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  1. Hi Joanne, no pictures of the finished shawl? I like to see that it is possible to actually finish a project. I think I've forgotten how to do that. Yesterday was so hot. I was in the garden center (which is outdoors) from 2 til 8, with two 15-minute breaks, and one hour off for lunch. It was very hot - the heat index was over 100 degrees. At least my company gives us water. I spent today resting (and playing video games.) Your grandsons are just adorable!!! They are growing way too fast. LeeAnn, I am sure you're a busy bee today. I hope things are going well. I'm off again tomorrow. I plan to actually do something constructive. I need to pick some peppers!
  2. LeeAnn,, When I get home, I just want to sit down with my legs elevated for an hour or two. I find that helps a lot!!! You certainly stay on top of everything. I am impressed with how much you get done. I've made slipper socks, but never "real" socks. Would crocheted socks be thicker than knit socks? Amanda harvested two watermelons from our patch this week! We ate the first one. It was very juicy, but I prefer mine a bit riper. Can't wait to see how the second one is! It's a different type. The first was a sugar baby. We are getting lots of peppers. My tomato plants are full of tomatoes, but the critters have found them, and tend to eat them before I can get to them. I have netting I need to put up. I am off tomorrow. I will make that one of my jobs for the day. I need to get going. We have a mandatory meeting at 6:30 this morning, before the store opens. Have a great day!
  3. Hi LeeAnn, Your prayer shawl is just beautiful!!! I love the color and the pattern. I hope your friend feels loved and comforted with it. My sister wrapped herself in an afghan I made for her when her husband died a couple years ago. She says it felt like a big hug. It's good to hear that you are adjusting to all the busy-ness of your businesses. I am worn out from working. I love the job - talking to people, helping people, working with some very nice people. Standing on concrete for 6 hours at a time wears me out, though! I keep bringing home plants. My yard and gardens look the best they've been in years. My trip to Ohio was important, but very tiring. I don't sleep well away from my husband. I got to see my brother's grave. I'm glad to be home. Joanne, I hope you are doing well.
  4. Hello, LeeAnn, It's good to hear that Christopher found a job. My son comes home from his mechanic job as dirty as can be. He likes it better than lifeguarding, and he loves the pay and weekends off. He bought another car - a 2006 Pontiac GTO - very sporty, very loud. He is so happy with his new toy. I added another project to my WIP list: I'm making a scarf from Lion Brand Heartland yarn in Olympic blue. I am hoping it will be a quick and easy project, so I can actually get something done. I'm so glad your businesses are doing well. You've worked hard to get where you are! When it's in the high 90's or 100's, it is draining to work outside. I have to say the my employer is very careful to keep the outside workers healthy. We have lots of cold water available, and fans, portable a/c units, and they cut us some slack when it comes to sitting down between customers. Most of the customers are smart enough to stay home during the really hot times, too. Luckily, we've had a lot of rainy, cooler weather this week. Joanne, I hope things are going great for you. Have you finished the blanket for your dd yet? I am going to Ohio tomorrow after work for a couple of days. They are finally burying my brother today, nine months after his death. What can I say? Ohio has had some monumental weather this past year. I'll miss the burial, but I will have the opportunity to visit his grave.
  5. Joanne, your vacation sounds like a nice little slice of heaven! How thoughtful of your daughter to plan it and include the grandmothers! What a great memory for the boys, and for you! Good luck heading back to Paradise. It can be hard to head back after a break. I understand about not being on the 'Ville as much as before. I don't even turn my computer on every day any more. It's funny, I'm working fewer hours, but I feel like I have less time. Maybe because I'm playing in the garden so much. I picked a pile of peppers today! Jalapenos and banana peppers. I'm making pepper poppers tomorrow. LeeAnn, I hope you had a wonderful birthday. How nice of you to offer a special sale on your birthday! I love hearing how your kids are growing. Doesn't it happen fast! My son the mechanic got his first car loan, and purchased a really nice Pontiac GTO. He takes delivery on it some time next week. It needed some repairs to be street legal, like the addition of a muffler, and a new windshield. He's happy. His twin still hasn't gotten any leads for a job. She is going to go back to the community college and get her engineering degree. I think that will help her employability. I have to work soon. It's going to be a long day, and I'm just not in the mood. I guess that's why they pay us to do this. Have a great day!
  6. Hello Everybody, and Happy June! LeeAnn, Did you get the scarf finished? Is your shop closed every Monday? How is the family doing? Is school out for your kids already? Do they have any summer plans? It is good to hear that your craft club is growing. I miss hanging out with people who are playing with yarn with me. Joanne, How is your husband doing? What are the grandsons up to? What projects do you have going now? I really like my job. It's physically exhausting, though. I stand up my entire shift. The last two days were 8 hours each. I do get to pick up some heavy things from time to time -- we are supposed to check for items hidden in the piles of bagged mulch, etc. that people have in their carts. Pardon me while I check to see if you are a thief... I don't like that part. And some times, when I am working in the outdoor garden center, if we don't have any other customers, I will help a customer load their car. I had a really creepy guy ask me for my phone number when his wife went to the car (ewwww!!!) But the majority of my interactions are very pleasant. I'm off today. I need to get a bunch of things done here, but I'm probably going to take a nap first. Don't work too hard!!!
  7. Happy Memorial Day! After working 3 eight-hour shifts in a row, it is WONDERFUL to be off today!!! Joanne, I'm so glad you are feeling better after battling that cold. I hope you had a great visit with your daughters. We cooked out today. I smoked a brisket. I cooked it too long, though, and it was a little crunchy on the bottom. The edible parts were quite good though. LeeAnn, I hope you are relaxing this weekend. Did you close your shop today? Stacy, I hope things are going great for you. When is college done? Did you get your degree?
