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  1. Since there is no more hockey to watch, I guess I won't have any hockey hats, so....here is my "Avengers: End Game" hat. I share Netflix with my brother and he shares Disney+ with me, so I guess we have plenty of movies for now. This yarn did not have a ball band. Not sure when I got it. I started with 9dc at the crown, and it came out pretty small. It fits me but is very tight, but it will fit a young person nicely. On the 2nd round, I put a fpdc at the start of each repeat for the texture. It is a chunky yarn, probably a 5 or 6. I just realized that the join seam is at the front of the picture, lol, of course.
  2. Bailey the Isabella outfit is adorable! Glad to see you are getting so much done. Is anyone in a city that is on lockdown? Our governor just announced that bars, gyms, movie theaters, etc will be closed. We have about a week's worth of food in the house. Trying not to panic purchase, but we are going to need protein soon. Chicken or ground beef or something!! We got a memo at work today that basically said... No, we are not shutting down and you should actually prepare your families as you will probably be working more hours than usual. But I guess that is what we have to do. Everyone is paying a price in one way or another right now. Hope you are all well and keeping your spirits up.
  3. Darski, can you look at a finished item and remember the pattern? I suppose you can given all of the things you have designed and crocheted. The napkin holder/paint holder is pretty clever. I actually saw Eileen's tacky glue at the dollar tree recently so I picked up a bottle. Good thing I did because mine was completely shot. The new bottle is a lot smaller but I am fine with that because I don't think I have ever used up a bottle, and hate to waste.
  4. Well, that's a lesson in how good my memory has become. I really thought there was a retail aspect. I am going to look for other patterns to try. I know Darski has a whole library! I remember looking at a skirt and shirt a long time ago. Meanwhile, here is dress #4...
  5. You guys are obviously a lot more Ville savvy than I am. The last time I noticed anything had changed here was when they took it down for a few days, made it so I can't find emojis, changed how photos were loaded and sent me into a tailspin because I had to log back in and had no idea what my password was. But I'm sure if I had more time, I'd know more. Bailey, I just tried to comment on your blog, but apparently I need a google password, which I don't have. I was going to say that I like the details you put in the posts. They often times make me look again at the picture. Also, last night I was wondering if I should stop with that one dress pattern and find something else so that the dolls have different outfits instead of the same dress in different colors. I need to go back a few years and look at the post when you described the Aztec program in detail. Do they sell some of the outfits separately and then donate one doll with the clothes to the kids? I know there was something about salesmanship and retail in the lesson, but my memory is dodgy. (I actually had someone at work ask me if she could buy one of my dresses for her daughter, and that triggered the thought) Hope everyone esle is doing well. It's been in the 80's here the past two days and I hate it because that means 100+ is not far behind. I truly live in the wrong place....
  6. Love that the dress and hat come with a proper coat. That is darling! Ok, I think I got the blog tour idea. So do people apply to have their blogs promoted by the Ville? I don't have a blog (obviously) but I have followed a few in the past. Usually I forget to check them regularly. Yours is probably the one I see most often because you post right here! I finished another dress tonight but the ends are not tucked in so I didn't take a picture yet.
  7. Darksi, I get the idea part, but not the easy part. Good thing we all have different talents!! What is the next trick up your sleeve? And someone else is probaby going to have to explain what a blog tour is. Who is trying to "pull the wool" over my head? Inquiring minds want to know.
  8. Bailey...how did you figure out how to get through life without sleeping. Or....how did you learn to crochet in your sleep? Either way, that is info that needs to be shared. I finally got a picture of my doll wearing the last dress I made. I figure that I better get them in the mail to you before I lose them. The green bodice that didn't match the veriagated yarn is resting, waiting to see if a match pops up. Darski, I'm not sure how you arrived at a heart shape by starting with a pop bottle, but that is amazing. As far as the wreath goes....yarn out is yarn out. I never joined the destash group because I work full time and shop much faster than I crochet, so that would be all kinds of no fair for me!
  9. Darski...you are not intruding at all. We sometimes forget to count our blessings amid our day to day stress. You are a lovely person and you can share your thoughts any time.
  10. Finished this tonight. I finally checked the pattern and it is by Patricia Klonoski. Is that Darski or did I just get this confused? Maybe Darski just recommended it to me. This is made with the Walmart brand yarn.
  11. Hey Darski, I have quite a few friends that are very young widows and I try to hold my complaints to a minimum when I am around them. 30 years is a long time to miss someone you love and I am very sorry. My grandmother outlived my grandfather by 40+ years and said the same as you.
  12. Wow Brenda, moving can be a painful, stressful, experience, but it looks like you have landed in the right place. I wish I could get my husband to go bowling or pottery making or ANYTHING a few nights a week so I can have the house to myself. He's retired and doesn't understand how I feel suffocated that he is home all of the time. After working 10 hours, I'd like to come home to just the cats and no politics on the tv! Sigh....anyway it's late so I gave up on a "nice" picture of my "nice" cat mat, but here is Panda doing a quality test on it...
  13. I love that you are on a mission to get the baby dolls done first Bailey. Then you can have "fun" with the 18" girls. I found two more veriagetd yarns I'd like to try to make with the Darski Dress pattern, but I currently have three blankets, a waffle stitch scarf, and a dishcloth in the works. (And that is not counting things stashed in bags that I don't remember starting). I wish I had some kind of plan for the year, but I get serious "shiney object syndrome" when I match a yarn with a pattern in my head and want to start it right away. Does anyone else do this??
  14. You really are on a roll Baliey! I like that you are set on using up that purple, and I agree with you on that variegated colorway, it's super fun. I finished my first color matched cat mat. It is currently tumbling around in the dryer. I will post a picture in the next day or two.
  15. I was thinking the same things about the shoes. I'm not good with small pieces because I crochet so tightly. I wind up with a big lump when I try to do small things. Amigarumi is out of the question. I think I have mentioned this before but my first baby hat fit a can of corn. I have loosened up since then, but not enough! Darski's patterns just keep on giving. I don't particularly like the song, but for some reason I keep hearing "shoe the children with no shoes on their feet" from Fly Like an Eagle. Never liked the Steve Miller band.
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