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  1. Katy glad your dr appointment went well. Glad you didnt get hurt from the fall. These new washers are really different. I think most are he and have sensors that control the water levels depending on your load. Some washers tell the dryer how to dry each load. Its too high tech for me. My sister and I also think they are harder on your clothes. My blood pressure is like that too. I didnt know they had a name for it. The longer they make me wait before taking it the higher it goes. I have to shut my eyes and focus on my breathing. Sandra We had our medicare 101 class today. Until a couple of years ago I did not realize how complicated getting old could be. I have stayed up tonight thinking about things and trying not to have a major anxiety attack. Its hard when someone else is making all the decisions.
  2. Tribble Pearl was a cutie. I love the ones with her rocking those sun glasses. Mary Jo at first I thought Krys painted the eggs ( because we know she is that talented) until I read what she posted about them in another thread. What special keepsakes she has entrusted to you! Carole dont give up. There is most always another way. In the grand scheme of things this just isnt it and most likely for a good reason that is yet to be revealed. More importantly dont let yourself fall too deep into depression over it. Cloudy here this morning but warm out. Its supposed to rain off and on all weekend. Have a class on medicare this afternoon at the library. Katy last night I struggled but got on side of those round hotpads done. Normally I can do the whole thing in the same amount of time.
  3. for Carol's spring break! Sandra so glad to hear Bo is better. Mary Jo those eggs are just gorgeous. Carole I am so sorry your plans didnt work out and like every one else do not want to lose you. I will really really miss you. Lyn I am glad working on the nests helps stop your hands from aching. They are going to need your nests after all these storms. Katy I am struggling to get a lapghan done. I think I am ready to work in ends. Normally I could have done 3 or 4 in the time this one has taken.
  4. What a wonderful package. The eggs are exquisite.
  5. I tried and it does not work for me either. I guess you can try reporting it but the admins havent been around much.
  6. Lyn guess your car started acting up again since its got an appointment at the shop. Glad the storm missed you. Carol hope your dad can fix that washer. A warm brownie sounds good--might have to bake a batch. Sandra glad to see you took time to check in. Hopefully things will settle down before long. This afternoon is supposed to be sunny and warm.
  7. Congratulations. I am not surprised at your winning awards. Your work is outstanding.
  8. Pretty squares Katy. I did get squares put together for a lapghan but still working on border. Lyn glad you have received enough 1st round grannies. Its been a sunny day with a chilly wind.
  9. Thanks Mary Jo. I really miss Lea. I didnt realize she was expecting another grandson. 31 nests for Lyn. Just 19 to go. You are in the home stretch. Hope your onc visit went well. Found any rocks lately? Katy started out cool and sunny but clouds have moved in. Sounds good that you are working up those little balls. I am having problems motivating myself to pick up my crochet hook.
  10. Krys your bunny jars are cute as can be. Your baskets and eggs are exquisite. I love them. I have read a little on the Ukranian psanky because of a class in it I wanted to but did not get to take. The intricate designs and beeswax resist method are fascinating.
  11. Tribble I like the Pirates movies too---cool name for her. Goodness you are going to be busy. Congrats on going back to college and the weight loss. Glad you liked the card. I put pots of gold and gold coin stickers on the envelope with Little Trib in mind. Hope they got Mr. Trib"s blood sugar stabilized----thats a scarey situation.
  12. Its a cold rainy day here but at least its warm enough that it is rain. Got our taxes in earlier this month. Since my last post we can add that the neighbor's big male sheep has been over in our yard. I cooked corn beef and cabbage for dh on Fri. We were busy Sat between bonsai all day and a dulcimer concert thst evening. Today we went to a class on Social Security at the library and Fri we go to one on Medicare.
  13. Cindy congrats on the job! I love the library and way back when it was time to pick a career librarian was my dream job. Even though I dont read like I did back then I still love the library. Matter of fact we just got back from a class on social security held at one library and Fri we go to another branch for a class on medicare. Last Dec we attended a dulcimer concert at yet another branch. We spend a lot of Sun afternoons at the genealogy branch. The library system made major changes to their hours Jan 1 by opening nearly all the branches on Sun afternoons and other days opening at 10am instead of 9 am but extended evening hours. Sooo I am excited for you! I have no tv reception today because of the rain. This happened last year so I have already done the trouble shooting and even purchased the piece that I believe is at fault (transformer that connects outdoor antenna to coax cable). I think after 20 years in the weather its protective coating has worn off in places so rain is getting in to the cable. Reception comes back after it dries out and last year to test that theory dh put plastic wrap around it and it has worked okay when it rained until now. I am sure by now the plastic wrap has worn away. If I could only get the wingnuts loose I could easily fix it myself. The outside handle broke on the screen door this morning. Waiting for the rain to quit before trying to put a new one on.
  14. Cute stuffies Mary Jo. Have you heard from Lea lately? I was wondering if the granddaughter has arrived and if all were ok. Katy I forgot to add that I mailed grannyannie just a birthday card a couple of weeks ago and said I didnt know if she still wanted squares or not. Dont know if we will hear back from her or not but I tried. Cold rainy day here. 40° but real feel is 25. Temps will drop a bit in the next couple of days so there may be some snow flurries.
  15. Both cute and I am sure will be well loved.