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  1. bgs

    Our House (Part Three)

    Yesterday we went to see Aquaman. Saw Mary Poppins the Tues before. Since dh is retired we can take advantage of $5 Tuesdays. Today we made an Aldi run. Hadnt been since before Christmas so was out of fresh veggies and fruit. Spent afternoon putting away groceries cleaning and cutting up veggie. Seemed like at lot more people were getting groceries today than normal for Wed. Guess everyone was stocking up between snow storms. Still about 800 without power. Guess I need to start thinking about putting Christmas away. Probably 80% or more of my Christmas stuff are snowmen which seems appropriate to leave out for Jan. Gotta wait for snow to melt, ground to dry, and temps about 30 since we have to access the attic from outside.
  2. bgs

    Granny squares and chatty friends 2019

    Mary Jo I liked it. They sure left you thinking a sequel might be coming. I liked the story line and it moved along. Some movies that long drag in places. Dont know if story line meshes with the comic books or not. The Aquaman character, dress, lines, actor looks and sounds like a WWE wrestler. Dh will eventually get the dvd. We will want to watch it again. There is another Avenger movie coming out. Didnt look good for Ironman. Dumbo and Lion King coming out where they look like real animals. It would be nice to bring the Lamar Hunt trophy home since the Hunt family owns the Chiefs and with Lamar gone son Clark always awards it to someone else. He would really like someone to hand it to him for a change. The last and only time they won was so long ago that trophy didnt exist and was back when it was the AFL and NFL. Hmm maybe thats another reason they temporarily changed the Patriot roller coaster at Worlds of Fun to Patrick. The Hunt family owns Worlds of Fun and the sign for the ride looks an awful lot like the Patriots logo. The Chiefs have always had a very large faithful fan base. You can tell a noticeable difference in crowds and traffic if you are out and about during a game. I couldnt believe how many people showed up for the Royals parade after winning the World Series and thought more people would show for the Chiefs because they have always been way more popular. Carole I havent seen many episodes of either Stargate. I am hoping some time the stations I pick up that run old shows will move them to a time I can catch them.
  3. bgs

    Granny squares and chatty friends 2019

    There are still people without power and we are looking at more snow and frigid temps. Mary Jo as you can expect they are painting the town red-----lights on buildings such as Union Station, lights on bridges, changed the name on the Patriot roller coaster at Worlds of Fun to Patrick. Some one added the letters Ma onto one of the Holmes street signs. Interestingly enough mother nature is also lending a hand by providing a lunar eclipse with a Super Blood Wolf Moon over Arrowhead Sun night. It would be easy to think Chiefs fans made it up since team color is red, mascot is KC Wolf, and fans would be over the moon for a superbowl win but no thats what this moon is really called. Of course the sky might not be clear enough to view it. Yesterday went to see Aquaman on $5 Tues. Dh was nice enough to go to Mary Poppins last week when he wanted to see Aquaman. Afterwards we stopped at Dennys. We really like their Sizzlin Bourbon chicken skillet. For some reason I was so tired that I feel asleep in my chair by 7pm.
  4. bgs

    Granny squares and chatty friends 2019

    Heard on news 20,000 KCPL customers still without power. 5 more inches of snow expected about Fri. Temps expected to drop into negative numbers and Sun it might warm up to 10° actual temp. Lyn how are you doing? Krys I was wondering if you were having problems getting on.
  5. bgs

    Granny squares and chatty friends 2019

    Yes Mary Jo I had to chuckle. Poor lady moving there to get away from sports nuts. And thinking to self the reason I got you the cup rather than the garden flag like I got my neighbor was so you had the option of discreetly rooting for the Chiefs and keeping peace in your neighbor hood.
  6. bgs

    Please help, struggling with this pattern!

    Yes I think it is telling you to crochet all the way around, ch 1 and turn.
  7. bgs

    Granny squares and chatty friends 2019

    Katy I looked thru my old bd lists. Some have been mia for a long time Jan. Tampa Doll, Howieann, Tribble 79 Feb. Snowbear March. ImmaFreek, Pisces Crocheter (Lyn's Rene'), katyallen8090, grannyannie Yarn-monkey April #1 Crochetfan, CindysSweetThings May owlvamp, pineknott, minwifeof4 boys June bgs, sopo Sept jessicali Oct cshort, JustAddGlitter Nov charis Dec Lovin2Crochet, Katiebug, Krysty Taylor, Vikingrunnergirl
  8. bgs

    Granny squares and chatty friends 2019

    Mary Jo Caroles pictures are coming up right in her post for me but I am on my phone. Sorry about your Eagles. Dh kept checking their score and wondering about your ref doll. I got to see highlights on Chiefs Rewind. Wow they dug their heels in and showed some some grit. Loved them pushing their guy over the Colts into the end zone. Big Red came into the locker room with a ho ho ho and holding up two fingers. This reminds me that I did comment to our pastor after the loss to the Pats earlier in the season that it was ok, better to lose this one and beat them next time in a few months. Yep Chiefs Kingdom is hoping Big Red has them ready to roll. Its going to be a cold one. Carole it all looks so good. Looks like pumpkin or banana bread, rolls, cinnamon rolls, chocolate meringue pie. Are those macaroons and whats the last one--looks like a stuffed bread of some sort.
  9. bgs

    Oops! Apparently I skipped a stitch...

