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  1. Wowowowowowow, HI EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can an old friend stop by??? lol I hope everyone is doing well, love seeing the new 'Ville AND especially loved seeing this thread still active. I wanted to show you that I FINALLY started joining my beautiful squares some of y'all made me into an afghan. Here is it after I joined all the squares, I'm currently working on a border so I'll post another picture when it's totally finished: As I was laying them out, I couldn't believe how easily they all went together, even though different people made them, y'all are awesome! So what's been going on with you? Are there still squares to be swapped? I might end up with some time and can send some out if there's still a list! Hugs all around!!
  2. so glad you like everything! The ornament was my first time trying anything like that, I usually don't work with thread or tiny hooks so I was afraid it would tank. LOL Thanks for being my partner!
  3. so glad you like everything! The ornament was my first time trying anything like that, I usually don't work with thread or tiny hooks so I was afraid it would tank. LOL Thanks for being my partner!
  4. Thank you for posting these pics!!!! Every single bit was such a treat!
  5. Wowowowow got my box from Becky today and oh my goodness, it's amazing! I need to send both her and Tiffany some extra swag!!! Becky was a hooking MACHINE and sent such beautiful things, dish cloth, hand towel, ornaments, Santa door hangy thingie, a sweet snow man and the stocking is GINORMOUS. Hanging on my wall as we speak! She also sent some awesomeeeeeeeee dark chocolate goodies, recipe cards and a note pad. Plus she so thoughtfully sent my girls a gift bag fulls of crafts, candy and a doll, all of their favorite things. lol THANK YOU SO MUCH BECKY!!!!!
  6. Hope you gals are having a great time!!!! Thanks for the compliments on my girls everyone, they'll do I suppose. lol
  7. Thank you so much, it was a lot of fun! lol She's definitely dramatic! Thank you so much!!! Congrats to you and your son, dragnlady5! Congrats on the weight loss, Cindy, that is awesome!!
  8. I got my box from tiffer93 today and everything is gorgeous! I can't get over the bells on the stocking, love it!!! She was even nice enough to think of my girls, thank you for the awesome box, Tiffany!!! I hope you get yours soon!!! A stocking, gorgeous hat/cowl, a fantastic hook case (I needed one so bad, lol), sweets, ornaments, such a thoughtful package!!!
  9. Okay so funny story before getting into Nutcracker chaos, lol, KATY: So my 4 year old saw your avatar with the granny squares and said, "Hey look, that one is Sadness, that one is Anger, that one is Joy and that one is Disgust but there's no Fear one." Not sure if you've seen the movie "Inside Out" but I thought that was cute. LOL ANYHOO Our first Nutcracker experience is over and holy crap, I am still tired. lol I worked backstage for all 6 shows, my 7 year old was a Little Angel in 3 of them. We're exhausted but it was a lot of fun, looking forward to next year's although I'm more than happy to wait another 365 days. lol This year was the company's 33rd year of performing the Nutcracker and it was fun to be a part of it! Here are a couple of pics! Audrey in her costume: A shot with Clara: And this is a picture with the Sugar Plum Fairy, also one of her teachers, lol:
  10. Wonderful package, everything is so cute! Well, Nutcracker is over and both of my boxes are packed! They'll go out today,
  11. Ha Katy, I'm the same way with Coke Zero. lol I'm sorry for the losses that have happened recently. I'm thinking about you guys and your families! Nutcracker is happening this weekend. We have a technical rehearsal tonight, dress rehearsal tomorrow, then performances on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. My poor 4 year old has to be dragged around and stashed backstage (I'm working the shows, lol) and I've got to somehow figure out when DD can eat between classes and then going straight to the theater. Adult-ing is hard!!!!!! lol
  12. Hi everyone! I'm going to be rightttttttttttttt on the deadline to mail my boxes, Nutcracker is this weekend and it's rehearsals and chaos from here on out! lol! But they'll be out on time!
  13. Wowzers, that 'ghan turned out AMAZING!!! I still need to get mine together. lol I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving! It was great here, make some creamy leftover turkey soup last night, that was good! We're STILL battling colds over here, driving me nuts right at our big week of Nutcracker. lol But we march on! And it's December tomorrow, whaaaaa??? lol
  14. Fantastic box and love that tissue cover! Thanks for the link too!
  15. Hi all! Thanksgiving isn't until tomorrow and I'm already exhausted. LOL I like to do a lot of the prep work the day before, went ahead and made my pumpkin pie because it's a new recipe and if I fail I can run out and just buy something for dessert. LOL We'll do our annual Thanksgiving Eve tradition of watching A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving while eating toast, pretzels, popcorn and jelly beans. It highwires the girls right before bed but they love it. lol Have a good night everyone! Hapy Thanksgiving eve!
  16. I was getting ready to put the beautiful tissue cozy I won from Katy on its first box of tissue when Audrey came in and said, "Oooooo pretty hat!" I thought you would get a kick out of that, Katy! And I will definitely post a picture of her in her costume! We actually had to buy something called "cheer hair" which is basically this ponytail full of fake curls. lol This has been an experience! In other news, I THOUGHT I was done going to the store for Thanksgiving but yeah right. lol I have to go back today for Cool Whip and trash bags. I really hope that's IT. lol Also, going to get my haircut again. I chopped it ALL off last month in a pixie cut and it's already too long so I need a trim! lol Hope everyone has a great day! I'll pop back in before Thanksgiving!
  17. We have our last Nutcracker rehearsal until the week before performance and I am THRILLED. Mommy needs a break. LOL Got pictures taken today in her costume, then a rehearsal, then 2 classes on Monday and then I am DONE with ballet taxi until after Thanksgiving. I hope everyone that is dealing with illness and/or other issues find some peace soon. I'm thinking about all of you!
  18. Yay for extra $$$ and YAY for overstuffed stockings!!! Holy SMOKES you two! Both of these packages are awesome! I need to up my game here, people!
  19. Hi everyone, I'm totally behind on posts again! lol I had that problem with my teeth too, totally brushed and flossed all the time and still had a lot of cavities. NOT.FUN. I hope everyone is doing okay! Katy, I'm going to PM you to update my preferences for next year! Thanksgiving next week! How is that possible???
  20. I cannot WAIT to see what's in the boxes that have started rolling in! I'm going shopping today for my last bit of things, need to finish making some stuff, oh...and find boxes to send it all in! lol Hope everyone has a great day!
  21. Good morning! I hope everyone is feeling better today! We're all battling colds and whatnot AGAIN. lol So we're hopefully on the tail end of that!
  22. Good morning ladies! I hope everyone has a great day! I'm just about finished with both of my stockings and their relative stuffings. lol Just need to figure out a couple more things before I'm through for sure.
  23. Hi everyone! Can't wait to see what's in the packages that are flying around! We're really fighting sickness around here but I'm hoping we'll be back to normal soon. I've got one stocking finished, one halfway done, little something made so I'm getting there! Can you believe Thanksgiving is next week?!?!?!
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