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  1. Krys, awesome idea! Bailey, I LOVE Beatrix Potter, Have you ever read the Susan Whitigg Albert books on her, so sweet and informative... Hugs~ Lea
  2. Pineknott, congrats on 51! Dh and I are coming up on 33 this Sunday.. Just got abck from a weekend with my grandson Jacob, so much fun, I now know more about Minecraft then I had ever wanted to know. 2 days at home then headed to WV to do some research on family and my Dad's community where he grew up. Did I tell you my brother and I are writing a book about the kids of coal camps in the 1930s? We have been working on it since May, I'll let you know when it comes out. He has published three books and has a publisher, so I am a novice at this , just remembering coal camp stories and w
  3. Hope you are doing better MJ, nothing worth then tummy problems Carol, wish I were playing Tetris, I am at my son's house in Charlotte watching my grandson for the weekend, spent two hours getting my butt kicked in Mario Kart..LOL Very hot here Tonight have a Monsters Inc Marathon, we'll play Uno ( I found a card shuffler at the thrift store for 2 dollars... a hit with every 5 year old
  4. Ratdog, what a motivator.... I walked in my craft room today and shut the door...LOL Katy, I did not even know... goodness, my head must be in the sand or I need to check the news more often
  5. Welcome if you count all the Star Wars series, it was more like 20 ages ago😂
  6. Brenda, can you believe when the first Star Wars movie came out I was working as the concession stand girl at a movie theater in Ohio. I had memorized every word of the movie before I even saw it , and then took my baby brother to go see it when he was like...um... 7? Now I have one grandson who is NUTS over Star Wars, the cycle continues...LOL Hot day here , muggy, Hope all went well Lyn...
  7. Alrighty, Ratdog, I can't wait to see it...! If you look on Pamela's Adoring Crochet, she has a tutorial for a Linc doll, so cute.. Hot Hot Hot here, worst of all HUMID... the kind that makes you want to wring out your clothes after you have been outside... We have a situation here....... Chris just called me....... a YARN HOARDER.... I just looked at him and blinked... I was going to retaliate with tool hoarder but refrained....35 years of marriage...and he's just now noticing...??????🤣
  8. So cute, do you have the books to go with?
  9. Dress and sun dress, didn't even throw on a over the shoulder boulder holder 😂...bed that required a quick pull on of comforter and threw on a decorative pillow for good measure, dog, indoor cats, chickens, outside strays that randomly show up , left over spaghetti from last night with a can of chili beans ( it was a poptop), thrown in with parmasean on top... still raining, cats still on my lap, 2 dishcloths crocheted....
  10. Happy Birth Day Bailey4! Congrats MJ, when I saw that I thought if you could you would be dancing a jig. Finished enough freeze pop holders yesterday to supply the grands and everybody else in the world. Rain is coming down, Elsa is about an hour out right now... 2 cats on the recliner , asleep, the dog asleep at my feet, and dh asleep in his recliner next to me.....Here is what I have done so far 1. Got dressed 2. made the bed 3. fed the animals 4 fed us 5. watched youtube videos... sad accomplishments for 2;15 in the afternoon huh?
  11. Does look fiddly, but very cute!!!
  12. That is EXACTLY it Reni! Its one of those cakes I could go into a sugar coma over! That icing... to die for...I'll be laying there with the spatula in my hand and chocolate on my lips...😬 Waiting to see what Miss Elsa is going to do here, looks like we are right in the path, but so far 1-3 inches of rain and 40 mile and hour gusts. I am determined to crochet freeze pop holders for the grands tomorrow, seems like a great cotton buster and mindless project .. Hoping that 250 year old oak tree stands its ground one more time... I need to find a sport where my teams actually win althou
  13. Now Reni is that sheet cake like the one they claim in Texas with butter, confectioners sugar... the chocolate is so moist and the frosting you can eat until you are sick? If so, my favorite. Went to lunch with MIL today , made the mistake of eating a personal pizza with cheese, I'll be darn if that doesn't trigger a multitude of things on the inners, took a nap and felt better. Hot and muggy here today. Our son invited us to the beach next Monday and Tuesday, waiting to see what Elsa does before we commit. We have to hire a dog sitter and thats 50 a day... Need to get down to
  14. Happy 4th! We sat at home doing nothing this year, local fireworks were canceled because.... I dunno, I don't make the rules... but I figured I should go to Reni's house because I love broccoli salad, didn't make it today cause dhd and I were too tired and mopey even to go to church. Dh thought he was 40 again or something yesterday and helped our son Jeremy hang sheet rock 20 feet int eh air... so today he is fretting and applying icy hot and taking neproxen... I had the job of helping my DIL keep the 4 littles out of the house while they were up on ladders... Got a free meal
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