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New Hook Caddy ( image heavy)

Tampa Doll

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I purchased this  hook set . I got the one without the case.  So I tried to put these hooks in my other cases, but because of the handles (which are great by the way), they would not fit.  So I looked around and found this case, it is compact and It will only hold my hooks. 


By the way, this is the next to last thing I made before I got back on the ville.  The last thing you will see next week.







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oooh, nice, i love it, love the color blue and the white flap, I must have one, lol What hooks did you get, they look like clover soft handled ones, amore or something is that what you got ??? Love clover!

Thank you all, Yes, they are the Amore.  I got them pretty reasonable at Amazon.  I love the hooks, my hand does not slip down the handle, and they are comfortable to use.

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Hmmmm not finding it there.  :(


I just rechecked to see where the pattern is and yes it is in CrochetWorld August 2013 page 22.  It is called Lace Trimmed Hook Case.


Thank you all for the compliments.  It took no time at all to make this.

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