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  1. Mary Jo the Halloween babies are adorable. No problem gazing at the sky here without eye protection as there is heavy cloud cover and lightening off in the distance. Why am I not surprised?
  2. Its late because I havent been able to post in the already started thank you thread since the upgrade in May. I want to thank a dear fgm for my birthday package (shown below) back in June and recently for some special thread she kindly shared with me. You have not been able to purchase this color combo for some time now
  3. Stockings made so far.
  4. Made these for the stocking along going on now with the Good Things group on Ravelry.
  5. Yes its the Ravelry group. I see Rene' made it over there.
  6. So glad the storms missed us last night as they were all around us. Saw the really large hail on the news that some places got. The rain missed us too which is good so we will spend the day mowing. Of course its going to be a hotter stickier ones out there today. My craft project yesterday was to make a shadow viewer from a cereal box to watch the eclipse just in case. I have been saying all along it will most likely be cloudy and possibly raining here at the time which is what the forecasts are saying. It did seem to work though using the ceiling light in the kitchen. At least they are going to show live coverage of it from various locations on tv which will be so much better than being stuck in gridlock on the highway.
  7. Carol glad you saw the screw so you knew exactly what the problem is and thank goodness for a dad that could fix it for you. Charis glad you checked in. I had been wondering about you. I really like it when my life hits a boring period because too much excitement either way just wears me out and it seem that more often than not the excitement in my life isn't the good kind. Yesterday I finally got those 5 lapghans mailed off to W4W and the 50 six inch squares mailed off to the lady that assembles afghans for PRR. Glad to have those cleared out. I already have another envelope half full of squares and an envelope started for stockings for W4W. Its hot and humid here. May have storms off and on throughout the day. We used to mostly get nice gentle rains but anymore all we get is horrible storms and too much rain too fast.
  8. Howieann glad you checked in and that your eyes were ok. Goodness your girls are really growing up. Hoping dh's surgery goes well and wishing him a speedy recovery. Katy stuff happens every where. You just don't know what is going to happen when you let people into your house or let your purse out of your sight in other people's homes. We had instances at work too. I had a coworker's son that got hooked on drugs and when he would visit her at the hospital if the opportunity presented itself he would go through drawers and cabinets looking for our purses. Of course we didn't know the who at the time. I was lucky and not robbed. I bought a lock to put on a cabinet when I was there to lock mine up. He also went through family members' purses one year when they were there for Christmas. Now I don't take my purse into people's homes and lay them on the bed. I either leave it in the car or keep it where I can watch it. Sorry your daughter had to deal with this but very glad the couple reported it and the suspect was found. Mary Jo looking forward to the goblin outfit. Just thinking about it makes me happy. I love the fall stuff---pumpkins and Halloween. Linda tell Rene' if she doesn't already know it that another stocking along has started. I have 9 stockings made so far and squares for 3 more done. Storms rolled through this morning and it sounds like another batch is coming.
  9. Gosh Carol what a terrific PTA. Katy I should have finished off the baby afghans and scarf first but couldnt resist making little stockings.
  10. Mary Jo I love the squares especially Belle. You are doing a good job finding the right colors. Tell Tampa Guy great minds think alike. I have been telling dh I would rather watch the eclipse on tv in ac and my chair. No danger of eye damage that way and not out with the crazies. I am afraid people may be camped out along and on the highways. They just dont really know what to expect. It was so cloudy today you couldnt see it. It would have just gotten dark. School starts here tomorrow.
  11. Mary Jo I cant post in the new thank you thread you started either.
  12. Linda sis#1 is a lefty, my dads oldest sis was a lefty, and their dad was a lefty. Also sis#2's dh is a lefty. Didnt realize you all had a special day. Katy its a cloudy humid Sun here. They are running more news about the eclipse 8 days away now. I just keep thinking about all these people coming in to watch it and thinking it could easily be raining or very cloudy. I know someone that is coming in from CA. Yesterday my niece showed me a video on the internet of cats being mischievous---- from intentionally knocking things off tables, pulling clothes out of drawers, and snatching a toddlers food. This group on Ravelry is starting another stocking along tomorrow for w4w. I won one of the drawings for participating in the one earlier this year. I imagine RecycleCindy will be announcing it on this thread
  13. Well Linda I think I was trying it with a g hook and it was a big no go. One problem I was having was being able to hook and pull all three strands and the farther along I got the worse it was. The stitches were tight and I was losing at least one strand when pulling through. I kept thinking I needed to use a bigger hook. Mary Jo we hope your internet and cable are running ok. We bought the piece we think we need for our antenna but haven't had a chance to put it on yet. I lose signal when its raining and of course that's the best time to be watching tv. A couple of our stations have been running all the old Godzilla movies and dh loves them. Katy have you looked at latest afghans Pam has put together. She used my burgundy 6 inch squares and added gold to bring them up to 12 inches. I was wondering if you could recognize any of your squares in the one after that as she used a real mix on that one. The other two are made from scrappy c2c squares. I do like that we dont have to work in the ends on the squares we send her. Today we knocked a couple of other things off of sister's/niece to do list. We took the old satellite dish down from the back of the house as my niece hits her head on it when she goes by it on the sidewalk. Then dh sawed up the post the basketball goal was on. It had rotted and broken off but was too big to move in one piece. After that we moved it and some railroad ties for my sister. Thankfully we have had a couple of dry days but rain is in the forecast.
  14. Katy I too was disappointed to not hear from Pam that she got my squares mailed in June. I enclosed my email address thinking that would be fast and free. This next batch I am just letting her know my Rav name because it looks like lately she has been letting the moderator on the Rav group know when she receives squares and then the moderator was posting it for Pam. I do know she got mine because #1 my po tracking number said they were delivered and #2 I recognized my squares in the next afghan she completed. I was bummed out until I saw my squares. I had a couple of packages sent to W4W not acknowledged (80 stockings). They usually email me. My po tracking number says they made it but I would have liked an email. Glad you figured a way around the double stranding for the nests. Hey Linda do you use three strands and what size hook do you use?
  15. Linda those are nice squares. I remembered you made the nests to rehab your broken wrist which just amazes me all the more. Mary Jo thanks for the update on Lea. Hope she finds time to check in.