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    off and on - never seriously until now - since Iwas about five years old
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  1. AlyBlu

    Overlay crochet anyone?

    never heard of it - but that is gorgeous!
  2. AlyBlu

    Anyone else from Colorado?

    Nice to see others from Colorado - I am in Highlands Ranch
  3. AlyBlu

    Two doilies

    Very nice work!
  4. AlyBlu

    2nd completed thread project

    Thank you - yup second project - my third is getting ready to starch - but my fourth is having more errors than I know what to do with!
  5. AlyBlu

    2nd completed thread project

    Thanks. I am impressed that my scanner does pick it up as well as it does. The colors they used had a harsher green and I think using the pastel one really brought it together nicely.
  6. AlyBlu

    2nd completed thread project

    Sorry - it is a copyrighted pattern from a book (I bought a bunch of books before I realized there are a ton on the internet!) Thanks - the encouragement helps!
  7. AlyBlu

    Thread Angel

    absolutely gorgeous!
  8. AlyBlu

    Bruges Doily

  9. AlyBlu

    First Doily & First Attempt at Filet

    Excellent work - very nicely done!
  10. AlyBlu

    Candy Dish Doily

    Very nice!
  11. AlyBlu

    2nd completed thread project

    Thank you all very much - I had fun with this one and am very proud of it.
  12. WOW!!! Simply stunning!