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  1. PiscesCrocheter

    Filet Swap 2012 ~ Fabulous Thread!

    Have fun camping Hi Paula, Sent you an email
  2. PiscesCrocheter

    Filet Swap 2012 ~ Fabulous Thread!

    Sounds like such an interesting thing to witness, I'll go check my email.
  3. PiscesCrocheter

    A tote and a bag - I picked a winner

    Love them both, too, please include me, thanks René
  4. PiscesCrocheter

    2012 Wip-Busters

    sja, your scarf looks great as a cowl, it's beautiful to everybody, I need to get back on here
  5. PiscesCrocheter

    WINNER ANNOUNCED!! Crochet Thread & Booklet Giveaway

    Thanks for this generous giveaway, My birthday is March 7th, I saw somebody's birthday was actually on the day of the drawing. I love working with thread. Good Luck Everybody
  6. PiscesCrocheter

    Friendship-ghan Square CAL...UPDATED IN POST 1

    Thank you Tina for the Beautiful square I it René
  7. PiscesCrocheter

    2012 Wip-Busters

    Yes the child's purse is counted cross stitch. I'll post a picture of it, when I uncover it again, I saw it somewhere, I just have to remember where
  8. PiscesCrocheter

    2012 Wip-Busters

    Beautiful Blankets, love the colors. I like the first pattern for the Bernat CAL, didn't take too long to make one, but I don't mind joining motifs Another Curtain, at least this one is for you, I love how Filet looks, I have so many patterns that I have seen that I would like to try. That's a row and a half closer, what kind of cross stitch project are you working on. I have a child's purse with a girls face on it, that I started when I was in High School, that is my first cross stitch piece that I found that I want to finish. René
  9. PiscesCrocheter

    **2012 K.I.S.S. Potholder Swap - Swap Complete!!

    Thank you for hosting this swap, you did great and congrats on completing your first swap hostess duty
  10. PiscesCrocheter

    2012 Notions Swap - Let the swapping begin!!!

    I am so glad you got the package today. I'm glad we were swap partners and that the package made your day. You are also a sweet, wonderful women too
  11. PiscesCrocheter

    2012 Notions Swap - Let the swapping begin!!!

    :jumpyay:mail:dance:applause:photo:phone Yours is out for delivery......can't wait :clap Happy Valentine's Day:valday
  12. PiscesCrocheter

    2012 Wip-Busters

    :cheerBeth your round ripple turned out amazing I love that yarn
  13. PiscesCrocheter

    2012 Notions Swap - Let the swapping begin!!!

    Great package, I've never seen those cushions for the hooks, great idea
  14. PiscesCrocheter

    Be my Valentine Jimbo hook giveaway

    Left you a comment on your blog Thanks for the generous giveaway René