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  1. Judy your work always amazes me! Cindy, I keep a stash of dishcloths tucked away for last minute gifts too.. nice job, and the stockings are adorable.. MJ, I just bought a pattern from Pamela's ADC for a patriotic dress for an 18 inch doll, I am hoping to do some outfits and but an 18 incher for Savannah for christmas
  2. Well, glad we didn't have to track down Brenda....... I can see the headlines now..." Group of masked hookers take over MO" Trying to get my tummy issues under control.... my aunt diagnosed it as stress....LOL made a list of things to crochet for folks for Christmas since there are a billion of us.... found the cutest coin purse pattern and got the clasp part at Amazon came in a pack of 5...... all the DILs will get one... Our local library started a zoom chat for fiber arts on Friday so I tried it out.... somehow I don't think its for me... They were all much younger then I was, and as they were doing their projects ( mostly knitting), they talked about their favorite designers for these very intricate wearables with hand dyed yarns that cost about 20.00 or more a skein when I looked it up... They asked what I was working on and told them a plastic bag holder for my inlaws cause they always have a ton of them.....there was a faint audible gasp that someone in this day and age would still use plastic..... They were sipping herbal tea and munching on sea salted seaweed....I was drinking Lipton, eating a tuna salad sand. ( points because it was gluten free..subtract points because it was from a can not certified so it might have mercury) ...just thinking this is not the group for me.... Hot, humid, bad air quality from the sahara dust storm, could be worse.....
  3. I didn't realize how MIA I had been! I am straight up going to say my anxiety levels are through the roof! I am sort of in robot mode... I ave nbeen doing a bit of crochet while home bound, Princess Amelia making her appearance Sept 3, so good to have another girl in the family, Her theme is " giraffes" ( I didn't know babies had a theme) so I have done a couple things... another grand due in Dec from our youngest... We have had riota, monuments topple, covid increases.... they say you will come thru this either a hunk, a chuck or a drunk...... I can tell you I will not be a hunk... Thinking of you all even if the days slip by so quickly.... and hugs to you all\\
  4. MJ and Krys, so very sorry for your losses......prayers said... Sandra, if you are reading this send me a message.... I am free all next week and lets meet at the lake of a park and bring our lunches and chat, I can even come there and take you out to lunch.... we can cheer each other up! This is just an emotional time foe everyone, no matter what the feelings.... they are rough.... anger, sadness, ..all the feels except the happy.... I am crocheting a giraffe right now... did you know those little fuzzy things on the top were called ossicones.... learn somehting new every day
  5. Had my hair done yesterday, here is how it went: I had to sit in the car and call to say I was in the parking lot... when her 1 st customer left she sanitized the whole area and door handle, I then had to put on my mask and come in and read and sign a document that laid forth the rules of the state, and then another document saying I would not sue the hair dresser if I got covid... the pen I used was put into a bin for disinfecting... I then had to go was my hands up to my elbows.... my hairdresser was wearing a mask and gloves.... I undid my mask straps and held the mask in place wiht my hands while she did around my hears.... when I paid it was to be check or credit card, no debit or cash, my check had to be placed on a desk under a UV light used for nails... the door was sanitized when I left....kind of hard to gossip with a mask in between...😷 but at least I got my hair done and eyebrows waxed.....
  6. spent the morning dancing with the Princess to Baby Shark about 20 times.... now I am ready for a nap.....she is so funny, when her parents aren't paying attention to something she wants to show them she will say.." Babe"... hey Babe", because that is what they say to each other...LOL Finishing up my last hat for hat not hate,trying to figure out what to do with this sock yarn I got from my oldest son and his wife for my birthday, bless their hearts.... I CROCHET I don't knit... but maybe I should learn.... I remember so well all of you who put together the afghan for me in 2008 when Josh was hit by an IED in Iraq and I had cancer... it was one of the toughest years of my life and you all were right there for me! On another note, I am running out of charities in our small community to give to, Ratdog, do you still think those mask protectors would be useful? Was there a pattern that I missed? Hope all are safe, healthy and happy
  7. Chiming in, I wear make up because I have a port wine birthmark on half my face....and some days when I feel daring...I love to wear red lipstick.... but that's just when I am feeling like a rebel.... So, the doc thinks my troubles are not gerd/ gallbladder, but gerd cause by gluten... tell me how in the blazes I have lived 62 years eating bread and now all of a sudden BAM...anyhow... they have me on this crazy diet for two weeks... eliminate gluten and dairy... look for improvements...also to only eat in an 8 hour window, 2 servings of fresh fruit and 2 servings of green veggies daily... 1/2 my body weight in oz of water and 1/2 hour exercise a day... ..looks like I'll get my exercise by running to the bathroom with that much water...LOL My son said crochet is not an exercise, since he owns a gym ( which is closed right now), I called him for a few pointers/ wet and soggy here.....
  8. ratdog, those masks are so awesome...very thoughtful sandra, good for you 500 masks!!! I have only made 2..~ sigh~ Spent Sat. with the Princess, she is a hoot! MJ, my ears closed up too... to open or not to open has been on my mind for 10 years.... Like you I don't wear them every day, and I have been giving the gilrs my expensive earrings as push presents, I only have two more really expensive pairs that came from my mom and 2 grandbabies coming...so I fure I better save those... not sure what I will do if there are any more grands...🤣 Been doing a bunch of crochet, my MIL gave me a birthday check and I bought some really nice hand dyed yarn on etsy in the the colorway Anne of Green Gables... I am doing a nice wrap for myself ..I love the feel of the yarn... Jamie, Emily and Jacob bout me a yarn box subscription for my birthday and mother's day... unfortunately it is a sock yarn box... I am grateful.... but I don't do much with sock yarn... Well MJ, my boy is now with Tampa Bay... guess I have to cheer with you this year!
  9. I wish you could have met her too, she could work a room.... give her 25 people... 15 minutes and she would come out telling you their names, whta they did for a living , where they were from, and how they were all connected some way.... I want to thank you so much for the card and letter... I LOVE nice newsie letters, I use to have up to 35 penpals I kept up with... not sure shy I don't now.... facebook? internet?.....anyhow... that meant the world to me... Finally getting to see the Princess today and celebrate her birthday...... Hope all is well to everyone...
  10. Thank you all for the sweet birthday wishes...and ratdog...congrats!!!!! Sorry I have been MIA, unfortunately my birthday was not the happiest as my dear Grams passed away that morning and I spent the day in a stupor, hard to believe.... she has been one of my best buddies for literally all my life.... I know I am blessed to be 62 and still had a Grams.... but golly I miss her earthly presence ...our weekly phone calls and quarterly visits... ...her advice for living to be almost 101 if any body needs it........ don't die...🤣 Lyn, I can't think of a better person to share my birthday with...
  11. Feeling much better, finished a batmas mask for dh but when he tried it on he said it was like the perch I tried to fix him 35 years ago..which means a dud... he said try again but I am a bit pouty so I am NOT going to start on that tonight...LOL... Big birthday weekend for us... Me, the Princess and my DIL Vika..... not sure how that will go.... Be safe everyone...
  12. I am hanging in there so far.... I know it would probably be same day.... but, ..........
  13. a bit better today... surgery is the last thing I need right now....
  14. Katy, you have been busy... ratdog..LOVE Peterpan... so much better then Hallmark!!
  15. Well, spent the weekend with a gall bladder attack... had one about 11 years ago and they said it needed to come out... thankfully its subsiding this time too...if its still acting up in the morning I'll end up having to call the doctor... Not much crocheting going on, but I have been listening to an audio book in bed.... Hope everyone is well....
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