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  1. HI my friends: As many of you may know i have adopted Foxie my pom and Munchkin my mini poodle from Compassionate Care Veternary Hospital in Norwich NY, and well i want to gather crocheted toys, for cats or dogs, pet mats, blankets crocheted so that Dr. Mandrachia can sell these items to raise funds for the Animal Rescue Team that brings to her all abused and puppy mill animals... She treats these pets, and keeps them til she finds them homes... She fixes them too, and she never asks for $$$ for her services but only for the rescue team that rescue these poor defenseless pets that ha
  2. HI everyone: Remember me its just lil ole me Lillibet.. I want to jump in on this CAL cause I am currently working on 3 Drop In The POnd Afghan So this will be fun for me.. I wanted to say I am speechless at all the beautiful afghans every one is working on... I will try and remember how to post photo here of 2 of the three I got started... hugs Lillibet
  3. Dear Crissie : I love yiour afghan can you tell me please which pattern you used for it can you post the link please Thanks Lillibet
  4. Braxxi sweetie can you post a link for me of the pattern for these lovely round afghans you made... thank you LIllibet
  5. Wow you did all thise already???? Are they easy to make??/ I'm gonna go check her store out.. YOurs are all beautiful hugs Lillibet
  6. HI dear Joanne: Those in the photos are not hooded cowls they are just infinity scarfs that I placed like that in the photos so it can be seen that one can place them over your heads too... hugs Lillibet
  7. HI Tam: This one i'm joining as I have lots of dishcloths planned for gifts for this year too.. So will post as i get them started... hugs Lillibet
  8. Hi there and happy new year to all my crochet friends here: I am gonna join this as i already have begun to make gifts for 2013 christmas giving... I only crochet for my Niece as family member since no one else appreciate anything hand made in my family... I taught my sister to crochet so I dont make anything for her either she makes crocheted gifts too... Now since i dont have more family members to gift to I make gifts for Bank tellers at our local branch.. I make gifts for the local animal hospital where I adopted my Foxie and Munchkin... I make gifts for girls at R
  9. Brenda I didnt get the pattern please double check the letter O's in my email.. hugs Lillibet
  10. Wow how lovely i love the colors... So nice of you to have a gift for her too... How cute.. hugs LIllibet
  11. Hi Olga my friend: Iza looks very cute in her sweater... Did you use cotton thread or worsted weight yarns.. How young is Iza now??? hugs LIllibet
  12. HI Brenda I'm on a infinity scarf crocheting kick right now so i have pm'd you hugs Lillibet
  13. Wow katie you are really creative... I love them... great job.... hugs'Lillibet
  14. Ohhhhh my dear how lovely great job hugs Lillibet
  15. Thats also a lovely style shawl... I love it and the color combo too... Can you share the link to the pattern you used please... hugs Lillibet
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