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  1. If the pattern is in UK terms, instead of American terms, it could mean a hdc. Because sc for them is a dc for us...so a half sc for them may be a half dc for us?
  2. Oh my goodness!!!!! You ROCK! This is so cool. I can't wait for my husband to come home! So I can show him your blanket. He's been a fan since the 80's. He is going to flip! You did a remarkable job, this is truely a work of art. Fantastic job!
  3. I like that! Good job! Thanks for sharing your pattern.
  4. Hi Krystal! Just wondering if my square got there yet. Comming from South Carolina. I mailed it out on tuesday. Hopefully it is there today. Or tomorrow.
  5. Krystal, Mine went out today and she said 3 days. So you should have it by friday.
  6. Birdlady...The paper doll square is adorable!!! Wow!
  7. Thank you both the worm and Jeannie!!! It is soooo pretty!
  8. You're welcome! It is a neat square. The first 2 rows tend to curl up, but with the 3ed, and 4th rows, it lays down flat. Krystal, I'm putting it in the mail tomorrow. I only got the 1 done. Sorry I didn't do more. Everyones squares look soooo good! The ghans will be a beautiful blessing for them.
  9. Jeannie, This is the pattern I used, I just added another row of the "granny" style, (3dc, ch1) in each sp around. I did not do the bullion stitches. I just did dc. It did want to curl after row 2, but after row 3, it laid flat. Here is the link.... http://www.heartmadeblessings.org/patterns/babybullion.asp also, on the row 5, for the pattern, it says to dc in the next sc, I skipped that and did a ch1 instead. Just to give me the space. I did not do the sc edge either, I did another row of the 3dc, ch1 in each sp around. To give me the right size, I also used an "H" hook.
  10. I have seen this square a few times, where can I find the pattern? Thanks.
  11. Letme go look for it. I'll post back in just a minute.
  12. Here is my square for Jessi. It is supposed to have a bullion stitch, (I did dc instead) The pattern is at Heart made blessings. I'll be sending it out tomorrow or tuesday. (Sorry the photo is so big, I uploaded the wrong size)
  13. I just e-mailed you, I will put them in the mail by tuesday. Monday if I get them finished before the po closes.
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