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  1. minwifeof4boys

    granny squares work and chat friends 2019 new thread

    jade really is getting big!...time sure flies! Sandra, here is the ghan I think I am going to do... Josh has a bunch of historic type decor so this will fit.... American Flag Today is my oldest son's bday.... talk about time flying!!! I'll give him a call later, we get to see them in a couple weeks so his gift can wait ....it almost cost more than the gift to mail it! Beautiful weather, I getting ready to hop in the car and head down to watch Jeremy's 3 boys for a bit... then need to pop by the grocery and pick up stuff for Father's Day lunch tomorrow....how I got roped into cooking is beyond me....the good thing Jeremy and kathy live near a Michaels, so I might slip in there on the way home and grab some yarn for the ghan!
  2. minwifeof4boys

    A group to encourage each other to make gifts in 2019

    Catching up on things...Judy, love the scooter bag....my hook is flat lined because I can't think of what to do next.... so many choices.... love the vest MJ
  3. minwifeof4boys

    granny squares work and chat friends 2019 new thread

    Looks like its going to be a good day here today. I have a load of sheets in the wash that will go on the line, love the smell of air dried sheets! Did a bit of shopping in the big city yesterday with DIl & the Princess... we stopped by a Pizza hut because we had not been to one in forever....it was awful.... the place was filthy and the food was horrible. We almost walked out but the lady came with our drinks before we could. Funniest thing, Princess calls her dad "Babe' because that is what her mother calls him.... I need to pick a project , thinking about doing an americana flag ghan for Josh for Christmas..I'm just not keen on heavy projects for the summer.... might do some doll clothes... maybe I should just put the projects in a hat and pull one out! Hope everyone has a great day....all day long!
  4. minwifeof4boys

    granny squares work and chat friends 2019 new thread

    It was so nice today, ..it needed to be after the night we had... bad storms and then the power went out....I can remember growing up we never had ac and just slept with the windows open at night....that sure didn't work for us last night LOL... It was off awhile last night and then this morning for about an hour. Chris and I did our groceries for the next two weeks.... are food prices climbing or is that just me? My Meineres is lots better, hopefully tomorrow will be a high energy day for me..... I have so many little things, not hard... just stuff I have put off....hummingbird feeders, I need to mail my oldest's bday gift, figure out Father's Day, vacuum seal the meat we picked up today... Hope everyone is having a great evening...
  5. minwifeof4boys

    granny squares work and chat friends 2019 new thread

    Having a bout with the Menieres the last few days, better today but when my ear "pops" I can feel it fill up again...old age is grand huh? Pouring rain here, I am trying to figure out what sort of project to work on next, I have an audio book called "a Helmet for my Pillow", I am going to start listening to today.. Nothing planned for the weekend, So since I live so close to the Hurricanes do you think I should take up watching hockey? I use to be such a sports fanatic...any sport.. we love football... Everyone stay dry and safe
  6. minwifeof4boys

    June Table 2019

    For some reason all those brides reminded me of that movie " Seven Brides for Seven Brothers"..... I wonder if that movie is still around? Great table, you need a grad and a dad for father's day... Love it!
  7. minwifeof4boys

    granny squares work and chat friends 2019 new thread

    The Princess is only 1 and will watch Frozen all the way through and dance for the songs.. I have not seen any of the remakes but heard Will Smith was great as the genie Feeling a bit be the better today..still have that blasted ringing in my left ear...good thing I still have my right one! Decided I need to take it easy this week and feel better before I need to work on Gram's party...she lives in WV so I am having to do long distance arranging... decided we would have it in the fellowship haul of her church..its a tiny church and the church secretary seems to run a tight ship...my Grams wants a white cake with white frosting and purple flowers....guess that is rather specific! My cousins are flying in from all over the place to be there, I guess being the oldest puts me at the front to organize...plus they all have jobs.....since I was "just a mom", I guess they think I am retired....just wait til they have grands to keep up with! F
  8. minwifeof4boys

    granny squares work and chat friends 2019 new thread

    Happy Birthday Brenda!! Not sure what happened to me this morning, woke up at 3 with a sinus headache, coughing, ears are so clogged I can't hear....might have tp make a doc appt...heading off to take a hot shower and drink hot tea....good excuse to just sit today and hook
  9. minwifeof4boys

    granny squares work and chat friends 2019 new thread

    Didn't do much today, finished up a gift basket for my oldest son for his birthday filled with lots of small things he asked for, hisran new hobby is fly tying... Need to start seriously thinking about my grandmother's bday party ( 100th) the end of this month.... I am hosting....I think I am on purpose pushing it to the back of my mind...
  10. minwifeof4boys

    granny squares work and chat friends 2019 new thread

    Katy, those winds can do some crazy things... Lyn, horrified by the shooting up your way....breaks my heart Watching the littles today and spent the morning blowing bubbles, my DIl rewarded me wiht a Mexican lunch out...yum.. Came home and did very little except crocheted and made dinner... my allergies are kicking up for some reason..or else I caught a cold from one of the grands... Made a list of things I would like to crochet by years end...it seems I have trouble focusing lately It is waaayyyy past my bedtime, everyone stay safe...
  11. minwifeof4boys

    Boxing Day 2019 (any charity items)

    Darski, those are beautiful....
  12. minwifeof4boys

    granny squares work and chat friends 2019 new thread

    Hot again, sound like a broken record... Took the inlaws to lunch today and visited for quite awhile... told dh if he was still hungry we had bread and lunch meat..LOL Brenda, I grew up in Ohio, right outside of Dayton in 1974 when the town of Xenia was flatten by a tornado.... from the looks of tv the same area got flatten again...the renter in my mom's house up there said everything is fine there,it hit about 15 miles away.... those are some scary things... Relaxing tonight by crocheting some squares and watching True Crime...I have to get up early and head down to watch 2 of my grandsons while the oldest has his yearly eval for autism..It takes me 2 hours to get there is rush hour traffic...nothing planned for the weekend though...at some point ( maybe Sat) I need to dust and refill the hummingbird feeders.... hope all is well everywhere with everyone
  13. minwifeof4boys

    granny squares work and chat friends 2019 new thread

    ratdog, glad you enjoyed the concert... Josh and Jenn loved it... hot today ( sound like a record on repeat... we need a bot of rain... Had lunch with a couple of old friends today, we talked for 4 hours..had to leave the hostess a big tip for holding her table up... came home and made a big salad with marinaded flank steak for dinner, sure wish we were wealthy enough to go out for dinner every night like my MIL does..the older I get and the more hot it gets I hate to cook! working on granny squares and watching Alton Brown on tv...actually got a bunch of them done today... MJ, I have the same stove only it has a warmer burner ...I really like mine too... Hugs all around
  14. minwifeof4boys

    granny squares work and chat friends 2019 new thread

    Katy, that sounds so scary...glad you are okay, but sorry about the furniture and screens... Got home early this a.m. from watching the Princess last night...came home and straightened up a bit , then Chris and I went grocery shopping..home now to eat a frozen pizza for dinner and then going to bed early....did manage to relax and crochet a square today... stay safe and cool everyone