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  1. HI my friends: As many of you may know i have adopted Foxie my pom and Munchkin my mini poodle from Compassionate Care Veternary Hospital in Norwich NY, and well i want to gather crocheted toys, for cats or dogs, pet mats, blankets crocheted so that Dr. Mandrachia can sell these items to raise funds for the Animal Rescue Team that brings to her all abused and puppy mill animals... She treats these pets, and keeps them til she finds them homes... She fixes them too, and she never asks for $$$ for her services but only for the rescue team that rescue these poor defenseless pets that have been abused, mistreated and even abonded by dumpsters, and even her clinic's door steps. So please my friends if any of you can contribute crocheted toys, blankies, mats that they can sell to raise funds I would so much appreciate it.. Many of you helped me a few years back.. Since my stroke i cant do much i am too slow since the stroke.. I will be gathering items til November 15th i will price everything for them and create baskets for the sale.. This way people can buy gifts/ stocking stuffers for thier pets or friends and family pets.. for Chirstmas.. If you want to help me send me a PM and i will give ya my mailing address.. I do hope you can help me out.. hugs and blessings LIllibet aka Moomooo
  2. HI everyone: Remember me its just lil ole me Lillibet.. I want to jump in on this CAL cause I am currently working on 3 Drop In The POnd Afghan So this will be fun for me.. I wanted to say I am speechless at all the beautiful afghans every one is working on... I will try and remember how to post photo here of 2 of the three I got started... hugs Lillibet
  3. Dear Crissie : I love yiour afghan can you tell me please which pattern you used for it can you post the link please Thanks Lillibet
  4. Braxxi sweetie can you post a link for me of the pattern for these lovely round afghans you made... thank you LIllibet
  5. Dear Chirstie I am so happy that you got your package and that you loved it... I told you that the ami i made for you will remind you of me always .. That every time you look at it you will know I am with you in spirit and heart ...and in prayers for you... Enjoy it all in great health... I have been posting the photo of the elephant ami you made for me to all my friends.. hugs LIllibet
  6. HI there all: I want to say a speacial thank you to my great partner Kraftynkrazy for the awesome package i received today.. She sent me a lovely furry fat elephant amigurumi... Its beautiful and will sit on my computer desk.... She sent me also 2 skeins of sashay ruffles yarn and she sent me a complete set of crochet hooks Boyed. She sent me 3 skeins of Deborah Norville yarns and also apackage of Yarn Talkers and a tape measure... And also a Stash Buster tote the pattern is fromTurtlvr. Thank you sweetie for such a lovely package and i hope yours arrived from me today to you too... Hugs and kisses Lillibet
  7. HI Ladies them packages coming in are just beautiful... Congratulations to those of you that have received.. I contacted Nicole about my package for my partner and its going to ship tomorrow weds priority mail.. hugs LIllibet
  8. God willing i will be able to send on Monday but since i ship priority mail I know i got a couple of days to kick around if i dont make it by monday... I have not been feeling well at all and all the snowing here is not helping me anys either... Geez where does time go to... Its like not enought hours in a day... hugs to all LIllibet
  9. HI there Christie I have been good ..... I went shopping for a few goodies and I have your Ami already started so maybe if i get a little of spare time i can sit my butt and try and finish it .... I hope you are doing well sweetie i dont know how you do so much things in a day.... Whew I am all puckered out just thinking of your days.... hugs your partner LIllibet
  10. HI Misty I just sent you a email about this matter.. Please check your email and respond... thanks Lillibet
  11. Dearest Christie: Please note that i just sent you a email and it has been returned non deliverable.. I double checked it with the questionarie and its the addie i used so my dear you best contact me first. hugs Lillibet
  12. Hi Nicole i received my partner and i have just sent her a email.. Thanks for your hard work even in your not so feeling well moments... hugs Lillibet
  13. Ohhhh My Lord I just got word from my partner and she just informed me that my package tracking say it was delivered but she didnt get it when she got home last night... She has this issue under investigations... I didnt put insurance on it what am I to do if she never recovers that package.. ??? This has never has happened to me.... hugs LIllibet
  14. Well my partner should have gotten her package today... I hope she likes her magic ball.. hugs Lillibet
  15. HI Ladies: I just sent my survey in to Nicole.... I cant wait to see who my partner will be... hugs Lillibet
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