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    hmmm, single no kids, LOL boring :)
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    crochet, movies, spending time with my goddaughter/niece :)
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    Self Employed Cleaner
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    baby afghan
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    2004 Thanksgiving time
  1. The pattern was online, I just searched for Chevron Ripple and I printed it out, really easy pattern!!! The online search had a picture of a greenish ripple at the top.
  2. Thanks !! The colors didn't really turn out that great, it is Green, White and Red. Here is a close up
  3. This is an afghan I just finished yesterday for a friend of mine for Christmas! I haven't crocheted in a really long time so it has been fun getting back into it!
  4. kelro

    2 Strands

    I have a pattern that says to work with 2 strands at once, is this for thickness of the throw? If I do single strand will it just be lighter? Any help is greatly appreciated!!
  5. I remember since it was only a few years ago. I made an afghan and ended up giving it to a friend of mine. It actually came out good, except for the color pattern I did LOL http://i77.photobucket.com/albums/j50/kkromo/100_0425.jpg
  6. Thanks again for all the suggestions. I started to think, since we are in FL an afghan in the middle of July isn't really needed . I am thinking I will make her one for Christmas. I think the fish purse is a winner, she is getting into purses these days, and being NEMO, she will love it. Plus she can carry inside the purse all of the NEMO's she HAS to have on every car ride . Thanks again for all the great ideas, now I guess it is time to shop
  7. Thanks for the suggestions. I will have to figure something out. Maybe a graph for this wouldn't be that hard (for me anyway LOL) since Nemo is mainly orange and white and a tad of black. HMMMMM, have to think, but thanks !
  8. I am looking for a pattern to make something for my almost 2 year old neice who LOVES Nemo. I don't want to make a toy, as she already has so many. I was thinking a small 'ghan or something, but I am NO good at graphs . Any ideas??? Thanks in advance !
  9. I have yet to do a granny square, but that is STUNNING, I love the colors ! :manyheart:hug:yay
  10. kelro

    completed ripples

    Very busy aren't you My favorite is the purple one ! Great job !
  11. I tried that border but I couldn't figure it out , your looks really nice
  12. BEAUTIFUL, I really love the yellow, green and white. Funny thing is I just bought those colors to make one for my sister !!! Now I know that those colors will look great together
  13. Beautiful, I love those colors, I should really try one, one of these days !! Great Job
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