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  1. Mary thats just too hot to have to be without ac. I sure hope you dont loose power. We are getting a break from the record highs. Today was nice out ----upper 80's and low humidity. We had a good day with the dulcimer club. Morning session they are separate----mountain or lap and hammer with a break for a quick business meeting. Then they gather for potluck lunch and play together in a jam session afternoon. I love listening and was in heaven this afternoon as there were 6 hammer dulcimers playing as well as 6 mountain dulcimers.
  2. Late check in. We had a good day with the dulcimer club. Morning session they are separate----mountain or lap and hammer with a break for a quick business meeting. Then they gather for potluck lunch and play together in a jam session afternoon. I love listening and was in heaven this afternoon as there were 6 hammer dulcimers playing as well as 6 mountain dulcimers. Lyn I am glad the office showed some grace and still saw him. Any office should really show some grace in instances like this since its difficult getting him there under ideal conditions. Not to mention that the trip is hard on him (and you). Funnymom its never to early to start on Christmas. Some times I start more than a year ahead. I am loving hearing about the weather and life in Maine. Collette I wish we could see some of things you and your group make. Sound like you all are doing a wonderful job. Mary Jo are you about ready for some football? Saw an ad on tv for the first Chiefs preseason game. I was channel surfing and dh made me stop on The African Queen so guess we are watching that tonight. Katy saw on the news there was an earthquake between us. They are pretty common any more in KS and OK but sort of unusual for St. Joseph MO.
  3. They are both gorgeous!
  4. Its so pretty! If I ever found myself behind something like that I think I would have to follow it home. And on another thread I saw a really beautiful blue shawl you made.
  5. Cute bears!
  6. Mary Jo I hope that did not really happen. Guess we will know it did if it shows up on the Farmers Insurance commercials. Carol thank you for the nice surprise in my mailbox today----such pretty blue dishcloths.
  7. Krys I have never made one. Always thought they looked cute. Like you it would bother me attaching the toy part knowing it wasnt really secure or would last.
  8. Krys those are really cute, would be easy to make and the possibilities endless. I have wondered about the lovies. I see a lot of patterns for them so I guess they are popular and kids like them. I am not around kids much anymore and am out of touch with that sort of thing.
  9. Glad you stopped by. I was just thinking about you and wondering how it was going on your side of the state.
  10. Large orange sized hail and strong winds not too many miles away with lots of tree damage and downed power lines. Still no rain here and I will gladly pass if it means hail and wind. In case you didnt see Charis checked in on this thread.
  11. Mary what hurt with this woman was I thought we were very close and constantly did all sorts of things for her. By close I mean my sis was on her bank account and her uncles bank account as well as my dads because sis took care of all sorts of things when they went to FL, sis was the executor of her will, and close enough she had sis look at a rash on her bum. My niece took care of all their electronic stuff and was there pronto when they called. We worked very hard to diplomatically include her kids in the obit but grandaughters boyfriend was asking for dads van while we were making funeral arrangements and her son asking for his trailer at the funeral. Just minutes before funeral started she asked another sister if it was alright for a grandson to be a paulbearer. Sis said no. Everything was printed and ready to go. She had the opportunity to do whatever she wanted when arrangements were made and my dh would have gladly stepped aside but not at the start of the service. Then to top it off this grandson was in a hot pink logo t shirt. When she decided to leave the house because she didnt want to have to start paying any of the bills(she lived there 20 years and only paid for her cell internet and car) or making sure the yard was mowed. When she wasnt in FL she decided she was going to stay with her kids. Last time I saw her was when I found out she decided to leave the house and she TOLD me she planned on staying some with me and with my sis and niece. Didnt ask told me. Sorry about dh's tooth. This morning it was absolutely steamy out. Temps were not that high but the humidity made up for it. Dh's fire pager is going off constantly with weather alerts and electric wire down calls. Its dark and there is a lot of rumbling out there. Some rumbles are really shaking the house. So far no rain but if it means 70mph wind and golf ball size hail like those places are getting I pass.
  12. Katy I dont need the gloves but thank you for thinking of me. I definately would not order those ornaments online without seeing them in person first. As it is they actually like for you to fill out a preorder sheet for them at the store. Many times I dont like an ornament after I see, touch, and hear it but thought I was going to love it from the picture. I have a hard time with online and catalogue orders. I need to see and touch most things and try on shoes and clothes to know if I want them. I am ok with ordering things where color, feel of fabric and fit dont matter or if it is a brand or style I already know. Made a run to town this morning to do some errands. Dh had retirement papers he wanted overnighted to human resources in VA. I have groceries put away, sliced a block of cheese and have a pan of brownies in the oven----trying to get things ready for a Sat potluck. Think we will be skipping the Sun one. Temperature isnt horribly high today but the humidity takes the heat index into the 100's. Dh's fire pager is going off non stop with weather alerts. Its dark out and I can hear the rumbling.
  13. Lyn I dont like to order online either. I know Hallmark started selling online and did some sleuthing on their website. Looks like that ornament was released Jan of this year. If you go through the different release dates it shows up under the available now filter.
  14. Not sure whats going on with Hallmark as the ornament releases have historically been mid July, 1st or 2nd weekend of Oct and then last of Nov beginning Dec. Yes back in the day I was one of those crazy people attending those midnight reveals or waiting outside at 6am for a store to open. All the stores around here that did special things for ornament debut have closed. Lyn I thought a Jan 2019 release was really weird especially since the box and somewhere on the ornament it will probably say 2018 but thats what is says in my 2018 Dream Book. Since it says on the website it would ship after July 14 makes me wonder if Jan is a misprint and makes me think it might be available now. I didnt pay attention to that one when I was in there last Sat. But I guess if you checked at a store and they said Jan then they dont have it in.