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    I've reached the age where I crochet a lot of baby blankets for friends.
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    Crocheting, Reading, Writing, Photography
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    Amigurumi, baby blankets
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    Since November 2008
  1. Everyone's turtles have turned out FAB!
  2. Love this pattern so much! I've made like 10 turtles and am now trying one in cotton thread. A friend of mine has had over 15 orders for turtles in less than 2 weeks! She has 7 turtles left to make and people are just begging for more of your fabulous turtles! They are just too precious! Soon, all the people at my friends school will probaly have at least one turtle if not more! Your turtle pattern is very wonderful! I am going to try to make one or two for your next toy drive. =)
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