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    Maria Vazquez
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    I'm a 38-year-old court reporter in Southern California. My favorite days are breezy and sunny, preferably spent outside. I love everything crochet. I have to be dragged away from yarn! When I'm not crocheting or working on yet another transcript, I try to play the violin a little. I play; it groans. LOL
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    Bellflower, California
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    Crochet, violin, reading, cooking
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    Deposition Reporter/Stenographer
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    Baby items, though I'm expanding
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    Started 1978, sporadically. Earnestly since 12/2009

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  1. Hi, everyone! I'm writing this before I forget to do it. I used to be a happy member of this group. Life events got in the way. I suffered a stroke. I lost some memory and eyesight which totally cramped my crojo. I've adjusted, thank God. I am hoping to finally start sending squares out soon. Greetings and hugs to everyone!
  2. I love it! I keep forgetting that that yarn is out. It looks fun to work with.
  3. The most wonderful thing just happened! I was hesitant to purchase the Crochet World issue or the book for the Sweetheart Ripple pattern. The ol' lightbulb went on. I have a current subscription to the magazine, and I was able to download the issue from the archives, free of charge! I'm renewing the subscription asap. lol. Okay, so it's not so wonderful to everyone, but it's great for me
  4. Thank you for the info! I was able to snag the only one on ebay. I am eager to start on these soon. Have a wonderful day
  5. Cuteness overload! Which doll exactly is this? I have to get one!
  6. It's gorgeous! I can imagine an outfit for the doll and a matching outfit for a little girl. TFS
  7. It's beautiful! I like the pattern even for preemies. TFS
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