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  1. Mona as of yesterday the buckets with concrete and limbs or irrigation pipes have sunk. The wooden pallet structures are floating----Jeff did remark to dh that he wasnt sure if they would sink or not. Now to see what Jeff does next. With the nicer weather he needs to get back to working on the green in back of us that they tore out. I havent got bored enough to take up golf but its entertaining to watch they guys work on it and others when they play thru.
  2. bgs

    Stuck on row 3

    I understand. I kept getting lost and was getting ready to rewrite the row out putting a step or two per line as its much easier for me to follow that way.
  3. bgs

    Stuck on row 3

    This is what I get up thru repeating whats in the brackets 3 times.
  4. bgs


    Maybe dnt means do not turn?
  5. Cindy I have lots of yarn too. Since we moved my niece is storing some of it. I dont think I have many UFOs but I think there are some small projects that did not work out and need frogged unless I can figure out how to make them work. We got our second shot Thurs. Fri our shoulders hurt and we had mild symptoms---ached, tired, chills, nausea, headache, and best of all a slight fever of 99.6°F. I had quit taking ibuprofen for my knee and allergy meds days before because I really wanted to see a response to the shot. Today everything is ok except its tree pollen popping time so need t
  6. Really it was fairly mild. Had I taken my allergy meds and ibuprofen I probably wouldnt have noticed anything. I really wanted to see a response so was glad to feel poorly. If it wasnt for the slight fever I could have easily blamed most of my symptoms on my allergies. Its tree pollen popping time here. The info we were given said most over 50 experience none of the symptoms.
  7. Reni we got our second shot Thurs morning. Our shoulders started hurting in afternoon. They were really sore Fri. Fri we both felt achy, tired, had chills (temp 99.6°F) headaches and I had some nausea. I made a point prior to getting the shot to stop my ibuprofen for my knee and my allergy meds because I wanted to see if I could tell the shot caused an immunological response. I sure wanted some ibuprofen for the headache. This morning arm is much better and all other symptoms are gone.
  8. Mona I would think it probably is enough to affect guage. A few years ago I purchased sets of newer Boye hooks---had the letter and mm size stamped on them. The hooks that I use are from the 70's and I noticed a difference between the old and new hooks. I have also noticed a difference if I use another brand of hook. I noticed it in making squares. I have made some patterns enough with my old Boye's that I never have a problem making them the size they need to be but grab a newer hook and I have to redo them and adjust my tension. Its just easier to grab my old hook to begin with.
  9. Judy nice blankets. Wow your goddaughter did a fantastic job on the jacket. Tues we got up to a glorious 70° with lots of sunshine. The 40° the past couple of days has been great too. We keep watching to see how long it takes to melt enough ice ion the lake for all the fish habitat to sink. Got our second shots today.
  10. Renic they gave us the cdc covid vaccination card with our name, birthdate, date of vaccinations, which vaccine, lot number, clinic where given. We have to remember to take it back so they can fill it the info for the second one. If you scroll down it shows what it looks like. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.goodhousekeeping.com/health/amp34994649/what-are-covid-19-vaccine-cards/ Mary Jo the ac comes on more in response to the humidity than temperature. I can tell its warming back up as last night I got too hot with the flannel gown over the summer gown, leggings, and socks over
  11. Here is some helpful info on reading patterns. It explains the use of ( ) https://www.craftyarncouncil.com/standards/how-to-read-crochet-pattern The bad thing is we are seeing more and more patterns written in unconventional formats. Many times we are left to search patterns for clues and apply a best guess. I havent seen increase abbreviated as nc before and am really curious as to how or if the * comes into play. A number following a sequence of stitches within ( ) means do the entire sequence of stitches a total of whatever the number was following the ( ).
  12. bgs

    Prayer Shawl

    So sorry she never got to snuggle in it.
  13. The good numbers may be a reflection of most everyone at Village having received their first vaccination. I told dh I was getting vaccinated but pointed out they say its what---- 90% effective so I would always wonder if I was one of the 10 out of 100 that the vaccine didnt work on. I am hoping the second one makes me sick so I know its working.
  14. Sun is out and we might see 40°. Where did I put my shorts? These velours are starting to make me sweat. They pick us up Thurs morning for our booster and good news on our Village covid update---no positive cases in all Village residents and staff reported since Jan 28.
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