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  1. sja, your scarf looks great as a cowl, it's beautiful to everybody, I need to get back on here
  2. Yes the child's purse is counted cross stitch. I'll post a picture of it, when I uncover it again, I saw it somewhere, I just have to remember where
  3. Beautiful Blankets, love the colors. I like the first pattern for the Bernat CAL, didn't take too long to make one, but I don't mind joining motifs Another Curtain, at least this one is for you, I love how Filet looks, I have so many patterns that I have seen that I would like to try. That's a row and a half closer, what kind of cross stitch project are you working on. I have a child's purse with a girls face on it, that I started when I was in High School, that is my first cross stitch piece that I found that I want to finish. René
  4. :cheerBeth your round ripple turned out amazing I love that yarn
  5. I want to thank Mumbles 17 for the beautiful square she sent me I it. René
  6. I will be mailing you several squares next week. I had to do some searching to find the yarn, but now I have it in hand, will let you know when they go in the mail. René
  7. Great amount of items you got made, I too love the shawl. Looking forward to seeing the totals. René
  8. 4 Hats The four hats on the right are the ones I made.
  9. I've wanted to make a snuggie for a long time now, I have the pattern or maybe two, after seeing yours I want to add that to my list:eek What about in less color changes? Not too many ends it's not really a hard pattern, I had put off trying it because it looked complicated, but it is time consuming especially as it grows, that's why in the future I wouldn't mind making squares and then putting it together. Thank You René
  10. I've made 2 ubw hats, planning on making more later this evening.
  11. Never to late to join and get those projects started/completed
  12. I had the pattern right, I was using the wrong size hook , at least I did still have the pattern memorized, guess I need to memorize hook size with that Well I have now completed 2 hats, more time for hats later tonight.
  13. Loving seeing the pictures of everybodys afghans thought I would share what I have done so far on my wool eater
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