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  1. It is too cute!
  2. Krys I love your cactus.
  3. Love the Jade pictures. Lacey sorry your boss is being difficult. Katy I remember Skoggy. I wrote a short note to sopo and told her we would at least like her to stop in and say hi. I sent cards to some of our other mia's hoping they would check in. Sorry about your sis.
  4. Very cute!
  5. I found a surprise in my mailbox this afternoon----- a puffy from sopo. She said she had been thinking about me, apologized for not staying in touch---rough year, and she has moved. She sent me the cutest little gnome with a poem.
  6. There are different groups you can join. Crochetville has a group there which basically has no activity. We mostly just check in there when this place goes down. I joined the W4W (Warmth for Warriors) group. Thats the one I made all the little stockings and some lapghans for. They also do hats. I also joined a couple of groups thst send to PRR (Pine Ridge Reservation) in SD.
  7. When following the pattern the heads looked too small on mine.
  8. Mary Jo sorry your knee still hurts. Hope the gel shots help. I think my sister is going to get them too ---both knees. She has been seriously thinking about replacement surgery.
  9. 41° cloudy and seems like I can feel dampness in the air. No wind at the moment or it would feel pretty cold. Yesterday felt much better with that south breeze and the sunshine. The cat was waiting on me to go out and feed it yesterday but there is no sign of it yet today. Mary Jo hope this shot helps for longer than a day. #1 same here on having a hard time getting cards and most anything done. I have good intentions but seem to be lacking in motivation and or energy. Hope your dd makes it home safe. I dont envy your snow one bit. Hopefully we will all still be here this time next year and people will have more time to spend here. Linda I hope Jimmy or no one else was hurt when he fell. Sandra thats an admirable goal. I wish I could easily figure out which half of my stuff to keep. I have been working on weeding out stuff but its not making much of a dent in it. Dh wants to move to a senior place and we will have less space. I have been mentally trying to prepare myself. He keeps telling me its not going to be as bad as I think. Uhh I saw the same apartments he did so he is the one not being realistic about how little living space there is going to be. It also doesnt help when I have things in the bag to go to the thrift store and he digs them back out.
  10. Very pretty.
  11. Krys on R 1 I did 18 treble crochets rather than the 12 double crochets as I thought the head wasnt looking quite right on mine.
  12. Yep its fishing line----very economical and easier to work through my stiffened ornaments. I put a dot of superglue on the knot so it doesnt come undone. I use Elmers white glue or watered down Tacky glue to stiffen them. I toyed with the idea of giving them or at least the wings a coat of glitter glue like I do snowflakes to make them iridescent but didnt get around to see what it looked like.
  13. No Mary Jo I dont get to watch much football. I used to watch it more. dh really only likes baseball. We are always out and about Sun afternoons so I sneak a peek of KC before we leave. Thats where I saw the clip from Buffalo. Every Sun and Sat night all year one of the stations rehash KC's games over and over and over so I catch a lot of stuff there. Dh says I would like hockey and talks about going to watch KC's Mavericks. I went through a phase when I used to watch wrestling (WWE) when it was on broadcast tv. The first time I found it channel surfing I just died laughing as I thought it was the funniest thing I had ever seen. Its really cold out this morning --windchill 15°. Need to get back on track and get the next batch of cards done.
  15. Pretty scarf and I love seeing your Lily.