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  1. Golly I am a day late and a dollar short..... Grrr... kicking myself int he booty here
  2. OKAY!!!! I'm here!!! What a long journey this has been! Not sure I can even begin to catch up !!!~ sigh~ I missed everyone!!!
  3. Whew, made it back in! Good to see everyone.. Big thanks to MJ & bgs for my birthday goodies.... squares, a sweet "thistle" for my desk..and a very nice towel hanger for the kitchen... wonderful crochet buddies!! Good seeign everyone!!!
  4. Love seeing everyones goodies, I have not had the old mojo kick in. I did finish a Yoda ami while traveling last week... but this week the yard has taken every bit of everything we got! LOL..
  5. OKAAAYYYY, Had trouble getting in, but here I am, another year older... thanks bunches for the birthday wishes... Dh has the ole' birthday thing down pat....He gave me a gift card to cracker barrel, and took me to dinner at cracker barrel... He didn't even give me the eye rolling look as he stood there while I looked at everything in the store... Sorry to hear you are down in the dumps Sandra, Hope all is well with everyone!
  6. Goodness Linda, how do you drive in all that traffic... today was Newport News.... Working on a couple lemon potholders to send to a friend in Ca... that will be tomorrows project headed back up Linda's way, thankful for the work.. but durn these long days make me tired!
  7. Beautiful!
  8. Love Love the tote!
  9. Glad I decided not to go! Several roads , including a mall close to where I was going had closed for flooding! Plus the older I get I can't see worth a flip...LOL Will definitely do a search.....sounds so interesting! Was up Linda's way today, ( Portsmouth) really didn't get a bunch done on our trip up and back... I had a horrible migraine with this weather... so I slept...headed to Newport tomorrow...glad this work only comes in spurts... !!!
  10. Wish I could send everyone who needs it a bit of this rain, it has been raining hard since yesterday morning. we have some minor flooding, it will be worse if the rain doesn't stop. traveling up towards Linda tomorrow and have a bag packed of hooks and yarn to take with me for the day... I am finishing up yoda from a kit... and he doesn't look so much as yoda... but, its going to Jacob and he'll be two... so i think I'm good...LOL was suppose to go to Bible Study today but didn't drive the hour in the pouring rain, Charis, I am going to google the Anne Franke (cantata?) Love great music....Enjoy your time off! May is right around trhe corner!
  11. Adorable Anna, extra special trip with your husband along... Have fun!
  12. I knew when we got up today it was gonna be a long day, every time chris moves he grunts a little bit, I ask if he was sore and he just keeps saying " not bad, not bad", that being said, he hasn't moved from his chair since we got back from church and lunch! It has been raining cats and dogs all day here! We are suppose to get up to 2 inches. We had lunch with the inlaws and I am suppose to go to MIL's church for a Bible Study tomorrow but she said not to come cause everyone would worry me driving the back roads with flood warnings and rain. Looks like I'll be puttering around house tomorrow.... not complaining... So glad you are back Sandra! Batten down the hatches for all this rain! Hugs~ Lea
  13. Okay MJ, I have marked April 2021 on my calendar so we can remind TG to get the pacemaker changed :lol Busy day today helping Josh ( ds#3) move. We might not be able to move tomorrow poor Chris already took some ibprophen when we got home... we are not use to lifting furniture like that! Got some star wars figures crocheted from a kit I bought. Probably for Jake's bday Had an interesting call on speaker from my aunt, uncle and grandmother wanting me to decided what my grandmother should wear for her viewing when she dies.. I told her to go with the purple... Anyhow, waiting on a thunder storm to come through. sipping a glass of wine and probably going to bed early...
  14. Have fun, if we don't talk before you leave... some day... one day I will go to Greece!
  15. Now all this talk about pie, goodness and here I am 10 miles from a grocery store and too late to bake one! Just as well.... there is about ## that need to come off this body anyhow...LOL Maybe the kids forgot one of those chocolate eggs around here some place