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  1. bgs

    granny squares for those that need them jan 2018

    Katy guess you missed my post on Thurs. I am really trying to make it on at least once per week. Since the upgrade coming here has become more of an aggravation or frustration in my day instead of something I loved and enjoyed doing. My jaw has hurt for a month but after two trips to the dentist and two antibiotics I am hoping its not going to hurt anymore. The ground is again white just like last Thurs. Its pretty unusual for us to see this much snow before Thanksgiving. Oh in case anyone needs to be reminded Thanksgiving is just 10 days away and there is so much I should be doing. Even though I have been reminding dh its just not soaking in that I cant deal with all the extra projects he creates for me and the other things I should be doing. The picture on our one and only tv comes and goes. Now it mostly goes so yesterday we went out and bought one so here's hoping I can figure out how to set it up. I have been working on lapghans for w4w. I think I have 6 finished and one needing ends worked in.
  2. bgs

    Our House (Part Three)

    Trunk or treat went well. They also had hotdogs chips and cookies. Weather was pretty good and lots of kids were out. I went back to the dentist. Jaw and gum were better but not ok so he put me on a different antibiotic. Its been snowing all day and the ground is white. We are looking at record lows for the next few days. I made a big pot of chili today. Cant believe Thanksgiving is almost here. I have so much I need to get done but just cant want to do it.
  3. bgs

    granny squares for those that need them jan 2018

    Mary Jo sorry about the water leak. I know what a mess it can be---jumped out of bed one morning and surprise my feet got all wet. Went back to dentist this week. Jaw and gum were better but not ok so now I am on a different antibiotc. Near focus doesnt seem to be as good as it was and I get frustrated and give up on things especially when my readers are not handy. Ground is white and we are facing record lows the next few days. I made a large pot of chili today.
  4. bgs

    Happy Thanksgiving 2018 Table & Tree

    Very nice as always. I really enjoy seeing your trees and tables. Thank you so much for sharing with us.
  5. bgs

    granny squares for those that need them jan 2018

    Mary Jo so not looking forward to figuring out the Medicare stuff. We are used to having to compare plans every year for premiums, in network drs and hospitals, copays, lab and pharmacy so that part is sounding similiar. We have to try to figure out how what we have works with Medicare and what tricks are up everybody's sleeves to try to bamboozle us. Katy glad they caught it.
  6. bgs

    granny squares for those that need them jan 2018

    Tues afternoon made an unplanned trip to the dentist. I have been having a dull pain in my jaw for a couple of weeks. It started just a week after I had been in for my checkup and cleaning. It hurt like when I had to have a root canal. So far all he could find was a very inflamed gum and the antibiotics and mouth rinse seem to have worked. I go back on Tues. Wed we took some things to the thrift store and stopped at Aldi. Didnt get message dh's glasses were in until after we were home so Thurs back to pick those up. Trunk or treat went well Wed evening. We had good weather just a touch on the cold side but not brutally cold. We had lots of trick or treaters. Besides handing out candy we had hotdogs chips and cookies so it was sort of like a block party. Someone had made many trays of Halloween sugar cookies with icing. Mary Jo that was a big switch for me coming from a job where your only choice was to accept the company insurance plan or not and winding up in dh's world with employee annual open enrollment and having to choose each year. Next year Medicare comes into play for dh but not for me so we have lots to get figured out. But for now we are focused on getting his retirement processed and SS.
  7. bgs

    Not an Oven Topper

    I have made ones like the first one shown at the above link and my sister uses the round part to hang over knobs and then buttons around the towel.
  8. I cant tell if it is the sashay yarn or something similiar. If so this is the pattern I used. http://www.redheart.com/free-patterns/crochet-scarf-pattern-frilly
  9. bgs

    Boxing Day 2018 (any charity projects)

