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Spring Time Mystery CAL for Beg. Threadies


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YAY!! It's here! Go ahead and start with what you have..we will work out the gauge issue with the suprise element.


Smaller size was edited by Loopy1, Jeannie. Thank you Jeannie! :U Follow same pattern, just use these numbers...(listed after original pattern)


Spring Time Mystery Thread CAL for Beg. Threadies


# 3 thread

size D hook

liquid starch

***Please pay close attention to where it says front or back loops. This is important***

R1 With Main Color... ch7, join with a slst to form a ring, ch3 (counts as first dc, now and through out) 20 dc in ring, join with a slst to beg. ch3. equals 21 dc

R2 ch3, dc in same st, 2dc in each st around. join with a slst. equals 42dc

R3 ch1, sc in back loop of each st around. slst to join. equals 42 sc

R4 ch2 (counts as first hdc) hdc in same st, *hdc in next st, 2hdc in next st* around join with a slst. equals 63 hdc


Day 2

R5 **Into BACK LOOPS ONLY** ch4 (counts as dc, ch1) dc in same st, skip 2 sts, {dc, ch1, dc} (makes a "V" st.) in next st, *skip 2 sts, "V" in next st*, around, slst to 3rd ch of begenning ch4. to join. equals 21 "V" sts. *This row will begin to stand up, not lay flat**

R6 slst into next ch1 sp, ch3, 2dc in same sp, *3dc in next ch1 sp* around, slst to join. equals 21 "sets" of 3dc. (keep tension firm and tight, not to loose)

R7 slst into next dc, ch4, dc in same sp, * skip 2 sts, "V" in next st.* around. slst to join. equals 21 "V" sts. ( "V" is dc, ch1, dc)

R8 slst into next ch1 sp, ch3, dc in same sp, 3dc into the next 5 ch1 sps, 2dc into the next ch1 sp, 3dc into the next 5 ch1 sps, 2dc into the next ch1 sp, 3dc into the next 8 ch1 sps. slst to join. equals 60 dc.


Ok, now for the suprise element, a pop can, or a soda can..regular 12 oz pepsi or coke can. see if you can snuggly fit your project over the bottom of the can, if so, your tension is good! (It will slip off when picked up, this is ok, b/c it is not a cozy, the can is just a molding form) If it is a little loose but still touches the sides all the way around with no gaps, you are good too. If it feels really tight, but will still go on the can, you are still good, it will stretch some. However, if you crochet loose and it looks way to big on the can, if you can find something with straight sides that it will fit, like a soup can/vegetable can, cup (as long as from the bottom, the sides go straight up and don't slant out) you can keep going, if not, you can frog to row 5, then try a size "C" hook. (That way you don't have to frog your whole project)


Day 3

R9 ch1, sc in each dc around. slst to join. equals 60 sc.

R10 ch4, dc in same st. ch2, skip 2 sts, sc in the next st, ch2, skip 2 sts, *"V" in the next st, ch2, skip 2 sts, sc in the next st, ch2, skip 2* around. slst in 3rd ch of the beg. ch4 to join. equals 10 "V" sts, 20 ch2 sps, 10 sc

R11 slst into the next ch1 sp, ch4, dc in smae sp, ch3, *"V" in next ch1 sp, ch3* around. slst to join. equals 10 "V" sts, and 10 ch3 sps. It may look a little tihgt, but try to slip it on the can to check the size. If its to tight, gently pull it open so it fits over the can, it will stretch. It's good as long as the sides are still straight on the can.


Day 4

R12 ch1, *2sc into next ch1 sp, 4sc into next ch3 sp*. around. slst to join. equals 60 sc

R13 ch3, dc in each st around. slst to join. equals 60 dc

R14 ch4, dc in same st, *skip 2 sts, "V" in next st* repeat around. slst to join. equals 20 "V" sts

R15 slst into next ch1 sp, ch3, 2dc in same sp. 3dc in next ch1 sp, repeat around. slst to join. Equals 60 dc.


Check size/shape onto can again. should still be straight when it is on the can. It doesn't have to be exactly perfect right now. The starch will help that later. Tomorrow the fun begins! I'm posting the last 2 days instructions together, so we will be able to starch a day early.


Day 5


R16 *into front loops only* ch4 (counts as dc, ch1) dc in same st. *"V", ch1 into every st* around. slst to join. (so you will have dc, ch1, dc, ch1 in each st around) equals 60 "V" sts and 60 extra ch1 sps (inbetween the "V" sts) (120 total ch1 sps) end off


R17 with contrast color, slst into next ch1 sp, ch4, *sc, ch3, into next ch1 sp around* slst to join and end off. Weave in ends. equals 120 ch, ch3 loops.



Go back to R4 of project (Remember R5 went into the back loops, leaving the front loops exposed) With main color, into those front loops, join thread to any sp, (these loops should be on the outside, easily accessable to you)


ch4, ( counts as dc, ch1) *dc, ch1 into each st around*. equals 60dc and 60 ch1 sps. If you are using a contrast color, end off first color, and attach new color in any ch1 sp (or if using 1 color, do not end off).


slst into next/any ch1 sp, ch4, *sc, ch3 into next ch1 sp around*. equals 60 ch3 loops end off. weave in ends.


Attach Contrasting color in the back loops of R16, sc in each st around, fairly tightly. equals 60 sc. This just helps keep the top in shape.



With mail color, chain 46, skip first 2chs, hdc in each ch across. end off


Attach contrasting color in any hdc, ch1, *sc, ch3, skip 1 ch sp* repeat all the way around, with 2, ch3 loops on each end of the handle.end off and weave in ends.


