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    Kathy R. Monzon
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    Born & raised in Kentucky where I learned how to crochet.
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    Now live in Tennessee. Still crocheting.
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    crocheting - collecting patterns and stashing yarns
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    Afghans and anything cute
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    Since the mid 1970's
  1. Thanks for the link HomekeepingGran. I am on my third washcloth. I had hit a slump in my crocheting. Now crocheting washcloths seems to have taken me out of the slump. It's a perfect way to try new stitches and make something useful at the same time. Plus I have oodles and oodles of cotton yarn on hand that needs to be used up. Thanks again.
  2. DebraKay I have a Jimbo hook size K. I just love it. He is the best.
  3. I will be 59 in June and have been crocheting since the mid 70s. Up until about 1992 I mostly made granny square afghans. Not ones made up of little granny squares but one big granny square although the first afghan I did attempt was made up of little squares. I just never completed it. At the end of 1991 beginning of 1992 I began to figure out how to read a pattern and have been making all kinds of things since then. My oldest sister and my Mom taught me how to crochet. My Mom passed away in 1981 and my oldest sister in 1992. After my sister got cancer I think I knew deep in my heart t
  4. I have really enjoyed reading this thread. It really brings back memories. I know who Bob Hope is. Thanks for the memories. I learned how to crochet in the mid 70s. My Mom and oldest sister taught me. In those days we bought a lot of our yarn from Zayre's where I worked. Some also came from K-Mart. I had forgotten all about TG&Y stores. I can't remember the words the initials "were" supposed to stand for but it was something like this "T ___________, Guns, and Yo Yos." Funny someone mentioned about rolling up money and hiding it in a skein of yarn. I've done that. I got the ide
  5. My mom and oldest sister taught me how to crochet back in the late 1970's. But for years all I would make were granny square afghans. Not afghans made up of small granny squares but ones that were one big granny square. Finally in the very early 90's I began to try to read and crochet from a pattern. I had some help from my sister but by that time I had moved away (3 hours away) from my sister so it was just during visits when she could help me. Also she was terminally ill with cancer at this time. I think deep in my heart I knew she wouldn't be around much longer to help me. She not on
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