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  1. Well, good afternoon peeps.... sounds like everyones weather has been all over the place. We had a couple of tornado warnings before this last cold front came through now we have the windows open during the day and the extra blanket on at night...you know its getting cold when the cat comes in to sleep with us... Dh and I went to see Current Wars yesterday at the senior matinee... it was very good... I really recommend it...we don't often treat ourselves to the movies but we both needed to get out... We spent a couple days cleaning out the shed and the junk room.... do we move closer to one of the children?, closer to his parents as they get older... or throw caution to the wind and do what we want to do? No matter what I think we will end up moving in the next few years... with the kids all gone there is no reason to be here... the animals and large gardens aren't needed...time for some other large family to homstead here.... I did start a poncho for myself.... not sure how that's working out but we'll see... finished some charity hats and need to check my stash to see if I can help sandra out.... Dh is cooking our meal today.. a huge roast, potatoes, carrots , onions, he doesn't like the way I do it... I am not offended.. means I don't have to cook Off to work on the poncho some more... Hugs everyone
  2. Well goodness I am happy to report it seems like the family is back on an even keel, We were suppose to go to a wedding of my son's friend on Sat. but we just turned into vegetables and sat in our recliners all weekend... The wedding was three hours away and dh's suit didn't fit anymore... ( he swears it was the dry cleaners)... Been working on some charity work with the crochet. I really needed something mindless to work on..hats and scarves are easy! Between Josh & the sheriff situation, Jamie and Em losing the baby and the fire behind their house, plus Wyatt's diagnosis being a bit worse then we thought... I was a holy basket case! I haven't been out of the house since Thursday ( not healthy) so I am going to do SOMETHING tomorrow... just don't know what yet.. Brenda, where do you and hubby get that energy. dulcimer, church, bonsai, 50 other clubs... I can barely get dh to go to the grocery with me...LOL.. Sandra I am going to check my stash... hope I can help Thinking of all of you...Hugs!
  3. He is sooo cute! Thanks for sharing
  4. We have a witch in our neighborhood but she drives a Kia, not a bike... sad week here, my son and DIl miscarried the next princess in our family, God knew, she had severe spinabifida and 2 heart valves missing...they say a mother is only as happy as her saddest child...and I have a pretty sad child... Brenda I need your energy.. Chris and I a are sort of looking to selling the homestead but we have no clue where we might want to move.. 5 acres are getting a bit much for us these day.... and the big garden and canning was useful with the boys when they were young as were the chickens and goats...not as much fun just cooking for the two of us,,, all you Nester folks be safe, I think we might get some rain from it...
  5. They are sooo cute, I wish more of her patterns for tiny dolls were crochet... I would love to do a set for the Princess..
  6. Oh goodness, adorable!
  7. So sorry to hear Sandra, plug through the best you can... we need a lunch date! Brenda, sitting on the floor.... I remember back in the day when I could sit on the floor comfortably... LOL The sheriff had his case continued ( of course) that can go on for years.... My friend came down from PA this past week for a visit and we had a good time... Finished 10 little red hats to mail out for the red hat project while we watched movies in the evening. Sandra, what gifts are you crocheting for Christmas?
  8. Well I have been hold up in my little neck of the woods and things seem to have calmed a bit, of course the sheriff stepped down until after the trial and the first hearing is Oct 9th this could drag on for years... there is a bunch more to the story on why he wanted my son killed... they are playing things close to the vest. I did go babysit the three boys Monday and spent the night so my son and dil could go to a concert. Everything was going fine... had the one year old settled in bed.... tucked the three year old in bed and he fell right to sleep... Took the 4 year old who is learning delayed up to his room and he was fussing so I told him MeMe was going to rub his back for a bit after we read a book....the ac came on and created some sort of vacuum and his door shut... after he fell asleep I went to open the door but realized they had turned the door around to lock him in because he wanders ( I hate it but I understand it).. so I spent an hour and a half until his parents came home to let me out...of course there was not a sharp object any where to pry the lock and I broke a nail trying it that way....I felt stupid.... We are headed up to a friends cabin in the mountains tomorrow for a couple of days... the temp up there is a high of 62... I can not wait!! Guess I'll take some crochet to work on a blanket for the new princess that is coming.... I finished the gnomes MJ and htey turned out so cute...I ended up making one for each grand but need to embellish with some crochet instead of the buttons.. ..Ima, Jade sure is growing and I LOVED the Pink Floyd shirt.... saw them in concert back in the day...Dark side of the moon tour I believe... been so many years ago.. Brenda, dh held on to his little toyota until it had 500000 miles, the toyota he has now has 300000... sandra, hope you get some relief soon.... How are the rocks coming along Lyn... Katy, nothing like a good pulled pork sandwich, but here in NC there is a feud between tomato base and vinegar based.... I like both...but favor vinegar base... we are right in the middle of the fighting line LOL... Ya'll take care..
