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  1. Thank you. They have some tough decisions to make. And with this dont know how much longer bil's dad will make it. They had never decided anything beyond he wanted buried in Sedalia and she wanted to be buried in this area. Then covid which is running rampant here complicates things.
  2. Sis #2s mil passed this am. It was expected but still......
  3. Sis is on her way home from hospital on blood thinner and oxygen. Extreme heat has moved out but the cooler air has brought smoke from Canada wildfires. I can smell it and its doing a number on my eyes and lungs. I am getting so congested. I was so sad at church this morning. Because of increasing covid we decided after today we probably shouldnt be going for awhile. Masks required here at Village starting Mon.
  4. bgs


    This is knitted with crocheted scalloped edge. The finished cape is sold on etsy so you most likely will not find the pattern. https://www.etsy.com/listing/400664319/wedding-shawl-silver-bridal-shawl?epik=dj0yJnU9TDNHVV8zcThSazMwLVBxYnRveWIxVkRZVmNObUk5dTgmcD0wJm49cWpVNUpPUlprclpjZDZZR2FKV255QSZ0PUFBQUFBR0VEZDBr
  5. Ratdog I made 12 in the shape of a sphere a long time ago and the stuff was so hard on my hands and favorite hook that I still dont want to make more. Thermometer on screened in patio says its 100° out. Sis # 1 that had the hard time last year is doing pretty good but our youngest sis (on other side of state) is in the hospital with blood clots in both lungs, both legs, and waiting on heart ultrasound. She is diabetic and had multiple UTI's. Glad they finally found a hospital that could take her as they are full. Lea congrats on your book. Dh wrote one from his genealogy research
  6. bgs

    Help with Shawl

    I really dont think you need to block it unless you really want to. It looks just like the shawls that are designed to be that way. This one has a little more curve but I have seen ones that curved more like yours. https://pretty-craft.com/seraphinas-shawl/
  7. bgs

