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  1. Mary Jo it sure looked like they were going to lose it.. Our time is up around Dec 11th and dh seems determined to sleep at old place until then. Wont have a refrigerator after Sun. Just hoping I still have running water. Think we will ask neighbor to disconnect washing machine just in case there is a problem since the place is his. I just can not deal with dh and a plumbing fiasco on top of everything else. Not much more to haul to new place. Its stuffed full of boxes to go thru this winter. Been working on address changes and signed up last week to start getting mail forwarded to new place. So lets see bills going to new place, check book at old place but we are going to go pay personal property tax tomorrow while we are still out here. Then swing by that license bureau to change addresses for our drivers licenses and car titles. Updated address on my credit card last month and statement is running late this month so trying to keep up on that.
  2. Taking a break from the chaos. Sat morning buy out guy was here. Lots of stuff gone now. He said he knew tools but my glass not so much. Said he was sorry he could not pay me anything near what I gave for it or pay for the emotional attachment and kept asking me to shoot him a price. I told him I knew it was no longer worth near what it used to, I just needed to be free of it and wanted it to have a home with people that appreciated it. It was time to let it go. I had fun searching for it (back then you had to make an effort and connections to find it), made life long friends and met a lot of interesting people. He was also very interested in my books and magazines on glass. Sounded like he was going to study them. He said hand shake agreement if it brought more than he thought he would give me additional money later. There was one piece in all those boxes that I kept saying I would like to find but there was too much to go thru. I did quick looks in boxes I thought it might be in and just kept saying if I am meant to have it I would find it but didnt. The guy said he would keep an eye out for it and return it but I said no it was ok. Fast forward to Sun afternoon noticed a box in attic that had not got carried from the back. The second piece of glass I unwrapped was the piece I had been searching for. I was meant to have it after all. I have been fascinated with art glass ever since I was a little girl and watched the glassblowers at Silver Dollar City. The chemistry and history behind it is also interesting. One particular glass formula requires gold and uranium. Sat afternoon guy came and picked up my lawn tractor to sell for us. It was harder for me to see it go. Then we ran a load of stuff up to new place. Sis and niece stopped by for a bit. They pick up up my recycling, trash and things for thrift store which helps a lot. Got back to old place about 11pm. Still trying to recover and keep moving forward.
  3. Another nice one Chris! I am so glad to see all the doll stuff you are finishing. Seeing them and dreaming about crocheting doll things again has become my happy place from all the moving chaos.
  4. Chris another cute outfit. Mona thanks for the link. I went ahead and signed up. Its great to see darski posting there.
  5. Katy old house is all electric. No choice at new place. Stove and dryer are electric. Water heater, furnace, and fire place are gas. At least they have smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and the fire dept is really close and will be even closer once they finish and move to new station. Know what you mean by missing fall. It stayed unseasonably hot and then plummeted to unseasonably cold.
  6. Its such a pretty outfit! I really miss darski being around here.
  7. Krys the guy we can not get hold of now is NOT the same guy that I said should get a special place in heaven. We check in with him each week. Things just don't sell like they used to so its no longer profitable for auctioneers to operate the way they used to. Its cheaper and easier for them to do online. I just had not realized how much it had changed. Hope you did not lose your electricity. Lyn and Mary Jo I do like watching snow fall----up to a point. It is pretty if: 1) you do not have to drive in it, 2) you do not have to shovel it, and 3) your electricity does not go out. I used to get so sick to my stomach from nerves driving in it. Then a few years back we had some record snow falls that took the both of us two hard days of shoveling to get out. (After the first one I said I did not want to live long enough to ever see that much snow again but did.) Even though its been 17 years ago I remember the week we were without electricity like it was yesterday. Made me realize how much I really like and appreciate electricity. Katy the fireplace is gas and you turn it on by flipping a switch in the wall.
  8. Kathy ground was starting to get pretty white in this part of MO too. We are in a rural area so estate and tag sales were not really an option for us. We were amazed when checking into auctioneers. We checked with some that were referred to us that back when they used them a few years ago were exactly what we are looking for now. Some have gone out of business and most that are left only do online, are very selective about what they will sell, and you have to haul it to them. Many made us feel like we bothered them just calling. Now we cant get hold of the one that responded a couple of months ago and seemed eager for business. Kind of wonder if he was a little sketchy as after all the others he seemed to good to be true. Then we couldnt find much out there about him and his auctions to try to attend one.
  9. Cindy nice job with colors. Great that they have yarn and you make them blankets.
  10. Its a crummy morning here. Sleet pellets are covering the ground. I so wanted to be moved before this kind of weather hit and most years it would have been ok. Hardest thing has been how to get rid of things. Guess old time auctions are becoming a thing of the past. They do it all online and you have to haul it to them. Even at that they are only interested in high dollar items like tools and riding mowers. If we were in the city some of the thrift stores pick up. Dh is on a roll going thru things this morning. Me I just cant get seem get started. Mary Jo as usual didnt see KC's game but heard the Bucs won. So are the 49ers the only team left with no losses?
  11. Me too! Plus deciding do you carry it or go with a bobbin. If you carry it then getting it in the right position so stitches look ok. Then when you have many bobbins keeping them from tangling.
  12. Judy I sort of understand the concept of bobbins and carrying yarn but actually doing it perplexes me. I did do a snowman potholder where the nose used a bobbin. My one and only attempt at something more complicated was in thread. Got it done but it took forever.
  13. Judy fantastic work! I am admiring the detail, how wonderful it looks, and wishing I was skilled enough to do work like that.
  14. Its been a long hard day. Took advantage of warm day to work in attic since dh doesnt like opening it up when its cold ( we access it from outside). Spent day carrying boxes from back of attic to front after cleaning out front. Guy will be here Fri for that stuff and even though he said he would bring someone to carry it out dh didnt want to chance them accidentally stepping on the duct work. Still have some left to move so will finish tomorrow. 4pm and I realized I had not eaten anything but a banana all day nor had anything to drink. Stopped for pizza and sitting there started having spasms in my back. I cracked my head pretty hard in the rafters today too. Krys that is exactly the goal in bonsai---- imitate a mature tree in nature. We use copper colored aluminum wire. Its cheaper and much easier to work with. The guys with the bigger trees tend to use copper wire as it is stronger. At the old place thermostat is at 68 winter 72 summer. Its a ground source heat pump with aux electric heat should it get too cold but I have never seen it come on except when I switch over to heat and there is a big difference in room temp and what I set thermostat at. Gas heat is much warmer. I get really cold and can hardly stay awake in the evening but then in night break out sweating. Dh likes it hot. In fact once he was so close to a bonfire,all comfortable, the soles of his boots were glowing red and melted. Mary Jo yesterday I was amazed at how warm the metal felt above the fireplace from just the pilot light. Even though they put in a programmable thermostat when we had to have the new heat pump put in they said with a heatpump its more energy efficient to just leave it set at same temp.
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