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  1. Its been a busy bonsai weekend. We had a bonsai master from Puerto Rico doing demos, lectures and workshop Sat and Sun with dinner Sat night. The trees the club buys for the master to work with are raffled off to members and for 10 years its never been us. Lookie at what dh won yesterday! Its a water jasmine. I had told.dh that I had wanted some cuttings to see if they would root and if I could keep them alive in the winter. Its not related to jasmine but the blooms smell like jasmine Tonight we will stop at Red Robin to use the last of my birthday freebies.
  2. Mary Jo I made 4 and should be able to take them to the PO on Tues
  3. Carol and Jessica glad to see you girls back and Mary Jo thanks for the update on Lea. Linda a big for the birthday card and nice letter. I appreciate that you took the time to mail me a card AND write a letter. Didn't get much time on the ville yesterday because by the time I had my work caught up there was absolutely (hey have you all noticed that a while back someone was wishing for spellcheck here and then it appeared not long after---- that is when you are using a computer) no signal all evening and most of the night. It usually at least blips in and out so I can manage to check a few things. The computer had been shut off for the day. I broke down and called the phone company about the pole along the highway being down. We noticed it Sun and it was still down yesterday when I went to town. I hated to call because even though the line is down I was able to connect to the internet on the computer the past couple of days. Yesterday I mailed a puffy full of little afghans off to badrhinogillett, a couple of lapghans and a few stockings off to W4W and 40 six inch squares off to Afghans for PRR. I almost have another lapghan ready for W4W and 30 more squares for PRR. I have one square ready for Terri's afghan and should get another done this evening. I have spent today doing my chores and prepping for a bonsai master weekend. I made a couple of pans of brownies, made our lunches, and sliced cheese for cheese and crackers, etc. I was buzzing right along and then all of a sudden I had no water. Thought they might be flushing the lines and port they use is across the road so I ran out to check only to notice the truck in my drive and the guy at our water meter. He was changing out our water meter because it didn't signal to them the last couple of times they read it. I just don't get why they don't knock on the door first and tell you they are cutting your water off. Glad I went down to talk with him since the meter is no longer the obvious look and see the dial kind. You have to lift a protective covering up and expose it to light to activate it so you can see the digital reading. I hate that I had so much inside work to get done as it is a perfect day to work outside. Its not terribly hot out and the humidity is low. There is a breeze from the north. DH will actually be cold this weekend and will have to dig out a long sleeved shirt as we will have lows in the 50's and highs not much beyond 70's and no humidity----cold for him, perfect for me.
  4. One done and about to start another.
  5. Good idea. I will make some.
  6. Yep Sandra is right. Dont give up. I lose my posts all the time not because of the site because my cell phone signal drops just as I hit submit. Sad to see Terri/LadySorce's husband passed away on Sun.
  7. I really like the colors. I had been wondering what a good lapghan size was for a round ripple.
  8. Today we are back in the miserable heat and humidity. So far I have the laundry going and have painted 5 gnomes and 1 rabbit. Linda I thought of you when I was painting the gnomes and the time you said Rene' wanted one painted purple. I may have to resort to other colors as I am nearly out of the gray I use. Cant connect to internet on laptop but there is a phone line pole snapped off and the phone line laying on the ground towards town. Some still without power from Sat nights storm.
  9. We are having another somewhat comfortable day out although still hotter than I really like. I have been working on getting the gnomes, rocks and solar lights put back ( we moved them to have the roof done). I noticed the bird bath and a few of the guys needed a new paint job so I stopped to do that. Turned out I kept finding one more thing that needed painting so it turned into an all day job with more to do another day. Gonna need more paint. I have sixteen squares together (I join as I put the last round on) for another lapghan and starting on the border. Katy if you logged on with the temporary password and then changed the password on your account you would use the password you changed to from then on any time you sign in regardless of the device you are using.
  10. The last two are lapghans and are 32 to 34 inches square and will be going to Warmth for Warriors a group that supports our military - active duty and vets.
  11. The storms have passed for a few days and the sun is out. Its a much more comfortable day out---not as hot and much lower humidity. Katy I have 60 six inchers to mail off to the lady assembling afghans for prr. I made these lapghans for w4w.
  12. Well Katy I made this batch of squares to send off to the lady that puts afghans together for prr. So far there are 60 six inchers
  13. Love the way it turned out!