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  1. Beautiful scarf and adorable gingerbread. You always do beautiful work.
  2. Great table & tree MaryJo
  3. Love the table and tree Mary Jo. Beautiful as always.
  4. Fabulous MaryJo. This is a big favorite at our house. My son adores Rudolph and seem to associate with the misfit toys since he was very little. We assume because of his disability he felt that way. They are really adorable and you did a great job.
  5. These are absolutely adorable. I wish I had your talent. Your work always amazes me!!!!!!
  6. I picked them up on Saturday at my Michael's. Price wasn't bad because all the yarn was buy 2 get 1 free. They are $7.99 each so I paid $5.33 each. Trying to figure out what I want to make with them. I picked up 3 each of 3 different colors.
  7. Hello All, just checking in and looking at all of the lovely items you have all done. Unfortunately I can't say the same. I can't believe it's June and I'm still working on the afghan I started in January. This turned out to be much larger than I intended. I'm pretty sure it will cover a king size bed. The problem now is that it's too hot to hold this afghan to crochet. A combination of working too many hours and crocheting so much slower than in the past, I just want it done. I have the issue of finishing one project at a time so now nothing else is getting done. Oh well I may have t
  8. Hi Guys, just checking in and loving everyone's pictures. I'm still working on my corner to corner. I think I made it very large and it's definitely filling up my time. LOL Oh well. Anyway I looking at what you all are making to give myself some ideas. I have some co-works to do for this Christmas and trying to think of what can I do.
  9. Just stopping by to say hello to all you ladies, busy getting your gifts done. Wish I could say the same, LOL. My company has again decided we are going live with a new system. This is the fourth time we are attempting to go live and the go live team, which I have been on for almost 2 years, are working 12/14 hour days and weekends so I have not been making anything. I'm still trying to complete my corner to corner I started quite some time ago. I am going in for surgery, as long as a cardiologist clears me, on Wednesday so maybe I'll get some time to crochet. I do enjoy peeking in and s
  10. Hi everyone. Just stopping by to say hello. Anna, I love your work and always have. You do such adorable, beautiful things. Sorry all were ill, hope all stays well. I'm still working on my corner to corner. I have also been having some issues that have kept me away from crocheting. I am way behind on where I wanted to be but that's life. Love your round ripple Judy, very pretty.
  11. Hi Everyone, I've been crocheting along but haven't been on my computer so not posting much. My tablet is really hard to use Crochetville on it for some reason. My computer has been working so slow I just hate using it. Time for a new one but well that's not going to happen anytime soon. Everyone's projects are great. Judy, your graph afghans are always amazing and I've admired them every since I joined the ville. You gave me encouragement to try many times but I've never tackled one. I think you are correct when you say the all the hanging yarns just scares me away. MaryJo yours
  12. Hello Ladies, sorry I've been awol. I did start my new C2C afghan and ripped it out 3x already lol. The person I am making this for favorite colors are red and blue. I'm trying to do this without making it patriotic looking so I decided to leave out white. I'm using 2 shades of blue and 1 red and it just hasn't looked right.
  13. Just wanted to check in and say hi. Everyone's projects look great. I finished the round ripple and now I am trying to pick my next afghan for another friend. Not sure what I want to do. I might do some hanging towels while I'm thinking.
  14. Wow you guys are definitely putting me to shame LOL. I realized with this round ripple I was making that I just can't crochet as fast as I use to. Well it is finished so one down and several things to go. I did remember to take pictures put I have to download them to my computer, I'm just a mess lately, haha. I be back to get inspiration. I know who I'm just not sure what. I know I have to rest my hands a few days so I guess I'll read for awhile. Although the blizzard coming want get me crocheting instead.
  15. I love everyone projects, they are all really nice and anyone would be glad to receive any of them. I'm still working on an afghan for a friend and I don't want to start anything else until this is finished. It's a round ripple and I'm at the stage where it takes forever to get once around, lol. I've been having a lot of pain in my hands when I crochet so I can only crochet for about an hour these days before I have to quit so it takes a little longer to get things done.
  16. Actually I am on my computer. It was working before and all of a sudden it stopped. It's been weird since sometimes I go to post and the print starts out so tiny I can't read it.
  17. Off topic a sec - when I post I no longer have the tool bar so I can't change size, do colors, emojs, nothing. Have no idea what happened and couldn't figure it out in the help section so if any of you can help I'd appreciate it. Back to topic Co-worker - afghan mom - Sashay scarf
  18. Just wanted to wish you all a Very Happy New Year.
  19. I know the feeling too! My sister sends me emails with pictures "can you make this?" I'm still trying to figure out what I want to make. I do know one thing will be a virus shawl.
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