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  1. Brenda, those are so cute! Sandra, what have you been crocheting? I am on a dishcloth kick, mindless and useful. I use them for gifts through out the year. Hope everyone is well.
  2. I'm in phase 4 of the shot so it will probably be summer before I get mine....we might herd immunity by then .....
  3. LOVE the hats, and the toy food!....and of course the shawl
  4. Well, I haven't seen my oldest son, his wife and my grandson since Dec 15 2019 because they are following guidelines....and in my state I am in phase 4 because I am too healthy... I am considering eating cookies 5 times a day to become morbidly obese so I can get the shot..... can you tell I am going stir crazy?????
  5. I am so glad some one has energy today Katy! I am forcing myself to undecorate, do some laundry, make the bed...and I have absolutely no crojo.... and a grandbaby birthday in Feb that needs a bear!.....I don't do well when the universe is tilted...LOL Sandra, on my amazon wish list I have a Sentro, its a knitting machine like the addy. less expensive. That way I can see if I like it enough to buy an Addy. They also have the Addy at Fingerhut for low monthly payment... not sure if that is an option for you... Did you get snow? We didn't get any which is unusal since all around us did. Got a couple Christmas cards from you gals a couple days ago.... gotta love the mail!
  6. Oh goodness MJ... not the "TEST".... had my first one this year.... I remember the first time they gave my mom the test and told her to write a sentence.... she wrote " I am not a stupid old woman."....LOL.... Chris and I are having discussions of moving, the farm is getting a bit much to take care of. no animals but the cats and dog... but 5 acres is getting a bit much for DH and none of the boys live near us. Problem is none of the kiddos live near each other... so where do we move??? any places for sale near you MJ...🤣
  7. Life feels a bit topsy turvy all over the place doesn't it, no matter what you believe or where you are... Let me just give all of you a big hug...... Feel Better? .. I am forcing myself to create, clean, read a novel or two.... smile at my husband a bit more.. pet a cat or two, take slow sips of tea ... On the hook is a very large stuffed bear for my grandson Carter's birthday in Feb. He will be three... I need to get my Aunts package out for her birthday the end of this month. I made her a pocket shawl and it turned out great. I think I need one. ... Be kind to yourselves....this is a rough week... eat that extra piece of chocolate if you need to....Love ya'll
  8. I just figure Santa is taking longer cause he has to sanitize and change his mask.... etc... thank goodness I didn't mail Christmas cookies this year! Okay, a funny not so funny story. My oldest son Jamie gave our grandson Jacob a set of frisbee golf discs. This is something they enjoy doing together.. Jacob is 5... anyhow... long story short... Christmas day Jacob threw one of the discs and caught my son in the temple. Knocked him out cold. They spent the day in the ER, no fracture but a concussion .....Everyone seems to be doing okay now except Jacob asked if he could do a gift exchange for the discs because Santa didn't realize what a dangerous toy it was for his dad😂
  9. Jumping in to get my notifications!
  10. Thank you so much, said a prayer.... 2020 has been hell...
  11. I will be in Phase 4 for our state... I am under 65 and in good health... Krys, I am so sorry to hear about your daughter, what type of cancer does she have? Slow day today , making some lactation cookies to take tomorrow to DIL and will go spend a couple days with them to help out with the new babe.
  12. I was anti vaccine in the beginning... but the more I thought and prayed about it... I think I am going to do it... I mean I was one of the first of r polio...why not just be a trend setter?😃 Been over a year since I have seen my one grandson... that makes me so sad, we do face time but not the same... his mama and daddy are just scared to death of this virus... On another note..I am heading down Wednesday to see the new grand and stay for a couple of days to help out... so looking forward to it!
  13. I am sure there is a life lesson in there some where, but for the life of me I can't think what it is....🙄😛😷
  14. A Merry Christmas everyone.... Sandra, I am so sorry... but next year you will look back and think about this.... I know that's what we always did... I got the best Christmas present today.... Charles Alexander was born around noon... weighing in at a big 8lbs 2oz and 21 inches long... all are well... can't wait to get my hands on him.. Chris and I have lit the Christmas candles... poured a nice glass of Christmas wine...and are listening to a Fred Waring Christmas album...usually a tradition shared by the family... this year just us... but I do think the dog might have been humming along 🤣
  15. Thanks MJ,..... alp1..I wasn't feeling the joy...but I got a pep talk from MJ...and cards... and watched a couple Christmas shows, put my tree up and I am back to being jolly! Hugs everyone!
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