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  1. Morning folks, deliciously chilly this morning... Acorns are hitting the roof and I jump everytime that happens ( metal roof).... I almost need a hard hat to get to the car... In the words of chicken little.... the sky is falling
  2. Nice cool day here today, headed out to the pumpkin patch with a few of the grands. Thank you FG for the Halloween card! MJ, now that John has his new pacemaker with blue tooth, can you play music on him 🤣🤣 I am going down the Christmas list deciding who is crochet worthy and who isn't.... the list gets shorter every year.
  3. So is the smallest doll Annies sells an 8 inch?
  4. Rainy here today, loved it. We kept the door open most of the day. I sat and crocheted most of the day, working on a candy corn cat from a Halloween book from Annies... Sandra, come take over my farm... I am so done with the chickens , goats, and the groundhogs eating the garden... I am thinking a townhome in the city right now...LOL My glasses are always so expensive when I get them, I might need to try costco, I have transitional lenses and I don't give a hoot if they are designer frames or not... 3 years ago they cost me 675. and my next appt is Nov.... I also have mild catarac
  5. Well, book launch today..... so excited! More crochet time now! https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B09HG2V212/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_hsch_vapi_tpbk_p1_i0
  6. I wish the candie corn pattern were still available, I have those little dolls all lined up waiting for clothes, you are the best Bailey!
  7. Well ..I made it to Amazon.... kinda proud....https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B09HG2V212/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_hsch_vapi_tpbk_p1_i0? Crossing it off the bucket list...LOL
  8. Today was wonderful here, low 80s.. which for us is great for Oct 1 st.. Finally got to do a bit of crochet, working on an Anne of Green Gables doll for my friend for Christmas.... went shopping today, I really hate going to Walmart, I had to pick up a prescription or I would have done a pick up order.. The fella who usually does my pick up order was shopping and he said how surprised he was to see me in the store... 😂 Reni, if I lived near you I would come keep you company for sure...I get lonesome out here in the middle of no where.. Dh has worked everyday and its me and the a
  9. Yes, the yarn tossing was horrible.... Chris said he felt like he needed to go home and take all the sharp objects out of the house🤣
  10. Okay, I think I am all caught up now... it has been a month! But..... drum roll please.... my book is finished, been through 2 edits, proof read...in printing now and will be available on Amazon, Good reads, Barnes & Noble, Walmart .com starting Oct 6 I already received the authors copy Now to bad news, all the boxes of yarn I got for free must have been stored in someones shed, because every box and sunflower seeds, bird seeds, and a cozy nest made out of yarn for what ever critter.... do you know how hard it is to take 30 boxes of yarn to the dump and throw them away???????
  11. ya'll are just so inspiring...Beautiful workh
  12. Prayers and Hugs Lacey, I have walked this path myself a couple times, its heart breaking... you are not alone... Allow yourself to grieve, ask for help when you need it, this little one was every much your baby as Jade, give yourself time to circle in the family and heal as you need... Hugs and Prayers
  13. You all are doing such nice things... Judianne, would you like some yarn for your donation blankets? I was gifted a BUNCH of yarn and would be more then willing to share. If you would like some just message me your address
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