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  1. After my dad had a kidney removed last year, we talked him into getting frozen meals and the boxes were insulated with these panels of shredded fabric. Unable to waste…I made these little beds for feral cats using pillow cases.
  2. Here it is!! You can tell that I started with the blue, white and grey of the other one. Can’t decide if I like matchy or scrappy better. But I still love the homespun as the base. So much softer than 3 strands of regular acrylic.
  3. I got a few more cat mats made. I am still using up my gifted Homespun. I swear it is multiplying! The blue one kind of looks like it should be for a cat fan of the Dallas Cowboys or the Detroit Lions. My husband liked it and he rarely even notices what I’m making. I have a scrappy one too but I can’t find it since I washed it.
  4. Glad they made it. I felt bad “suffocating” the bears in the ziplocks but I always worry about rain, etc.
  5. I read on the USPS website that postal rates for packages are going to be increased from Oct 2nd to Dec 24th…so I am sending out the few things I have for the toy drive. if you think that the little stuffed animals with the lovies are well received, please let me know because those are very easy.
  6. The hats look soft and warm. I was never able to get the tension right on a loom. The texture of the shawl is so nice.
  7. So, here is my first football hat of the season. Watched a bit of college ball last weekend. It is peach and green Caron SS. I played some serious yarn chicken on this hat.
  8. I found some started granny’s squares in with a skein of yarn at Goodwill. (I always feel like I have to rescue unfinished projects) But in this case the squares were so large and loosely constructed that I just took them apart and wound some balls.
  9. I finally finished another cat mat. My Tah dah is a little less impressive after Brenda’s post, but I’ll take it - at least it’s done! I have one strand of my gifted homespun, a plain red and a red/green variegated that has a foil wrap. I’m not so sure I will use that again because if the cats eat bits of that foil, it could be intestine problems if nobody notices it unraveling. Maybe it will stay here with my big cats that are too lazy to pick out some yarn.
  10. Wow, I am pretty darn impressed. I am sorry that one of the ladies in your group passed. I made a promise to my friend (and she promised back) to make sure our yarn goes to good use when that day comes. You have made her proud. I did look up the c2c in the round. I like the texture of the c2c stitch but I am not good at deciding on sizes when I don’t really know how much yarn I have. I’m going to try that. Thanks for posting all of your stuff. Geez, I would have been posting every stocking one at a time for the pure feeling of accomplishment! Hope everyone is well!
  11. Wow, you have been busy! I love all of the outfits, but I think the little patriotic outfit is my favorite. I always challenge myself to pick a favorite but you make it hard when they are all so cute. The granny’s squares are bright and fantastic, but can you tell me about the other ones? They look like the c2c pattern but from the center out! I have been so lonely and then you come along and post so much work! Woo how, what fun.
  12. I finally got my yellow trio done. I spent more time frogging the 3rd one than stitching it! That is what I get for trying to watch Loki and stitch at the same time. Usually not a problem but the new Disney+ episodes are confusing because of time travel. I also made another lovey. I am probably going to make them in pairs. One to donate and one to sell or gift. We had 10 cats adopted today so I need to raise more funds for the take home blankets. One of the adopters offered to buy one of my crocheted mats when she was adopting. The volunteer told her to take it and consider going next door to
  13. Hi again. I’ve been having a lot of pain again because of the new fracture in my C spine, so I spent most of yesterday watching tv and not doing much else. But I almost got another trio done!
  14. Hello! I finished another cat mat tonight while watching a rather disappointing hockey game. I use pretty much any kind of yarn for my cat mats. I didn’t have quite enough of the white Homespun left to make this a cute, all-matched-up mat, so I pulled out some scraps. I am not one to waste scraps, yarn, fabric, food…but this yellow yarn is going in the bin along with the other bits I got from another cat mat crocheter. She told me it cut her hands up and I have to say that while the finished piece is soft, it is pure pain to use. Now that hockey is over and football hasn’t started yet, I
  15. Here is my dishcloth stash so far. I am making them in sets of 3. One to donate, one for gift giving and one to sell. All of the stuff I sell on Etsy goes to buy fleece so I can keep making blankets for the rescue. The blue and white one on the bottom right is two strands held together. The blue is from the dollar store. It was a bit too thin to stand alone…at least I thought so.
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