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    I'm a 38-year-old court reporter in Southern California. My favorite days are breezy and sunny, preferably spent outside. I love everything crochet. I have to be dragged away from yarn! When I'm not crocheting or working on yet another transcript, I try to play the violin a little. I play; it groans. LOL
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    Started 1978, sporadically. Earnestly since 12/2009

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  1. Hi, everyone! I'm writing this before I forget to do it. I used to be a happy member of this group. Life events got in the way. I suffered a stroke. I lost some memory and eyesight which totally cramped my crojo. I've adjusted, thank God. I am hoping to finally start sending squares out soon. Greetings and hugs to everyone!
  2. You're so funny! I'm the terrible one for not checking in. It's on my to-do list to keep in touch more often. Earlier I posted what I thought I needed. Scratch that, please. I found more squares. Remember that beautiful friendshipghan that I made out of the squares I gathered here? I had to repair at a continuous join junction because it got caught in the washer. Today I found two rips at the centers of two squares. I'm afraid of checking the rest. My niece's cousins spent the weekend, and the youngest did it. It's in two separate places. That indicates to me that it wasn't an accident. I am so mad! I hope I can repair the tears. Once I do, I'm considering putting it away until she's older. My SIL wasn't concerned and didn't think it was necessary to save it for when my niece is older. She's got her good qualities, but taking care of possessions has never been one of them. Ugh! That got me to thinking that with a dog in my other niece's house that often jumps up on her bed, the one I'm currently collecting squares for will end up the same. I've reconsidered making her a big afghan. I decided to make it smaller so it's more of a throw and it's not used to cover her bed. After that one, I'm only making them for myself or my dad and stepmom. Okay. Rant over. As you were
  3. Hi, ladies! I'm baaaaaack! Time flies when you're having fun, right? I've been almost three months at my job. I love it! I even get to crochet and knit during down times. The people are great, and the location is ideal. I finally took pictures of my squares all together. Here is my count: Six 12-inch squares Twenty-nine 6-inch squares Twenty-six 3-inch squares I estimate that I need: Twelve 12-inch squares Six 6-inch squares I estimate that I'm going to mail out two puffies next week. Yay! I am sad to say that I've lost the title of Night Owl. I am often asleep by 10. What a scandal! How is everyone? What have I missed? Hugs to you all Maria
  4. Hi! I promise to catch up sometime this week with the posts I've missed, but I wanted to thank Viking and cshort for the beautiful squares! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I will give a count this week. I start my new job tomorrow. Eeeek!
  5. Thanks, bgs! You get to choose what yarn weight you want to use. I've seen from thread to chunky. The thread is crazy! I'm using worsted weight yarn and an I hook. I crochet a little tightly, and since I want Sophie for my queen-sized bed, I am using a bigger hook than I normally use with worsted weight yarn. I think that I read that the final size of your Sophie will be a tenth or so of the ultimate size. I didn't measure mine; so I have no idea what size it will be yet. You can use as little as one color and increase from there. I will link here two things: 1, the Facebook page in case you want to make it and join the group; and, 2, the blog page that explains the way it works and the colors she used. 1. Official CCC Social Group 2. Blog information post I hope you join in. It's fun seeing it grow and get prettier. Choose the colors that call to you, and start. I don't think there's a wrong way to make Sophie
  6. Thank you. I don't like ends either, but I'm weaving at the end of every part. That way, I don't worry about dealing with them when the CAL ends. It's not bad at all
  7. Yes, it was Lisa (snowflake5156) that passed away last year. I posted to let everyone know. I found out some months after she passed because we were Facebook friends and someone posted on her wall that they missed her and may she rest in peace. It was a big shock. I would want my friends here to know when I pass. I wonder how I can do that. I'll have to find a Crochetville heir just like Facebook has a Facebook heir One more weekday that I'm free before my job! Yay!!
