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  1. I just had to add thanks for reminding me of Crochetroo. Thought I'd just check out her latest creations and wound up ordering her set of flower patterns, including a hibiscus. I've made 40 of the 42 different flowers for my current flower block sampler, and for whatever reason got a case of crocheter's block (so to speak!) and couldn't decide which ones to make for the last two. So I'm hoping her hibiscus and frangipani will fill the gaps. I had a hibiscus pattern, but with a little tweaking it turned out better as a poppy. Go figger. And, serendipitously, as a bonus, our Aussie frie
  2. Very cute. I really like crochetroo's appliqués, and you used them well. I have her lizard in my powder room, and I'm very fond of him.
  3. Ignore my previous answer. On viewing them together in the same light, they do look the same. And they magically turned into stiff little wafers. Cool.
  4. That makes sense. It's probably the same as the stuff they sell as Stiffy and maybe charge more for!
  5. Well, that's certainly something I never would have thought of. Do you brush it on or soak the items in it?
  6. They're dry today -- to an ecru color not quite white, but not the dark ecru of the original lace that I was striving for.
  7. Thanks for the idea. Which kind of Elmer's Glue do you use? There's such a variety of glues these days.
  8. Thank you! Good to know. I guess I'll just have to be patient and wait.The label says it takes 24 hours, so I guess I'll wait, since the motifs are so small, they're liable to blow away. They do look ecru in the photo, but not in person.
  9. Not sure where to post this question, but I thought maybe some of you threadies have cause to use fabric stiffener and could answer my question. In continuing to recycle a discarded lace top (used part of it for painting chargers), I got some Stiffy at Michael's and saturated some of the lace motifs in it to make earrings. Well, the lovely vintage aged color of the lace turned to a milky white. Does anybody know of an alternative method for stiffening without affecting color? P.S. I do need some summer white earrings, but these weren't intended to be those! My only -- faint -- hope is that
  10. Looking at the youthfulness of this crowd -- so many of you in your 20s and 30s -- gave me a giggle, because . . . yesterday a canasta friend who is probably fifty-something said her husband hates it when she crochets because it makes her look old! And, left unsaid was that it makes him feel old. I think if I were her I'd tell him that cooking his dinner nightly for a zillion years makes her feel old. I was recalling that my late dad used to say when I was crocheting he thought it was comforting. And he was in his eighties.
  11. That's just beautiful. I never buy kits, but I'm tempted because the pattern is so gorgeous.
  12. I think you're right. I believe you could hang a small crocheted piece by sewing motifs to the kind of plastic mesh used for counted cross stitch or rugs. But I'd hesitate to hang anything very large. Maybe the old back-of-the-sofa thing is the only way to show off afghans.
  13. I have a nearly completed quilt-type afghan that my DH thinks should be displayed instead of used, and I've mulled over the same question. But even with a quilt hanger, I'm afraid that such a large item would sag over time, since it's not nearly as closely woven as quilt fabric. However, maybe that wouldn't happen for a number of years, and I'm into changing things out every so often.
  14. So inventive and so attractive. I like the color and the smart-looking trim. You were so right to put it on the bottom, IMHO.
  15. I agree the crocheted cover came out very nice. But if you're not inclined to crochet one, here's an alternative way to keep your mixing bowl clean: I own a plastic lid that KitchenAid makes for that very purpose (however, like all KA accessories, the price is probably high for what it is). As for me, now that I'm retired, I use the mixer often enough that it barely has time to gather dust. I love making desserts!
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