year I had to start early IF i want to make it with everything on time. All my kids and a couple friends coming over for Christmas. And I will be very "scrunch" for time. For Thanksgiving I will be going to my daughter house. After that I am going for a few days to Las Vegas. After I get back I will have a lot of other things to take care of that dos not have anything to do with Holidays ( just waist of time). For now at least I have my fireplace in my Family room decorated:). And I got all my lights & decor already done outside (front of the house) I still will have a LOT of work to do to be ready for that Christmas celebration. After I get back from Vegas I will need to put-up & decorate my big tree in my living room. Decorate the dining room, table. I will need to decorate my basement. We will have a little party their on Christmas Eve. That is a perfect place fr a party, big bar a lot of space, even for dancing. Polish people like to dance when day have couple drinks LOL. Party in my basement on Christmas Eve will be buffet style. Christmas day dinner it will be in a dining room traditional "formal" style. I do not cook. So at least that job is of my back. Here we have a great Polish catering place, they make great food. I already place an order for everything:). For the past couple years I was taking the easy way. I was going to my daughter for Christmas. Well this year will not be that easy LOL. Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone! Krys PS: That is a first time in my life that I had to start decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving. I am not even done with that fireplace completely. My little doggie takes a lot of my time to take care of him, Vet visits very often. He is very sick, he got a Cancer :(. He will stay at his Vet hospital when I go to Vegas. He still is doing Ok, got a good appetite, is alert, like to play sometimes. He is on steroids & other medications. I do not even want to think of loosing him. I just do not know how I will be able to handle that... He is my baby!:)...
  9. All those Ami's looking very good & happy! . I assume you already got Christmas gifts for ALL of them LOL. Did you ever count all of them?. I was just wondering how many do you have?. I know you do have many dolls too:). I am talking about those that you make clothes for them only (dolls are store bought). I do not keep any of them I give everything away. With an exception of few very tiny once. All of them probably could fit to a shoe box LOL. I keep them for my tiny trees (2ft. tall). I give everything away not only amigurumis. My pleasure is to made them, take a picture and give that away LOL. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Krys
  10. Thank You very much for a very nice compliments:). Krys
  11. Hello Everyone:) Here are some pictures of a basket & coasters set I just made. I think I should call that "Garden of Edens" LOL. There is a pattern for those coasters almost the same coasters on Internet. They are made with WW 100% cotton yarn. Basket was made using 2 strands of that yarn. It is thick, feels good:). Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Krys
  12. I am not very experienced in that. But whatever it is worth here is my opinion what I would try first. I am thinking about those tangles in those fringes like tangles in a hair ( I could be wrong about that assumption). Anyway, tangles in a DRY hair are very hard to comb out. It is a lot easier to take out those tangle when the hair is damp/little wet. At least when is wet you can get that thread straight or little straighter. Granny Square mentioned that Oxyclean, that is a good stuff. I would soak that using a tub (NO wash machine & no dryer). When taking out do not twist or wring that. Just gently squeeze out that water (you would need to change that water couple times to rinse that). Spread that (on table or some hard surface) & shape that piece on a white towel. Use another towel to try pad out the water as much as possible from that crochet piece. There is a tool with a pointy tip (do not know what the name of that is, I do have that). It looks like a tiny ice pick. You can get that at a craft store. People using that with embroidery & quilting/sewing. I would use that tool very gently & to try to separate those treads when they are still damp. Besides that I think I would even try using one of those plastic comb's with those "big teeth" and try that very gently. If that would work, on the end some trimming with scissors would be required. At this point I do not think you have anything to loose by trying that. If that will not work, you will get a brighter, "cleaner" looking runner or a curtain (Is that a runner?). That probably would help to get a better match of crochet thread for replacement of those fringes. Good Luck!, Krys PS: Or you can just skip that Oxyclean. Just wet those fringes and try that.
  13. Thank You Ladies:) Krys
  14. Is that pattern still here-C'ville? Just asking because I would like to see that:). Krys
  15. Thank you Brenda, I really appreciate all that extra info on Bonsai trees. I have seen many pictures of them. And some of them are just so beautiful!:). I never knew they need cold weather. WOW even a fridge :). Krys