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  1. Wow Darski, you have been looking at things with a new eye. I was scrolling and scrolling through the clock pictures and I wondered when I would get to the "bug", which was so cute! You've still got "it" when it comes to crafting. And Brenda, the practical side is fun too. My original masks use a hair tie for the lastik and those would be so great for events longer than the grocery store. It doesn't take us crafters long to figure out how to make something we need work better!! I was literally in bed on the 30th and 1st. Just sick with ears, nose and throat but enough to get me shunned from work, so stayed in bed. Not enough energy to lift a crochet hook. No corona virus, but just a plain old summer cold. Our fiscal year closes and opens on those very days, so imagine how far behind I am on tasks! I need fun these next two days to prepare for Sunday night drama (preparing to go back in and face the email backlog!) I have one little lap blanket almost done that I hope to share soon. Just something I hope will end up with a person in a nursing home who didn't have someone to bring him or her a Christmas gift. A couple of years ago, someone in the CAL said their goal for the year was a gift for everyone in her mom's unit. But I am not sure how that turned out. But I keep a couple items at the ready.
  2. Daraki, is that pattern on the Ville? I'd like to try that one.
  3. I don't think I ever knew Christine from the Ville, but I am sad just the same.
  4. Wow Darski, that is a lot of tiny details. It took me a minute (with the comments from the others) to realize that you DID make it and it wasn't something you wanted to make (like you saw it on Pinterest or something). I will never look at the dish soap the same again! I'm glad you still have creativity flowing. Bailey, you are really keeping up the pace. Is it my imagination, or are you getting a lot more done this year? Cinderella is adorable. I went to my "room" after I got home from work fully intending to work on something, anything. I flipped the TV on and it was on a news channel. I switched as fast as I could and then just sat there and watched the last 40 minutes of Forrest Gump and got nothing accomplished. Sigh. Maybe tomorrow.
  5. Hi all...well my Dad is doing better. I would say that he is stable now and probably needs some rest so that he can start to improve. He needs to put on some weight. I don't feel relaxed yet, but I am hopeful. Bailey, I like the little sock yarn outfit. I have a few skeins of sock yarn that I keep under the dilution that one day I can learn to knit, because knit socks are the best. I have not been at my sewing machine or crochet hook in a while. I do hope to take some vacation days this summer to just stay in! It's 110+ degrees outside now so I have no interest in anything outside.
  6. My goodness, you have been busy. It may seem like I am repeating posts, but Dad was back to the ER again last Friday with a fever. Spent 36 hours in the Covid unit while he waited for his results. Turns out he had an infection from the 2nd surgery. He is doing great today. Back to eating and even doing his own laundry. I am hoping this will be my last few days staying at his house. My cousin is an ICU nurse in the Covid unit in Green Bay and says they love the ear savers. They do keep the elastic from digging at their ears. He's had bruises on his forehead from the plastic shields. He's been nursing in ICU for more than 30 years and he said he's just never seen anything like this. It's wearing on him, I can tell. I hope the cases reduce soon. Whew, anyway, of course you had to make the little bear picnic. That is just too adorable. And that simple pattern you posted is the one I used for the 4 dresses I just sent you. But the color changes and stripes can make them look really different. As far as machines go, my mom bought me a Husqvarna Viking machine, used, when I was 12. I am now 54 and I still love that machine. About 2 years ago the clutch that disengages the needle bar while winding a new bobbin broke. Nobody has the part (can't they 3D print one) and if they did find the part, they said it would be a couple hundred dollars for labor. I don't care, I love that machine. It weighs 30 pounds and it has never backed down from a project. I do have a fancy new machine and even invested in a new embroidery machine a few years ago when they had a 4 years same as cash. So now it's paid off but I am not retired yet to get some use out of it!! I know a lot of people have been cooped up lately, but with my job in public safety and looking after my Dad, I'd kind of like a few weeks to myself. So many projects to finish!! Thanks for keeping me connected with all of the chatter and projects here!
  7. Well, posting pictures "tomorrow" turned in to a week later. My Dad is back in hospital with a twisted intestine. Had emergency surgery. Poor guy can't get a break. That is two major surgeries in 3 weeks. Here is a picture of all of the stuff that went to the rescue last weekend.