  8. LeeAnn, it's cool that you are becoming more efficient with your shop. Your knitting sounds like a good project, not too complicated Congrats on having two high school kids. It is a great age. It keeps getting better, though. I know what you mean about being traumatized by the kids growing up. I was so close to crying at Amanda's graduation. I know I won't get to keep them this close for much longer. I took my crochet project to work today, and worked during my hour break. It was fun, found out there are fellow crocheters who also work there. I still love my job, but I am REALLY tired!!!
  9. H LeeAnn, I love my job, but I am SO tired. I am so proud of my twins. I just wish my daughter would spend a little more energy on finding a new job, and a little less time playing video games. My son is working full time in what's already summer heat here. It was in the 90's yesterday. So what pattern are you using for your knit scarf? I think it is so cool that you can play with yarn in more than one way! I can't wait to see what soapy goodness you craft with your new molds. Joanne and Stacy, I hope everything is going great for you!
  10. Hello, I am glad to hear things are going well, LeeAnn, Congrats on the 1000th Etsy sale. I remember when you reached 100. The bike riding sounds wonderful. My only exercise now is playing in the garden. I am really enjoying it. It's good to hear your family is helping keep things up at home. I still love my job. The hours are not consistent: 22 the first week, 16 the second, 30 the third. But I like the days off, so it's all fine. Joanne, I hope Paradise is treating you well. How is your dh doing? How are the grandsons? Stacy, when does your semester end? My kids finished yesterday or today. Weird that my babies are done, but my oldest hasn't really started yet. He's decided to go for Radiology Technician. He needs to start over. '
  11. Joann, how was Boston? I love the picture you posted on Facebook. I can see where your daughter gets her artistic talent. How is the knitted blanket coming along? LeeAnn, your basket is amazing. If I didn't take a big pay cut, I would request one in strawberry for my sister. Stacy, I hope you and Jorge and the kids are all well. Please tell them to stop growing so fast!
  12. I am free!!! I had my last day at the school today. It was a good day, but I am SO glad I can choose when I go back. I may still show up to volunteer from time to time with "my" kids. I started training for the new job last weekend. I go back again this weekend, and will be doing my orientation next weekend. It's a bit of a slow process, but there is a lot of stuff to learn before I even hit the register for the first time. LeeAnn, I am so glad you are having a good time with your stores. How cool that you have several venues for your items. I'll bet your kitchen can get a bit messy. Aren't you too busy to clean most of the time? Joanne, I hope Paradise is treating you well, and your knitting is going well. Stacy, how is school?
  13. LeeAnn, I'll bet the lids and containers are packaged separately because they are manufactured that way. Everything is done by robots and assembly lines The tops and bottoms probably don't meet until you put them together. I am glad you got everything organized. I could use some of that here.. How are your kiddos doing? How is your hubby? Joanne, is everyone doing OK? How are your socks progressing? Well, I filled out paperwork for my new job, and I will use my next two weekends for computer training. I will be in the store for 7 hours each day for 4 days. I should learn something! I haven't told my husband yet. He comes home tonight, and I get to tell him I have to be at work in the morning. I'll bet he'll be thrilled... Maybe not so much. My twins graduate on May 14 at 7 p.m. I am happy for them. They are the first of the grandchildren on my husband's side to get associates (or higher) degrees. A nephew has a certificate for guitar repair, but that was a 6 month course. off to buy new clothes for new jobs - both for me and my son the professional mechanic!!!
  14. Joanne, I'll bet the boys were adorable with the Easter bunny. I'm glad they managed to get a good photo. Little ones can be challenging, but they are SO CUTE!!! I am glad your husband listened to the doctor. I'm not sure mine would. I hope the new job helps him stay healthy. I'm sorry you are stuck in your job. How are your socks coming along? LeeAnn, My daughter used my lotion today, and fell in love with it. Your shawl is beautiful. I think you have a pretty amazing job. My best friends and I tease about opening a store that sells all our favorite things, but we wouldn't know how to begin. Stacy, I love your pictures, but could you please tell your children to stop growing up so fast? Particularly Alex. he's getting so tall! I hope everything is going great for you and your family. How is teaching going? When does your semester end? Spring break is here, finally! I am going to try to paint the kitchen, but the current paint is peeling, so I have a lot of prep work to do, and I hate that stuff!!! So I'll be quite happy if I get it properly prepped this week. I still don't know what color I want.
  15. I got the job!!! I didn't expect to be hired at the first interview, so I am in a bit of shock. I wrote my resignation letter and e-mailed it, but haven't heard a peep from my current company. I wonder if I should call and make sure they know it's not an April Fool's prank, since I sent it on April 1. Spring break is next week, and the Wednesday after that is my last day with my current job. I feel liberated! Joanne, I'm glad your husband is actually listening to the doctor's advice. I hope he enjoys teaching. What classes will he be teaching? I love to hear about you and your grandsons. I'm glad you had a good time with them. I'm sorry to hear about Belle, but so glad she's with a family who will take care of her. LeeAnn, What's new in soap and lotion land? I can't imagine how wonderful your shop smells. I had a student comment on my lotion the other day. I'm using the Tropical Vacation scented lotion. It is very nice. Stacy, I loved the picture of your kids and their package. They all look so happy. You have an adorable family. My husband comes home in one week and 13 hours!
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