    Krys glad you made it back here. I am using an H hook and Hobby Lobby's I Love This Cotton (its really soft) and they are measuring 36 inches from point to point doing the 25 rows and dc picot row. I purchased it some time ago thinking I would make dh an afghan but decided to make lapghans instead. I have 4 laying here that need ends worked in and another started. Colors are forest, aubergine, buttercup and a variegated with those colors. This is the only round ripple pattern I have ever used and I have always been pleased with how they come out. Many thanks to darski for sharing it with us.
  10. bgs

    Boxing Day 2018 (any charity projects)

    Krys i love darski's 10 point round ripple. I have used it to make nicu blankets and I am using it right now to make lapghans for w4w.
  11. bgs

    Irish Crochet Sugar Skull

    Its beautiful. You are incredibly talented.
  12. bgs

    Waist Bag w/ Straps

    Excellent redo. Besides making it more useful your straps look much better.
  13. bgs

    granny squares for those that need them jan 2018

    Mary Jo not sure if they will be able to release the eagle or not. Niece has such an fascinating job. Sometimes she rides and helps out the deputies in her county as she has the same authority they do. She has all the equipment they do plus her stuff for dealing with wildlife. We had fun decorating the suv. It wont take us long to set it up Wed night at trunk or treat. We took the picture so we know what to grab as its all stuff either from my yard or in the house. How are your teams lining up so far? Big Red is rolling right along and the new qb continues to amaze.
  14. bgs

    Our House (Part Three)

    Last Sat was probably peak viewing for tree color here. Sun was pretty windy so many leaves blew away. Been staying really busy. I tried to ignore Halloween this year (last year it was sad for us) but just couldnt. Its always been my favorite. I finally got out my Halloween decorations and decided to participate in trunk or treat with the church Wed evening. We dont get trick or treaters here and I Iove seeing them. We figured out how we are going to decorate the back of the suv. I also have raffia sewn to elastic for our wrists and neck and straw hats so we can be scare crows. Sat was another day with our bonsai group---third one this month. This time we set up at a function with other KC horticultural groups. Then we had the church weenie roast in the evening. Sat before was spent with the dulcimer group. Also want to share this photo of my niece with an injured eagle she had to transport to a rehab center.
  15. bgs

    granny squares for those that need them jan 2018

    Been really busy which is good since this time last year was so hard for us. I love Halloween but tried to ignore it this year because of the hurt. It was better with our black kitty. I reviewed our wishlist thread to see what I could do. Then I finally got some Halloween stuff out last week and we decided to participate in trunk or treat at church this Wed night. Many churches have it. Some had it Sat night. My sister's church has done it for several years now but its just the second year for the church we attend and we didnt go last year. I am looking forward to it. I always loved seeing kids in costume and handing out candy. We dont get any trick or treaters out here and when I was in the city they quit coming in our neighborhood years ago. We had fun going through things here to decorate the back of the suv. This is what we came up with all stuff I had----- one of my scarecows and concrete black cat from the yard, cargo net from suv for spider web along with spider I hang in my front window. The other things are from my indoor decorations. I have a couple of battery operated stobe lights and flashlights to light up the BT funkin, my big pumpkin light that has electric lights, and the collapsible pumpkin bag I am hanging at the back which didnt quite make the picture. A few years ago I sewed raffia onto elastic and added velcro closures so all we have to do is put them around our wrists and necks and voila we are scare crows. I had also woven rafia into an old straw hat. I only had to buy candy which I got at Menards when we stopped for sunflower seeds (three 50 pound bags) for the birds because it was on sale and they had 11% rebate on everything. As it turned out I had a $20 check from past rebates to use. Last Sat we were over in the city with our bonsai group at Garden Faire along with several KC horticultural groups. Sat evening we went to the church weinie roast and hayride. The Sat before we spent the day with the dulcimer club. We hauled off an electric organ and setting up shelving with grow lights in its place so I have been rearranging things in the house and our trees. Going through other things to take to thrift store. Also want to share this photo of my niece with an injured eagle she had to take to a rehab place.