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  1. Finished a few more. https://forum.crochetville.com/topic/161516-ministockings-for-warmth-for-warriors/  .
  2. bgs


    This year I started making shawls and have fallen in love with darski's Green with Envy Shawl pattern and Lion Brand Mandala cakes. I used 2 cakes and I hook. https://forum.crochetville.com/topic/151991-my-green-with-envy-shawl-pattern/?tab=comments#comment-2637283 Color: Wood Nymph Color: Gnome Color: Troll
  3. I made it back! Yes Mary Jo I can not believe how long it now takes me to accomplish things. I have no idea how I pulled those 10 hour shifts at the hospital kept the yard mowed, take care of housework and help raise my niece. And yes that is plan z---plan of last resort. Take my clothes, my lawn chair, tv, my crochet stuff, and put some diet coke in the fridge . It is a viable option. Thats what keeps me from stroking out about it. Dont know if I told you all that last week at church dh had a senior moment and got poised to drop our money in the cracker plate but recovered a row or two before it made it to us. Pastor has been moving around service order. Dh didnt realize I noticed until I told him later. Said I was losing it too because I found my peanut butter in the fridge but he confessed he did that trying to be helpful. (Music from Twilight Zone playing thru head). More ministockings completed and a babyghan for Project Linus. https://forum.crochetville.com/topic/161516-ministockings-for-warmth-for-warriors/ https://forum.crochetville.com/topic/161514-jamie-afghan-for-project-linus/ 
  4. More ministockings completed and a babyghan for Project Linus. https://forum.crochetville.com/topic/161516-ministockings-for-warmth-for-warriors/ https://forum.crochetville.com/topic/161514-jamie-afghan-for-project-linus/
  5. Finished another batch of stockings for W4W. These are great for using up those small balls of yarn and bits that wont even make one round of a granny square. I use an H hook and this pattern with a few modifications. http://www.amyscrochetpatterns.com/2014/11/crochet-mini-christmas-stocking.html?m=1 One modification is that I have starting using the method in this pattern for the heel----so there is no sewing the heel closed. https://www.thecrochetblog.net/crochet-newborn-socks-free-crochet-pattern/
  6. Realized I had only posted these in a CAL and not here. I made these last year for Warmth for Warriors (they are not collecting lapghans this year) out of Hobby Lobby's I Love This Yarn in an effort to move yarn out. The pattern is darski's 10 point round ripple. https://forum.crochetville.com/topic/152570-my-10-point-rr/?tab=comments#comment-2644479 They were amazingly soft.
  7. Found some yarn in the attic-----Lana Moro, Firenza Print, acrylic, sport weight and made this blanket for Project Linus using Lion Brand's Jamie pattern. https://m.lionbrand.com/item/313435353231?origin_referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ravelry.com%2F Sorry photos are not terribly good.
  8. bgs


    I feel the same way about Granny Square and feel very lucky she is here. I learn a lot from reading her replies to requests for help. I try to jump in and help when I can but often I can only ask for basic information so it will be there when she checks in.
  9. That is fabulous! I love how it turned out.
  10. bgs

    Jeannine Square

    I guess I dont have that book. I just crocheted a first round to show where to place hook for a double treble I am sure it does not match your pattern. This is what I suspect you are doing. This is what you need to do
  11. bgs

    Jeannine Square

    This pattern is where learned to work double trebles. It might be a good one to practice on to get used to making the stitch. There are more open spaces so you might be better able to see what is going on. https://forum.crochetville.com/topic/126166-trebling-granny-square-12x12inches-2-images/?tab=comments#comment-2244036
  12. Been back and forth here this morning and not had to log in yet. Donna I never realized how complicated growing old was like figuring out medicare. Let alone one day realizing I cant work as hard or long as I did a few years ago. Thunderstorm rolled in at 2am this morning. Got a nice rain.
  13. bgs

    Jeannine Square

    Ok good on making the stitch correctly. Now I think the problem is you are making your stitch encompassing. the doubles of the previous row rather than between them so you arent getting those twists at the bottom. You want to insert your hook in the ring between those double crochets and make your double treble so it lays on top of the doubles not encircling them. That way you get those twists at the bottom.
  14. bgs


    Luke welcome to Crochetville. Granny squares are a great way to work on building your crochet skills. I prefer smaller projects myself. We love seeing photos and hearing about everyones work. There is a show and tell section for that. Hope you join in on the chatter in the CAL' s (crochet alongs). I saw your request for help and had a couple of questions for you that will hopefully help us to better help you.
  15. bgs

