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    Married for 29 years to an awesome man. We have 2 sons 25 and 18.
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    Northern CA, Redding
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    Crocheting, camping in a trailer..:O) seeking out thrift shops.
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    Taking care of my family! Also involved in an online group that crochets for kids with cancer.
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    I love to make shawls and baby sets.
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    I learned to crochet when I was 12. My dear grandmother taught me. So off and on since 1970.
  1. Teresa my email address is lshaffley@muchomail.com Looking forward to hearing from you.
  2. Hey Crafty The wool blend would be fine for Pine Ridge! Nice and warm.Just be sure and tag it with the washing instructions. Email me at lshaffley@muchonmail.com and I will give you the address to send the ghan to when you are done with it. Thank you Crafty for caring..
  3. Hello Everyone, Just wanted to let you all know that we have started our blanket drive again this year for the Pine Ridge reservation. :yay The weather will be in the low 30's by this weekend on Pine Ridge! If anyone would like to send a lapghan or bigger afghan to the reservation please email me and I will be happy to give you the address of where to send your ghan and also add your name to our count. We are hoping for 125 to send by Dec. Most of the families on PR do not have much money for heating so they end up not having any heat when the really cold weather sets in. We also have a webstore at CFAC. All money raised from the webstore goes directly to the Lakota propane company to supply propane to families that can't afford it. If you have time please do check out our webstore. We are always happy to have new members join us as well. We are helping many different causes so come and check us out! Blessings~~~:dog
  4. Yes Like Kathy said, Shawls, lapghans and slippers, especially lapghans are always needed.
  5. Hi Victoria, Afghans would be awesome to send to the reservation in October. Our group CFAC will be doing a blanket drive in the next few weeks. Last year we reached our goal of 100+ afghans for Pine Ridge. This year we are hoping for 125+. Victoria I have addresses for you if you need them, just send me an email at lshaffley@muchomail.com
  6. Now is a good time to think about making winter items for the Pine Ridge reservation. If anyone is interested just email me or come to our website and join us:yay We can always use new hands to craft for our charities.
  7. Thank you for sharing the pattern it is so pretty! :yay
  8. Beautiful Job:cheer Love the color and the stitch:c9
  9. Hello everyone, I just wanted to let you know that we have alot of elders on Pine Ridge that can sure use sponsors. At craftingforacause we adopt an elder from the reservation and send them a small gift each month. We make comfortghans, slippers, hats and scarves for them as well as send many other items. If you have been wanting to help Pine Ridge in some small way, this is a great way to do it. I have learned a great deal about my elder and her ways in the last year that I have been sponsoring her. They our beautiful people that need our help.
  10. These are adorable! :yay Thank you so much for the pattern
  11. Lisa the colors are beautiful:yay It will be perfect for the patients at Hartwych:yes
  12. Oh my gosh that is soooooo cute:yay What a darling blanket:manyheart
  13. Sweetie that shawl is beautiful on you:yes You did a great job and I love the color:yay
  14. We have made our 100 blankets for Pine ridge drive plus more... If any of you are looking for a place to do charity work please concider Crafting for a cause. We sure can use you. The more folks we have join the more we can accomplish for Our charities.
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