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  1. Thanks for the link. Somehow I missed that one.
  2. Judy love the afghan. It just screams springtime. Its great seeing everyones work. I think about crocheting but just too tired when I get home to pick up a hook. Glad to see so many checking in and that you are doing ok. Well I was joking with the first nurse that changed out the ostomy stuff on sis in the hospital about envisioning having to rig up something with duct tape and a ziploc bag. Yesterday it was starting to look like reality as niece scrambled to get supplies. We are just so frustrated almost to point of tears but they had problems in hospital and are way more experienced than we are. They say it can take awhile to find the right combination of supplies and that as your swelling and bloating goes down the supplies you need would change too. Mona we got our tax stuff delivered just before it got really crazy. I sort of wonder if they are in the office. I noticed tax people were one of the businesses allowed to be open but this office is in a building that connects to apartments and is locked---no visitors except those giving essential care and the staff who all have to check in with security and have their temps taken and answer questions. I had today off so caught up on some laundry, made a big pot of soup, and caught the pastors sermon live on fb. Niece needs me in the morning to help sis shower while she tries to track down more ostomy supplies. They have a drs appointment in the afternoon. Think I will try to go to store with dh to see what its like.
  3. Niece and I are struggling with sis's ostomy skin barriers not breaching. Niece was trying to get supplies yesterday to get thru weekend. I was sort feeling like my joke to the nurse in the hospital about having to rig something up with duct tape and a ziploc bag was going to become reality soon. They say its hard at first finding the right supplies that work for you and that your abdomen is changing from being swollen and bloated to back to normal. Niece did drive through yesterday to get ice cream for her mom and they said no charge. Made my niece cry. Its been hard taking care of her mom let alone the virus stuff. Today in our carryout from the village restaurant there was a drawing on a sticky note and it said remember to be great. Guess one of the employees kids are making them to stick in carryout bags. A couple of small gestures that meant the world to us.
  4. Dh is a grab and dash shopper. After shopping with him the first time after we were married I dreamed he was in such a rush at the store he would not let me run back and grab the hamburger that was on sale. Before we were married he bought the exact same thing every week at the store. Actually he did get my cantaloupe on his next trip back and it does taste better. I am not that crazy about honeydew and especially at that price.
  5. And Mary Jo we also have lots of those at one time almost extinct Canadian geese running around pooping all over the golf course.
  6. Ratdog hopefully the pay cut will just be temporary and things will get eventually get better. Krys my guess is you wont be able to get and fill that freezer until things settle down. Then is it worth it. If you dont rotate thru it fast enough it will freezer burn. If you lose power for very long its going to thaw so you have to try to use it all fast. Mary Jo will try to send rain. We got more last night. I dont know what the food situation is going to be like but its spring so its time to plant gardens. I have grown lettuce, onions, potatoes, tomatoes, radishes, etc in flower pots. There are cattle in fields not far from here but when my mind starts down that dark panic mode I start counting the squirrels outside my window. These little grays are not near as big as the reds are out where used to live.
  7. Judy glad to hear you are doing ok. I had been wondering about you. Glad to hear your friend is recovering from the virus. Cindy glad to hear bil tested negative. You retired just in time. Thats how I feel about us getting moved too. We are better off here as far as groceries. Shelves were pretty bare at store out there before we moved and they only got things in once per week. Being here also made it so I could help out so much with my sister. Mona medical appointments sure have changed here in a hurry too. I can see improvement in sis everyday. Mon she went to orthopedic surgeon and finally got the stitches out of her knee. Dr thought her knee was doing great as far as mobility considering everything she has been through. Yesterday they took the staples out of her incision from the exploratory laparotomy and they took the catheter out of her bladder and so far so good there. We are still struggling with the ostomy trying to come up with the right combination of products so we can get a good seal next to skin. I am keeping busy helping out sis thru all this. I am so glad taking care of family is one of the exceptions for being out. Niece needs time to go get supplies, groceries, and do things at her house. Dh has been doing our grocery shopping. He has been doing ok for most part except he did bring back two $3.99 honeydew instead of the $1.29 cantaloupe I had circled. I mean it wasnt like I wrote out a list. He had the ad with the picture and price. We have had several rainy nights this week. Last night there was a lot of lightening. When things dry up dh needs to work in sis's yard. Its going to be quite awhile before she can do it. Our pastor is doing Sun service and daily devotionals on fb. In the evening he has been doing trivia which has been very entertaining.
  8. Yesterday they took the staples out of sis's incision and they removed the catheter from her bladder. I can see improvement everyday. We had one heck of a thunder storm last night with lots of lightening and downpours. I couldnt sleep. Just not used to the sounds yet that go along with this place. My folks had a big freezer in the basement and shelves with canned goods----like green beans we canned from garden. There were 6 of us in our family.
  9. I had to research the refrigerator freezer in the garage thing a year ago. My dad had a refrigerator in his garage for 20 or 30 years. After he passed niece bought his house and the fridge in the garage quit. She went to buy another one and they wouldnt sell and warranty it if it was going in garage so I researched it. If a regular refrigerator or freezer is left in a garage with no heat and the temperature drops much below 50° the compressor will not kick on so food in freezer thaws. so there are special garage freezers. Dad's garage never gets cold enough that canned food, potatoes, onions, tomatoes, etc freeze. It gets heat coming up from basement. I knew we were going to try to move so I told her if she could wait she could have my fridge if we actually got moved.
