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  1. Bailey, that Mary Maxim pattern is so cute. Like the little poncho or whatever you call that. I'll bet you will want to make that outfit again!
  2. Ooh Brenda, I like the C2C. My friend told me that she read that the decrease stitches actually take more yarn than the increase. Isn't that crazy? I'm sure somebody did the math. Darski, love the cocoon. And the little mitts are precious, but just thinking about tiny yarn and a tiny hook....! I did finish the C2C I was working on thanks to Mona. I still can't figure out how it was that far off. Anyway, I am meeting with a crochet friend IRL next Saturday and she's going to show me how to do a border.
  3. Hmm, I just can't seem to finish this blanket. I started the decrease on the row that was in progress when I added the new skein. But I'm not even close to finishing with the 2nd skein. Dang good thing that Mona sent me more than one! This seems really off! I wonder if the skein was actually shorted.
  4. Did I mention that our own Mona, Greyhoundgramdma had the yarn I needed to finish my blanket. She not only sent me the skein I needed, but also sent 3 more that I didn't know I needed. I have not tried that baby jacked since I made that first one....maybe I will dig that pattern out! Anyway, it's been great to be working on the decrease side now. Thanks Mona!!
  5. Darski, I had a blue blanket worked in the round that turned out that way. Whe I folded it I half, it looked like a fortune cookie! You have to remember that just because the pattern designer liked it that don't have to. Also keep your target audience in mind. Kids! They will get a cute blanket and outfit and will probably be over the moon. But, You seem to be very proud of your projects and you have a nack for workarounds. If it bothers you, take it out!! Sorry...that is not much help. But I do love the color choices for the orange blankets!
  6. Darski, those are the most adorable twins!!
  7. Mona, I got your package today! Thanks so much.
  8. Omg yes!! But if you have two and don't want to get stuck with an oddball skein, I will buy both!!
  9. I know I'm not the first to do this. I started a C2C with the Bernat Baby Jaquards in Easter Basket and a strand of white held together. Was sure I had a second skein of the baby yarn, but nope. It's so pretty that I really don't want to frog this, and I have checked eBay. I will pay whatever the cost is and shipping and whatever! Thanks for checking.
  10. Wow, you guys have been busy. Darski, I love the shades of pink. Does this mean your yarn barf got worked out? I love how the different stitch types work out! Brenda, again, I love the color combos. I started on a C2C with a baby yarn and a regular worsted held together. I was *sure* I had a second skein of the baby yarn, but alas, nope. So I am on the search for Bernat Baby Jaquard in the color Easter Basket. I'm going to post in the ISO section but thought I'd ask here for you gals to check yor stashes for me! It's so pretty!
  11. Oh Darski...I feel your pain. What brand of yarn is that?
  12. Brenda, the ghan is so cheery. You make the colors work. I am not good at pulling random colors together. The pattern makes the rows look like they are dancing or something.
  13. Darski, I really love the blanket. Is that your pattern? The hat looks like the Divine pattern. Love that one. I am making some cat "mats" (not quite a bed, but sturdier than just a blanket) for the rescue to sell, or offer as a gift for a donation. This one is 16 X 22. We were thinking that we would give this to people who donate $10. I know that most people here in this group wouldn't buy stuff like this because they can make it, but I think it might work. It's a layer of fleece, a layer of flannel and cotton batting.
  14. That's nice of you Brenda. It is frustrating after surgery (8 on my right ankle, so I know!). Sometimes you want help and other times you just want to try things on your own. Hope she heals fast. I've had a few friends that have had knee replacement with good results. I worked a little on a moss stitch blanket tonight while watching fireworks on tv. I'm not sure what I am going to do with it. I just wanted to try the pattern!
  15. Darski and seems like we all hit some kind of wall recently! For me it's work and this awful heat. I am less and less tolerant of the high temperatures. Every day we have a heat warning and an ozone warning. Blech. Hope you guys get your groove on. : )