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  1. I don't have them, but try ebay. There are TONS of "vintage" 1970s patterns on there all the time. I know, b/c I keep buying them. Even if they don't have the exact charts you are looking for, you might contact some of the sellers/shops that specialize in vintage to see if they have the charts w/o the books - they might be willing to sell them to you if they consider them unsaleable without the instructions or text.
  2. Add me to the ferret frenzy. My Dilly passed away suddenly two years ago, and I miss him so much. My daughter is 4 years old, and verrrrry active now, so we're a ferret-free house for a while, and I'd love a crocheted furty-furt to keep me company until I can get a new foldable pet! I still have all of Dilly's stuff in my garage; I just can't bear to part with it yet. I keep saying I'll give it to a ferret rescue, but then it means I'll never have another little weasel...
  3. Good day (well, you know what I mean) for them to arrive. She'll need them tonight.
  4. Thank you, Krystal, for doing this for Jess and her girls. Your thoughtfulness and dedication are really amazing.
  5. Shells sound perfect; they are my favorite "girly" border on afghans and they are quick. A quick "shell" border that I learned from a dishcloth pattern is to chain 2 or 3 in the first stitch, then hdc or dc in the same stitch, sk one st, sl in the next st. This makes a shallow shell, but it's super fast. You could probably do a tr and make a fatter shell; might have to skp 2.
  6. I think the girls' 'ghans look great, Krystal. But, as a color junkie, I think I know what's "wrong" with the one you have labelled as #1 - there's too many pink squares on the bottom. Try switching out the two inner hot pink squares on the end row with the pink/black squares on the top row (unless that's the 'ghan you've already joined, then feel free to ignore me, lol!). That might balance it a bit more to your eye. But as is, it's very cool and graphic art looking, which is the style now. You really don't need to switch anything up at all, though. They are awesome as they a
  7. Krystal, it's lovely. It's funny how many of us did the same pattern with a very similar colorway, too. It looks so planned and meant to be.
  8. If you need more brown yarn, Krystal, I have part of a RH pounder I can send you.
  9. Darn, I was hoping mine would get there today, too. They went out priority mail on Tuesday. You should get them tomorrow.
  10. Oh, Kwools, your squares for Jessie are going to match mine exactly! I think we used the same yarn and a similar pattern. I didn't take a picture before I sent it out, though. Krystal, you should get it today or tomorrow.
  11. Just wanted to let you know I got all three squares washed and blocked and in the mail kiosk for you tonight. I sent them priority, and they'll go out tomorrow (Tuesday) at the 6:00 am pickup.
  12. I've got two done, and will finish a third (just a basic granny, though, as my hands are about done for) this afternoon. They'll be in the last shipment out of our post office this afternoon. Thank goodness for that shipping kiosk! Krystal, do you want me to block them and send them tomorrow or just go ahead and send them now? One is a skosh under 8" and the other two are right at 8", but aren't perfectly square yet. Or would you rather I send them so you get them on time and you block them if you need to? They are just RHSS and RH Giant Pounder yarn, so nothing fancy.
  13. Oh gracious, how shocking. Count me in, Krystal. I have some brown I can use, and some cream as well, if that's okay? Do you want the same size squares for the little girls or smaller ones? I have some variegated purple/pink that's just been sitting around gathering dust that will work.
  14. Just wanted to let everyone know that our local Wally World has tons of these Doras and I'm willing to pick up and ship if anyone wants me to.
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