  10. Katy for chlorox to work as a disinfectant it must be diluted to the concentration per instructions on the bottle. If its not that concentration do not rely on it killing those germs----false security. I have a friend that is a virologist and she is adamant about this as were the hospitals I worked in. And more concentrated often is not better and might not disinfect either. Then make sure whatever disinfectant you are using stays wet on the surface for the recommended time. I like the smell of chlorox so I am bad about using a squirt here and there but if I am serious about being confident of it disinfecting things I mix according to instruction. Since this virus survival rate is 3 days on metal and plastic I wonder about just letting them sit somewhere like corner of garage for a week. I think for most part I would just as soon use hot sudsy dish water. Soap makes that virus membrane pop.
  11. Day 3 of shelter in place. Sis has two dr appointments today so I am home catching up on things. Sun finally came out yesterday afternoon and is out today. I have been watching the guys out my window working on the golf course. Krys a high potassium is also bad for your heart and there are a lot of side effects from the potassium tablets that sis does not need either. Her hemoglobin had dropped and she was very close to receiving a blood transfusion but then it stabilized. There was just so much going on with her. I think this hospital is pretty typical of all of them. They tend to be understaffed. There is a nurse shortage anyway and a lot of the nurses sis had when she got out of icu just graduated last Dec. It took them longer to do things and they sometimes would go get their head nurse to review their work or help. Then I think they all had their minds on the impending covid 19 onslaught of patients. Things just felt a little more chaotic and disjointed because of that. And I worked in hospitals long enough to know they tend to be understaffed. I also think the 12 hour shift thing is bad. I worked 4 10 hour shifts and when you are kept so busy you cant take time out to go to the bathroom let alone get your breaks and meal time break you are not in any shape to do a good job by end of shift especially if its that way every day. At least that is what I observed in myself. It wasnt as bad when I was younger but it sure took its toll.
  12. Grocery stores here are putting up shields at checkout. I think its more to protect the cashier from the customers coughs, sneezes, etc. Dh has been procuring our groceries so I have wound up with $4 honeydew instead of the $1.25 cantaloupe that was circled in my ad but he had been doing ok for most part. I spent day with sis. She is getting better but has a long way to go. Still having problems with the skin barrier breaching on her ostomy but I think I have figured it out. They had problems in the hospital too. Krys they didnt seem concerned about her potassium when they wheeled her out as there were no prescriptions or written instructions regarding that. Dont know if it was checked and ok by then because we weren't allowed in to ask questions. I know how serious a low or high potassium can be. She is eating more now and I am hoping she is getting enough from food. She has lost 14 pounds thru all this. She has cried a time or two and asked me if I wish she had gone into a nursing home because she feels bad knowing how much we are doing to care for her. Told her HELL NO I didnt want her in a nursing home.
  13. bgs

    More chains required?

    Granny Square I have been crocheting extra chains for some time now thanks to you.
  14. Its another cloudy gloomy looking day out. Havent had any sun for awhile. Day 1 of 30 shelter in place although most of restrictions have already been in place for a week. Our pastor is doing a daily devotional on fb in the morning and trivia in the evening so thats something to look forward to. Need to get around and go help with sis. Someone sent this to dh yesterday. "They said a mask and gloves were enough to go to grocery store. They lied everyone else had clothes on."
  15. bgs

    More chains required?

    Thank you so much for the math! I now know how to save myself a lot of time when I need to hit a specific width on some of my projects.
  16. Here for the most part counties are the ones imposing stay at home. Those counties had already imposed school closures and groups less than 10 about a week or more before the governor imposed them statewide. Things are getting interesting here and I am wondering how some of these people are getting by. Last week they stopped transport to grocery stores. The restaurants went to carryout only but that has been restricted even more like a restaurant now will only provide carryout to residents that live in same building as restaurant leaving people like us having to order off the village meal delivery service in order to use our dining credit. That sucks to have to pay the delivery fee when we can easily pick it up and the menu is mostly pizza, sandwiches, fries, onion rings, and a couple of salads. Its not a menu I look forward to long term should this continue past the 30 days. We have plenty of food in house and can go to store but the dining credit is built into our monthly fee and is use it or lose it and it wasnt something you could opt out of and get cheaper rates. I need to go help with sis tomorrow so niece can go do things. Today sis got stitches removed in her leg from knee replacement surgery that were due to come out 10 days ago. She really doesnt want to eat and her potassium ran low whole time she was in hospital. The potassium tablets that are available for outpatients take so long to dissolve they wind up in her ostomy bag pretty well intact. Also struggling with finding right setup with ostomy supplies as the skin barriers are not sealing so having to really watch that no poop makes it over to incision area which is so close that incision dressing tape has to go over part of skin barrier. This is a really horrible time to need medical help. At least dh found canned peaches for her at our grocery store. Its the one thing she will eat and nieces store was out when she looked for them.
