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  1. Katy you did win the drawing for May. See post # 15 https://www.ravelry.com/discuss/afghan-squares-for-pine-ridge-reservation/3915424/1-25 Looking at scattered thunderstorms for the next week starting this morning. Spent morning in kitchen prepping for tomorrow. Spent afternoon going thru file box and discarding old papers like my tax returns. I had them back to my first one in 1974. Jade is growing up so fast.
  2. Lea and Lyn pretty soon they are going to have to change it to the Dollar and a Quarter Tree or the Dollar Plus Stores. Patty sounds like a really neat trip. Glad you are back. Collette (Avon Lady) messaged me she hasnt been around because she is having problems with her computer. Yesterday was very pleasant----sunny and not too hot until suddenly it got really dark, strong wind gusts and pouring down rain. So far so good today. Trying to figure out what food to take/send to Sat events. There are three all requiring food but definately not making one and doubtful that I go to the evening one. Dh likes going to all these things but shoot that is like 7 things this month for me to have to figure out food which stresses me to no end. Working on squares for PRR and stockings for W4W so far just over 100 each. No use mailing boxes that have room left in them.
  3. bgs


    Welcome to the 'ville. We love seeing photos and hearing about everyone's projects. I hope you will join in on the chatter in the cals.
  4. bgs

    New but old

    Welcome to the 'ville. I dont have experience with garments and dont pay much attention to garment patterns. I am sure you could design something similiar but imagine it will take a lot of trial and error.
  5. bgs

    Counting stitches

    That would be one sc in each of the next 3 stitches and each counts as a stitch (3 stitches). Now work 2 sc into the next stitch and both count as stitches (2 stitches). So now we have 5 stitches total. Then it tells you to work this sequence of stitches 3 more times so 5+5+5+5= 20 It is a shorthand way of saying sc 3, sc 2 in the next st, sc 3, sc 2 in the next st, sc 3, sc 2 in the next st, sc 3, sc 2 in the next st, sc 3, sc 2 in the next st
  6. bgs

    cross I made.jpg

    Nice job Arlene.
  7. bgs

    what does ch-5 sp mean?

    Ok we can post a few rows of a pattern and not be in violation of copyright so I am going to post row 2 to see if I can figure out what you are asking as I am jumping back and forth between here and pattern. 2nd row: Ch 5. *1 sc in next ch-5 sp. Ch 2. (Yoh and draw up a loop. Yoh and draw through 2 loops on hook) 3 times in next st. Yoh and draw through all loops on hook – cluster made. Ch 2. 1 sc in next ch-5 sp. Ch 5. Rep from * across, ending with 1 sc in last ch-5 sp. Ch 2. 1 dc in last sc. Turn. Ok are you telling me you have made your alternating clusters and ch5's on row 2 until you have reached the final ch 5 space on row 1? If that is the case you just sc in that last ch 5 space (just like you have done all the way across when it told you to sc in a ch 5 space. Then you ch 2 and dc in last sc on row 1. Where it is telling you yoh and draw thru loops it is taking you thru the individual steps of making partial double crochets. These are being made into one of the sc in row 1. A picture of your work might help us figure it out.
  8. bgs

    what does ch-5 sp mean?

    Is this the pattern? https://www.allfreecrochetafghanpatterns.com/Baby-Blanket-Afghans/Lacy-Eyelet-Crochet-Baby-Blanket-from-Bernat If so this is what I had after doing row 2 After row 3 After row 4
  9. Looks to be another nice day here-----sunny and not terribly hot. Rain is supposed to move in tonight. Between some of the hotter days accompanied by the wind the area we call the swamp dried up so dh got it mowed yesterday. Thats where he got the mower stuck 6 weeks ago and we had to winch it out.
  10. Its a pleasant day weatherwise. Sun is out, only supposed to get in upper 70's and lower humidity. Dh is mowing. I am working on laundry.
  11. bgs

    Hello from Alaska!

    Welcome to the 'ville. Hopefully Granny Square will be along shortly. She is the best at explaining the math for correlating stitches and gauge.
  12. bgs

    Our House (Part Three)

    Mary love the kitty pictures and dh does as well. I just want to reach through the screen and hold one. Thats great that the girls store is doing so well. We have had some days inching into the lower 90's but saw an overnight low this week 51°. Some days the humidity has been high. Mona hope dh is doing ok. I am not sure I would be a good patient either if I had been through everything your dh has been through. Judy I am ready for baseball season to be over. They are really having to struggle to come up with Royals highlights on the news. Most of us would rather watch the clips of the Chiefs new qb in off season training camp. Cindy hope retirement goes well. Dh found out that what everyone says about being busier after retiring. Dh got his medicare card in the mail Fri. I think we finally figured out what to do there. We may have his pension straightened out by Sept. Judge ruled in his favor. Jumped through a major hoop towards moving to the senior place. Hopefully the neighbor still wants to buy our place. Think I can finally close the books on last Sept cataract surgeries. Insurance denied payment to surgicenter for first eye because they wanted more info. I called surgicenter regularly and in Feb they finally sent what insurance wanted and it was paid right away. Surgicenter actually owed me a sizeable amount of money back since they made me prepay what they thought my part would be. Those checks finally came last Thurs. Collette are you out there?Havent seen you around anywhere here for some time
  13. If you are happy with it that is ultimately what really matters. Not insane just determined.
  14. Yesterday started off with bonsai. Then lunch with the bonsai group. They take care of a lot of planning/business/executive board meetings over lunch. Late afternoon dropped stuff off at thrift store on the way to sis#1's house. She checks on and feed sis#2's cat when she is out of town and we have been going too on days we are up there. Sis#2's old cat passed last fall but her daughter found and got her a rescue cat. Elsie loves to play and be petted even by strangers. Its been good therapy for us. We had left home at 8am and it was 830pm when we got back home. Church this morning and then treated sis#1 and niece to lunch for sis's birthday which is Wed. There are some big bridges over some arms of a big lake on a main highway between here and Springfield. Generally the water is normally way below the bridge. Last year it was pretty low anyway because of drought. Niece said water is so high it looked like if you stopped you bend over the railing and touch water. We almost feel like a road trip as have seen the lake up and areas flooded before but never like this.
  15. Boy Mary Jo hockey seems to have a very long playoff/championship season. Its a bummer to spend so much time making something and then not liking it as much as you thought you would. Sports news here is of Chiefs off season training camp and what highlights they can find in Royals losses. I have spent the afternoon bagging some things to haul out of here.