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  1. Woo hoo! Good for you. I fnished one I was working on at work on my breaks last week, brought it home to weave in the ends. I can still probably get one more from the partial spool I was given. The pattern is a sc base and then a new row with one sc followed by a triple. Third row all sc, the 4th row is back to sc, triple, sc triple. Works up easy. And is east to pick and find where you are even if you only have time for a short work break.
  2. Hi gals...not charity related but my coworker made this pillow for me for my birthday. Too cute. She’s the same one that made the couch.
  3. Owlvamp, how is the one per day going? Several years ago I tried to get one hat per week. I did pretty good, skidded and ended up with around 40 instead of 52. Seems like one year Darski was doing a hat a day. I remember loving all of the different patterns she posted. I have to find the sweet spot between goals and pressure!!
  4. Wow Darski, those are all so adorable. I can’t even pick a favorite outfit this time. The tiny Christmas babies are very cute.
  5. Owlvamp, those are adorable! Is that Bernal blanket yarn? They look soft!
  6. So glad to hear that you were able to make yourself a hat! That must feel amazing. I’m sure everyone forgets stitches now and then. I’m just over the moon that you were able to do some crochet! Here is my new hockey hat. Tried a K hook for a large hat. I had this variegated yarn and paired it with blue, grey, black and gold a few years ago. I found the gold and variegated leftovers. Ran out of the gold and did a couple rounds of sc of variegated double stranded at the end.
  7. Yes, when I need an H, all I can find are J’s! I am not very organized though, so that might actually be the problem.
  8. Also found crochet hooks at a Dollar Tree that I rarely get to but has a huge craft section. I got two of each of these because they are sizes I use a lot. One decided to jump out of the bag so I need to check under the seat. I need to jot down the letter sizes or hang a conversion chart in my craft room. I don’t have the number sizes memorized with their letter counterparts.
  9. It’s been quiet around here. Everyone must be busy! I had some red yarn and some fuzzy white yarn from goodwill or something like that and decided to make a “Santa” hat. I mean, it doesn’t scream Christmas but could be a Santa hat. Anyway, it’s a hockey hat. Not too many of them yet this year because the Capitals haven’t been on national television much. Here it is...
  10. Those are really pretty. Is that scrubby yarn and cotton yarn held together? I like the red, white and blue ones on the top left.
  11. I also recently found this yarn at the dollar store. I have no idea who would seek out three tiny balls of yarn or what I could make with this, but since I was already there getting my dollar stuff, I dropped it in the cart.
  12. Well, I did it. I have a new iPad. I actually bought it from a local Mac Media store because our Apple store is still closed. I actually like the Mac Media store because they are very helpful. I took the new one home all hopeful just to return 90 minutes later so they could do the data transfer for me. I really do need to take time to learn new technology. But who has time when there are hats to crochet? Here is the first black variegated hat and his new buddy made with a different brand of yarn and the K hook.
  13. Well, my ipad and I have come to an impasse. We are no longer speaking. So I (think, hopefully) got it backed up and need to order a new one. Now I just need to decide which one I want (translation: how much money I want to spend). When I try to look at Bailey's blog now, it logs me out of the Ville and into her blog. So I have to got back and log in each time I take a look. I think it's down to not enough memory for the few things I want open at the same time. I hope you are all getting fun things done. I've done a few hockey hats and have been working like crazy on cat beds.
  14. Hi to Donna, I wasn't trying to offend anyone or hide from you. I actually had no idea that there was one person in charge of everything or that there were "forum owners" to whom a single person would answer. Everyone in this CAL is super supportive of everyone else and I am sorry that I popped off a message that didn't seem very supportive, but my mood at the moment was irritated and unfortunately that is how my message came across. I realize that "hey, can anyone else with an old ipad tell me how this works or who to ask"? would have been a better option. I don't want anyone on this CAL
  15. Can anyone tell me how to navigate this ridiculous upgrade on an older (2012) iPad? I can't get enough room on my screen to open a reply. The area for a reply is less than 1/4" high and tapping it doesn't open my keyboard, so I had to go to my big computer to post this. Honestly, I don't need a sidebar showing me the most popular comments and thumbnails of pictures. I swear people "upgrade" things for no reason. Someone at the 'Ville has been hanging around the Apple folks for too long and are "innovating" for no reason.
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