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  1. Thank you ladies and Judy too: I took photo of where i have stopped on it for now i got to round 30 .. I like the fact that i will be able to go back and add more rounds to it.. I want to crochet another 20 rounds just needed to take a break right now ... I will post photos tomorrow ... hugs Lillibet and Yes I know i will be making more they are addictive is right....
  2. Hi there Judy and the rest of the crew: I would like to say that I started a Round Robin and that its alot larger than the photo I am posting here now..first photo is from far and the second is close up. I'm not finished yet thou. I will post another photo as soon as i decide not to make no more rounds on this ghan... I did it with magic yarn balls and black yarns... I know i will start another once i'm all done with this one... So here it is for now let me know what you all think hugs Lillibet
  3. Hi there my friends: I just came across this CAL today and I have yet ever to make a Round Ripple and was wondering if i still can join on this one? If so can you ladies tell me are you doing your round ripples with one strand or with 2 strands????? I wanted to make a scrappy one with magic yarn balls so i think I will need to add black to it so the colors pop up nicer.... I will start looking thru all the posts here to see if i find a easy round ripple pattern to work with... Will continue to post later. hugs Lillibet
  4. Wow It will for sure bring a smile to your friend that needs it... How thoughtful of you She is beautiful hugs Lillibet
  5. HI There to all : today i updated my blog by adding photos of some african flowers hexagons I'm making Check it out hugs Lillibet
  6. I updated my blog last night and announced the Jimbo Hook winner and the winner for the chop stick hooks too... and also changed a bit the look of the blog.. hugs Lillibet
  7. Girlfriend you say you just learned to crochet a month or so ago well my dear i've been crocheting for ages and i bet i couldnt have done a great looking sock monkey as yours. You did a awesome job... hugs Lillibet
  8. She sure is cute... I got that book and well neve did do one of hers... Great Job.. Isn't awesome to crochet with magic balls of scrap... hugs
  9. Hi Tam i just posted a message here for you and dont know where it went so here it goes again.. Wanted to say that your baby ghan is just beautiful.... I love it and i know the receipient will love it too... Great Job my dear...
  10. Hi Darski thanks for the idea i would have never thought of that and your babies are precious and look great sitting upright like that...
  11. Just updated my blog after several months but you'll get a eye full of goodies to see and read about now. So go check it out and add your self as well to my followers. http://crochetcreationsbylilly.blogspot.com thanks
  12. Wow crochetspot this is by far the easiet bath pattern i've ever seen.. I will for sure make some and as soon as I make one i will email you photos. Thanks for being so creative and sharing the patterns with us all..
  13. Dear Grannieannie: Dont worry none we will keep you in our prayers... I had gull bladder surgery and well they made me sign papers before surgery in case they had to do it the old fashion ways. so i did and well guess what when i woke up i was trying to feel to see which ways it was orthoscopicly or the old fashion ways ... the nurse said Ms lugo what you looking for and i droggy as can be said, how was i cut? she Smiled and said the short ways ... then she said by the ways Ms Lugo can you tell me who on earth do you care so much about that when we were trying to wake you you said W
  14. This is one of the patterns i have recently printed out so i can make some of them for my kitchen swap partner ... I hope i get a chance to finish it all in time . Thanks for sharing the link hugs Lillibet
  15. Ohhhhhh my dear Kristie you've done it again... These are just beautiful... cuddly to hold I love them.
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