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  1. bgs

    Pattern help

    Why doesn’t it say 1hdc in ‘next’ 2sts?-------Its what I consider a poorly written pattern as it is written in a type of shorthand instead of the accepted standard. Does it still mean in the next 2?---Yes I believe so. What is stitch 0?--- Probably a typo. It should be the number of dc you need to make. In order to figure this out we need more info such as name of pattern and source. If pattern is free and on internet give us the link. If its purchased or in a book you can type out a couple of rounds and not violate copyright. It would be helpful to see the instructions for this entire round and the prior round.
  2. Chris I saw your post in wishing well and was so relieved that you really had it in your hands. Mailed two packages that day. The 3 day one got there in 2. Your 2 day package set here for 5 days. At first it said in transit from here and after so many days it changed and said it was still here. I love seeing all the clothes everyone makes for this project and also hope it continues. Its a bright spot in my life. It brings me great joy making the clothes and thinking about little girls dressing their dolls. Chris thank you for letting us participate.
  3. After 8 days my 2 day priority package with doll clothes and blankets finally made it to Chris. I hope the school gets to do their project with the toys this year as I think its going to be a tough Christmas for many. All the shoes, the shawl with the blue dress, and the yellow purse are from darski's patterns. The dress bodices are from the Flamenco dress and then I winged the skirts of the dresses, other shawls and purses.
  4. Mona was afraid you might have had a tough week. Thats how we look at our anniversary---we made it another year without me killing him.
  5. Mona, Cindy hope last week went okay. It was cool and drizzly last week until the sun and heat returned on Fri. Today was our anniversary. We celebrated Fri by going to Dollar Tree (hadnt been since Feb) as I needed large envelopes and greeting cards. Stopped at adjacent JoAnn's (hadnt been there since before Christmas last year) because needed 2 metal hoops for wreaths and would have liked some bright yellow cotton yarn like I bought there some time ago. I think its probably been discontinued but they had 12 skeins of RHSS in color Ocean for 88 cents each that I could not pass up. They metal hoops in floral and macrame were too large but I bought 2 wooden embroidery hoops and used the inner sections. Then we stopped at Menards to buy our anniversary present----a very sturdy tool cart so dh can store tools on it instead of having tool boxes all over. On way back we did drive thru at Lions Choice for roast beef sandwiches. The Village delivered our snack bags (popcorn, chocolate chocolate chip cookies, coke, diet coke or beer , along with Chiefs cup for first game along with wreaths to put together. Who ever put the kits together had never put one together because they put styrofoam wreaths in the kits and the fabric/ ribbon strips did not reach around it and not enough strips to cover if you poked them into the styrofoam. Sending one to neighbor where we used to live.
  6. Its looking very good. Sounds like a good pattern as far as construction. I do not enjoy patterns with lots of fiddly parts to attach. Face looks good on yours too.
  7. People would also leave fruit, doughnuts, cookies, etc. to share with others. Some bought or made things to share. Sometimes they just wanted a few cookies from a package and then left the rest there.
  8. One of the apartment buildings we walked thru to get to one of our village restaurants also has a "magic table"---you leave things on it and they magically disappear. I was having fun thinning out my things by leaving them there ---mugs filled with Valentine's day candies, holiday pins and puzzles. I left them there on the way to lunch and they were often all gone on my way back from lunch. Now or still because of covid only residents of said building are allowed in building and restaurants do curbside.
  9. I would either hang something like this on the wall or use magnets to hang it on the refrigerator.
  10. Krys I use huge envelopes purchased at Dollar Tree for $1. I can stuff about 75 stockings in it and it costs me around $12 to mail them priority at PO. Its probably not the cheapest but what has worked for me in the past remembering I was in a rural area and basically no internet. I havent shipped much since moving----- have not even been to our PO. I think I sort of know where its at. Been mailing from a grocery store. There is a Ravelry group that sends a lot to PRR. Some have started using https://www.pirateship.com/ and now https://givebackbox.com/works
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