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    Crochet doll 2

    Search wants to take me to fb and I dont have an account https://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/images?q%3Dtbn:ANd9GcSYA6BNauOalNirWwvAFgJGJx01NbCm7Q64ti9vjKMJYL8oYEaU&imgrefurl=https://es-la.facebook.com/amigurumiperu/posts/mu%C3%B1eca-mialinda-gordita-de-cabello-de-rulos-un-pedido-muy-especial-dirigido-haci/2933691360054274/&h=640&w=480&tbnid=LzD04jU6R9epPM&tbnh=259&tbnw=194&osm=1&hcb=1&source=lens-native&usg=AI4_-kQTRyUtqevOf3OGkMjnbFXnevPElA&docid=w6TJeFpjunnqxM&ved=0ahcKEwiIppyrvdDzAhUAAAAAHQAAAAAQUhDClw
  2. bgs

    Crochet doll

  3. Search takes me here. https://klubok63.ru/kak-svjazat-pled-s-risunkom-3d-shemy-opisanie-foto/ Its made from mitered granny squares https://crochetagain.com/2012/06/24/mitered-granny-square/
  4. My search takes me to fb but I dont have an account. https://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/images?q%3Dtbn:ANd9GcQOqFVuy4cEPNI9iKnMcq-gsVzbt3dBMbAjzgOIG0b7PPaaX9jn&imgrefurl=https://www.facebook.com/303547059798516/posts/descanso-de-prato/1880574498762423/&h=655&w=468&tbnid=j5A9xsBMylW4TM&tbnh=266&tbnw=190&osm=1&hcb=1&source=lens-native&usg=AI4_-kQDqI5lXvJqF5De7Duus1YYQO2ETQ&docid=j8j0pvbprgAjhM&ved=0ahcKEwiQjMaxwtDzAhUAAAAAHQAAAAAQGRCb2gcIAg
  5. 7pm. House phone rings. Dont recognize caller initial and last name. Answered. No one there. Dh in shower. I asked him whats Lois last name? After his response I told him she might have called on house phone. He called back. She wanted to know if its going to storm tonight.
  6. Ravelry is my go to search for patterns. Besides afghans you can search for scarves, shawls, baby afghan, etc for stitch ideas that can often easily made larger for an afghan
  7. Wonderful use! Love it when you can put things to use instead of putting in the trash.
  8. I think its probably the same sort of thing. I was amazed at all they would do---write letters, wrap packages, grocery shopping, run errands, cook, play games, listen, transport you, laundry, etc. There is an hourly fee for reg hours, off hours, and holiday. Good thing is if we should need it since we did an entrance fee we would get 50 % off. Like dh said they get money for walking dogs all he gets is a bag of poop. He just came back and was excited Millie did her job next to the poop deposit place. Then said what does that say when you are excited about that. They are asking for volunt
  9. bgs


    You often find "repeat x amount of times" following a series of stitches within [ ] or ( ) You do the set of stitches within them and in your case do the set two more times. https://www.craftyarncouncil.com/standards/how-to-read-crochet-pattern
  10. The problem is that the ch 3 can leave a gap because its not as bulky as a real stitch and some people really hate that gap. They have come up with various work arounds and in doing some of the work arounds is when I have seen to not count a ch2 or 3 as a stitch but the patterns explained what to do.
  11. Study the chart listing the various stitches like Using sc the ch 1 turning stitch does not count as a stitch Using dc the ch 3 pretty much always counts as a stitch There are always exceptions to the rules and the pattern should tell you
  12. Dark is harder for me. I have to use my readers working on it at night. You might find this helpful. I am also not good at large afghans. I am better with doll blankets, lapghans, shawls, scarves or smaller afghans (40x60 inches) granny square join as you go. When working with fuzzy yarn I use at least a K hook double crochet and after first row I work between the stitches. And I only do scarves with it working widthwise so not many stitches to keep track of. I have better luck using it to make scarves on my knifty knitter long loom.
  13. You should have 56 sc if you chained 57 and started in second ch from hook and didnt miss working into a chain. I despise working with chunky fuzzy yarn because its hard to see where to make your stitches and its often hard to pull it out to start over. If you can pull it out it often damages the yarn. Make sure you count your stitches in each and every row. My problem is I seem to always mess up counting my chains if its much past 20 so I always make a few extra, make the number of stitches I need and undo the extra chains.
  14. Dance away and kuddos to you! I can work with two strands but have never mastered 3. I tried the bird nests a few times and failed miserably at getting all three strands picked up and pulled thru.
  15. Judy I am so excited. Our friend got reservations Halloween evening at the place in St Jo we ate at a couple of weeks ago. They had just started decorating for Halloween and it looked like they go all out. Our friend asked about inviting some others that we dont know and I said the more the merrier. We are going to wear costumes. I really like Halloween.
  16. Happy Birthday Carol. It feels more like fall today but still wearing shorts. I grabbed a very light weight jacket when we went to and Aging in Place event and lunch. Sprinkled on us when helping pack friend's car. She was going to leave this morning but was still here when we were coming back from lunch. One dog headed to MN. At the event we grabbed a sheet listing all the things Village Helpers will do and their price sheet. Dh looked at the pet help section and said they get money he just gets a bag of poop.
  17. You are making a round of scallops into a ch sp. Then you are turning your work making chains and sc between stitches you made in ch sp. I made extra ch so we could see better. Flip it back over to the front and push the stitches down out of your way and work in that ch space just like you would normally work in a chain space
  18. Make swatch and if you like the feel and the way it looks then it works. If its a pattern where gauge is important you will need to make a swatch and measure. If its different from what the pattern recommends then you need to do the math to compensate. If you are making a scarf you can just add stitches and rows to make it the size you need.
  19. Did you check that your gauge matched the pattern's recommendation and adjust your hook size accordingly?
  20. And its the yarn that I really wanted to be rid of and never replace.
  21. Glad to hear you are both ok. I had started to wonder. So now he's good to go like the Energizer bunny.
  22. I think we are going to need more information in order to help. What part of the pattern are you specifically having a problem with? It might help if you could post a photo of your work and possibly a link to a photo of what you are trying to do.
  23. Mary Jo hoping all goes well with John this morning. I wish I had some of dh's energy too. I have to spend too much of mine keeping him headed out the door in the right direction. He always wants to do more than he realistically is able to do. I want to do more also but I know I cant. When the next thing comes up he doesnt remember he already has something slotted for that time period. I have a calendar on kitchen wall to keep track. I have to point out you might be able to do A and C but there is no way you can physically even get to A, B, and C during the right times. He wants to go t
  24. He is like Tigger----bouncing, bouncing, bouncing. He was crazy busy when he worked too and included many miles back and forth on the road. Yesterday morning between the dog walks he rode the bicycle, then we walked to one of the restaurants for breakfast, bowled for an hour, walked back, he checked and watered our trees and flowers, played ping pong, practiced dulcimer for an hour,walked up to pick up carryout for supper (got to get our dining credit used before next Sat). I wound up setting the timer my phone to go off for all his stuff. Last few weeks he was helping a guy clean up his g
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