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  1. heart

    Stitch Sampler

    He does love it! and it was very fun to change patterns so much. This is a crocheters dream to crochet!
  2. heart

    Stitch Sampler

    I have been working the Stitch Sampler by Jean Holzman from the book Afghans for All Seasons. I just finished it this past weekend! Here it is, there's about 10 different colors in it. It was a birthday present for my husband.
  3. I received my fantastic package today from KEL! Thank you so much! Its always a pleasure to swap with you! She sent me a lovely kitchen angel in watery colors I adore and a sweet dish cloth in in cream and mauve with a matching ribbon which coordinates beautifully with tiny rose adornments and bullion flower embellishments as well as 3 fat qurters of matching fabric and a tube of Avon lip balm in a gorgeous silver bag. The Dudes All Washed Up pattern booklet and some nifty crocheted with love tags. I'm one happy gal today! Thank you very much Kel! Ps, The last photo is the packaging, wasn't this a nice suprise in the mail box? Love it!
  4. Glad you liked everything Kel! Love Hershey's chocolate! Aren't those Drops great? Its like a bite of chocolatey goodness now and then one a little later, then again! Lol.
  5. My swap package is in the mail! Woohoo! Kidget, I emailed you the dc#. You too Mrs. Kel!
  6. Lots going on the past week or so with the end of the school year for the kiddies, family came to visit for a few days and a mini trip to the beach. Kel, your package will be on its way very soon! Its all crocheted, I just need to pick up a few nifty things and then I can mail.
  7. I'm almost finished with the first project and am about to start the second. Then to shop for a few goodies!
  8. I have my partner! Woo! Hoo! and I have a couple amazing patterns to crochet! Going yarn shopping on friday!
  9. I've found about 3 really great patterns that I can't wait to crochet for my swap buddie!
  10. Lots of fun patterns for the kitchen! I'm having fun just surfing for new ones.
  11. Me too! My survey has been emailed Kidge! Looking forward to this one!
  12. Oh, those are just gorgeous! How pretty will that be when they do grow up that way!
  13. Yay! I'm glad that it finally arrived and that you like everything. I have used that brand of yarn before and it is wonderful! I hope you enjoy using it too!
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