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  1. "OK, so spiral stuff (I think I understand your distinction!) no ch1 (as it's continuous). "In the round" (where the work would essentially grow downwards, in a tube - is that the right distinction?) you do ch1. Is that right? If so - interesting! I didn't know that! " The term working in the round means just that----you continue going around instead of back and forth in rows. You either work in a continuous spiral or you join with a slip stitch and then chain. A tube can be made using either method. I have looked over this pattern and it appears the author has been very explicit and gave detailed instructions which is what a good pattern should do. Evidently the designer feels these changes are necessary to achieve the shape/look she wants. Follow the instructions in this pattern exactly the way it is written. Do not second guess or read anything into it. Then if you do not like the shaping pull it apart and make the changes you feel are necessary.
  2. bgs

    How was this made?

    The grip could be an i cord that was completed and then slid onto strap before completing the strap. An i cord is a tube and can be knitted or crocheted (single crochet). Looking at the stitches it looks to me like it most likely was crocheted (single crochet) flat and then wrapped around the handle seaming or crocheting the sides together around the strap.
  3. bgs

    Will this work?

    I agree with Granny Square. It can be done but its tricky. I too would rather rip it all out and start over. If you take the time and aggravation to go the other route there is a good chance of dropping a loop and then having to rip it apart and start over anyway.
  4. and we like to see it when you are finished.
  5. Pie is included on Thurs from restaurant. Dh can get pumpkin. I will be getting pecan. I only like my grandma's recipe for pumpkin pie. Silly me I was in my 20's when I learned not all pumpkin pie was the same. I ordered a piece at work and thought it was awful. I had never had pumpkin pie until that time that wasnt my grandma's recipe. Her recipe is more like a custard.
  6. bgs

    Stitch technique

    Take your hook and swivel it so you can go back 2 stitches. Yarn over, Insert hook between 2nd and 3rd stitch back and complete double crochet. For the picture I did not yarn over so I could get a better picture of where to insert hook.
  7. bgs

    Ripple stitch

    Here are some hints for crocheting ripples https://crafternoontreats.com/free-craft-tutorials/free-crochet-tutorials/troubleshooting-guide-the-neat-ripple-pattern/ https://crochetistheway.blogspot.com/2014/08/how-to-design-your-own-ripple-pattern.html?m=1
  8. Hope everyone is doing ok. Cindy your trip to the Smokies sounds lovely. Cute purse. Yes grandma must get that stocking done----at least before grandchild figures out she is only one that does not have one made by grandma. Mona you sound busy with all sorts of things as usual. I woke up about a week ago with a painful knee so have been hobbling around as best I can. It gets better and then I move it just right and hurt it again. The Village made all the local news outlets last week as highest covid outbreak in eastern part of county but its a reflection of whats going on in the county. 156 residents and employees and 30 deaths most all at care center. Scary and sad. I cooked Thanksgiving stuff for dh yesterday. He keeps hinting for pumpkin pie but the refrigerator here is not as big and configured as well as mine was at old place. Because it sits in corner you cant open door wide enough to take the shelves and drawers out (without moving it from wall and pivoting it a bit). Between door not opening far enough and the shelves inside door I have about 12 inches so I have to stand sideways and stretch to reach things in back. My boobs are always hitting the lock button on freezer ice water dispenser on freezer side. We will order curbside from Village restaurant on Thurs.
  9. Tasted much better to me today because all I had to do was fill a plate and pop it in the microwave! Dh keeps hinting for pumpkin pie. I have to watch it as this refrigerator is not really user friendly.
  10. Guess I need to check in. Sis is coming along well. I have been hobbling around because I somehow hurt my knee. Thankfully it seems to be getting better. Village has been all over local news because of number of covid cases and deaths here. It was pointed out that the numbers here reflect whats going in in the surrounding community. Newest cluster traces back to someone that has to leave the campus for daily dialysis. We will be ordering curbside from Village restaurant on Thurs but I cooked dh a turkey breast, dressing , cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, candied sweet potatoes, green beans, and gravy for supper last night.
  11. When you get to the end of your foundation chain you turn it and work sc into what was the bottom part of your foundation chain. You are working in a sort of oval shape. (I said sort of oval shape because in making an oval you would be working a few extra stitches at each end.) https://crochetncrafts.com/crocheting-the-first-round-of-an-oval/
  12. Mary Jo thanks once again for inviting us in to see your tree and table. I always love looking them over. Question--- do you change outfits on the dolls for the holidays or after the doll is dressed thats the way it stays?
  13. You only repeat row 4. https://www.yarnspirations.com/how-to-crochet-dc-v-stitch.html
  14. Yes you will be working dc/ch 1/dc in the ch 1 spaces of the previous rows for 5 rows.
  15. Just work thru it one stitch at a time. Stitch guide probably told you how to make a fptr https://www.acrochetedsimplicity.com/how-to-crochet-front-post-treble-crochet-fptr-photo-video-tutorial/ You are making the fptr around the post of a hdc on row 1. Next you are skipping the stitch on row 2 which lays behind your bptr and making a hdc into each next 2 stitches of row 2. Now go back to row 1 and count over 5 stitches from where the first bptr was made and make a bptr around that stitch. Skip the stitch on row 2 which lays behind your bptr and then make a hdc into each of next 2 stitches of row 2. Do the sequence inside the brackets [ ] 3 times. When you get to the second * you go back to the first * and work thru it all one more time and then continue on. Sometimes I rewrite rows and break it up into lines so I can follow it easier. I go ahead and write out the repeats so I dont get lost.
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