    Help with Shawl

    Look at the project pages here. If you are not a Ravelry member its free to join. Yours looks spot on compared with these. https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/shells--clusters-shawl/people
  8. Do you need it bigger in the back for a better fit? If you are using a pattern and start with the wrong number of stitches you may have to figure out how to alter the pattern on later rows.
  9. Managing to keep busy. Thurs sis and I went to the city market. We buy a lot of fruit/vegetables from the $1 bowls which means 2 to 3 hours in the kitchen processing them when getting back home. Fri laundry and housework, then lunch/visit with the friend of a friend that moved here and visited a craft show. Its getting so if I go eat lunch at my favorite place I need to allow a couple of hours. Dh's cousin is here from FL (about 40 miles south of Tampa). They are 4th cousins are two sides. Didnt meet her til she retired and moved from here to FL. Initially met online doing genealogy. W
  10. Is this it? https://easycrochet.com/modern-granny-stitch-crochet-blanket/ If so my guess is you are inadvertantly increasing on the ends. If you could post a photo we might be able to see whats going on. Heres another modern granny https://daisyfarmcrafts.com/modern-crochet-granny-blanket/
  11. I too have ripped out many stitches in my lifetime. Its just part of the process. If you are crocheting in the round and joining with slip stitches its really easy to mistake the slip stitch join in the previous round as a stitch to work into and by doing that you will increase one stitch each round. I appreciate the patterns that give you stitch counts for each round so I can figure out if I have messed up before doing many rounds.
  12. Judy thanks for the photos of your projects. Keeps me motivated mostly on prayer shawls. Turned in two a couple of weeks ago and have two that might be ready to turn in at next meeting in a couple of weeks. Relieved all our dental stuff that started in May should be over unless I have to run back for him to take off another high spot. The second crown went smooth but first one having trouble getting it right. I dont think it was a good idea getting one permanent crown put on and crown prep on opposite side in one setting but that was the way dh scheduled us. He needed two crowns also. D
  13. Same here. Hospitals in rural parts of state are overflowing. The ones here are now refusing their transfers because they are now full--- some covid but mostly other issues that have been put off because of covid. I am worried about the variants because as long as it can find suitable hosts it will keep mutating until current vaccines wont protect us. I saw where lambda variant has been found in US and its supposedly worse than delta. Guess we are lucky that in the past people were agreeable to smallpox and polio vaccines.
  14. Lyn congrats on 51. If dh and I make it to Sept it will be 24 but seems like a very long 24. Ah yes sis has had that cocktail many times this past year. Glad Rene' made it thru ok. Got the second permanent crown on today. Had him adjust the other one a bit more as it just didnt feel right and has ached a bit. I hope not to have to keep going back for adjustments on this one. Been going to dentist since May and I am ready to be done. The one side has bothered me first with one thing and then another constantly for the last 5 years Mary Jo hope you have gotten some relief from
  15. My friends that were here Tues told us a neighbor of theirs just moved here. Looked her up and she is in apt that we walk thru a lot and we remembered seeing her dogs name on her door. Wed her door opened just as we were walking by so we introduced ourselves and had lunch together. Yesterday went to my sisters. Dh has been helping a lady moving in to apt across the street by walking her dog and carrying in things from her car. She had hip replacement surgery in middle of moving. Today was her last load of stuff to move. She was exhausted so we had her go to lunch with us so she could si
  16. You do not want to get yarn anywhere close to velcro. It sticks to yarn very well and ruins the yarn when you pull it apart. Doesnt matter that you are trying to stick the two pieces of velcro together. It invariably sticks on yarn somewhere.
  17. Checking in. Still dealing with the teeth stuff. Got busy and forgot to take my allergy medicine for a couple of days so paying for that with a touch of bronchitis which always seems worse to me when its hot. Town hall meeting last week, resident council yesterday. Went from mid April til this week with 0 reported covid cases but now there are 3. One a visitor and 2 employees one of which works non patient contact in care center so now no visitors to care center while they test everyone, wait and retest until they get an all clear. Have been expecting this as my state is near if not the
  18. Depends---1: were they easy on clothes or struggle ons---tight jeans and shoes you have to bend over and tie(my dh does minimum of 6 wardrobe changes back and forth per day) 2: is it a big bed with top sheet pulled loose, bed spread slid off in floor, and lots of pillows 3: how many critters- food and water bowls to clean and are you having to go outside 4: eating is lots of work when factoring the prep and clean up 5: hey you are doing good to have worked in some you tube videos
  19. Sorry the admins are not around much anymore. The forum has gone thru many upgrades causing the old links to no longer work but if you scroll down on page 4 one of our kind members Empress Busy Bee figured out and shared links that work for many of the patterns.
  20. bgs


    When working in rounds its easy to mistake your slip stitch for a stitch and mistakenly work in it throwing your count off.
  21. Reni I will be interested to hear what you learn about keeping those critters away from your dripline. Once in winter out at old place dh opened the hood of the pickup and a rabbit was under the hood and we found some chewed vacuum hose. They get quite a bit of squirrel damage here----chewed off corners of plastic pad the ac unit sits on, chewed on corner of screened in patio, chewed on batting boards. Lea are you fattening one up for deer season? I never had trouble with deer eating my cucumbers. At our old place the deer didnt bother my garden or my one rose bush but bucks would rak
  22. I can never decide so wind up keeping it simple.
  23. If any of you have success with hot sauce, ground hot pepper etc let me know. Sis and I have tried it on all kinds of things for years but to no avail on keeping squirrels, rabbits and chipmunks at bay. For our trees here we use netting and toothpicks. Sticking several toothpicks in the pots stops the digging in the pots and chewing on trunks but the rabbit came along and pruned off more branches than I planned on. We have a week of cloudy, rainy days. Some of them with a lot of thunder and lightening.
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