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    wife and working woman and momma to 2 spoiled dogs..... I love to work on various projects here and there and usually have several going on at one time. The more the merrier!
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    Phoenix, AZ
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    out riding my Harley, genealogy, cross-stitch, dabble in scrapbooking and LOVE stickers
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    squares, blankets, hats, scarves
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    since the early 80's
  1. I am in love with the boarder! How did you manage that?
  2. I want to thank everyone for the wonderful squares....My total is 12 for my reign!! becca...your bootie is cute but I can't do the up one side and down the other, I think I crochet too tight or something. I made a decision of my brothers photos....I'm going to pick out the ones I like and put them together in a few books. I have all the negatives. Many know my brother died 3 years ago in July, he was ill his entire life, he was a wildlife photographer and taught me many things. He was much older than I and stood in as a father in many ways since mine was never around. I guess thats
  3. I am working on the yellow afghan and a pink baby outfit. Hope to have both of them done this weekend. I am having troubles with the booties...
  4. love the squares becca!! I was a good girl today, I walked through the yarn section at Joanns and only petted a few skeins even though bounce was 50% off....a double strand pink/white would be so very pretty wouldn't it?
  5. woo-hooo!!! Great job finally getting one off of your list!!! Sounds like a cute little guy you've got there! I've added a few more to my list. I've got 5 skeins of RH ocean that I've got no idea what to do with, I was thinking small double yarn throw? any other ideas would be more than helpful!
  6. my reign is almost over. I love all the beautiful squares of all different colors and styles. They are on the table and I go through them, pet them, look at them... becca...the old saying goes...one door closes another one opens or the one I like...life just sucks sometimes imma.... not a very busy day....shopping for a rug and nick-nacks, we just kinda threw things up so it's kinda still crazy. I also have to do the bills and budget...blah! I have to drop by the post office today too. I found out the cost of my BSN yesterday... The good thing is it's all on-line and I can b
  7. finished off #15 on my new list
  8. Look what I found in my mailbox!!! Thank you kuddles! I really like the sparkles!! I am sure getting spoiled!!!
  9. List re-do as of 7/3013 1. baby round ripple done 7/2/13 2. white shawl 7/5/13 3. yellow baby afghan for boss...in progress 4. Shifio's lilac dress set for friend work 5. pink round ripple baby blanket for same friend at work...have yarn 6. shades of blue afghan for another friends toddler 7. green/tan/brown baby blanket for friend with small vest/hat/booties...in process 8. angel square blanket for sister for Christmas 9. nap blanket for friend...in process 10. sunny spread with shades of purple...in process 11. v-stich baby
  10. Hello Melii....what a list you've got going on there! donna....I love the colors of the round ripple! It looks so sunflower-y. wow, I looked at my list and have changed so many things around.....re-do?? Funny thing is, I haven't finished anything yet either! I have to come back and visit more often!!
  11. viking.... becca...kitty is just so cute!! owlvamp....anxiously awaiting? grannyannie.... Aussie....thank you!! all the way from Australia? congratulations on your achievements!! Not everyone is cut out for nursing, trust me! cshort....lordy you have been busy!! I start my first day of vacation today!!!! Not much planned at all! I've got to get at least 300 miles on my bike and take it in for it's check-up. My pretty girl need some love this week.
  12. I concert was so much fun last night, highly disappointed in Uncle Kracker....he only played like 4 songs! Catching up on laundry, crochet (of course) and not a bunch of anything else planned for today. I need to search for some more baby dress patterns, the ones I had done are HUGE! Shifilo patterns are awesome! I need to go search for some embellishments next week to finish them off. Anyone know of a simple and cute bootie pattern??
  13. Katy...I love the afghan!! I"m not going anywhere on vacation dh is going to school and working so we have not time to go away. I will be deep cleaning and organizing my craft things! Boy doesn't that sound exciting! LOL! On a sad note, my mom would have been 76 today but she passed away in 1990 from natural causes. On a good note... dh scored tickets to Kid Rock and Uncle Cracker!!! Who could pass up free tickets??? I'm so excited for tomorrow night!!
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