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    3 years on & off
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    Amigurumi is my latest "love". I can crochet almost anything
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  1. COOL!! Krys
  2. Hello and Welcome! Krys
  3. Hello and Welcome! Krys
  4. Sooo cute! Krys
  5. I am new to this tread. I read few of your posts and started thinking about my yarn stash............:(. I do not think I will ever be able to show of nice numbers for stashbusting. Because I love making amigurumi. Those things they are very time consuming, but they do not use up much yarn. Maybe I should start making blankets?. I know that would help a lot to use up my yarn! LOL. I do love to buy yarns! :(. Some of you girls are doing pretty well!:) Krys
  6. Darski you always do beautiful work!. You are a "perfectionist", like me. I love nice ("perfect") work, according to me LOL. Nothing else will do for me. When I am crocheting or doing something else and I am not completely satisfied, I will rip that, change that or do all over again until I will like what I see. Only than I am done with that project! LOL. Krys
  7. BEAUTIFUL! Krys
  8. She is VERY cute! Krys
  9. Nice hearts Anna:) Krys
  10. Very nice scarf! Krys
  11. Hello and Welcome! Beautiful son & blankie:) Krys
  12. Hello and Welcome! Krys
  13. Hello and Welcome! Krys
  14. I could understand sharing a pattern with family member or a friend. BUT, posting on an Internet like here looking for a freebe That is terrible- BAD !!. Designers would be selling a lot more of their patterns IF all those people will not be doing that (styling their work). IF someone wants a pattern it needs to pay for that. If "you" do not want to pay for someone work to use that, you probably should give up. Or figure it out how to make that without. That is why I will never write any patterns for sale or free. Krys
  15. Yes in a way you are right. I know "GG" could sell that book or give that away. I just do not think "GG" can make a copy's and send that all over to dozens or even more people on Internet who ever ask's for that. Borrowing that to others amounts to the same. I think that is the same thing like it was about copping a music disk. Krys