  8. Thank you, Charis and Gardener. I've made four blocks in the first CAL, and I've squared up the Sophie. I think Sophie makes any color combinations good, even using just one color. I just wish we didn't have to wait 20 weeks for the end Here are my updated photos
  9. Hi, ladies! Greetings The hardest part for me was deciding what color to make the center flower with, but once I started, I just went from there. I use my inspiration photo to help out, but now I just change it up so at times there are more light colors together, then darks together, and then a mixture, always alternating. Sometimes I want the flower rounds to look like flowers with the green stems, and other times I want it to be a little more uncommon. It's just a matter of changing it up. Throwing in a bold, unexpected color helps too. Post pictures of yours so we can admire yours I hope you had a relaxing time with the show and your rainbow afghan
  10. Yarnscrapper, the tutorials are superb. I frogged for the first time yesterday. It was my fault. I didn't check my count, and I completely skipped the last stitch two rounds before that I needed for the one I was working. I had to frog all the way back, and these are bigger rounds. Oh, well. It worked out because I wasn't happy with the colors. I started that round with a new color, but then when I was back to the round I had initially reached, I ran out of yarn after making one side I can't buy yarn for a couple of weeks, but I am starting another one with scraps this time. I'm obsessed! Oh, they also have video tutorials, though those are not available as quickly as the new parts. They are two weeks behind. I haven't had to use them. Take the plunge! pineknott and everyone else, I hope you keep warm. TTFN Maria
  11. I love this sweater! I don't know what you think is wrong, but I think it's fabulous
  12. It's so expensive to go the ER. It's ridiculous what they charge and what they're charging for. Let's see what his doctor says. Sophie makes any color combination look awesome. You start to doubt your color combinations, but I make sure that I alternate dark and light tones, playing up the colors, and she ends up looking good no matter what. I think that variegated colors are harder to use here, but as long as they are surrounded by solids, they are okay. I've stopped comparing mine to the others because it doesn't help. I'm sticking to my inspiration piece. I hope you start one too. You're going to love her even more! Ouch! I hate when that happens. I seem to find exactly the things I knew to be careful about. Heal soon! Have fun with Sister and Peanut Good night, ladies
  13. Oops! I forgot to post a picture of the lovely yarn that yarn_monkey sent me. It included a beautiful, cheery flower card. Thank you!
  14. I agree with you that the '80s just happened! I don't know what they're talking about, lol. The tortillas are so yummy there! Many small towns have those places where they turn your dry maize into masa and make your tortillas. You would be in heaven! The other thing is that sodas are so much better because they all use real cane sugar, not beet sugar. The first thing we would have in Mexico was a Coke. My brother is hanging in there. He has had a headache for days at the base of his skull. One day he jumped up from bed and yelled because it suddenly hit out of nowhere and wouldn't stop. So they went to the ER after the third day, and after a CAT scan, an MRI, and blood tests, they didn't give him a thing. Yes, his bp and glucose levels are high (he's diabetic), but they don't treat that; only his primary treating physician can treat it. They didn't even give him anything to try to control the pain. He has insurance, but with his co-pay and deductible, it cost an arm and a leg, and they didn't do anything. I don't understand why, after agreeing that it could be related to the high blood pressure and high glucose levels, they still performed an MRI. It's all so frustrating. I hope his appointment on Friday is more fruitful. Thanks We think it's his blood pressure and sugar, but he will hopefully find out on Friday. I'm so glad you got home safely!! Thank God, dragnlady5! You are hilarious! I think I would have used the extinguisher I hope everyone is doing well. Get warm, and keep safe! Here's another Sophie progress photo. I have finished Part 5 of the 7 that have been released so far.
  15. Oh, no, there is absolutely nothing romantic about it. You would think that this was decades and decades ago, but it was in the mid '80s (okay, so it was three decades ago). I don't know about you, but I don't consider that time to be very old. My age is showing! We also would have to go to the place where they made the tortillas every morning. The advantage was that they were hot and fresh and ready to eat. However, in my dad's hometown in Zacatecas (interior of Mexico), my dad's oldest sister would give us "nixtamal," which is really maiz, so we could take it to the "molino" -- which is a word for grinder, but this was a place where they ground it -- and then they would grind it down and make our tortillas with it. It was fun! Having a billy goat chase you while looking for the turkey eggs was not fun, though. Oh, the stories I could tell! Except for the bathroom situation, it was my favorite time when we'd visit family. I didn't sleep last night. I was up till about 6 a.m. I was about to go to bed when my SIL knocked and told me she was taking my brother to the ER; could I please watch my niece. I think I was asleep for half an hour when she was up and didn't let me sleep after that. I'm ready to sleep! Everyone have a wonderful Sunday Maria
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