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    granny squares
  1. mrsnjonesjr

    Lost Stitches - How?

    Hi Reni. Thank you so much I'm going to check these videos out. I'm having so much fun with this stitch but it is a little more difficult to learn.
  2. mrsnjonesjr

    infinity scarf

  3. mrsnjonesjr

    Moss St Dishcloths

    Really nice!
  4. That's a cool idea - I can't wait to see your first video.
  5. mrsnjonesjr

    My New Finshed Blanket!

    Awesome! It's beautiful.
  6. mrsnjonesjr

    Lost Stitches - How?

    Thank you redrosesdz! It's really hard for me to keep track of that last stitch on the left side or even how to recognize that stitch. . I think I need to try and mark it some how. :/ I tried knitting years ago and found it really hard. I don't know why i'm having fun with this stitch. I'm going to rip everything out and try again!!!
  7. mrsnjonesjr

    Lost Stitches - How?

    I'm playing around with a Tunisian Simple Stitch. I have to say it's really fun and I enjoy it! BUT, I'm still learning and having a hard time with the left edge. I've lost stitches along the way and can't figure out why or how and if I can add a stitch. I'm watching videos and it seems like I'm doing what they instruct me to do. Does anyone know how or if I can add in stitches or any tips to watch out for at the end? This is really for practice more than anything and I'm fine to restart but I want to make sure I'm understanding the concept before I start again. Photo attached.
  8. mrsnjonesjr


  9. mrsnjonesjr

    Three Ripple Throws

    I think a ripple throw will be my next project.
  10. mrsnjonesjr

    Jude Wearing What I Made Him

    He is beautiful!!!!! So, tiny and precious.
  11. mrsnjonesjr

    Yellow Birdy Hat

    Super Cute!!!!
  12. mrsnjonesjr

    A butterfly blanket I made in 2015

    Very cool!
  13. mrsnjonesjr

    Finally Finished!

    Thank you @redrosesdz. I'm going to bring this with me when they refuse to honor my coupons.