  9. Okay.... I am alive and back home, I got "banished " to my oldest son's home because we had PI's knocking athe door, news crews in the culde sac.. waiting outside the grocery store for me...I was a nervous wreck.. so I guess hubby and the boys had a meeting that mom needed grandson time in Charlotte! Glad I did, Jacob and I had " date night" while his parents had date night, then I was able to attend two birthday parties with him on Sat., followed up by a nap and the NC State football game ( ds is an alumni)...and.. drum roll they are expecting a Princess in March.... grandbaby #6 on the way.... hooks are flying... Did you know that the thing between the sheriff nad Josh made Cnn, Fox News, and MSNBC... so much for living in the middle of nowhere goes to trial on the 9th, but the good ole boy networking is strong around here...even though they have the tape, the county attorney heard the tape, and read the transcript... you get the right good old boy juror and he'll be back in office. Brenda by all means send us your address when you get settled...
  10. So, if any of you woke up and thought you were having a bad day!!! How would you like to wake up and find out your son had a hit on him???? I am a nervous wreck.. https://www.wral.com/granville-county-sheriff-indicted-urged-a-man-to-kill-a-deputy/18639414/
  11. Well, had fun up at the farm on Friday, the flooring looks great up there... Saturday we went to go visit Jeremy, Kathy and the boys for Jeremy's bday... everyone was doing great ..little Carter fell asleep on Chris's lap and it was so cute until he woke up and threw up all over the place.... Chris might need therapy...🤣🤣 I ended up getting the bug yesterday but did manage to crochet a gnome...they are the cutest things... It is still so hot around here, in the 90s.... remind me I want cooler weather this Jan. when its freezing~ Went grocery shopping today, worked on another gnome and did some reading...a book by Catlin Doughty on alternative death burials..etc... uplifting topic... LOl... seriously it is very interesting on how the funeral industry is all about money by and large... Guess I need to think about feeding Chris, he did lawn work all day and the wings I brought him back for lunch probably won't sustain him very long... Daphene...LOVE all the crochet!!
  12. Well, its on your butt... at least no one cane see it..LOL... Getting old is not for hte faint of heart... I am Irish too and I must admit the derm gives me a head to toe once over when I go..rather invasive I say LOL... fecal culture came back clear today...its the little things...LOL... my dad and brother both had colon cancer... so every six months for me to do the fecal thing... rather disturbing.. but necessary.. MJ, I got my gnome kit from Mary maxim today.. started ont he first gnome... they are so stinkin cute... I think all the grands need one in their life... On a sad note, my Dil started Wyatt in preschool, he was born brain dead and spent 3 days on the ice blanket at birth .. they wer enot sure what his disabilities might be, we are just thankful to have this sweet boy... his preschool teacher after 3 days says she can not take the time to help him do a three step command and he won't colr so she wants him out... his parents are so heart broken... he is smart, but his communication skills are not good...I am heartbroken too, if they took the time they would know he is the most loving kid on earth... not sure what they will do.. they live an hour and a half away but I told them I would drive down once a week to work with him if need be... I want him to be the best Wyatt he can be... Headed to work with Chris tomorrow at the farm.. I'll be able to crochet my heart out on the gnomes and then we will have lunch near by at Long John Silvers... we don't have one near us so this is a treat.. Keep the ice pack on the hiney MJ... hope all is well with everyone...
  13. HOt.... I thought this was suppose to be fall??? Arrgg, I think it is hotter now then it was in August! Love the edging ratdog... and hte hat and scarf Legal... MJ, did he have Mohs done on his "spot"? How did it go? Been pluggin away at the ornaments. I am going back to the farm on Friday so I am taking the project up there.. My ds bought some really nice yarn for me, fingerling... hand dyed but only 175 yards... any idea for a project? You all have me thinking, we travel so much, why have I not picked up rocks for the front garden bed from each place we have been? I am going to mention to Chris we do it.... Up at the farm they have a recliner that is remote... heats, reclines to watch tv and then for sleep... I need one in my life I think...LOL...
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