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  1. Brenda that is great you are almost done with that move. I do not think you will want to stay in that house without fridge. Maybe your husband would..? Well, he probably dos not cook LOL. HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Krys
  2. Reni sounds like you are doing pretty good I hope they are making now that Scarfie yarn better. About 2 or 3 years ago I bought a lot of that yarn in different colors. I had a LOT of problems with that yarn and and lot of waist of yarn.. & many hours of my work wasted.. I still have few balls of that yarn left. I do not think I will want to deal with that anymore. Happy crocheting! Krys
  3. AMAZING!! 90-year-old Grandma in the Czech Republic passes time by artistically painting houses. Anežka Kašpárková is a 90-year-old woman who lives in the Czech village of Louka and passes her time by painting beautiful murals on the homes of her neighbors. After retiring from agriculture work she started practicing her artwork with high quality paints, guided by the pictures she sees in her head as a guide. Even though these Moravian paintings in blue-ultramarine are truly a sight to behold Kašpárková is modest about her talent. She explained:
  4. Hello and Welcome! Very nice granny square. Krys
  5. Hello and Welcome! Krys
  6. Brenda that is good that you still got that "good" guy and talking to him. He will help you. I do agree that all those auctioneers & other businesses they do have another outlet to do their business with that new technology. I do know that many of them are doing those estate sales & auctions life (the old way). My friend in from Arizona is still working in Estate sales and they are very busy. O do they would not want to preform Estate sale IF they know they will not make their minimum amount of money on it. If I am not mistaken that is $5,000.00. It is a lot easier for them if they have a full contents of that house to sell or auction of a business what maybe went thru bankruptcy from same place (no moving). Unless someone request that, than they need to pay extra for that. The way that works when it comes to house contains they can stage beautifully (professionally) all those items in that house with all furniture there to take beautiful pictures. All their old costumers are notified plus they advetizing to get new wants. The day & time is set for that auction or Estate sale all those costumers will show-up (if they do not show-up, they will miss that) . Usually they are done in couple or few hours later with those auctions, than they get their money and they are done. Those costumers need to take all those items they bought with them on same day right after all sales are done. And everything is done/over. BEFORE that Auction or Estate sale starts those costumers usually requested to "deposit" sortlney amount of money to that auctioneer. That is just to make sure they know that IF they agree to buy something or bid on an item they must be serious! , NO backing off or they will keep their deposit money!. Why would anyone want to move all that stuff (they would probably need to rent a storage places for all of that) Auction on Line and than waiting for all those people to be coming at different days & time to pick that stuff up?.. Maybe some of them they would need to pack & ship, not everything can be shipped or would cost too much to ship. Big portion of those people who are preforming auctions on line.. They are those who are buying all that stuff on garage sales or live auctions and estate sales. Friend of my friend dos exactly that. Thru my friend I did met her wants in front of her home. She had her own garage sale at that time. OMG! I really would not know what to do with all that junk..?. But, according to my friend she is selling a lot of that on E-Bay! :). Those are auctions & regular sales and who knows what else she dos...??. And she is always busy attending every garage sale that she will know of...! :). Last Sunday I stock-up on can food, a lot of that. :). Two dozen of cans I had to put in my basement. It would not fit in my kitchen pantry (I put many cans their too, can vegetables, bottled fruit juices, dry fruits, cereal, powder milk, couple cases of drinking water + few gallons of water and other stuff..). I got skierd because of that bad weather coming here. Sometimes you can see on TV some places with huge snow storm's that all roads are close for couple weeks or more and power is off for weeks... I fill-up my car tank full of gas, I always heard that is good. I got my gas fireplace that would keep me warm, hopefully. That fireplace can warm-up pretty good that family room (only one room). All those bricks around & up are hot when is on so that is good. I got many candles & flash lights at home :). This coming weekend weather should get warmer here up to 40 degrees. Krys
  7. Brenda I am sorry to hear about that bad weather. I know you sure do not need snow & ice right now. You mentioned something about a auction guy that you can not get hold of. Is that the same guy that you thought he got a "special place in Haven"?. That one who went to search for sewing patterns to dumpster for some old lady who moved to Florida?. I just thought that could be same guy, he was just too good to be real LOL. I know many of those auctioneers, even the estate sales they will move all that stuff to a different location/area if is required. And that could be for different reasons.. requested by that owner. BUT, those auctioneers need to make profit doing all of that. That is: moving that stuff, preparing for that auction -pictures taken for advertizing and advertizing cost, everything cleaned & marked and on.... Without good advertizing no auction or estate sales can be ever successfully done. So, on the end all depends on what kind of items are included in that sale??. I have a friend in Arizona he is working for people who are doing those Estate sales. There was incident that they had to move ALL those items to different location, just because that person who died left some instructions/wish-list. One of them was: Everything needs to be sold on Estate sale. BUT, NOT in that house/her home. That needs to be moved before sale to different location. And they did all of that, everything according to her instructions. We got very bad weather since Sunday night. Very cold & few inches of snow :(. And now it is just getting worse. This morning was only 8 degrees & -8 with wind chill. Right now is about 20 degrees. According to weather forecast it will get worse... They are preparing for more shelters and other places to help people. As for me all I am praying it is for electricity not to go off, that would mean NO heat! :(. That heating unit operates on gas, but without electricity that fan what blows that hot air out will not work. I hope your weather will get better so you can finish everything and finally be able to move in to your new home :). Krys
  8. I love that little guy the way it is now No changes on his eyebrows LOL Krys
  9. Here is a nice Christmas yarn. But it is not bulky. Red Heart Super Saver Color: Mystletoe https://www.joann.com/red-heart-super-saver-yarn/prd28157.html#q=mistletoe yarn&start=1 Those 3 colors in that yarn working very nice in crochet. Krys
  10. Hello Wendy & Welcome to Crochetville! Krys
  11. Brenda that is funny about those melted boots LOL. Me & my husband were opposite. I always needed much warmer temperature than my husband. I used to called that between us we wore going thru" unspoken war..!". It was constantly with out saying anything one of us just went to thermostat turn down or turn up that thermostat. In summer he was always turning that up after a while when it got to cold for me I just went and turned that air-condition down. That usually happened couple or even few times per day- when both of us were home all day. In winter was opposite I was turning that up & he was turning that down. Even at night we were doing same thing..Who ever woke up went straight to thermostat LOL. To take down lot of stuff from attic I think there should be two guys. One on top (in that attic by that opening) handing things down to the other guy who is on those stairs or stepladder. That way goes much faster and no one gets over work (too tired). Couple years ago I got everything out from my attic. I got a big dumpster and 2 guys and everything went out!. My husband you could call that was a "rat-pack"! :).. He even installed a floor in that whole attic to put some stuff there... OMG! there was a lot of stuff. Right now that attic is empty, nothing there with the exception of one box of tiles that we used when finishing our basement. I even empty-ed my Shed in my back yard. There was a lot of stuff from that swimming pool and... Now that Shed is empty and it is going to stay that way!. I do not like clutter. Krys
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