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    Married, mother of 3. I am an avid crocheter since age 8!! I like all colors I am easy to please.
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    Submerged in Yarn
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    crochet, polymer clay, jewelry making, Nascar
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    sales rep
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    almost anything
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  1. craftylady1956

    Hello again

    Feels good to see old friends here 😀
  2. craftylady1956

    Hello again

    Thank you all...just because I havent been here much, doesnt mean I dont think of you. Your words mean alot to me. Yes, Mary Jo my email is the same. ❤️
  3. craftylady1956

    Hello again

    Im Lorraine, I live an hour north of Tampa, Fl. Its been awhile although Ive been a member a long time. Losing my spouse a five years ago, buying and moving into my own place and other factors took me away. I still crochet everyday and have grown my website some. I used to be on here everyday. I hope to be here more often. Hi to old friends here and the new that have joined this great group.
  4. craftylady1956

    Looking for this bath set

    Looking for this pattern.
  5. craftylady1956


    The soles are flip flop soles..very easy
  6. craftylady1956


    Thank you all. Colors are purple, cream and tan with purple varigated..
  7. craftylady1956


    Been making these lately...made 3 pair this week..very comfy too.
  8. craftylady1956


    Just finished this today..
  9. craftylady1956

    Mermaid Blanket

    Just hoth for another order
  10. craftylady1956

    Wash cloths and soap sets

    Thank you so much..
  11. craftylady1956

    Adult mermaid tail blanket

    Thanks all, colors by customers request.
  12. craftylady1956

    Adult mermaid tail blanket

    Thank you.. raverly pattern, if I remember
  13. craftylady1956

    Adult mermaid tail blanket

    Just completed this
  14. craftylady1956

    Hawaiian Lei

    Thank you
  15. craftylady1956

    Baby Tutu

    Thank you all