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    wife and working woman and momma to 2 spoiled dogs..... I love to work on various projects here and there and usually have several going on at one time. The more the merrier!
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    Phoenix, AZ
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    out riding my Harley, genealogy, cross-stitch, dabble in scrapbooking and LOVE stickers
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    squares, blankets, hats, scarves
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    since the early 80's
  1. I followed the pattern....7 blocks of 12 rows per strip right?? I think I'll do only8 or 10 rows per block next time, oh yes there will be a next time.... the photo looks funny, I need to add a few more strips.
  2. okay, my strips are about 7 feet long, I used a L hook, followed the pattern...what did I do wrong? did I crochet too loose?
  3. I ordered yarn for my black and orange one.....hdc or dc??
  4. yea Happy Stitcher for the long bike ride!!! Can the MD give you an knee injection to help you along? MIL had one knee done and is getting some injection in her other one until she can take more time off. She says it works great. kellie it sounds like your neice has the magic going for her!! She has done awesome! I resisted McD's again and stopped by the store. I did not get my favorite chocolate bar....dove, extra creamy....OMG two days in a row on the ball? What is going on?
  5. thanks for the welcome back..... I resisted the temptation to drop off at McD's after a long work day, I kept thinking nobody will know, it's a 45 minute drive, everything will be long gone by the time I get home
  6. No greater reward than that!!! I just want to look smokin hot in my leathers on my Harley....
  7. :lurk remember me? I started with this CAL when it first began and did very well, 10 pounds and then...... so anyway, I still have $80 worth of yarn that I need to complete this aghan with and time is running out. I really need to be back within normal BMI range (26.5 pounds) and I really would like to do it by Oct. 16th. I really would like to crack the whip and lose the first 10-15 this month......
  8. okay, I admit I've been slacking...I caught a few nasty bugs and having trouble getting it going again. I only have 2 pounds from 1/4 of my afghan being done!!!
  9. Tia....and here we are whining about 30 so we can't ride our bikes. Keep warm! I hope the job hunt is going well for you, have your tired you local craft store? I'm sure they know you in there!
  10. sorry, I have been sick....head cold, sore throat, larengitis and then decided I should take some time off work when I got the flu. So needless to say I have not been eating or exercising or drinking water. I'm hoping with the antibiotics things should be better soon.
  11. so I cannot do math, if I did 80 squares at two pounds each I'd lose 160 pounds....well then I'd just be a box of bones, literally. It would put me at 26 pounds. I really don't think I want to do that right now. So now with my current figures I want to do 2 squares for every pound and that would put me at 40 pounds.....right?
  12. We bought me a fold-up-treadmill...awesome! You might want to look into a step or total gym/pilates platform.
  13. The doorbell rang and a wonderful yound lady had a huge box of my deep purple Caron Country..... $75 worth of beautiful, wonderful soft yarn just for me!!!!
  14. it sure is going to be wonderful though!!! Hapyy New Year and Happy New You!!!
  15. I seen an article on this once, it actually depends on the person. Everyone knows weight goes up and down and some get depressed and eat more while in some it triggers a 'I"ve got to get with it' moment.
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