  8. Dad is finally back home, again. My brother is still here so that is great. I also finally took in two kittens. One is buff and the other is a Siamese. They are both little sweethearts. They lived in a horrible place and were covered with fleas, but somehow still trust. It breaks my heart, but these are some of the lucky ones. Our shelter is going to finally get to put cats back in Petsmart tomorrow. We are only filling half of the kennels for now and are following the glove, mask and distancing rules. For the last 6 weeks we've just had pictures and bios of our dogs, cats and bunnies hanging in the store and did adoptions by appointment. Although getting back into the store should feel normal, it doesn't. Anyway tomorrow I will have a picture of what I have been working on....
  9. Darski, I don't think the blanket looks iffy at all. It looks comfy all wrapped up snugly!! I don't know when I will get back to any "routine" in my life that involves crocheting and sewing until my Dad is back on his feet. I feel like half the year is wasted and I have no gifts started. When the girl that works for me is allowed to come back in to the office, maybe I will take a bit of time off here and there. I don't even have kittens in the house because I am afraid they will be neglected because I will be focused on things at Dad's house. So, send some healing vibes my Dads way, if you could. I found a bright pink waffle scarf I started and now I can't figure out the stitch to finish it. My brain is going to need a re-boot!
  10. Darski, that little boy outfit is so cute, that really made me smile. The brown and blue are so sweet together, but it doesn't look like you forced the colors so it could be for a boy. Does that make sense? And Bailey, I have been using a Walmart doll to fit my dresses, which seem to be a bit tight...but I'm not really in the practice of changing doll clothes. I should get these to you so you can tell me if they are too tight before I make anything else. I ransacked my mom's stash looking for 1/4" elastic for bigger masks and found some. Now I need to go back to the simple skirt pattern Darski sent me long ago that I set aside because I couldn't find any elastic at my house. I love the dress because it's so cute, but would like to try something new. Also I need to look for the correct pattern/size for a beanie hat. I like making hats! My Dad had his left kidney removed today. It's so odd that I can't go to the hospital to see him. He was already up and walking today, so that seems encouraging. I haven't touched yarn in about two weeks because I keep getting requests from friends for masks, which I am happy to do. It will be nice though to get back to other fun things. I have a nearly-complete granny's square lap blanket that I would like to finish!
  11. Well Bailey, so many people are going without so many things these days, I'd hate to have so much yarn when someone is home with none! Glad that you are rolling along and getting so much done.
  12. Darski, that is adorable! Bailey, I can look around and see what baby weight yarn I have if you'd like. I can pop some in the mail to you. My friend called me today and said that she had to wait 2 hours in line to get in to Joanns today because they are only letting a small number of people in to the store at once. She was trying to get supplies to make face masks. Some food stores in AZ won't let you in without one. I have made a few using thin hair ties for the ear loops. They are a bit tricky, but I have the hang of it now. Not sure if I told you that my Dad has been in hospital and found out he has cancer in his uretha. He got home today so I have been dashing back and forth from my house and his. I am all out of whack...I was up sewing at 2:30 last night and I am typing this at 1:30am!! Here is the mask with hair ties. Made a few for the girls in the rescue. They are not meant as any type of protection for aerosol discharges, just really a reminder to not touch your nose or mouth out in public.
  13. Since there is no more hockey to watch, I guess I won't have any hockey hats, so....here is my "Avengers: End Game" hat. I share Netflix with my brother and he shares Disney+ with me, so I guess we have plenty of movies for now. This yarn did not have a ball band. Not sure when I got it. I started with 9dc at the crown, and it came out pretty small. It fits me but is very tight, but it will fit a young person nicely. On the 2nd round, I put a fpdc at the start of each repeat for the texture. It is a chunky yarn, probably a 5 or 6. I just realized that the join seam is at the front of the picture, lol, of course.
  14. Bailey the Isabella outfit is adorable! Glad to see you are getting so much done. Is anyone in a city that is on lockdown? Our governor just announced that bars, gyms, movie theaters, etc will be closed. We have about a week's worth of food in the house. Trying not to panic purchase, but we are going to need protein soon. Chicken or ground beef or something!! We got a memo at work today that basically said... No, we are not shutting down and you should actually prepare your families as you will probably be working more hours than usual. But I guess that is what we have to do. Everyone is paying a price in one way or another right now. Hope you are all well and keeping your spirits up.
  15. Darski, can you look at a finished item and remember the pattern? I suppose you can given all of the things you have designed and crocheted. The napkin holder/paint holder is pretty clever. I actually saw Eileen's tacky glue at the dollar tree recently so I picked up a bottle. Good thing I did because mine was completely shot. The new bottle is a lot smaller but I am fine with that because I don't think I have ever used up a bottle, and hate to waste.
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