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    NW suburb of Chicago IL
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    crochet, painting, sewing and more...
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    retired business owner in medical field
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    3 years on & off
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    Amigurumi is my latest "love". I can crochet almost anything
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  1. USpolishgirl

    cupcake purse-next generation

    Very cute!:) Krys
  2. USpolishgirl

    Final recipient of my Little Panda:)

    Thank You Very much:) That little girl is very cute!:). She loves that panda according to her grandpa. Krys
  3. USpolishgirl

    July Table Happy 4th

    Your 4th of July table looks great!:) Krys
  4. USpolishgirl

    Final recipient of my Little Panda:)

    The story about that Panda: I almost do not keep anything what I crochet, I give everything away. I did kept that Panda for my self:). I made that Panda while ago. Couple days ago one of the carpenters who is working in my basement fell in "Love" with that Panda and wanted to buy that from me for his little granddaughter. So I give that to him, I just could not say no. I was not planning to give that awey:(. Here are 2 pictures. 1) Picture from that carpenter he just sent to me. His granddaughter with my Panda. 2) Picture I took after I finished making that Panda Happy crocheting:) Krys
  5. USpolishgirl

    2018 Mini Christmas Stocking Drive

    Brenda I do know that contest would need a different thread. And for members to be able to vote individually it would need to be a special 'set-up's" to be done in this computer here by the owners of this group. For all those photo's to be shown in a "group" not individually & more.. And the way things are going here that probably could never happen. I was not able to reply any sooner, just been busy.. One room in my basement got flooded because water meter broke. I never expected that so I did not checked that room lately. That room got completely destroyed, everything needed to be ripped out. The walls, book wall unit, carpet and on... Lot of my items are damage and destroyed that includes some of my furniture. Now I am trying to refinish that room... Like I said, it was just a thought (about that contest). PS: about those little Christmas stockings that was a different thing. Voting would not been needed. Just who ever would make the most. That was a bad idea too.
  6. USpolishgirl

    2018 Mini Christmas Stocking Drive

    It was just an idea:) But on the other hand you would not needed to be involved if you do not like to. We could have our own "drive" here with prizes. And maybe even get more new members with creative advertizing because of that..??. Just another thought LOL. After that maybe another contest with Christmas creations (anything for Christmas). And all members could vote. That would be a fun. I am not saying that we will do that. I guess I am just thinking loud:) Krys
  7. USpolishgirl

    granny squares for those that need them jan 2018

    You are right. I got them mixed up LOL Krys
  8. USpolishgirl

    2018 Mini Christmas Stocking Drive

    Brenda, do you think that maybe a Contest with a prize for the first place winner would be a good idea?. I was just thinking that maybe more people would crochet more stockings if there would be a prize to win LOL. I could "provide" that prize & ship that (US only). Nothing much, probably the value of that would be between 20 or 30 bucks. A course it probably would be a yarn (brand new & free of dust! LOL). Maybe I would ad something else..I just did not put much thought to that yet. I could be wrong, maybe that is just not a good idea LOL Krys
  9. USpolishgirl

    granny squares for those that need them jan 2018

    Maybe you should contact the other owner (I forgot her name). Donna might be too busy with her new business. If I remember correctly the last time you girl's had a problem with I think "FGM" thread the other owner came to the rescue and she fix that. But, who know maybe Donna might not be so busy now. Krys
  10. USpolishgirl

    C’Ville Tote #142 Once Again

    Very nice tote:) Krys
  11. USpolishgirl

    granny squares for those that need them jan 2018

    Brenda, those little "heads" on above picture there is no worry about their weight to be able to wobble LOL.
  12. USpolishgirl

    granny squares for those that need them jan 2018

    That is NOT my picture! I just thought it was a good & easy idea for children gifts & donations. There is no pattern. As you can see those heads are made in a single layer (like appliques) instead of a stuffed toy on top. Even a flower or butterfly will work. Lady posted that on FB. I think her name was Windy. IF posting that picture is against the rules here I can delete that. Here is what she says: My Unique snuggle blankets No stuffing, No Buttons etcVariety of colours Made for the Primrose Hospice & Hospital❣️
  13. USpolishgirl

    Returning after many years!

    Welcome back! Krys