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  1. I see what you are thinking with the bunched up stitches..Have to agree there needs to be a sc between the last spot you put a v stitch and the last dc or it seems it would get funky in a big hurry
  2. there are a couple in Portland I've been to, but I apologize I don't remember the names. Do check out knitmap.com. I happen to be in Portland area today too for an embroidery machine class!!
  3. used up 2...sold a bunch but only got 6 shipped. Gave away a pile...and there is still a lot to go... anyone else on the yarn swap, sell and trade community on FB?? WTD +152
  4. Sold 14 skeins this week. Bought 7. WTD +14
  5. FrLopLady


    Hobby Lobby I love this yarn...suggestion for what color to use for flesh color? Looking at toasted almond or light peach?
  6. FrLopLady


    Looking at I Love This Yarn... what color would you recommend for flesh color?
  7. FrLopLady


    I have to be crazy... I am going to do a graphghan for my grandson for Christmas..hopefully before he graduates from highschool...he is 6 lolol. Here is what I'm going to attempt...https://www.etsy.com/listing/162299711/super-mario-crochet-graph-chart-174-x?utm_medium=sem&utm_source=thefind yeah I know..NOT what one should attempt on their first try at one..but hey... Ok where do I go for help to get started? I'm not sure how much yarn to get. I can figure out colors ok, just need to figure out how much of each certifiably crazy....
  8. lolol I just che cked the 2 scarves I just made and they are probably close to 7' long and I love the length
  9. I think I read that you want it as long as the person is tall...so for a 6' guy you would want to make is 6' long. So 60" for me would be a bit short as I am 5'6". It would be ok for an older teen or tall kid
  10. the web site posted does use a slip knot. The standing stitch I use I yarn over the hook twice and double crochet from there.
  11. Hey its a new week by 20 minutes or so so starting out with a +2
  12. makes sense..but doesn't hurt to put a few more chains in that beginning row..can always take them out!
  13. Was working on this one at the same time I was trying to finish the other. Another worker had a new baby too! edit...I don't know how many times I've tried to turn and crop this picture..well once, but it won't come across! So here is the sideways picture and the fan in the window lol
  14. 2x2 I would guess is those 2 rows repeated 2 more times...?? Gorgeous pattern!
  15. shoot...then I ended up at Ben Franklin. Well I did do a ball so that is -17...but Ben Franklin nette another 9 for -18...edit..use up a ball...Total WTD -34
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