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    Kathy R. Monzon
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    Born & raised in Kentucky where I learned how to crochet.
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    Now live in Tennessee. Still crocheting.
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    crocheting - collecting patterns and stashing yarns
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    Afghans and anything cute
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    Since the mid 1970's
  1. Hello Elle and to Crochetville. You will it here. I do although I have been away for awhile for health reasons. I am originally from Louisville, KY. I have cousins (Dad's side of the family) all over Indiana. My Dad and his brothers and sisters were all born in Kentucky but two of Dad's brothers moved to Indiana. Just last year I discovered my Great Grandfather from my Mom's side of the family was born in Indiana. I don't know where in Indiana he was from though. His wife my Great Grandmother was from Louisville, KY and that is were they made their home. I would love to know where in Indiana you live. Here's to many days of happy
  2. Hi and welcome to Crochetville. I am originally from Louisville, KY and have cousins from all over Indiana. I live in Nashville, TN now.
  3. Hi and welcome to Crochetville. I love it here and I am sure you will love it to. The only thing I can say about your work is "Wow! It's totally amazing." Can't wait to see more.
  4. How clever they each are and what wonderful presents they will make. I know they were made with love also.
  5. Yes, I would most definitely wear it. The saying fits me to a tee (pun intended ).
  6. I recently bought three skeins of RHSS Wildflowers from Walmart.com. When I opened the package I found the skeins to be very soft. I love the color choices of RHSS, but in recent years the yarn has not been very soft. I don't know what they are doing different now with making the RHSS yarn but this (No its not Red Heart Soft) is soft like it was years ago. Since I loved all of the colors in the RHSS Wildflowers I have ordered 6 more skeins (this time from Joann.com) which should be delivered today. I hope to find they are just as soft as the first three. I would suggest going to a store that carries RHSS yarn and "petting" the yarn to see how soft it feels.
  7. Hello and Welcome to Crochetville. I am originally from Louisville, KY but now live in Nashville, TN. I have family (cousins) all over Indiana, but most of them live in the South Bend area. I just love to crochet.
  8. to Crochetville. I live in Nashville. Its always nice to see someone new from Tennessee join Crochetville.
  9. Hello from Nashville, TN. I know you will love it here in Crochetville. I do. Where in Tennessee do you live?
  10. What a wonderful story and afghan. You put a lot of hard work into making it. He must be a very special brother-in-law. Of course, he has a special sister-in-law - you. Bless you.
  11. I have not posted in a few weeks. I have been working on a scrap afghan that I had laid aside. So far I have used 5 balls. +5 Woot! Woot! Now comes a I was bad, I bought 8 skeins from Joann.com. 4 skeins of Jade (a very rich looking color) and 4 skeins of Bright Mix (a multi color yarn of bright blues, pinks, purple, and green). So that 8 equals a -16. So here is my score for the week ending 12/20/2014: WTD: -11
  12. Hello and to Crochetville. You will it here. I do. This is the perfect place to be for someone just learning to crochet. It's the perfect place for any crocheter no matter the skill level. Everyone here is very friendly and helpful.
  13. I was born and raised in Louisville, KY. I moved to Nashville, TN on December 17, 1988 and married my sweet hubby on January 14, 1989. His work was in Nashville and I could transfer my job to Nashville.
  14. This past week I had one visit from the home health care nurse instead of two visits. Then this Friday I went to the wound care center. Unfortunately there has been a set back with my leg. Instead of little or no drainage from my leg this week, there was more. It had soaked through all of the wrapping layers. So now I am back to two visits a week from home health care and one visit to the wound care center. I am also on a second round of my antibiotic. I was also told to buy a tube of an ointment for home health care to put on my leg. This ointment helps to dry up the drainage and to moisturize your skin. I have used it before and just love it. Its called Calmoseptine. It has calamine lotion in it. Its good for quite a few things besides my open sores. WTD: 0
  15. I would to give an update on my right leg before posting my score. This past Wednesday at the wound care center the doctor felt my leg was healing up very nicely. So much so that now instead of having home health care twice a week and a visit to the wound care center once a week to change the wrapping on the leg, I will have home health care one day a week (either Monday or Tuesday) and one visit (Friday) a week to the wound care center. The doctor is hoping by the end of the month to eliminate the home health care visit and just go to the wound care center once a week. Now my score for the week ending 11/1/2014: WTD: 0
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