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  1. After several cooler days we were back up to 90 today. Its the time of year dh has been carrying a couple of trees in at night if temp is supposed to drop below 60 and several more if its below 50. We had a class on beading with wire on Mon. Went to my sisters on Thurs. She had lots more questions about living here. Dh had make up bowling Tues afternoon because his lanes went down week before. Then his regular bowling Thursday afternoon. Wed and Sat afternoons he helped a fellow resident clean his garden spots. Finally got to meet him. He worked for the Hall family (Hallmark) as a gar
  2. Its going to be very important to catch all the live stitches or they will continue to unravel.
  3. This might be helpful https://www.interweave.com/article/crochet/crochet-colorwork-mosaic-stranded-tapestry-intarsia/
  4. You would be doing something like this https://amysastitchatatime.blogspot.com/2016/01/bowl-cozyhot-pad-free-crochet-pattern.html?m=1
  5. Your sweater is knitted and and now you have live stitches meaning they are going to continue to unravel. I am not a knitter but think you are going to have to use a combination of the following https://knotions.com/fix-stitch-tutorial-review/ https://blog.weareknitters.com/knitting-tips/how-to-fix-holes-on-your-knitted-garment/ https://www.lovecrafts.com/en-us/c/article/afterthought-buttonhole
  6. bgs

    dc in next dc

    Also note this pattern gives you the stitch count for the rounds. Those are the numbers at the end in [ ]. They can help you figure out if you made a mistake somewhere or if there is an error in the pattern. There are 12 stitches in round 2 and 18 in round 3. So you worked into all 12 stitches of round 2 but made 2 stitches into 6 of the stitches (in round 2) so you have 18 stitches in round 3.
  7. bgs


    Before committing to a blanket practice making a square maybe 8 × 8 so you get a feel for it.
  8. bgs


    Sounds like this. It should work as long as you dont accidentally increase or decrease stitches.
  9. Mary Pat hadnt seen looms like yours. Granny Square mine is like yours and yep bought it in the 70's along with the huge plastic knitting needle for broomstick lace.
  10. bgs


    Cant really answer as there are too many variables. It will depend on stitch/pattern you select, hook size, your tension and how many yards are in the skein.
  11. I think they are knitted.
  12. Never made it. Dont have pattern but I found someone had made notes on their project page of it on Ravelry that might shed some light on your struggles. You have to be a member to access Ravelry but its free. https://www.ravelry.com/projects/sytana/woodsy-argyle-afghan
  13. Found this today. https://www.sigonimacaroni.com/best-way-to-hold-yarn-when-crocheting-how-to-control-yarn-tension/
  14. Note that she says this When you see *2dc in next 2* that is an increase to create sleeve stitches. They should always line up to do that. It might help if you go thru and highlight 2dc in next 2 when you see it in rows 4 and 5. It appears twice in those rows. Also might help to put stitch markers in at those points also.
  15. What specifically are you having a problem with? I get confused with all the numbers for the different sizes so first I would have to mark thru the numbers not pertinent to the size I was making. Some of the rows listed will not be worked on the smaller/smallest sizes.
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