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    don't know yet
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    depends.. learned as a child.. not a child anymore..but haven't crocheted since then! 2010
  1. I like making afghans, but have this WIP problem lol. Working on 2 at the same time right now and know of at least 2 that are waiting for me to return and love them. I like making round ripple with self striping yarns. Big ones, baby ones, inbetween ones... My next thing is hats. I love the divine hat pattern and like to use it with self striping yarn. They are a great donation hat as they look good in most any yarn. I usually stick with acrylic for price and also that anyone can use/wear it if it is acrylic. I and J are hooks I use most often. I did a baby RR in a
  2. http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/christmas-tree-10 not quite as detailed..
  3. that seems to have worked quite tidily for you!
  4. what is the next row? It may be easier to increase in it??
  5. whenever I get a chance. Farming doesn't always lend itself to daytime hooking lol. In the heat though we try and work early mornings or late evenings
  6. ok unless you are left handed it might work better. I just realized it is your left hand. It will still depend on the doctor and if you can do it without pain. I broke my right wrist and I was just plain sol for a long time. I spent a lot of time on the computer. Bought an ergonomic keyboard which allowed me to start trying to type. I also went out and worked in the garden..yeah crazy, probably stupid, but I did. To keep it clean I'd put it in a long sleeve dishglove and tape it up. I'd pour the water out of the glove when i was done from the sweat. I wasn't always a good patient lol.
  7. yup unless your doctor releases you to hook, you are a non-hooker for awhile. I did break my wrist (compound 7 places) but I was not crocheting then. It was also put together with plates and screws. 6 weeks ot PT after that. I do think that crocheting has help keep the wrist flexible...well a bit more flexible
  8. Looks like the hood was started top middle with a 1/2 circle of dc and went from there. I'm betting it was attached?
  9. well it showed up and it is CUTE! Hope you can find it!
  10. add me to the didn't not sleep well list. Fell asleep early (ok 10:30) and woke up again about 12:30. Crocheted for awhile. Sleep again around 2:30 to about 6... ok crochet again... Just went to the gym for the first time in awhile. Got 2 hats started there I get on the recumbant bike so I can crochet and pedal!
  11. Those of you in hurricanes path.. Praying for you safety!
  12. Thank you everyone for the compliment. It is outside my box to just go off and create something that doesn't have a pattern per se. The yarn was that craft smart value yarn, color: Fiesta. I didn't quite like the feel of it on the skein, but I like the color enough to grab a couple of skeins and see what it was like to work with. It actually wasn't bad to hook with unlike the coarser feeling RHSS. Jury will be out until it's washed. Phyllis that is a cute kindle cover!!
  13. Hat I made. Divine hat pattern. I have left over yarn. Decided to see if I could figure out how to make an increase using that shell pattern. Think it worked pretty good for a cowl/collar
  14. what she said... it's not bags..it's rubbermaid totes..lots of them...
  15. well it wasn't a sell out, but we did very well at the market. Was a great day both for weather and our wonderful customers!
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