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  1. Hi Reni. Thank you so much I'm going to check these videos out. I'm having so much fun with this stitch but it is a little more difficult to learn.
  2. Thank you redrosesdz! It's really hard for me to keep track of that last stitch on the left side or even how to recognize that stitch. . I think I need to try and mark it some how. :/ I tried knitting years ago and found it really hard. I don't know why i'm having fun with this stitch. I'm going to rip everything out and try again!!!
  3. I'm playing around with a Tunisian Simple Stitch. I have to say it's really fun and I enjoy it! BUT, I'm still learning and having a hard time with the left edge. I've lost stitches along the way and can't figure out why or how and if I can add a stitch. I'm watching videos and it seems like I'm doing what they instruct me to do. Does anyone know how or if I can add in stitches or any tips to watch out for at the end? This is really for practice more than anything and I'm fine to restart but I want to make sure I'm understanding the concept before I start again. Photo attached.
  4. I think a ripple throw will be my next project.
  5. Yes! You're right I could have refused the delivery. What an awful company you ordered from that is completely unacceptable to add all those "hidden" charges. Grrrrr...
  6. He is beautiful!!!!! So, tiny and precious.
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