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    I miss my husband but God's grace is sufficient for each day.. whether you want it to be or not.
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    crocheting, motorcycle riding, I love tortoises, horses, hedgehogs, making people smile
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    Web Design
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    I used to hate grannies but they are my favorite now, afghans, african patched animals, totes, just about anything
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    Off and on since my Grandma taught me as a child

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  1. Hi everyone. Sorry I've been mia so long. It's been a rough year so far. Dad had back surgery in Jan. 2 heart attacks at easter. they said 100% blocked in all 3 arteries and didn't give us much hope. They were with God's help able to stent 2 of them though with 7 stents. He needs the 3rd done but were wanting to wait until strength got back up but then his kidneys started messing up. Was up at 2 am yesterday to take him for kidney surgery (2 large stones) but they weren't able to get through to do anything so put in a stent and go back in 2 weeks and then maybe they can do the heart. That and
  2. Hi everyone. Dad had his surgery the 19th and it went ok other than a scare in the recover (nurse's fault). He was on the trauma unit floor for 4 days. I drove back and forth every day to check on them and make mom eat. He is home now and gets staples out tomorrow so another trip to the city. I 'think' it helped. The dr came in and told him what a mess his back is (like we didn't know). Not much bone left in spots. He is still very weak and in pain but I think it's surgery pain, not the debilitating pain he was in before. Time will tell. I am still exhausted but trying to catch up work now. Th
  3. So sorry about Mozart. I know how bad it hurts to lose a furbaby. Prayers for comfort. I have been so stressed it's not funny. With fighting for dad's surgery, taking him back and forth to all the appointments in OKC (I HATE driving in the city but my mom isn't very good at it and scares her so I get to) and then I found out my websites have been dropped from Google grrr. I've designed sites for over 15 yrs and never had a problem but they go pull changes and boom, mine's gone. So, after 3 days of a near nervous breakdown, I have it figured out I think.. I have to rebuild the sites on a d
  4. Wowzers!! Love it... well, love them all! She is going to be amazed!
  5. Love love love these. I used to cross stitch a lot as well. I quit because of eye sight too. I was just lamenting a piece that got lost, a half finished Red Skelton I was making for my hubby when he passed. I have been toying with restarting it but not sure how I feel about it since he's passed on. I love your bibs though.. and the designs you used are awesome.
  6. That is beautiful. Was it hard? I've been wanting to try but not brave enough yet lol
  7. That is beyond adorable... and looks so soft! I'm sure he'll love it.
  8. Thank you all. They do make some that is half as wide or some that are half as tall if you are tight on space.
  9. So cute! Especially love the little keychain type
  10. I'm so far behind, don't know if I can catch up but wanted to stop by and say I'm still kicking. I've been spending more time with my dad, last appointment monday and they are finally trying to get his surgery done (new surgeon) in the next 2-3 weeks. Been a rough couple months but we'll get through this. Hope you are all well. I've just been working on mostly scarves for the homeless. I did get a new storage place for my yarn and I love it. I posted a thread showing it. Can't thank my brother enough. Anyway, hope you are all doing ok and I'll try to catch up on the past posts over the next
  11. thanks everyone. here are a couple pics of the bulldog ones
  12. My brother gave me an Amazon gift card for Christmas and since I no longer have a bed in my extra bedroom (gave to my dad to put downstairs while he is bedridden), I decided to turn the extra room into a craft / doll room. I had yarn in baskets and plastic drawer bins and it was a mess to find anything. I've been trying to destash by making scarves for homeless in the area but wanted somewhere to put the yarn so I could see what I had. I came across these 'portable closets' and found a shoe closet. It's 10 shelves high and has a dust cover that you can zipper close. It came today and I lo
  13. omgosh love this. she and the outfit are beyond cute
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