  17. I spent time with sis on Fri and Sat so niece could track down supplies to take care of her mom and do what she needed to do. The wound/ostomy nurses kept saying sis needed a different skin barrier for her ostomy bag and would send them home but nope they never even went and got that one to put on her there. Niece is doing a great job on changing the dressings, administering the antibiotic thru the picc line, emptying the foley catheter, and has replaced the skin barrier and ostomy bag. She wanted me there for her first time changing out the barrier and bag. Sis seems to be doing okay. She doesnt have much of an appetite. I got pretty tired and am glad to get a couple of days off. Meanwhile a shelter in place order goes into effect in our county along with 2 more in MO and 4 in KS Tues. Also starting tomorrow governor has ordered no visitors in retirement communities. I am going to have to help out with sis as she can not be left alone but that is one of the exceptions allowed for being out. Guess dh will need to take care of mowing and weedeating for her. It was a gloomy rainy day. I did not do anything constructive today. Church was on fb (dh finally joined but I havent). I mostly just watched movies on tv.
  18. Checked in with niece and she said they had a good night. Much better than in hospital. Told her let me know if I need to come but she thought they would be ok today. Its been raining and is warm and humid out. 70's today and down to 32 tomorrow.
  19. I really really love this one. You are rocking with the dolls this year. Seeing your accomplishments really brighten my day.
  20. Judy pretty little babyghan. Cindy I worked in hospitals long enough to know how understaffed they are. Thats why I stayed so many hours to fill in the void. I kept telling them I felt more like staff than a visitor. I can sympathize on both sides but dang it they charge so much. As bad as she felt sis was nice, pleasant and understanding so I think they tended to blow her off. They put a picc line in sis yesterday and handed her off to niece at door yesterday evening. They are supposed to go to some clinic today to be shown how to deal with it. On the one hand I am glad but scared to death as well because her potassium has been low and chance for abcesses are so great. She has been running a sporadic low grade fever in hospital which I wonder if its not being masked at points because they give her tylenol for pain. Last night it was 0.3 points away from the call the dr instructions. I would personally love to just hole up in house. Dh has to always be on the go. I wish I could give him knock out drops. As we speak he is checking online to see if Powell Gardens is open so he can go there. Glad to hear they are closed as are the libraries and zoo. He just cant sit and be still. He always has to be talking but not really sayng anything or making noise too. Even when eating cereal he clanks his spoon on the bottom of the bowl each time he scoops up a bite. He is not even still/quiet when he sleeps. He has no qualms about going out in public so as what happens with flues and colds I fully expect him to infect me one way or another. Everything I catch automatically winds up in my lungs. For whatever reason he cant seem to understand how miserable it is. Before cataract surgery I told him I was having problems seeing and told him the things I was having problems with like double vision. Then when he sat in exam room and I had trouble reading top line of eye chart and all the v's looked like w's to me he says he didnt know it was so bad. Duh.
  21. Mary Jo things are rapidly evolving. Sis is being released shortly. Told niece to let us know if they need us. And you might check with the store as some here are having some seniors only hours.
  22. Lyn I havent heard that they have anything like that in place here for testing. Sounds like a good way to handle it though. I am freaking out a bit as niece just texted me that they will be discharging sis today. Waiting to hear what we need to go do.
  23. Mary Jo interesting on the ibuprofen. I thought I read about it in more than one article that it seemed to make it worse and that acetaminophen (tylenol) was the better thing to use. Sent dh out to buy some tylenol because I only use and keep ibuprofen. Cant tell you how much expired tylenol I have tossed thru years. Checked with niece about her mom. No release today-- no surprise to me. White count going down ----good so not doing ct scan. Now wondering about the blood cultures they drew yesterday. Their goal today was to put in picc line. Sounding more and more like they are just going to hand off discharges at front door with no explanations on dealing with things. Sis was told day after release she is to go to some outpatient clinic for instructions on picc line so please dont let her discharge be on Fri. As it is who even knows if this clinic is really open now. Things are such a mess and so far no one has appeared to help coordinate anything. Right now it honestly feels like they will dump discharges out the front door and its all on us to figure out how to get supplies and help. When I mentioned about how were people going to learn how to care for all the bags, drains, dressings at home PT said there are all kinds of things on YouTube. I am sorry but dont think learning how to deal with a picc line You Tube is the way it should be done. Gee do you want to hear your nurse or dr got their schooling on YouTube? One comforting thing in our favor is one of sis's and niece's friends at church is a nurse and has offered to help. Also when niece posted on facebook a friend reached out to her that is a dr and has offered help. Trying to chillax today. Spending my afternoon with the cowboys in the West on metv. We did go to one of village eating places even though village is strongly discouraging it and encouraging carry out. Worked out though because tax guy called and is in same building. Went over for quick conference and then went over to Admin office to get paper he needed and was able to get it right back to him. Katy yesterday talked with infectious disease dr that stopped in for sis. He was oriental I sort of suspect Chinese. He said he has traveled the world and in a nutshell says this is the best country to be in and we had the best medical system and it will be ok.
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