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  1. Those are wonderful MJ... Hugs~ Lea
  2. Well, I wish there was something exciting to report... Covid has sure taken a beating on us all... Amelia is fine as is Kathy, she is adjusting to 4 aged 5 and under with one special needs... I help when I can.. Sandra we have been living with 15 dollar plug in heaters and window AC for years.. you are a strong woman... and it is what it is... we need to get together and have a good old visit... message me when you want to meet half way..... I could use the company...we can pack a lunch and eat out in the sunshine some where Went on a 4 mile hike at a battlefield in VA over the weekend, thought I was going to die by the end of it... I am out of shape!\ No trick or treat this year so we are getting together on the 25th to celebrate October bdays and Halloween, hope my legs make it on the 1 mile hike. Katy , I am staring at your squares..they WILL get in the mail Hugs ya'll
  3. Catching up, because my life is anything but boring but I wish it was.... Jeremy and kathy were putting the 3 boys to bed last week, Jeremy was carrying carter ( age 2) up the stairs and the older boys ages 5 &4 were already upstairs... Kathy was carrying Amelia ( newborn) up the stairs when she tripped and fell backwards, through the baby gate . Kathy hurt her shoulder and hit her head... Amelia hit her head and after xrays found out Kathy and Amelia had concussions, Amelia had a skull fracture... fortunately both ar ehome healing well, Amelia had no brain bleeds or clots, they both just had a two day hospital stay.... which means I was on MiMi duty again... So Josh and Jenn sent this picture to me of Savannah in her Halloween costume, remember that old movie A League of their Own with Tom Hanks, Gina Davis Etc? That's what savannah is going as... of course there is no trick or treat, but she does have a little thing at her school...thought I would share my sweet girl
  4. I got your message sweetie... squares will go out next week after the old SS check comes in!
  5. Holy Smokes sandra, come help out at my place, my hubby is so busy fixing other folks stuff nothing works at my place...LOL
  6. Okay, I think I am caught up on everything, maybe not... Had something to do everyday of the week which is not my style... One more 1 1/2 trip down to J&k's to help out tomorrow and I think I have a few days off. Spent the day with Josh, Jenn & Savannah...we went out to lunch and the woman told Josh how beautiful Savannah was and Savannah said..."I'm Philippine"....🤣🤣 such a sassy thing Reni, I think its great you can pass on a craft to the next generation...that's awesome\\ Lyn, how are you? MJ, Josh said he needs that afghan in his life >>>LOL, I sent him a picture since he is familiar with you from the doll you sent Savannah.. I love amigrumi and think I might do the vampire, he is so cute.. Katy, I have just a pile of squares..some time we need to get together and figure this out... Hugs ya'll
  7. Catching up with every one, and said a prayer for those who needed it for things going on.. as for me..on my drive to help with boys I ate junk food, followed by more junk food on the way home ( they live an hour and a half away), came home and drank some wine and ate half a bag of chili cheese fritos.... promptly woke up with..... a bleeding ulcer... yup... all the fun things that go with... meds for the next three months and a week of rest... hate I'll not be going to help out this week as Wyatt is still on virtual school , and with this autism and the other 2 boys plus Amelia Jeremy and Kathy are going nuts.... On the upside I probably will live to see another day and have the whole week to myself crocheting and reading... more crochet This year has sure been a heck of a year....
  8. I actually just left to come home today, I spent the last 4 days with my ex husbands wife at my son's house watching the boys, it went surprisingly well even though I was not thrilled of the situation in the beginning, but she had lost her job and I was great ful for the help , 3 boys 5 and under with virtual school mixed in can be trying... now I think I will sleep for 48 hours... keep hydrated bgs!.. Thanks for all the sweet comments. I must say I am smitten.... she is a cutie
  9. Here is the new Princess Amelia ....Everyone is healthy except the boys are running us ragged
  10. So glad you are home safe and sound Lyn, so, this is baby week for the new Princess, I thought I would have the 3 boys by myself.... ..what is worse then having the little boys by yourself? Having 3 little boys with your ex husbands wife 24/7 to help you.......can't make this stuff up... chalk it up to weird and wild 2020
  11. Well, I had to put have my moms dog put down , I was so overly emotional, cried.... you know ... Mom has been gone for over two years, and mentally gone for 5 and it just breaks my heart. Over the past 3 days I have tried 3 different crochet patterns, one of them 3 times, and I just can't get the counts right or figure out the pattern... I think I am going to do something simple and for me like a poncho or something mindless..... my brain needs mindless Lyn, praying for you... and all you CA folks and TX/LA folks too.... this year certainly has kept us on our toes
  12. Brenda, I do love the trees, Patience is not a strong point of mine.... they would never happen around here...... Its why I flunked out of Tai Chi..... too slow...🤣🤣 Need to head down this week to learn how to do vitual learning with a 5 year old, seems I can do a much better job without the teacher doing Google classroom.... but what do I know, I am just the Mimi, Princess Amelia will be here next week.... where does this time fly to? working on the ballerina stacker from the book MJ sent....I am fine until I hit glass of wine number 2......then I have to put it up on the counts are off.... obviously I have a low tolerance.... just call me 2 beer Sally Louisiana, Texas and California folks be safe
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