    I am ocd and would rip it out. I guess the real question is can you live with it? Is it for yourself or for someone else? I dont know if this would be an option for you but am throwing this suggestion out there. Crochet a flower or some sort of applique and attach it at that spot.
  10. bgs

    Boxing Day 2019 (any charity items)

    Chris looking forward to seeing the doll clothes. Denise have you decided on a pattern for doll clothes? I want to get started on ministockings. w4w received 3648 ministockings in 2018 and many of us hope for 4000 this year. Sounds like you have been busy with kitties. Carol nice scarves and hat. Inkked0317 sounds like you had several little voice moments with the graphghan and where it was supposed to go. So nice you making the military couple a baby blanket and how others stepped up for them. I am glad there are people out there like you that can make the bereavement gowns. Such a sweet moment with your daughter.
  11. bgs

    Our House (Part Three)

    Judy pretty afghan. I am sure it will be loved. Mary love your ghan too. I like the blanket stitch. A couple of years ago I made a few babyghans using that stitch. I was using up inherited Mainstay worsted weight yarn and guessing what size hook to use. Normally I grab an H but didnt like the way it felt. When I used a K it was soft and scrunchy. Mona saying a prayer things go ok for you and dh. Its been a tiring weekend. Sat we had rain turning over to snow and woke up to this Sat morning Power went off 2 am Sat back 5am off 10am and didnt come back on until Sun 930am. Our 2002 ice storm and being without electricity for a week always comes to mind. Dh and I spent the day shoveling heavy wet snow. We have a gravel drive probably the length of a city block. The road grader went thru and plowed our gravel road in the afternoon so dh was able to get out because he wanted to check the roads. No way I was going. I dont much like the thought of sliding off road into a ditch and told him not to call me if he did. He would have been in the only suitable vehicle we have for driving in snow and after I quit working I do not drive in snow. There is no place I have to or want to go bad enough and I dont like being out in it with anyone else. But since he insisted on going out I told him bring back supper from McDs (did not want to open refigerator) and I insisted that he take his thermos and have them fill it with coffee. Yep I learned during the 2002 power outage I dont want anywhere around him until after he has coffee. Then l was so disappointed I could not watch the Chiefs game. I kept hoping the power would come back on but finally dug out a radio and batteries and thankfully picked up a station broadcasting it. Dh kept the house toasty (a bit too toasty for me) with a fire in the woodstove, heated water to make his tea, and warmed water so I could clean up this morning. While we were getting out coolers and formulating the plan for unloading the fridge and storing food in the car we were very excited to see the electric company truck. I really really like electricity. Oh and when I checked in here the granny square thtrad was nowhere to be found. I even tried linking directly to it from the history page on my phone. Got an error page saying it didnt exist. We had to start a new thread and have no idea where it went or why.
  12. bgs

    Granny squares and chatty friends 2019

    Katy the ice storm we had in 2002 we were without power for a week. It was out even longer at dads house. He was in FL so sis was having to deal with it. It was also out at sis's for over a week. I always knew I liked electricity but after that I knew just how much. Since the snow pics are now gone with the thread I will repost them here for MJ and Lyn. We drove into KC today and all the yrees look like these.
  13. bgs

    Granny squares and chatty friends 2019

    Power back 925 am this morning. I had just put plastic containers stuffed with snow in the fridge trying to stall carrying food to the car as its not going to get above 32° for a few days. With a fire in the woodstove it was a little too toasty for me. By the time the power came back the temp had just dropped enough to kick the heatpump on. I had pans of water on the woodstove so I had warm water to wash myself. I told dh to fill his thermos last night at Mcds otherwise it would have been a very ugly morning. Katy I searched for the old thread too and went into the history on my phone to go directly to it. Got an error page saying it did not exist. The last visited dates have not worked since the Sept upgrade.
  14. bgs

    Granny squares and chatty friends 2019

    The old thread was no where to be found under cals so I tried to link back from my history psge and it said it didnt exist. Mary Jo I did not get to watch the game. Still no power. Dug out a radio (which thankfully I hadnt sent to the thrift store) and some batteries so I listened to it. We got the drive shoveled. Its gravel and probably about half a city block long. Grader went up road and mail was delivered. Dh ran into town to check out the roads and got us Mcd for supper. If power doesnt come on by morning am going to have to pull things from the refrigerator. At least we have a wood stove so we are warm. Will need to charge phone in car tomorrow.
  15. bgs

    Boxing Day 2019 (any charity items)

    Its a very old Boye I hook which I think is a tad larger than Boye I hooks sold today. The yarn is sport weight (says light on label). I had no idea how big to make it. I somehow estimated when to start the edging (which I loved) and only had 2 yards of yarn left out of 2 cakes. I didnt count and make a note of the number of rows.