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  1. Blocking is not going to fix that. Do you have exactly the same number of stitches in your last row as your first row? Did you use the same hook? Are your first and last stitches made in the proper place? https://www.edieeckman.com/2019/08/28/where-to-put-the-first-stitch-of-a-crochet-row/ If your answer is yes to all the above then your tension is getting tighter as you work. Happens to me all the time and I have to pull it out and try again.
  2. Lea yes I can believe it took this long for you to get rested up. That was one heck of a week. Hopefully they will get jail time. Lyn hoping the shots work. Mary Jo can you tell if your first one is helping. The right side of my face is numb all the way to my ear as I just got back from getting my permanent crown and prepped for the next one. Yesterday went with sis to look at another place. It was one of the places we seriously considered. She has lots of emotional/mental hurdles to work thru. She has lots of space in her house and a large yard. The units they show
  3. Depends. On the fiber, type of crookedness, and how crooked it is. Some fibers block better than others but if its way off blocking wont fix it. If its crooked because its a big granny square blocking isnt going to help much. Cotton blocks better than acrylic. You can always give it a try. A photo would be helpful.
  4. Sorry I messed up in going back and forth and didnt catch it was a ch 2 not ch 1 between the clusters so I said ch 1 spaces. Its says 12 chain spaces so you count the ch 1 and the ch 2 spaces. If you highlight the ch 2 spaces you will have 12.
  5. Out and busy but quickly. You have one ch sp in the center of each cluster ( cluster chain cluster) which equals 4 Then you have a ch sp on both sides of your cluster sequences which equals 8
  6. bgs


    Something big enough to fit a queen bed is going to be very heavy and I would be very surprised if it didnt strtch at least a little bit. If you are not careful in supporting it when you put it on the bed and take it off the bed there is a good risk of stretching it. Same when washing it. Some stitches and yarn will be worse than others. I too thought what Granny Square thought and you never said whether your stitch count increased or not as that is very easy to do. Its very important to always count your stitches. Placement of first and last stitches is very important. https://www.ed
  7. I have an apple dishcloth pattern that I use for making hotpads. I have made it many times and there is one round that I always get lost in. I finally wrote it out breaking it up so I could follow it---- Now not to lose that piece of paper before it gets written on the back of pattern or at least stapled to pattern.
  8. rnd 3 right side facing you, join green with sl st in ch 1 sp in center of any petal ch 1, sc in same sp ch 1, work (cluster ch cluster) in next ch 1 sp, ch 1 note this is worked between the petals *sc in next ch 1 sp note now you are working in the center of the next petal work (cluster ch 1 cluster) in next ch 1 sp, ch 1 note this is worked between petals rpt from * two more times join with sl st to first sc finish off I do something like the above. You can write everything out long hand and not use abbreviations. Where it says to go bac
  9. Going to be out for a bit will do when I get back.
  10. O you do not finish off between each petal. The good thing is you selected a pattern that seems to be well written. There are a lot of patterns out there that are in an abbreviated form and many do not follow the general accepted standards in crochet patterns. Even a good pattern can be confusing to follow. I often have to rewrite confusing parts putting a small sequence per line so I dont get lost in the pattern.
  11. You have a lot of stitches in round 2 so it does not lay flat. Basically on round 3 you sc in the ch space in the middle of each petal and make the two clusters in the ch space between the petals (with addition of ch between clusters and again between the sc and clusters. This is what I got. The purple would be your green. In this shot I tried to push the petals flat. This one I let the petals pop up
  12. Granny Square I know a lady that swears by this join but I just cant bring myself to try/trust it. Kdoll dont feel bad I have to pull things out all the time and start over. I have accidentally clipped an end way too short and had to pull out a lot to get back to it. I tell myself it was good practice on working on a stitch and my tension.
  13. I was hoping he left you tiny bit more. I have repaired afghans by overlapping ends and stitching them together with sewing thread in a matching color trying to hide join up in or under other stitches but I was able to finagle an overlap of a quarter to a half inch. Some people use fabric glue to hold their ends in place but I dont see how it would be secure enough to hold the ends together. At this point it seems to me like best thing to do is pull it apart so you can at least reuse the yarn.
  14. Mona glad to hear that batch of rain missed you. Its been in the 100's here last few days. We could use some rain as plants are looking stressed. Judy another nice set. I think I finally got another prayer shawl finished except for working in ends. I will look at for awhile and hopefully I wont have to rip this one out too. Spent yesterday with a couple of bonsai friends. Had lunch and showed them around here. We could use meeting rooms here at no charge once in awhile if the group wants to. A bonsai master from Puerto Rico will be here Fri and Sat. Looking forward to seein
  15. How many ends are there and were they clipped really close?
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