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  1. Oh no Mary Jo. I am so sorry. and prayers for you and your family.
  2. Chris I hope the salon is also screening the stylists. In southern part of my state one franchise has closed their salons due to threats because two stylists at one location tested positive for covid 19 and exposed 140 clients. It will be an interesting case to follow to see if masks did anything to reduce the spread. Clients are upset because it was a few days after exposure until they were notified and now they are hoping they havent exposed their families. They were working while having mild symptoms. Groundskeepers and construction has continued in this area throughout and never covered faces. I hate the numbers they give us. Our state got a late start on testing, most likely testing wrong sample of population, a lot can go wrong in the testing sequence starting with collection kit itself, collection technique, and sample handling all along the way. Even if all that goes well no lab test is 100% accurate. I am more concerned about the number of covid 19 patients in the hospitals and here hospitals do not have to share that info with the leaders that are trying to figure out what to do. I have heard people around here say we are not New York and since we are much more spread out it cant get that bad here. We have a lot of rural area but those also tend to have no hospitals either. Here hospitals quit doing elective procedures and laid off workers and or cut pay while the governor sent out a request to all former hospital staff to sign up on a call list in case we are needed. I did not sign up and am thankful I no longer work in hospitals.
  3. Chris your outing sounds pretty typical to what I saw out yesterday. The only public place I had been in weeks was the dentist. Anymore I seem to just keep saying over and over its crazy---thats just crazy, everything's crazy. Its incredible how a little strand of RNA has made pretty much everyone's life crazy. That little strand cannot replicate itself unless it makes its way inside a living cell yet it has disrupted our lives in all kinds of ways. Just crazy.
  4. Yep I know its a hot topic. As of late I no longer trust things coming from our leaders and our CDC----too much politics going on. I guess what struck me about the little video is it explains about pandemics in general and exponential spread. Pandemics have happened in the past and you can go back and read how different cities handled them and the respective outcomes. I understand the math behind exponential spread but boy the way they showed it made me stop and say omg. Early on we were at our favorite pizza place and wound up discussing with the owner that a lot of getting thru this goes back to what our moms and grandmas told us growing up----wash your hands and cover your mouth when you cough and sneeze.
  5. I just wish people would watch the little video. Its not about news fake or otherwise. Its about science, math , and history. It just seems like wearing a mask is a very minor thing to do to protect those around you and no one hates wearing them anymore than I do. There are all kinds of excuses for not wearing masks but do you really want the operating room team not wearing them for "x" reason when they have you laid out on the OR table? My mask is not protecting me. My mask is protecting you, your child, your mom, your dad your grandma, your grandpa etc should I happen to be infected. I would appreciate it very much if you would show as much respect for me and my loved ones. My heart goes out to healthcare workers and I am very thankful to no longer be one. Japan did not shut down but managed to flatten the curve because they started wearing masks and social distancing early on and their citizens complied. Seems like I read 80% to 90% compliance very significantly reduces transmission. Why would we not want that? Its all about controlling the transmission rate so as not to overwhelm the medical community. I dont want to wind up in the medical tent out in the park when my appointed time with covid 19. Like the video says everything appears fine until its not.
  6. Denise glad your dad is back home again. Hopefully there will be no more set backs. Glad to hear your cousin says the ear savers are appreciated. I worry about what our medical people are going thru-----some of what they are seeing is going to haunt them the rest of their lives. Then knowing they are at high risk to catch it themselves and possibly expose their families. I feel so sad for them and then to see so many people refusing to wear masks in public. Chris I love all the outfits. Glad you found a use for the sock yarn. Darski
  7. Collette I saw a short clip from PBS the other day that explained the situation so well that it slapped me in the face even though I already understand. I wish everyone was required to watch it. It has an excellent visual of how this virus spreads exponentially by showing the exponential growth of lily pads on a pond. https://www.pbs.org/video/what-this-chart-actually-means-for-covid-19-ybsbtd/ I was out yesterday for the first time and no one was wearing masks anywhere we went except us. Then we had all those people partying at the lake this weekend.
  8. For some its shoes, some its purses, you and me its yarn!
  9. bgs

    Hooded poncho

    Sometimes a photo helps us figure out what is going on. Unfortunately I do much better working with written patterns than I do videos.
  10. Judy such a lovely job on the ghan. Guess you are probably missing your Yankees playing ball. Me I am just telling dh this is the farthest along in a season where the Royals havent lost a game. Just enjoy it.
  11. Using Read Heart Super Saver just because thats what I am most familiar with but could possibly apply to other yarn as well. RHSS in the multicolors have less yarn than the solid colors. Skeins purchased some years ago (same color RHSS) had more yarn than they do today. In other words an older pattern may say it needs 3 skeins of RHSS but back then the skeins were an ounce larger. Go by the yardage or at least ounces not skeins and always purchase extra.
  12. You did just fine with "hi bgs". If you want to reply to a certain post go to bottom of that post and select quote. Then type your response and submit. I have to be very careful and support a largish afghan while working on it as the weight of it just hanging stretches it out.
  13. Every once in awhile I have had issues where yarn wants to unply. As this article points out it is more noticeable on a loosely plied yarn. This is probably why I have so much trouble and dislike working with Caron Simply Soft. https://yarnsub.com/articles/twist
  14. bgs

    Pooh and Friends

    Gosh they must be huge in yarn. Great job in making the patterns work.
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