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  1. Hey all! Really sorry for not being around of late. Got quite a few problems going down in the Skoggy household at the moment. Got some nice squarey eye candy to show you tomorrow. I got my choco squares out and took a pic (I haven't gotten round to sewing them together yet) and it takes up nearly all my kingsize bed. I love it! Big to everyone who sent me squares for it. Thought you'd like to see a pic of how big the Skoglets are now. Felicia is going to be 3 in July. Where did that time go!?!? Isabel is growing up so quickly. She is just over 1½ now but seems so much older. Hope everyone is well. x
  2. Hello and Welcome! I'm in the UK as well Whereabouts are you? I'm in Newcastle.
  3. Hey ladies! Sorry for not being around recently. Just popped in to say that I received some lovely squares from yarn_monkey today! They are sooooo nice! Thank you! Tomorrow I am getting all the choco squares laid out and will take a pic of them all! Can't wait to show you! x
  4. So, pics and count of my reign Here are the squares from grannyannie: And here are the ones from CindysSweetThings including the close ups of the little ones with no name : During my reign in February I received 12 8" squares and 35 4" squares. Thank you so much to those who sent me squares. It really does mean a lot to me.
  5. Hi Cindy, I did come on and thank you when I received them but maybe you missed the post. Thank you so much for the lovely squares, I love them all!
  6. Hiya all! I just wanted to pop in and say sorry for not being around alot at the moment. The final assessment for this degree module is due in on Monday so I've been working my little heart out on that. Wow! What 6 months its been?! Soon I will have the first part of my degree finished!!! (The degree I was supposed to have done when I was still at school, I might add). Being a mature student with 2 until 4's running around, and running a small "cottage business" isn't a small task. I'm knackered! I get about 3 weeks break in between this module finishing and the next starting so thats going to give me more crochet time! Yay! Big hugs to everyone. Katie, I will PM a square count soon. Thanks for your patience!
  7. Grannyannie, thank you so much for the squares and additions I received today! 3 8" and 3 4". Lovely lovely lady. You deserve so many for your lovely package. :hug
  8. Thank you so much for the lovely squares I received this morning, Cindy! 4x4" and 3x8" They are all fantastic! I love the use of bullion stitches! You brightened up a somewhat miserable day. :hug Pic to follow.
  9. Here are all the lovely squares sent to me from bgs! Thank you so much
  10. bgs, thank you so much for all the squares!!! So many! 3 gorgeous 8"ers (I love the one with a heart one!) and 16! 4"ers Thank you ever so much! I will post a pic as soon as I have no little ones running around stealing squares.
  11. Hi bgs! The mailman tried to deliver something whilst I was out today so it could be your package! I will either get it tomorrow or wednesday.
  12. Congratulations Jessicali on being Marchs Queen! Thank you to everyone who has commented about sending me some squares. I look forward to receiving them!
  13. Been busy writing my end thesis before my next module starts at the beginning of April. Want to give myself a decent gap in between finishing off this one and starting the next. Thanks for all your kind words after my last outburst. I'm trying to put some things in motion and need to figure out where I am going and what I'm doing. Crochet-wise, I've been working on a couple of commissions. I have a page on FB called A Tad Quirky Crochet... which sums me up pretty well to be honest Owlvamp, Cody looks so cute! My Mom doesn't want to be called Grandma for the same reasons. So she is called Nannie. Luckily we have abundance of words for grandparents being that my little family are half Swedish. In Sweden, they use 4 different names, depending on which grandparent it is. E.g. My Dad is called "Morfar" ("Mor" being a term for Mother and "Far" being a term for Father). So that translates as Mother's Father. Same as "Farfar" is Father's Father. Being my Mom and Dad are divorced, we needed 3 sets so we have the 4 Swedish names and then my Mom and Stepdad are Nannie and Grandad.
