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  1. Okay, I am moving near Brenda, forget hte grands and kids... I need catered too...LOL Decided to follow MJ's idea nd keep the tree up all year... we really do love it.. working on a shawl for DIl, I don't love it... tomorrow is a visit with the Princess nad Tuesday with 3 of htre grandson... fish fry on Thursday... not sure why Dh bought the tickets since we don't really like fried fish... Hugs all around
  2. Well, the crocheted trains were a hit! Now on to dinos for the next grandbaby party ( Ethan will be 4 in April).... Heard this evening we have another grandbaby on the way due in Sept. Not sure yet if its a boy or girl, just praying Mama and baby are healthy, her last 3 have all had complications... it has rained, rained...and then rained some more around here... spent the day crocheting different projects, briefly getting up to do dishes or laundry, bed...etc.. Ratdog, love love the ears..and the pics... how fun... More rain expected tomorrow, I need to mail out the Valentine pkgs before its too late.. so rain, sleet, snow... dark of night... the MeMe delivers...😂 My nephew and his wife had a baby girl on Feb 3, they named taht sweet girl after me... like having another grandbaby..LOL
  3. Well, the SS office was certainly wild... after waiting forever they told me I wasn't int he 90 days to sign up.... Very politely I told her to use the calendar.... she told me she wasn't good at math and then she said no one in the office knew how to do ss claims... I needed a phone interview.... first appt was march 10... I asked why I had to come in and she said I needed a copy of my marriage license which I showed...and then she said.. oh, if you want to now you can do it on line....now why the flip did I have to show marriage license.... after all these years...oh well, its in the works now.. MJ, love the dolls... very pretty...and ratdog the ears...oh my... great work! Warm weather here...flood warnings are up... maybe crochet club tomorrow if the weather is okay and then Carter's party on Sat. I am crocheting dinos for Ethan's 4th birthday... not til April so I have time...
  4. Getting ready to head to bed... tomorrow I head to the SS office to sign up for SS... I am not sure how I feel about that... busy week.. SS office tomorrow, grands on Tuesday, Senior center tour on Wed , Carters Bday on Sat. I made trains for his party favors..they are so cute! Hugs~
  5. Alright, catching up.... Lyn, Advance NC is about 2 1/2 hours away Ratdog, how was your voice for the sing along.. Brenda, I guess I could mingle, got the talent from my Grams... put her in a room with 100 people, give her an hour...and she will come out telling you everyone's name, where they are from, and how they can all connect... she is awesome MJ, yep, that tshirt would be for me... Went to the hair dresser today and who should be in the chair next to me ..the ex sheriffs wife.... awkward... we didn't speak, she acted like she didn't know me...and that was fine.... she really is a nice lady... I feel bad for her. Lunch with the MIL tomorrow, they are headed to FL for Feb, don't blame them... we have had an easy winter so far...
  6. Oh my..snow... Like Lyn we haven;t seen a flake... Lyn, your new audio book seems interesting..Ill have to look for it... audio books are so great for me when I crochet... Had breakfast witht he Princess and family today at IHOP... it was okay... bit 40 plus years ago in college it seemed way cooler... now I think my cooking is better,,LOL Hope everyone is smart, sassy, and hooking
  7. Love it! The colors worked perfect!
  8. I walked around with a scarf around my neck and fuzzy socks on.... I was a bit spoiled by the 70 degree weather last week.... even the cats are hiding under the covers its so cold... Thanks for the kind comments about Wyatt, yes...I would move heaven and earth for him I have watched the series Eureka, we really liked it! Lyn, did you finish "when the World Came to NewFoundland"? working on a C2C blanket today for a grand niece coming in Feb. Our family is getting so big I need a flow chart... Love the colors of your blanket Katy
  9. Well, good for me... I don't use crochet tampons....😋 Actually its been 11 years since I have even seen a tampon... Guess I am ahead of the curve! Sooo cold here, watched 3 of the grands today..... I cried all the way home, the older Wyatt gets the more his autism really comes through, the once cuddly baby now will sit, but his sensory issues are huge... plus at last testing, his speech is like an 18 month old...and he will be 5 in May.... I want his life to be perfect , for him to feel joy and peace and happiness.... to laugh......ahh well, I'll just take what I can get and give 100% more.....my sweet boy Think I'll go scrounge up a cat to cuddle and tuck myself under the covers......its been a long day...
  10. Cold here too for NC, Brenda.... I think I want to move to a place like yours because my friends are not cool enough for Super Bowl or Madi Gras parties..... maybe I just need new friends...LOL MJ. so glad you are feeling better.... Ratdog, I am thinking about using wither a charm or a birthstone representing each member of the family, not counting the inlaws or my Grams there is 17 of us.... if I am saying prayers at night I usually fall asleep somewhere int he middle of the family if I am naming each one by name and their particular prayer need.... I am thinking with a set of prayer beads I can do that in the a.m. and not forget anyone... working on the cutest stuffed trains, I'll try and get a picture up...they are for Carter's 2nd bday.... his theme ( I just don't remember themed bdays when I was growing up) is choo choo carter is 2...I am doign the stuffed trains as party favors. Stay warm everyone... I am off to watch three of the grandsons tomorrow... they live an hour and a half away.... so tomorrow night I will probably hit the bed as soon as I get home...
