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    Stay at home mom of a 15 year old and 7 year old twins. All girls.
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    Casper WY
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    playing with the kids, crocheting, and quilting
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    In home heath care provider
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    I will try anything but it has to hold my intrest
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  1. I was using a harmony wood needle. My sweter is now on cubics.
  2. I started a sweater for my hubby. I love the pattern and love the yarn. Today I was sitting at the LYS knitting away and my needle snapped and over 100 stitches fell off. I got all of them picked up but I should of had the sleve holes done today and now I am so mad at the sweater that I put it in time out. The owner of my LYS is such a sweet heart that she went and got me a new pair of needles and gave them to me. I didn't even buy the needles from her, I would of had to buy a new set but she told me not to worry about it. Now I have to try to get a hold of the company that I bought the
  3. I love DPN's!! One of my twins wanted to learn how to make socks (she is 8) . I gave her the option of circs or dpn's and she picked dpn's as that is what I use. She is doing wonderfully with them!
  4. I am so happy I finally got my new needles in the mail today. I ordered a set of signature DPN's I love them. They are very sharp and make it so easy to knit 2 together. Here are the socks I finished a couple nights ago ( If I got the picture off my phone right).... Wooo Hooo it worked!!!!!
  5. I finished another pair of socks and am working on the third pair now. This time I am keeping track of all the rows I do so I can be sure that I have the exact same size when they come off the needles. I will take a picture of the socks I finished as soon as I find the memory card for the camera.... (gotta love kids)
  6. Kollage makes metal ones I ordered mine online. The Cubics needles I have came from my LYS. I think that you can order both of them online if you can not find them where you live.
  7. dorothysgirls


    When I have to crochet into the chain stitch I work it like I do the begining row. I hope this makes sense...
  8. Hubby looked at different ones online and came up with the plans and made it! I love haing a talented hubby!!
  9. I am tickled pink!! Hubby built me a yarn swift today. I have wound 2 hanks of lace weight yarn with it and it is wonderful. I forgot to take picutres with the yarn on it (I was to excited). So with out further ado here is my swift!
  10. I finished another sock last night. I am not a big fan of the color. It has more brown in it than I would like, so I am going to relly have to push myself to finish (or even start) the second one.
  11. Very pretty blanket. I just could not remember how to spell the name of the needles.
  12. Cindy, There is a lady at my LYS that does socks on a very shory cabled needle and loves it! The needles are made by Choo Gooo (sp). It might be worth a try for you.
  13. Knitters pride now have square wood needles. I love them. They are called cubics!
  14. I have been working on socks lately. I put the shawl aside while I try to decide if I like the color I have chosen or not. Hubby likes wool socks for winter at work. It has been way to hot here to work on anything big here. So socks it is. If I can find my old camera I will take a picture of the pair that I finished. I found it!!! Here they are....
  15. Have any of you tried the Knitters Pride Cubics needles? They are wood they have a super point and they are square. It makes for easier holding of the needles.
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