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  1. Indeed the toe up would work just I used one of my knitting needles in the round with too small a length I should have used a 80cm one rather than a 40cm one or could have used a set of my Double Ended Knitting Needles but they were all down stairs and I couldn't get down the stairs due to my knee in order to fetch them out. I will have another go at the weekend.
  2. It's a lovely blanket well done to you both and so nice that you were both able to work together on it
  3. She is adorable I love her. And what a lovely use of scraps. I always love using up scraps and seeing projects made from scaps.
  4. I'm now using the rest of the ends to knitt a little case which I shall line with fabric for my new smaller bible.
  5. I then tried to work out if I could do the same proceedure by knitting in the round. I made this very small one as a test. It ends up having 2 seams rather than the one you get when crocheting but I think it still works as well.
  6. I had a accident at college on Thursday to my right knee. I'm now in a lot of pain and confind to complete bedrest and meds. I've damaged the ligaments. To try and be constructive and take my mind off the knee I decided to go through a large bag of ends of balls of yarn a friend gave me at Craft Club. I sorted the into yarn type and colour into bags all over my bed. But I had one bag with just scrap ends. I had my crochet hook and knitting needles on the bed and decided to use up the scraps. First item off was this orgami type crochet pot holder.
  7. Great way to keep the dust off and give it little bit of protection. Nice one
  8. Thank you Tampa Doll, Redrosedz and ReniC for you kind comments.
  9. I wish someone had told me there was a pattern :O. All I had was a quick drawing by my friend. I had no idea what I was doing lol A pattern would have made it so much easier.
  10. Excellent, cute, bold and fun
  11. It appears to make sense I will make one as a test next week for you.
  12. Go for it. I made a small crochet bit the other Christmas from leftover scraps of red, green and white yarn. I've also created a much larger string in Christmas themed fabric. I do plan at some point to knit some Christmas bunting.
  13. They are great loving the colours. I knit my baubles but really should make some crochet ones. I also tend to make Christmas items nearly all year round.
  14. hello and a big welcome from leafy Surrey UK
  15. Hi and a big welcome from Leafy Surrey .
  16. Thank you Oppps I've just realized I've not centred the buttons as well as I could have
  17. carrying one from my last thread I've made 3 more little white and red decorations for my small White Christmas tree. These are the last one's as I think I now have enough.
  18. Lovely, bright, colourful fun blanket with great border.
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