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Boxing Day 2012!


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Starting on December 26! You keep a running total of all the things you do for chartiy over the year! Shortly before Christmas We total them all up and see how many things that we made as a group! Any one is welcome to sign up! Crochet, knit, sewn all things are welcome!


dorothysgirls- Dorothy- Hats for the hospital and for school kids, lapghans and squares


Gardner- Cindy- Baby stuff


Frloplady- Mary - Hats and Binky patrol


Moomooo - Lillibet- vet hospital


Cshort- Carol - Share a square, special olympics scarves


pineknott- Linda- UBW hats, scarves, and cat mats


babypoohsmom- Denise- cat mats and toys


PicesCrocheter- Rene'- ?


tnkycrochetnut- Kathy- hats, scarves, squares, dish cloths and potholders


Smith- Susan- Hats squares and afghans


MamaBearCRTE- Jessica- HAP rectangles and HMB squares


Kordrig99- ? - hats


basjordan- Beth- brain surgery hats


Unicorn37757- ? - ?


Lilly Flower- Lilly- Africa mission


toomuchfreetime- Lesle- baby stuff, hats, scarves, and shawls


HollyzHobbyz- Holly- Rectangles and scarves


funnymom8- Lise- Homeless teens


Spiritwalker- Mary- Linus, chemo caps,and angel tree mission


grannieannie- Ann - Scarves for abuse survivors



Krazycrocheter- ?- afghans for local cahrity


mamabear10 -?- Homeless minestry


KathyWho - Kathy Kay- small lapghans

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I think I will try this. I've been making hats for the mission and I will be making some hats for chemo patients as well. Also just found there is a chapter of the Binky Patrol close by and I hope to make some blankies for them too

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Well my dear friend Dorothy:


I wanted to do so much this year and with the health issues i didnt.

Now I think i'll start a new fresh slate and crochet for Foxie's Veternary Hospital again as

Foxie's Veternarian was so kind to send me a basket of fresh flowers to the hospital during my surgery... How cool was that she made me feel so special...


So I will keep tract I got a note pad ready..



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I am along for the ride as well. I'll be making toys and mats for the cats in the shelter!

Who knows what else? Everyone here is so inspiring that you never know what I will be moved to do.

And I will try to keep my totals up to date next year!

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I will join in. I will be making chemo caps as well as caps/hats and scarves for my church's clothes closet. I will also be using my leftover yarn to make squares to donate to charity. Oh, yes the other thing(s) I was thinking about making this year to put in my church's clothes closet next year around Christmas time are potholders and dishcloths. So I will keep track and join in 2012. Let the hooks fly.

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I'll join too, it would be a nice way to keep track of things throughout the year.


I will be working on baby/adult hats and afghans and squares and whatever else that may come up.

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So do we start counting on Dec 26th (Boxing Day) See how anxious I am to start out right?



I have been known to cheat..... Just leave one end to be weaved then it is not complete... Therfore can't be counted :devil

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