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  1. I tried my first mini stocking and I think my toe is way too long. I think I'm going to go back and pull out maybe two rows... Edit: ok, I guess I better go to bed. I did the toe in dc instead of sc. Um, I guess that would make the toe too long!!
  2. Here is the dress finished. The hockey game is heading to a 2nd overtime, so I have to see what else I have that I can finish. By the way, what size do you make the blankets? I have more of the veriagated yarn and could make a matching blanket. PS to Bailey. Should I save this one for next year? Seems like you said something about needing items by Oct 1st.
  3. Such a fancy soap sack, Darski. I didn't know that you were also a knitter! I was so sure I was going to get this done last Monday, but you know how things go. I have had this green bodice on my ironing board since my failed attempt to pair it with a green, white and red veriagated yarn. Since the hat looked good, I thought I would try the colors together for this dress. It needs a few more rows of course... The greens actually look better matched in person than they do in this picture.
  4. And this is the hat I made instead on Thursday night...you're going to see a bit more of this by tomorrow...
  5. Got the ends tucked in on this cat mat yesterday. Two of my new foster kittens came with ringworm! So I wash, wash, wash. Vacuum, clean and wash some more. I'm changing out their beds, etc every day. This has one strand of my gifted Homespun in yellow, one strand of Caron simply soft in pink and a pink veriagated worsted. This combination is so, so soft. As I was making this I thought it would make a fun chunky hat.
  6. Hi Bailey, yes, we were on the same page, I just sometimes second guess the way I phrase things. At work, I often get in trouble for my wording or brevity. Someone might ask me for current balance in a particular account. Apparently just a reply with the balance and no "hi, how are you...here is your balance...feel free to ask me any questions you have"...blah blah comes across as rude. So yeah, I sometimes read too much into things because of my job!! And Brenda, WOW, you have been busy. What lovely dresses. The blankets are so fun too. I'm sure the students and administration had time to think about what they can do to keep the program alive, particularly as you say, because this Christmas might not be the easiest. My hope is that when the season arrives, the best of humanity will reveal itself. That's my hope. As for my new yarn, the crochet hat was just not going to work, so I got out my Addi and made a knitted hat instead. The yarn is obviously made for knitting. It did take the whole skein to make the hat. I didn't realize these skeins had a bit less yardage than I am used to.
  7. Hey Bailey....just reading back through posts and let me be clear that I was not implying that the family you make the fun boxes for can't afford store made decorations, I just meant that when you buy a trinket from the dollar store it means a lot less than something that is hand made and has personal value. I hope I didn't come across the wrong way! I made a tiny shamrock for a friend when I first learned to crochet and every year, it is on display in her cubicle. I made a hat for the daughter of a girl in records 10 years ago and she just mentioned it to me a few weeks ago. Lol, on the other hand, I would never give anything hand made to my oldest brother. My youngest brother loves everything I make and sometimes requests things. I think we all have "gift card" friends and relatives! Krys, love the washcloth story. I'm sure we can all relate to that. And Darski, super cute buddies. Those are going to disappear from the magic table so quickly. Finally, I saw on a you tube knitting podcast that Micheals store brand yarn was re-released and is very soft, plus they had new color ways. So....I popped in and bought these two today. I know the Jacquard won't work up as nicely in crochet as it does in knit, but I'm going to make a hat during the football game tonight and see how it goes. And PS, it is very soft now.
  8. Brenda, the stockings are always so fun. Like Linda's birds nests. Never sure what colors are going to look great together. Darski, were you hoping the set would be used in thr laundry room or that someone would see it there and take it?
  9. Well Bailey, you have been working a lot on a special project. We grew up in the lower middle class and made a lot of gifts and decorations. My mom was an amazing seamstress back when fabric was 3 yards for $1, which was great for me as the only girl, but sometimes not great for my 3 older brothers. A great gift for me was a new matching outfit for my favorite teddy bear and me to wear to church. Us kids would tag-team...I figured out how to macrame a plant holder, one brother bought a pretty plant, another one a glazed pot and finally the hook that held it all up. That was the way we did it. My poor dad still has a "hand made" bowl made from kindergarten clay that he used to use when he smoked a pipe in the backyard. He hasn't smoked in 60 years and I swear kindergarten clay used to be much more sturdy, because he still has that thing and it cannot be damaged. Your Valentine's Day crochet cookie is legend among our foster kittens. It came out of the greeting card and somehow they decided it was theirs. You never know how fun something from the heart can go on for years! I really need to find this amazing Betsy Ross dress my great aunt made for my Barbie. Whew, anyway. I wondered into a Dollar Tree a bit farther away than my usual one and found skeins of cotton yarn. There were about 8 colors but only the purple had flecks of other colors in it. I'm anxious to try it this weekend.
  10. Hi, my iPad has been on the fritz and our Apple Store is closed. Has anyone heard from Bailey on other forums? She was on a tear with the doll clothes and now nothing. With all of the crazies of 2020, I am worried. Darski, you are on a roll. That doll was a find! And your gnome is adorable. Im going to check out those stocking patterns right now.
  11. Did someone in this group mention "soap sacks" or was I up in the middle of the night on you tube again? I'm trying to figure out if you make them big enough for a box of soap to go inside or just the bar. I'm also thinking of trying stocking for soldiers again this year. I need small projects for my short attention span. I've never liked any of the patterns I've tried before because the heel isn't smooth and that bugs me (I get that the receipiants probably don't care but it just bugs me. Now that the Caps are out of the playoffs, I can watch hockey without watching every move! Unfortunately, the first two Cardinals home games will not have spectators. No spectators, no OT for crowd control people like me. Last year I canceled my Direct TV package that plays all the Packers, which saves money, and planned to work any and every game in traffic control this season to save up some $$. So much for my brilliant fiscal plan. Oh and as a matter of confession. I was supposed to stop buying yarn, but I went to Walmart and they had a lovely display of the house brand, so I got one skein. I want to encourage it. The yarn is sturdy but soft for cat mats and people hats. It's nearly midnight and my brain just won't stop...I'm in trouble at work tomorrow if I don't get some sleep now!
  12. Last night we watched Ant Man and the Wasp (still working on the Marvel Universe) I made this hat with some Caron basic stripes. After the increase, I did one sc row alternating with one dc row to break up the pooling a bit. Then the fp, bp for the brim.
  13. That is pretty Darski. No reason for test kits to be so boring. The bling just made me laugh. My mom would have loved that.
  14. Finally got a picture of a cat mat I finished a week or so ago. I was using some Homespun with "matching" yarn but ran out during this one. I had a bit of a brighter color from a goodwill bag and thought it would look really obnoxious but it is actually very pretty. Time to dig in my box of gifted homespun and see what other matches I can make.
  15. Darski, that is a whole lot nicer than the cereal box I use!! Does the white lace in the back do something or did it just happen to be laying there for the picture. Phoenix is on a tear breaking records for the number of 110+ degree days we are having this year. I think we are up to 39 or something. It makes the weather girl stupidly happy. 113 to 117 is what we will get the next 7 days so that record will shoot up. Yuk. Gotta go stock up on some Powerade. I did make a dish cloth last week while waiting with my Dad for a few tests. They told us yesterday that they do not see the need for more chemo. Yay! That can always change, but I think that will boost his enthusiasm for life in general for a while. Thanks for everyone who kept him in your thoughts.
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