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  1. never heard of it - but that is gorgeous!
  2. Nice to see others from Colorado - I am in Highlands Ranch
  3. Thank you - yup second project - my third is getting ready to starch - but my fourth is having more errors than I know what to do with!
  4. Thanks. I am impressed that my scanner does pick it up as well as it does. The colors they used had a harsher green and I think using the pastel one really brought it together nicely.
  5. Sorry - it is a copyrighted pattern from a book (I bought a bunch of books before I realized there are a ton on the internet!) Thanks - the encouragement helps!
  6. Thank you all very much - I had fun with this one and am very proud of it.
  7. I am really proud of this one. Sorry about the scan, still no camera - but I think it gets the idea across.
  8. Thank you all very much! I have become addicted to thread.
  9. Try the size 10 - it starts to flow really quickly. Three and five are nice - but ten really comes out nice - and you can find a wide range of colors. I thought I would really not be able to handle the ten - but I am head over heals now with it - go for it - you can do it!
  10. Thank you all very much - I am still extremely proud of that piece! I need to get my latest one up. I am truelly stunned when I see these patterns and think "Oh that is gonna be hard" and they are beginner/easy patterns!
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