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    I miss my husband but God's grace is sufficient for each day.. whether you want it to be or not.
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    crocheting, motorcycle riding, I love tortoises, horses, hedgehogs, making people smile
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    Web Design
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    I used to hate grannies but they are my favorite now, afghans, african patched animals, totes, just about anything
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    Off and on since my Grandma taught me as a child

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  1. Hi everyone. Sorry I've been mia so long. It's been a rough year so far. Dad had back surgery in Jan. 2 heart attacks at easter. they said 100% blocked in all 3 arteries and didn't give us much hope. They were with God's help able to stent 2 of them though with 7 stents. He needs the 3rd done but were wanting to wait until strength got back up but then his kidneys started messing up. Was up at 2 am yesterday to take him for kidney surgery (2 large stones) but they weren't able to get through to do anything so put in a stent and go back in 2 weeks and then maybe they can do the heart. That and
  2. sopo

    Lacy handbag

    Just stunning
  3. Cannot wait to see this finished. Are they crocheted or sewed together?
  4. Michael's has a big sale on loops and thread and free shipping over $50. Hobby Lobby has a sale on I love that cotton (which I DO!) for $2.66. I really like the I love that yarn as well. It's really soft. Red heart love is sort of a comparison to it. I'm checking out yarn to do one of those crocodile cardigans that was just posted. lol
  5. funny to know it's a problem for several. i have hair down to my bum and don't always remember to pull it back.
  6. all the time and then it's between trying to 'pull' said hair out and it breaks or frogging the stitches to be sure it's all out. lol the joys of long hair.
  7. 23 pink squares done. I'll try to mail out tomorrow but may be Monday. Please send me the address to send to. Thank you. ps, I am not going to say what hook I had to use to get it.
  8. that'll work. i'll figure it out or get as close as I can
  9. Pine knott, are you doing the pink then? I had thought I had more pink then I did so went and bought some but my I hook is not giving me a 4" so... if you are going to do them, I'll bow out. If not, I'll try to crochet bigger. lol
  10. Just can't get it right. lol my h hook is 3 1/2 inches. an I hook gets me to 3 3/4. figure a j hook is going to just look wonky compared to everyone elses. :/ sorry
  11. That was with only chaining 1 between corners. lol I had to go down to an F
  12. ok, I'm getting 3 1/2" on 3 rounds with an h hook so not sure what to do.
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