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  1. minwifeof4boys

    Granny squares and chatty friends 2019

    I have spent the last year doing cleanings, partials, more cleanings, gum scrapings.... 5500 worth to be exact...I am sure I paid for that beach house my denist goes to in the summer...LOL
  2. minwifeof4boys

    A group to encourage each other to make gifts in 2019

    FINALLY finished the blanket for my grandson, Ethan. He will be three in April... these were suppose to be tractors... but they look more like monster trucks.... he likes both so we are going with monster trucks...LOL
  3. minwifeof4boys


    what a cutie
  4. minwifeof4boys

    Granny squares and chatty friends 2019

    Brenda..... nightmare.... sure hope the time to resolve is shorter then it has been... Katy, been hearing about the flooding....as they say here in NC... " Keep Your powder dry" Headed to my son's tonight to take him "real" lasagna.... I fixed store bought for his birthday. and he had a fit... so 2 hours and 20 dollars later I have "real" lasagna to carry over there....33 and still spoiled rotten...LOL
  5. minwifeof4boys

    A group to encourage each other to make gifts in 2019

    Judy.. the blanket is beautiful!! ratdog... excellent idea with the buckets...
  6. minwifeof4boys

    Granny squares and chatty friends 2019

    Collette, thanks for the heads up on the self piercers...going to go on the hunt and give it a shot... We went and had lunch with my inlaws this a.m.....we were there for 3 1/2 hours....catching up on things... Chris is watching one of his blow em up movies...I have my ears on listening to podcasts and crocheting a bit... So, at 10 months old... the Princess is walking!! She's a busy one...! Gratuitous MeMe shot:
  7. minwifeof4boys

    Introducing myself

    Welcome Anna!
  8. minwifeof4boys

    Granny squares and chatty friends 2019

    My holes have closed over but I have so many earrings I am considering getting the holes redone...might could do it myself... ice cube... needle... I dunno...I love the look.. It was a nice day today, I washed all the dogs bed and gave the little dog a bath....this was my moms dog and she has been a hot messed for the last year since mom passed away... she scratches and ..well... if I don't bath her everyday she down right smells... the doc put her on anxiety meds...we have to crate her at night and when we go some where or she pees in the house...she can be a sweet dog but I really think she grieves my mom...that dog would not leave my mom's side.. the day was beautiful today, we have probably 100 wild daffodils in various spot in our yard.... I love looking at them, we live on an old farmstead and I just thank the folks who have gone before us who planted those bulbs...makes me smile... Trying to think of a quick bunny or chick pattern I can do for my grandson's bday party April 11th.... I aelways do the party favors...so many grandbabies, so much crochet.... so little time... Tomorrow we head to Ft Bragg to have lunch with my nephew and his wife... Need to finish Ethan's bday blanket... they were suppose to be tractor appliques on there.... but they look more like monster trucks.... I am just going with that... he likes both...LOL Time to poor a glass of wine and relax before bed... 7:49 and Chris and the cat are already asleep in the the recliner... he is such a morning person he will be up at 4...I on the other hand am a night owl.... Hope everyone has a great evening... I am binge watching Restaurant Impossible tonight,.
  9. minwifeof4boys

    Kitchen Curtain

    That turned out very nice... I have 2 windows in my kitchen if you get bored...LOL
  10. minwifeof4boys

    Granny squares and chatty friends 2019

    Happy dancing with you!!! I LOVE the shamrock Miss Jade! Sandra... how is your weather now????? Cause we just had thunder boomers and the radar looked like they were hitting you next.. Don't get me started on taxes...Mini Rant: we are charged a storm water run off fee by the county... we have our own well, own septic.... live 8 miles outside of town at the end of a country road...tell me how my storm runoff affects the county????...rant over.. I was so ambitious this a.m.....got two rooms deep cleaned, straightened a couple rooms, petted a few cats and dogs, talked to my 99 yo Grams on the phone...supper will just be arby like roast beef sand. & salad...oh I did a load of laundry too...I might grab a cat and ease into my recliner...
  11. minwifeof4boys

    Lazy Cow

    LOVE Bessy!..... now I think you should have put wings on the pig..cause you know...when pigs fly🤣
  12. minwifeof4boys

    Granny squares and chatty friends 2019

    Lovely work Lyn! I am getting ready to head off to crochet club..we meet once a month... not much crochet gets done.. we meet at Mcd's and indulge.... 2 folks moved so there are only 3 of us left...
  13. minwifeof4boys

    Boxing Day 2019 (any charity items)

    Prayers Darski
  14. minwifeof4boys

    Granny squares and chatty friends 2019

    Katy, that poor cat ate, slept and slept some more last night... since she is a feral cat we had to surrender her to animal control, but they said after 10 days we can claim her if she doesn't show signs of rabies... I don't think she does, but by golly she is as fiesty as they come... animal control said there is a program here in our county since its mostly farm land called the barn cat program... farmers feed them, and they keep the mouse/rodent population down... might be a better fir for her... they of course pay for shots and having them fixed...
  15. minwifeof4boys

    Granny squares and chatty friends 2019

    Now MJ... if you hate to get up before the sun, there is a remedy for that .. Sleep til 9:00!! Lyn, glad all went well... Carole... lets just talk about that loaf of bread in the pic that made me hungry...LOL.... seriously, cute head wrap & hat.. They came and got the kitty today... the other trap had a possum in it this morning... the fella went out to get him out ( I sure wasn't).. and he of course played dead...but hooked his claws to the wire of the trap... they spent 5 minutes trying to shake him out...I was laughing... he finally came out wiht a plop and just laid there... I really did think he was dead... but he was... ahem... just playing possum... Went to the grocery...never my favorite chore settling in to hook some, watch something on the tube as background...