Now prepare your surface, cover with plastic wrap or wax paper, or plastic grocery bag, so your project will not stick to anything. Dip your project into the starch and saturate it, Gently squeeze out the excess, Do not wring b/c it will mis-shape it. Fit onto can and turn can upside down, Gently with your fingers pull the ruffles up and down, so they go into an up, down pattern. Makes a really lacy/frilly ruffle. Do this for the top and the bottom, Every few hours flip over the can so the bottom will dry too. Make sure when you go to bed the can is sitting up right with the opening on top, so it will dry correctly. Do Not remove from can till it is completely dry all over. Depending on your climate, it may dry over night, in some climates it may take 24 hours. A warm, dry place or a gentle breeze/fan will also help it to dry.


For the handle, also dip and squeeze out the excess, lay it flat and make sure it is straight, with no curves in it. After it is completely dry, you can gently bend, not crease, and sew, hot glue, or wire it on. It is mostly for looks, the handle is delicate, the starch will loosen over time if it is moved alot. If you want it to be able to "use" it, you can weave in a thin gauge wire on the underside of it (so it doesn't show and before you dip it in the starch.) 1 at the top and 1 at the bottom (length wise), and it will be more durable. So, how do you like your __________? I just love it! My husband's mother used to make things like this, and even hats too and back then they starched them with sugar water...I would NOT recommend this. Praise the Lord for this idea! With Spring, and Easter here, it is so reminiscent of the things my MIL used to make. She stopped crocheting long before I met her, and after she passed, her things went to the family. But I still remember how special they were.


Smaller size Frilly Easter Basket Super Cute Can Pants! Edited by Jeannie... :U


D hook. I chained 4, 14 dc in the ring, starting out with 15dc.




R5=15 V sts,

R6=15 sets of 3dc,

R7=15 V ss,



R10=7 V sts, 14 ch2 sps, 7sc,

R11=7 V sts and 7 ch3 sps,



R14=14 V sts,

R15=42dc (14 sets of 3dc),

R16=42 V sts and 42 extra ch1 sps (in between the V sts,

R17=84 ch3 loops.



Thank You Jeannie for doing this! Yay!! :D


Thank you Lea for the term..."Can Pants"!! :D

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I have white, bridal white (which is an off-white), warm rose, and black. I'd say the black is out. Going for white as the mc. Whaddya think? Should I use one of the others? What is your expert recommendation?

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Jeannie, hahaha...I'm doing the "row by row" photos just incase anyone needs them, and I have the white and the bridal white, not much of a contrast, but I ran out of the rose color, my first model, the one I made the pattern with is in white and rose. ;) I wish I could have found a pretty yellow or mint green...


* Everyone, please follow the front or back loops when specified, I know I don't always do it, but this time we need to. Go thru both loops unless it says other wise. there are only 3 specific rows that need to do this.

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I think it will be helpful to mark the ch1 at the beg of rnd 3. I was almost going round and round and round....:lol :lol :lol and found it hard to find the beg of rnd 3. Just a helpful hint, I think.

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It's hard working with this thread and a size 1 hook since I can't seem to get gauge with the D. :thair


Work with what ever size hook you feel comfortable with that gets you close to the gauge. It doesn't have to be exact. We can change up the mystery element to accomodate the difference in size.

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All my walmart had was white and cream in size 3 so I am going with size 10 in cream and light green. I'm using the cream as the mc though. I may have to go around town and spend the extra money to get the size three somewhere else. I can't wait to do this though I love surprises.

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How many colors will we need?


I still have some rose left over from the other CAL (which I never finished - bad me, but I'm going to, I swear! - and I didn't peek, so I still don't know what it is!!!).


Should I just pick up some white or cream?

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Here's a link to the post about the gauge. There is also other good info in the same thread. http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showpost.php?p=696673&postcount=28


It's great to have so many more of you joining us (I follow Sarah's CALs around like a puppy:lol:lol). I welcome you and I know Sarah and the others will, too!!


I don't know exactly who all the experienced threadies are here, but there are some. So if you have any questions, ask away. Somebody will help you out!


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Yay! :U Glad you are all joining in! This is such fun! I hope you will be pleasantly suprised!


Ok, an F hook, if you crochet tightly may work..again the suprise element may need to change..but we will figure that out tomorrow.


The # 10 thread will work...again the suprise element will be differrent..We will have to get creative.


The gauge is for those using the # 3 thread with a size D hook..but if you can't get it exactly, it is ok, again we will have to get creative with the suprise element!


I bet you all want to know what the suprise is huh! ;) I just love suprises! They are so fun. :U


We will find out tomorrow. I'll try to post the instructions around 8:30am. Give or take a few minutes.


1 color will be simply beautiful, and doing the pattern the way it is written (color changes) will be beautiful, and if you want to be creative now and change with as many different colors as you see fit..go ahead. It will be beautiful! With the 2 balls (main color and contrast color..you will be able to make at least 2 of these if you want. Maby more. ;)


I think I have answered all the questions, I will read back through to make sure.

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Count me in! I'm off to get some thread and a hook cause I've never needed one so small yet. Thanks for doing a beginner project. Brenda



You are welcome! Thank Nanacarr..she got the ball rolling! Praise the Lord for the idea! ;)



There was another question..White in this, or cream will turn out amazing!

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Morning everyone,:yawn


Wow you have all started. well done.


Im using #5 light blue, E hook. I will see how I go with that.


I will do my rows soon when I wakeup a bit more. But hey its saturday no work, you gotta love that. I just have to take Emma to gym at 10am then I have the whole day to crochet and watch movies.

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