  14. Hi all! I hope you are all ok and that you've had an alright weekend. Its not been so fantastic here (as is the norm at the moment). I haven't had any time to do anything because I've been trying to keep the girls away from their incredibly shouty and mean father. Its about time that I admitted that but its so sad for me to do so. I am in a verbally abusive relationship. Me and my girls are subjected to screams and shouts about anything and everything. The tiniest thing just sets it off. I'm scared witless, if I'm honest. I have nowhere to turn here. I can't go to my Mums because my sister and her 2 sons live there and there seriously is not room. I don't have any friends here and no money or savings to do anything. I am in such a sticky situation and its scary. I need to figure out where I am going to go. Sorry for putting a dampener on this thread but I just felt the need to have an outburst. Hope you are all hooking away. I'm trying to unwind with some right now.
  15. Big hugs for all my lovely squarey friends over the pond! Hope you all get to feel better soon. Things are good here. Started to edge some of my brown squares this week. I'm using the 4" ers to border the whole afghan with the 8" ers in the middle. Got a plan in my head, hope it comes out like I hope. Will need to run out and get some various browns and creams because its gonna need loads of 4"ers. Thank goodness its going to be the weekend soon. Although, I have to travel for over an hour to a lecture on Saturday. Its the last lecture before the end of module assignment so its pretty important. Stay safe friends
  16. Wheeee! I got a lovely parcel today! A package of loveliness from our fearless leader Katy, thank you so much for your lovely squares (2 8"ers and 12 4"ers) and gifts for the Skogglets. We've never had Animal Crackers before. However, they are a roaring success. Another thing to add onto my favourite edibles from the USA. (FYI Isabel is blowing a raspberry hence the strange face )
  17. Right, assignment in for marking! Now a whole month of revision for the end module thesis. So, how is everyone doing at the moment? Good I hope. Now I've not go anything to write for a while, I am gonna crack on with testing Cindys motif and working on a scarf for our lovely grannyannie's charity work. <3
  18. Sending lots of positive vibes your way Cindy Hi all! I hope you are all ok. I'm going to be a bit quiet on her until about thursday. Busily trying to finish another assignment for my degree module. After this assignment comes the end dissertation for module no.1 and then that means that I have finished the first part of my degree! Yipee! Only another 6 or 7 modules to go (depending on which ones I take) and, before you know it I will be a business guru.
  19. I'd spelt is wrong. Its ShiFio. http://www.shifio.co.uk/ Its a Mom and daughter combo who design knit and crochet patterns. They live in Scotland.
  20. AngelRoseLite, they are super cute! I love them. I have a feeling that the pattern will be added to my library soon. You do such lovely work for ShiFo.
  21. Ooo... whats this? A crown? Look it fits! Its so beautiful and shiney! Thank you everyone for your congratulatory remarks! I humbly take on the crown and Queen of Square Hill for February. It is true, I helped Katie do lots of things at the beginning of the new era for the Friendship Square swap. How could I not?! It seems so long ago now though. Although I have been away for a while, I did keep popping back to comment on posts etc. because this group is so lovely and many of you have become my friends "over the pond" in crocheting happiness. to you all
  22. AngelRoseLite, you are such a beautiful person for taking on and finishing that afghan. It is gorgeous! CindysSweetThings, yuk! Glucose test I had one when I was pregnant with Felicia when living in Sweden. The urge to be sick and not to fall asleep whilst doing not much for an hour was horrible. For some odd reason, they didn't do one when I was pregnant with Isabel and in the UK. Don't get me wrong, I didn't mind that they didn't do one though. Well, we went out for a meal tonight after Mr Skoggy had finished work for my birthday. Only to a New York Italian restaurant. We go there every so often. This time was a real bad experience though. Us, with 2 young girls, were seated in between a speaker playing loud 50s / 60s genre music and a very loud bachlorette party :S Felicia sat there with her hands over her ears for the most part and didn't want her meal and Isabel just kept shouting every time the party started shouting. So I've sent an email to the management. Hopefully we get some kind of response. Hope everyone else is ok. Eek! I can't believe January is done and we are about to move into February. Its going so quickly already!
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