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Tiny Striped Turtle


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Is there a KristieMN pattern fan club? I want to join!



:lol :lol :lol

THank you.


I am glad everyone likes the turtle.


Have another turtle in the works too...a bit bigger, and rainbow stripes.

I LOVE to make up patterns that are good for using up those small balls of odd yarn.

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You are so gifted! The turtles are the cutest darn thing ever. My oldest daughter (now 19) has collected turtles since she was a small girl. She has garden statues, blown glass turtles, carved wood (from Jamaica), Christmas ornaments, the list goes on and on! She is going to get a herd of these for the back window of her car in every color imaginable.

Thank you!!:ty

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Thank you Kristie for those adorable guys! :manyheart My daughter in laws Mom collects turtles....We didn't get a chance to exchange Christmas presents with them yet, I have to got to make a few of these guys and give those to her too!

You are SO talented!



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Kristie, your patterns are the greatest. Made several at Christmas. The pig is my favorite. Where do I get the elephant pattern? Thanks for all your ideas.


I have one elephant pattern in my etsy shop. Lazy Days 2 I believe.


The newest elephant, will be in my next set of patterns on Etsy.

I am hoping to have testing done and the pattern in my shop by Sunday.


Thank you for all the sweet comments on the turtle!

I have made several more now, with MANY different colors.

Great to use up your stash!

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