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  1. Lyn, I am SO glad you are a boring patient!! I was too.... Beautiful day here today.. only battle I am fighting is with the caterpillars in the apple trees... tried smoking them out last night and the survivors built new nests... Crocheting alot, reading alot, just watched the movie Funny Girl. I forgot how much I loved that movie back in the day. Just don't make em like they use to Hope everyone is doing well
  2. I say do it, I'm like you...if I don't have to use the electric guzzlers I don't....I am going to have to explore the reheat aspect.... might not need to the microwave when ours croaks I get to see my oldest so his wife and grandson on Mother's Day...I haven't seen them since Dec 2019....
  3. We have the Nuwave like MJ, You have GOT to try it... life changing...LOL... I roasted broccoli tonight... tomorrow trying some fried ravioli....Keeps us old folks busy!πŸ—
  4. It has been beautiful here this past week. Son # 2 invited me to join his family at a car race an hour from the house on Sat. Wyatt, my grandson with autism, LOVES race cars...His 3 siblings not so much, but despite getting sunburn and losing my hearing for a day ..it was great fun watching the cars and eating bologna burgers... Easter Sunday was beautiful with an outside service with the inlaws Son # 3 and his wife and Princess #1. she was just precious and stopped the crowds as she picked a dandelion from the grass and laid it at the foot of the cross... reminded me of the Little Drumm
  5. sandra, those baskets are so cute! I colored Easter eggs with three of the boys today So much fun,,, We are getting together with my oldest son and family on Mother's Day, haven't seen them since Dec 2019.. I am so excited!
  6. I can usually go back to sleep at that one, of course I get up more then once a night...πŸ˜‚
  7. Oh goodness, catching up.... Just spent the last few days watching Prince Charlie while mom and dad went back to work before the new nannie starts... My son has a crossfit gym and they are moving to a larger location, DIL works as a civilian at Seymour Johnson AFB.... this is her first day back at work and they were zombies.... I watched the little man. cooked, cleaned and did laundry... thankfully this almost 63 year old Mimi is at home this afternoon with feet up, hook in hand and a glass of wine.... ... Getting too old for this...LOL
  8. I have done a couple of Lucy's blankets and love them so much...she is BRILLIANT... Hugs to you
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