  11. Lyn, congrats.... I really wish we lived close to a track, the highschool doesn't allow walkers any more... walking on our street... well... its in the middle of no where... bear, rabid foxes... wild dogs.... lets just say dh packs a pistol and a big stick every morning when he walks the dog... I'd walk with him too except I am a foot shorter then he is and I can't keep up with his stride... I do have an exercise bike that has the dog blankets on it in the spare room...and a bit of dust.. ..Oh Brenda, we have been using the old urine trick for years... not just for the deer but also for the nitrogen...these deer are something else... caught one drinking out of hte barn cats water dish the other day when we have a creek where they can drink all the water they want ! What is this world coming too? Next thing you know the barn cats will be wanting canned food instead of dry...LOL Had lunch with MIL today, she is doing good... My Grams at a 100 and a half just went for her yearly physical and cholesterol check... they told her she was good for another year.. Weather has been warm here.... waiting for the winter shoe to drop... Day at home tomorrow to crochet and clean.... I am making amagurumi trains for my grandson's 2nd bday party... done with the bodies, need to put the wheels and smoke stacks on this week... listening to Escape on audio book about a woman who escaped with her 8 children form FLDS... Hope everyone is well, ratdog, you have inspired me to make a prayer bracelet for my family...good idea... Hugs everyone...and just to make you smile... look who got new boots for Christmas.... the Princess!
  12. When the World Came to Town is a great book, I read it last year...Currently I am on an FLDS kick reading ESCAPED interesting but a bit creepy ...Let me be honest about the water sounds thread..... I'd have to go to the bathroom every 5 minutes if that were the sound... one night we were in a motel and dh put on a sound machine of rain... I told him I would be up and down all night...LOL.... I finally did a youtube video about my crochet projects so far this year...I think the link is in my signature if you want to peek.. Do you know how I have been getting my exercise the last couple days? Getting up and down letting the durn dogs in and out... for some reason out here in the middle of no where the deer think our property is a safe haven... they can even jump the 5 ft fence and come up tp the deck which drives the dogs insane, which in turn drives me insane... I am not communing with nature very well... Weather is suppose to turn balmy the next couple days. dh asked me if I was going to turn the garden fr this year... I told him I didn't want to spend all that time making deer food... you know they can't just take a cucumber and eat it..they have to take a bite out of each one... dh better come up with a fort knox or it will be the farmrers market this year..
  13. Well folks, hate to say it ...I am a Pats fan.... should be a Panthers fan but Cam Newton just grabs me the wrong way, might go back if he goes out... anyhow... my pro team and all three of my college teams let me downt his year... NCSU, THE Ohio state, and WV... hockey yes... rock me like a Hurricane... Katy, yep... yarn chicken... not a great game to play sometimes...LOL... MJ, what a cool Three Kings Day thing to do.... but a bit chilly..LOL... I usually take my tree down today but I am still staring at it... we didn't get it up until the 22nd so I think 1 more week of twinkle is in order... Dh all of a sudden has gotten this thing for candles... right now there are 10 of them, collected from around the house lit on the built in bookshelves... He says it calms him... now if you know Dh, its not like he is not just calm most of the time...he'll probably fall asleep in the recliner here in a bit and I'll go blow them out...all the different scents are giving me a headache! Found the easiest pattern on youtube today by Bonnie bay Crochet for a grocery bag holder ( the plastic kind)... watched episodes of Dallas Swat and made one up in about an hour... might make some up for quick gifts this year.. Brenda, I really like the ghan, great cheerful colors... Last night we went to our friends light display at their home, they were serving hot chocolate and smores and it was wonderful... they had been doing this for 5 weeks and last night was the last night so we drove up .... apparently Dollar General has this blue dot thing and if it has a blue dot the price is a penny... ( I don't understand it)..but they had bout over 100 gifts at like 25 different Dollar Generals so each child who came to see the Christmas lights got a gift.. How do all these people have the energy..?? Ratdog, I remember one year you donated stuffed animals to our city and I thought you were wonder woman! Well, dh is looking drowsy, better go start snuffing out the candles...
  14. Brenda love the doll!...and cshort, love the Baby yoda... We went out to lunch with the inlaws for New Years Day, dh went to bed about 7:30 New Years Eve... I went to bed at 10:00 and we both woke up at midnight with the neighbors shooting off shotguns....got a kiss from hubby, went to the bathroom and fell back to sleep.... Such a party animal! LOL So, we meet with the lawyer this month about selling one of the pieces of property we own.... might owner finance for some passive income... Heading up to Va tomorrow to visit some friends for the evening.... makes it sound so far away....LOL... only about a half hour.. Crocheting a baby blanket for a new grand niece due in Feb, almost done with a ghan for my bestie that was suppose to be a Christmas present... I played yarn chicken and with 4 rows to go I ran out of Mandala color way Kelpie... now I am having a hard time finding it! I hate to order from Amazon because its 8.00 more then I paid originally... Good to see everyone remaining healthy to start off the New Year! Hugs!
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