    Jeannine Square

    I am not sure from your picture if you are making your double treble correctly. So to double check is this how you are making them?https://www.anniescatalog.com/crochet/content.html?content_id=6 If you are making them that way then it could be a tension thing as sometimes mine can be loose like that so I have to slow down and be very deliberate while working the loops off my hook. I dont know what part of the world you are in and want to make sure you realize that there is a difference between UK and US crochet terminology and you always need to know which terminology your pattern is using. Scroll down for conversion chart https://www.craftyarncouncil.com/standards/crochet-abbreviations#term-differences A UK double crochet is not the same as a US double crochet but is a US single crochet.
  16. Heat index is 103°. Its the 20th of July and I hear fireworks or a lot of gunshots. Its supposed to drop down in the 60's and then get hot again. Spent the day with the Prairie Dulcimer Club. They brought in a special teacher and she was fabulous. At one time I was enjoying listening to 11 hammer dulcimers 12 mountain dulcimers a guitar and fiddle. Several have commented to me how well dh is coming along. He really enjoys it. Tomorrow someone is coming for some of our beekeeping woodware. Need to find someone needing our extracting equipment at the beekeeper org that we belong to. Then checking with someone tomorrow afternoon or Mon to help us determine what our lawn tractor is worth. He sells used mowers and it was nice of him to offer to sell it for us if the neighbor decides he doesnt want it. Today decided we must put new tires on the suv. We were hoping to get rid of it before needing to do it but need it until after we get moved.
  17. Dont have a move date yet. We put down a refundable deposit on a dup at a senior place that is good until Oct 24. We have accepted an offer on our place. Hope to go over contract, get it signed and get it to title co this week. Neighbors said they would take it as is (it needs a lot of sprucing up) no inspections, we dont have to clean it up or out----can leave stuff behind, cash deal, adopt the 2 barn cats (which most likely were from their bunch to begin with) and give us plenty of time to get out. I was feeling really guilty over the cats but they in no way want to be house cats. Didnt have to use realtor and list it. Need funds from this sale to close at senior place. We currently have 5 acres to mow, trim brush, and cut down dead trees. Its just getting to be too much and would not be a good place for me to be should something happen to dh first. Almost any time we get in car its 100 mile round trip because almost everything we do is up that way -----dr, dentist, family, where we get our cars serviced, bonsai group, dulcimer group, and jobs before retiring. Things just seem to keep falling in place so it must be time. There are a lot of positives and so very much to be excited about but things could still fall through. We never really expected to financially qualify to live at this place so we are in shock. We have looked a lot through the years and this was always our first choice. April we thought we would talk to them one more time (crush the dream and then move on to the senior apts we found). The rep showed us some of the available units and I really liked this one. Someone had a hold on it for another week but let it go so we get a chance at it. The rep just said see where it goes. If it works out it was meant to be. We have looked at units there in the past but I never really liked them all that well. Then it just seems like an awful lot of money which totally freaks me out but after we close it is guaranteed home for life. It is continuous care and includes long term health insurance. They have assisted living, Alzheimer units, nursing home, visiting nurses and hospice, 2 hospitals nearby. The village has apartments, houses, duplexes, 7 restaurants. We have free use of its bowling alley, movie theater, outdoor pool, small indoor pool, aquacenter with much larger pool and hot tub, gym with exercise equipment. They have all kinds of groups activities including a CROCHET group. They have free transportation through out the village, and on certain days to Walmart, grocery stores and nearby doctor offices. Shopping mall across from village. We frequent this area and are very familiar with it even though we live 40 miles away. I will be close to my niece (it will be easier for her to keep watch over us when and if the time comes) and two sisters. And my other niece and nephew's grandma was just moved to assisted living there. I actually saw and visited with her last time we were there. Its no maintenance. They change the lightbulbs in ceiling, filters in furnace and refrigerator. We are only responsible for phone and internet (I will finally have high speed internet still on dialup here). They cover all other utilities including basic cable (antenna tv out here).Our cells have very good coverage but then we can use them on Wi-Fi. Fancier and newer stove, refrigerator, and microwave than here along with new carpet and fresh coat of paint. It has the stacked washer and dryer. Anything breaks just call to get it fixed. They will clean your carpet once a year, repaint and recarpet every 8 years. They have a little lake and free use of 9 hole golf course--- our unit is adjacent to a hole or two. No more dust from gravel road, no more both us spending 2 days shoveling snow after those record snowfalls, no long days on riding mower followed by another day with push mower and weedeater. A lot to look forward too but so much anxiety. Sorry if its tmi.
  18. I often think about those that have lost everything in these disasters. I have seen small towns around here that never really recovered from a tornado. It puts the thought of my impending move and mega downsize into perspective. I will get to at least choose what to keep. Its another very hot and very humid day. Currently with the Prairie Dulcimer Club enjoying the music of 11 hammer dulcimers, 12 mountain dulcimers, a guitar, and a fiddle. They brought in a special teacher today and she is fantastic.
  19. Nice job Mona! Sounds like a win win------using up scraps and a ghan for the nursing home.
  20. Mona those are wonderful--so bright and cheerful. I figured out to copy and paste on my phone some time ago but it can be fiddly with my fat fingers and small screen. I mistakenly let dh have the phone with the larger screen. Donna thanks for the link to the pattern.
  21. Donna I have suspected for about 4 upgrades ago the contact us feature does not work even if its there on the login page. My first clue was when I couldnt get logged in, tried it, and got no response. After a month or so I got back. That is what scares most of us. Not being able to login and not being able to contact someone for help. That is why some of us have exchanged email addresses. I am not on fb but Tampa Doll is so she checks for help there. A couple of years ago Amy gave us her @crochetville email but if it isnt checked regularly it doesnt help much.
  22. Thanks for adding the proper link. My fingers have been fumbly today and signal in and out--- mostly out
  23. Ok want you to see we will all have to log in Sun.
  24. That would be me. I think this is where I found the pattern https://traversebaycrochet-com.cdn.ampproject.org/v/traversebaycrochet.com/2018/02/13/crochet-jar-lid-opener/amp/?amp_js_v=0.1# but here is another http://happytomake.blogspot.com/2011/11/how-to-make-easy-jar-opener-gripper.html?m=1 I have also seen photos of round ones. As Mary Jo said cut out a piece of shelf liner. I found that the kind that was thick with the larger holes was easier to work with. Single crochet around it and if you want add another row or border of your choosing.
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