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  1. Your placemats are so cheerful! I LOVE the colors and anything gingham. I think that seeing your placemats have given me just the little nudge that I need to make a set for my own table. I’ve had this pattern for quite some time but haven’t attempted it.
  2. For those who are interested ...Mary Buse Melick's Icicle Angel Ornament is now available at the Annie's site as a downloadable pattern. https://www.anniescatalog.com/detail.html?prod_id=128653
  3. They're all beautiful. I love them!
  4. They're both so pretty especially the white/turquoise one.
  5. Oh my goodness...those outfits are beyond adorable. You do such fantastic work. Thank you so very much for sharing your patterns!
  6. Very striking afghan. Great job!
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