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  1. We went to lunch with two of my sisters and a niece. Brother in law couldnt go so we visited awhile when he got back. Linda love your rocks. Thanks for posting the pictures. Showed them to my sis and she thought you did a great job with them. She has found a couple and posted her finds on the fb page for them and rehid them. We went to pumpkins on parade with sis and niece while it was still light out and we saw 3 painted rocks but left them for others. It sprinkled a bit and rain is mo ing in later. Mary Jo I wasnt into Star Trek when the original one aired. I didnt see many of the Next Gen episodes when originally aired either but caught them in syndication. Guess I sort of learned to love them all.
  2. Difficult morning as expected. I feel so bad for dh as he is taking it extremely hard. To they top it off as we were leaving vet they were shutting streets down all around us for a high school marching band invitational. Sure didnt need to be trapped there for hours. Its warm and wind is blowing. Storms are brewing.
  3. We liked Star Trek and were bummed out that the new one was not on broadcast tv. I was flipping thru stations and landed on The Orville and thought wow sure sounds looks and feels like Star Trek but with much more humor.
  4. So neat. I would love to see pictures of them.
  5. Aw so sweet having a birthday party for his kitty. We somehow managed to miss the first two or three episodes so was glad to see them rerun the first one last night. Dh laughs and says we never saw Sulu and Checkov high five on the bridge.
  6. Mary Jo has dh got bored with the new phone yet? Have you watched The Orville? We are getting a kick out of it. Think the gelatinous crew member that looks like mucus on the mucinex commercial is hysterical. Cant believe tote time is here again. Linda is the company still there and have you found or painted any more rocks? Katy what are you Handy and Max up to today? I did a few things outside like bag the birdbath for winter and pick some tomatoes and hot peppers. Dont think I have touched a crochet hook in a couple of weeks. Tribble have you watched The Orville? Whats Little Trib doing for Halloween? We would have went to Glow tonight and look at all the elaborate jack o lanterns if things had been different.
  7. Thanks Mary Jo it it means a lot to me. That was one heck of an end to the game last night except for the score.
  8. Thanks Katy. I really wanted to do it this afternoon and thought dh agreed but then he decided he wasnt ready. He will go to work tomorrow and I am the one that will have to go face her through that glass door. I had a very difficult time when Onery came down with congestive heart failure between trying to give him his pills and even worse trying to get him to eat. He was a shell of his former self and hung in there just for dh. Foxy on the other hand was a surprise. She went in the night and we had not a clue. Her last day was pretty normal. I remember it was sunny and warm and we chased squirrels away from the bird feeder. I think she felt that was her job. She was my heart dog and the only critter in my life to imprint on me.
  9. This vet and office have been so awesome and a great comfort right down to the guy that cleans the cages. Vet even said he felt like he got kicked in the gut when he saw her this morning. Wish we had been using them all these years. We are trying really hard to embrace a saying we saw---- dont be sad its over be happy it happened.
  10. I know you are. When dh tried to hold her she got real bad so we knew but dh did not want to do it today on his bd. Our appointment is Sat morning if she makes it that long.
  11. Waiting on vet. She is bad. This is it.
  12. Thanks. dr was going to send her home last night but I told him I was scared to take her so he suggested we come get her this morning because he would be there today if we needed him. He and his office have been terrific. Today is dh's bd and I was going to mow so he could stay in the house and spend the day with her.
  13. Bad morning. She didnt eat last night. Back in o2. Lung xrays are worse than last weeks.
  14. Went to pick up my new glasses this morning and they seem to make things better. Then stopped to see TC. Not sure where we are today. Didnt see her dr there this morning but he will probably call us later. Yesterday evening she felt well enough to growl and hiss when those strangers came in banging and clanging around. They put her back in o2 for the night (thats when she eats) and had her back out of it today. She breathes way too hard when she moves or gets excited so she just lays there. Trying to catch up on some things at home
  15. Love what you came up with and appreciate that you showed us pictures of the different stages.